tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBy the Waterfall

By the Waterfall


The heat was almost unbearable yet I carried on walking. I realized that soon I would have to find somewhere to shade, my body couldn't take any more. It seemed like I had been walking for days but it could have been no more than a couple of hours. If I was honest this hadn't been one of my better ideas, trekking through the jungle, but when I was offered the chance I just couldn't say no.

I carried on, the sun beating down through the trees, unsure where I was going. That is when I heard it, the sound of splashing water, but where was it coming from. Then, above the sound of the water, I heard laughing. Now I was even more eager to find the source of the water. Ever since I had strode out on my own I hadn't seen, let alone heard, another soul. Standing still for a minute or two I listened, trying to gauge which direction to head, before deciding that eastwards seemed like the right way.

After only a couple of minutes I came to a clearing and there before me was a sight of untold beauty. Never had I ever dreamed that I would see something to take my breath away, yet here before me was something I had only read about. I walked into the clearing further to admire its beauty fully.

There before me was a small pool like area, the water coming from a waterfall, but that was not all. In the pool, wearing small bikinis were two very beautifully tanned women. I stopped in my tracks, this was something I could never have imagined, my eyes unable to look away. Where had these women come from because I had never come across any villages and I found it hard to believe that they were just two random tourists?

Feeling like I was intruding I backed away before they saw me. Yet the sight of these two gorgeous women was too much for me to back away too far. Careful not to make a sound I inched back out of the clearing to just inside the jungle, partially hiding myself behind a tree, so I could carry on watching the two beauties. Oblivious to my presence the women were laughing and splashing each other without a care in the world. Part of me wanted to go out and speak to them but, partially through fear of scaring them and partially through curiosity to see what they were up to, I stayed where I was.

The women carried on splashing, laughing and ducking each other under the water for a few more minutes before they stopped and looked around. Had I been heard? Did they know I was there? My heart was racing as I thought my cover had been blown. Carefully I took a gentle step back and crouched down slightly, my heart eventually slowing down back to normal. Once I felt safe and hidden again I turned my attention back to the two women, hoping they would carry on enjoying themselves. I decided that after another twenty minutes or so I would leave the safety of my viewpoint and pretend that I had only just come across the clearing and see how the women reacted.

Looking back to the waterfall I noticed that the two women were walking out of the water. Had they had enough? Were they leaving? I thought that I had missed the chance to meet them. I was about to leave the safety of my hiding place when I noticed that the women were actually holding hands and saying something to each other. If only I could hear what they were saying. I thought to myself. Deciding to stay where I was I watched carefully as to their next move. Maybe they were just a couple of friends that, after an afternoon of fun, had decided it was time to go home after all. I looked around to see if I could creep away before being seen, as the bravado of saying hello to them had gone, when what happened next took me totally by surprise.

The two women turned to face each other and without saying a word they leant into each other and started to kiss. Not just little pecks on the lips either these were full on, mouths open, tongues flicking out kisses. I stood transfixed at the sight of two gorgeous women staring to get it on with each other. I had only ever seen women kissing like they were in hardcore pornographic movies and magazines. There was definitely no way I was moving now.

As they carried on kissing their hands started to run over each other's bodies, exploring every inch of uncovered flesh. One of the women, the slightly taller of the two, ran her fingers up her friends back and with one deft movement removed her bikini top. From my vantage point I could see that the woman's tits were perfectly formed, neither too large nor too small, and they looked natural. It was very rare nowadays to see a pair of tits that looked so good that hadn't been surgically tampered with and I couldn't believe my luck. The taller women slowly lowered her head and started flicking her tongue across the other woman's nipples causing them to stiffen, and her friend to let out an audible sigh of pleasure.

Slowly the two women lowered themselves onto the ground still entwined in each other's arms, kissing and groping as they went. As soon as they were on the ground the taller women reached around her back, undid her top, and let her tits free as well. They were larger than the other woman's but still they looked as though they had been untouched by a surgeon. Now the smaller of the women greedily reached for her companions nipples, licking and sucking greedily, until her nipples were fully erect as well. The two women spent ages taking it in turns to suck and lick each other's tits, running their tongues all over each other in turn. By now I could no longer contain myself and, reaching into my shorts, I started to massage my throbbing cock without taking my eyes of the view in front of me.

Watching carefully while stroking my cock I noticed the women stop playing with each other's tits and quickly they both slid out of their bikini bottoms, leaving them both fully naked. The smaller of the two women started working her way down her companion's body, kissing as she went, before her head came to a stop just at the top of her pubic area. Gently she opened her friend's legs and then continued until her face was buried deep into the taller woman's pussy. The taller woman let out a loud yelp of ecstasy as her friend flicked her tongue deftly in and out of her pussy. The taller woman said something and the other woman reached her hand down and started stroking her own pussy, all the while never moving her head from between her friend's legs.

The smaller woman stopped licking after a few minutes and ran her tongue back up her friend's body before they started kissing again, the taller woman able to taste her own pussy on her friend's lips. Rolling her friend off her the taller woman said something and turned around. The smaller woman then lay on her back as her friend swung her legs over the other's face and, while her pussy was on her friend's mouth again she began licking furiously at the smaller woman's pussy at the same time. The sight of the two women performing oral sex on each other became too much for me and, not caring if they heard anymore, I released my cock from my shorts and started wanking myself. Starting fairly slowly I soon built up speed and, never taking my eyes off the women, knew that I wouldn't be able to hold back for long. The women were writhing in each other's bodies, every now and again letting out louder and louder moans, as I furiously wanked my cock.

I desperately hoped that I would be able to hold out until the women let out their last moans but, unsurprisingly, there was no chance of that happening. It was then that I felt the familiar twitch and, moaning gently, cum erupted from the end of my cock all over the tree I was partially hidden behind. Stroking my cock gently I made sure that I had released all of my own cum and then looked back towards the women.

Whether they had just decided that they were both satisfied or that they had actually heard my moan I noticed that they had stopped licking each other's pussy's and were looking around, getting their bikini's back on at the same time. The women stood up and looked roughly in my direction, smiled, and turned away.

Maybe they did hear me? I thought to myself. It was then that I realized that I was still standing with my, by now flaccid, cock hanging out of my shorts as the two women held hands and walked away.

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