tagErotic CouplingsBy The Shore

By The Shore


Rose turned off the ignition and smiled. It was a warm spring day and she had driven to her favourite beach for the first sunbathing session of the year. She popped open the boot and took out her beach bag.

When she reached the sands Rose was pleased to see that she was alone, although an abandoned rubber dinghy suggested recent activity. She put down her towel and quickly stripped to her brief pink string bikini. Rose lay down for a while and listened to the gentle whisper of the waves, enjoying the play of sunlight on her closed eyelids. But soon, feeling the warmth on her skin, she sat up and uncapped the bottle of coconut tanning oil. Rose smoothed the oil into her gently rounded flesh, caressing and pampering the skin, indulging in her vanity and pleased with the effect, enjoying the sheen and the smell of it.

By this time Rose had been alone for some time and her curiosity sparked- she decided to investigate the dinghy. She walked over to it and prodded the side. It felt surprisingly firm, like a large muscled body, and warm from the sun. Rose swung one leg over the side, deciding to get in. The sensation of the rubber between her thighs was suddenly arousing and she squeezed. The boat moved slickly between her oiled legs and brushed against the crotch of her knickers. She pulled at the side-ties and let them drop inside the dinghy. Her unoiled vulva rubbing against the boat created a squeaky friction and she felt the vibrations running through her clitoris. Thrusting her pelvis backwards and forwards, Rose built up her arousal, chest rising and falling as her breath quickened. Pushing down into the warm rubber now made slippery from her nectar, she did not notice footsteps crunching through the sand until she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Rose gasped and whipped around, a moan quickly stifled. A tall, tanned man stood with a serious look on his face. The boat's owner? Rose blushed deeply, her skin pinkening from head to toe. She quickly tried to stand but her frustrated arousal made her knees too weak, and she slid into the bottom of the dinghy, crossing her legs and placing a hand protectively over her crotch. The stranger let his eyes sweep over her body unashamedly and he grinned, revealing even white teeth. "Why stop?" he asked her. "That was a beautiful show, and now I'm quite jealous of the boat." He ran his finger along the side of the dinghy where her juices had collected and were now rapidly drying, and raised it to his lips. His eyes closed briefly in obvious enjoyment. His shorts were loose but, collecting herself, Rose noticed a very apparent bulge now at eye level. She smiled back at him, giving her consent, and he took her hand, pulling her up to sit on the edge of the craft.

He tugged at the strings on her bikini top, leaving her fully naked. To keep things even Rose slid her fingers into the waistband of his shorts and he stepped out of them. He straddled the boat, one foot planted on the sand and one on the floor of the dinghy, and pulled her towards him. She hooked her legs together behind him. His thick cock just brushed against her fine pubic hair as he grabbed her bottom with one hand and with the other, spread apart the lips of her sex. The dark pink flesh gleamed wetly in the sunlight and her clitoris asserted itself wantonly, the hood drawn back and her sensitive pearl fully exposed. He bent his head and gently bit each rock hard nipple in turn, making her gasp, then pinched her clitoris between finger and thumb. "Do you want me to fuck you now?" he asked. Rose nodded. "Then touch yourself. Show me how you make yourself come." A practiced masturbator, Rose slipped her first two fingers between her vaginal lips and circled her clit. Gazing directly into his eyes she followed a sure, steady rhythm, her breasts jiggling as her pace increased. Again her juices were running down the side of the dinghy, making her slip and slide squeakily. Suddenly he grabbed her arse and thrust deeply into her cunt, whispering "keep going". The palm of her hand was pushed against her pubic bone with each thrust in, but she kept her place and strummed her fingers fast over her hot, tingling pleasure centre. His large cock pushed against her cervix again and again and she squeezed her muscles tight, making him cry out. This was enough to tip her over the edge and she came, moaning and shaking with his strong arms for support. A minute later she felt his hot spunk flood into her and she bit his shoulder as he exclaimed.

He pulled out of her and, still holding her, the man swivelled Rose around so both her feet were on the sand. He knelt in front of her and with firm hands he spread her thighs wide apart. He buried his nose in her cleft and with a corkscrew motion twisted his tongue deep inside her, drinking their combined juices. Then, with a broad flat tongue, he swept upwards along the full length of her vulva, cleaning every last drop of the combined fluids. Then he circled the tip of his tongue in a lazy figure eight, pushing the sensitive little nut of flesh from side to side. Still swollen from her orgasm it almost felt too much to Rose, but her desire built quickly. Holding onto the dinghy for support she squeezed the warm rubber. Letting her head tilt back Rose stared with unseeing eyes into the cloudless blue as warmth spread through her lower body and up. Again her heart rate increased and she let out little panting moans. Now he had fastened his lips around her pulsing clit and was sucking gently as he curled two fingers inside her to stroke her G spot. Her thighs started to tremble and she unconsciously pushed her pelvis forward. Quickly he began lashing his tongue across her hot flesh, flicking back and forth at lightning speed. Rose's muscles contracted strongly and she gushed and gushed into his mouth until all her strength was gone and she slid backwards to collapse inside the boat. He lay down beside her and introduced himself.

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