tagRomanceBy the Window

By the Window


I stand against the window feeling the warm breeze flowing against my skin.

Earlier I slipped out of our bed and made the morning coffee; although I knew that the aroma would have a chance of waking you, it was a chance I was had to take; knowing you would understand.

A chance to watch you sleep; I stood there naked, vulnerable, watching you sleep after a night of passionate, rough, giving and taking sex. I can still smell the sex and watching you breathe, brings back memories of loneliness and of years lost to the past.

I turn back to the window breathing the morning air and watching the sun move against the sky and the trees bend to the wind.

As I watch nature bring the day to life, I smile in knowing that your love, life and yes, your touch has brought life to my life.

I feel, in a moment of time, the rush of memories like a quickening that brings all lost parts of the flesh back to the body. I see and feel all those parts of our past touching my soul and I tremble as I feel my soul move.

And just as God intended, you are there by my side; as an extension of own body. I smell your body, as you lean into my arms, feeling your skin against mine. You reach up to my mouth with those red soft full lips and brush them against mine, your tongue finding its way into my mouth. As we share the first kiss of the day your arms wrap themselves around my body as you shield me from those painful memories that haunt me.

I feel your warm body melt into mine and your nipples harden against my chest as our tongues explore each other's mouth.

I set my coffee down on the window sill and scoop your long and luscious legs into my arms and carry you back into the bed. As you lay there, I watch you stretch like a cat and now my cock begins its own stretch, as I watch you look at me as cat watches its prey.

After last night I'm ready for the softer side of sex, I'm ready to give and to take love. It's not that I didn't enjoy the rough sex, yes lol, there is something to be said for sweating, grunting, slapping of bodies as you fuck for the sake of sex. As we fuck like primal beasts in the forests, as we cummed together, locked in an embrace that no man could tear asunder.

But, today, this morning I want to feel the tender side of our love. I want to feel you yield to me again and for you to feel my strength as you feel me give you pleasure.

And so, I start at your feet, and even though you don't like them, I wrap them in my hands and slowly knead the flesh watching your eyes and mouth as you arch your back in that "oh, that hurts sooo good" feeling. Running and kneading your feet I follow onto your toes and gently but sometimes roughly squeeze and pull on them alternating to each foot, letting no part of your flesh go untouched.

As you watch me, you know I'm looking at your eyes but I'm also looking at your pussy, and you know that I hunger for it, that my desire to touch and lick is really undeniable and for me to restrain myself is an act worthy of your best...

And so, I start on your legs, giving your feet and toes' a last minute lick, kiss and suckle as I make my way up your calves and knees.

Knowing that you really really sensitive behind those knees, I turn you over onto stomach so that I can sit on the bottom of your feet and have you restrained as work on your legs.

Grasping your calve muscles, I knead them pulling and stretching the muscles until their good and relaxed and then I start on the back of your knees with my thumbs.

Lightly at first, hearing your gasp and light moans as I touch the sensitive spots that you never tell me about; but have learned from you in your subtle ways.

As you ass looms in front of me I cannot help but reach out and play with it, just a little, as I lean forward and kiss each side, running my tongue along its smoothness.

As I lean back and start to work on the back of your thighs, I look over the length your body and admire the beauty of you. The way the small of your back tapers to your beautiful heart shaped ass, the sides of your breasts as they lay flattened against your chest and the bed. The strength in your shoulders that you say look like a man's, but I admire for their strength and shape. The length of your neck; the suppleness and grace in which you are able to turn your head. The fullness and beauty of your hair, whether it's pulled up or when you let it down; it seems that I spend hours running my hands through it.

Knowing your sensitive spots, I play with you a little (as I cannot help it) running my hands lightly across your sides, feeling your ribs beneath my fingers. As I run my hands up your sides I am able to touch the sides of your breasts and stop for a moment to touch them and feel the fullness in them and remember the way they feel in my mouth, in my hands, on my chest and around my cock.

Your back and shoulders are tense and tight from all the work that you do and all the stress that you carry that you don't tell me about. Knowing that you can't take a rough massage, I lightly press my fingers and the heel of my hands into your flesh, feeling it give way to my touch and I watch you for those tell tale signs that you like what is happening to you. Listening to you breath, watching your body, reading your signs so that I can work on those spots that give you pleasure and relief.

I listen of the umpteenth time for me to stop and that it's my turn, I just ignore you and work on you, knowing that my turn will come another day.

As I lay my hands on you, I plant small kisses across your neck nuzzling up to your ears, telling you the small sweet things that you know I love to tell you; that you like to hear as well.

I lift myself off of you and continue to work on your back and shoulders, decreasing the pressure watching your eyes slowly close and watch you flirt with sleep, drawing the blankets ever so slowly up your body.

At last you drifted off to sleep, even for just a little while, while I go back to the window to watch the day grow and you, as you sleep.

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