tagErotic CouplingsBy The Window

By The Window


She stood in front of the window, staring out into the darkness, her arms around her abdomen. Her gaze wasn't directed anywhere in particular, just looking. She watched the traffic from her third floor apartment, perfectly naked. Her mind wandered, never settling on anything specific, just thinking.

He woke up in her bed, naked and alone. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. Where was she? He scanned the apartment and saw her naked, by the window. A slow smile spread across his face.

He got up silently and stalked over to her. He kissed her neck and set his large hands on her shoulders. She sighed and leaned back into him.

He smoothed his hands down her arms, pushing them down to rest by her sides. His hands then came up to cup her hips. Slowly he dragged his hands up her body, never touching her sensitive areas. She moaned slightly and began to turn to him. He caught her by the shoulders to prevent her from turning, a delicious idea just dropped into his head.

He fingers trailed down her arms to catch her hands in his. He brought her arms up straight above her head. He took her arms and directed them forward to lean on the window and causing her to lean forward slightly.

"Don't move honey. I won't hurt you."

"I know," she murmured. Wondering what was to come next she closed her eyes.

She felt his hands roam her body, sensually sending electric shocks through her entire body. She shivered and a grin played at his lips.

He put his foot between hers and kicked her legs open. He spread her legs shoulder width apart with tiny little kicks. He slid his hands down her back to rest on her buttocks. He squeezed the flesh there and licked her lower spine.

She jerked and moaned at this unexpected feeling. He took his thumb into his mouth and wet it with his tongue. Replacing his hand on her ass he applied gentle pressure to her tight little ring. She held perfectly still not wanting it to hurt.

Slowly, gently he let her take the first digit of his thumb into her asshole. Moving very slightly as not to hurt her. Slowly she began to relax and move back against him, taking his thumb farther into her.

He held it there for several seconds before withdrawing. At her whimper of protest he just smiled and thought to himself how many more times he make that sound again tonight. He dropped to his knees and began to stroke her inner folds gently with his fingers. She moaned and moved against him.

He gently moved his fingers so they were poised at her moist entrance. She moved so that he would enter her more and he held back. Smiling at her whimper. As he pushed his tongue into her asshole he thrust his fingers into her gently. She moaned aloud and rocked against him.

"Tease." He smiled to himself. "What was that dear?" She moaned again and rocked back against him even harder. "I said you're a tease." He chuckled quietly and responded "I know."

She whimpered as his tongue expertly found her asshole again. Very slowly he brought her to fever pitch, then quickly withdrew. She panted and mumbled in frustration. Would she never have an orgasm? Why is he doing this to me?

He made quick work of standing up behind her. She could feel his muscular thighs against her sensitive ones and his arousal poking at her gently. She felt him position himself to enter her and then nothing. She wiggled her hips and every time she did he would move away. "Don't tease."

He smiled and pushed the tip into her. She tried to take him in and he wouldn't allow it. He would only allow the tip to tantalize her. Once again he brought her to fever pitch and withdrew. She shuddered and whined, causing a grin to twist his beautiful lips.

She felt his hands come up underneath her very sensitive breasts. He cupped them and massaged them, leaving her weak in the knees. When she almost collapsed he held her up and then let her go to drag his tongue down her spine.

She began to whimper and moan. He once again poised himself at her entrance. This time he made quick work of entering her fully. Her head came back and he nibbled her throat which was exposed to him. She began to move against him and he let her.

It took almost no time at all for her to reach her orgasm. She shuddered and nearly collapsed, he held her steady and continued to thrust himself into her repeatedly. Coming down off her climax she found herself almost at another one, and so quickly she went over the edge.

Sweat beaded on her body and his. Her breathing was uncontrollable and his was heavy with the physical exertion of it. Still he wouldn't let her go.

He brought her arms down and slide out of her. He helped her to the floor and then as he lay down positioned her over top of him. He thrust into her with one motion. "Ride me lover."

She could only nod and obey. He helped by taking her hips and thrusting up to meet her. He brought her to quick orgasm again and this time he could not hold back.

He brought her down onto him and held her there, draining himself into her. She wiggled and squirmed, only making his orgasm more intense, until he screamed and his face contorted to a mask of almost pain. She merely grinned down at him as she moved against him, harder and faster.

When he released her hips she fell off to the side of him. Both lay spent and exhausted on the floor. In turn they both rolled over onto their sides, and she curled into his hard body. She fell asleep rather quickly.

He was spent and not able to do anything further tonight, or so he thought until she began to rotate her hips in her sleep. He refused to wake her until his arousal was almost to the point of painful. Which, at this rate, wouldn't be long.

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