C is for Clueless


Just about every man I know has a fantasy of waking up with a lover's mouth holding our cock. When I married Mary I had the fantasy. It came true twice. Twice, over nineteen years ago. Waking up with Helen didn't have her mouth holding my cock. She was riding me. I was on my back and her hips straddled mine. Her hips slid back and forth against me with my cock buried deep inside her.

When I opened my eyes she bent over and kissed me.

"Good morning! I saw your invitation when I woke up and I couldn't wait to say yes!"

"I hope you put a condom on me."

"Why?" She stopped moving and looked scared.

"I don't want to start a baby this morning."

Helen started bouncing up and down on me. She laughed and said, "No chance. I no longer make babies!"

"Then why are we doing this?"

My hands held her hips and helped lift her for each stroke.

"For fun! For pleasure! For therapy!"

"Ride me! Enjoy me any way you'd like! I love how you feel and how you look!"

She rode me hard and I helped her enjoy the ride with my movements and my hands. I watched the blush on her chest and watched her face as she got closer and closer to an orgasm. When it arrived her body stiffened and she groaned deep and loud. I held on, giving her stability so she didn't fall over.

As she regained her self she leaned forward and rested on my chest. I held her and kissed her. She pulled the sheet up over us and in seconds we both were asleep.

It was almost noon when we got up. We showered, dressed and went to Helen's room. She needed fresh clothes. As she changed I called our lawyer.

He let us know that Alex and Mary spent the night in Mary's bed and the photographer had pictures from our patio, bedroom, living room and my computer desk. I thanked him and said that would be enough.

Helen and I got in my car and I drove toward Lake Meade. We talked a lot. Our thoughts and words were angry, then sad, then hurt and by the time we were in Kingman Arizona I was only sad. Our conversation had me realize that Mary and I had stopped loving and caring for each other quite a while ago. We both loved our kids, but not each other. Helen came to the same conclusion about her relationship with Alex.

We stayed in Kingman long enough to have dinner and headed back to Las Vegas. Time went and we didn't notice. We talked about our lives. We talked about what we wanted for the next few years. We talked about how our kids would be with our divorces.

Back at my hotel I packed and put my suitcase in my car. I checked out of the hotel and moved into Helen's room. We joined and she cried as we did. My John Wayne persona didn't want me to cry but I came close to crying anyway. It was more than sex, it was being fully connected. I used my hands, mouth, tongue, knee and cock to pleasure Helen. Usually, in my past with Mary, I spent our time in bed headed for our orgasms. In bed with Helen I didn't care about an orgasm. I cared about being connected to her. I'd heard about being connected this way but it had never happened to me before.

Morning found us in bed uncovered and Helen spread out on her back. I got up and peed. When I came back to bed I wondered if women have a fantasy of waking up while a man eats their pussy. As slowly as I could I put myself between her legs and touched her lips with my tongue. At the first touch Helen moaned softly and her legs opened just a little. I loved the feeling of power that gave me.

Stroke after stroke my tongue touched her along her slit. It wasn't long before her eyes opened and her hands held my head against her pussy. As she opened wider to me I tasted her nectar and smelled her arousal. I didn't touch her clit at all.

My hands held her hips as I lapped up her juices. She grabbed my hands and moved them to her breasts. As I touched her nipples they hardened and elongated to over half an inch long. I tugged on them, lifting them, releasing them, over and over. Helen moaned, again and again.

Softly she said, "Please make me cum. Drink me."

My lips and tongue went to her clit. I had ignored it all morning and when I sucked on it she screamed! Her body shook and her hands pulled my hair! Her legs clamped against my head. Her nectar became a river of her juices and I did my best to suck it all in.

I rested my head on her lower belly as she calmed down and I listened to her breathing slow.

"Come up here and snuggle me," She asked.

After our little nap we ordered room service and got ready to drive back to L.A. As I dressed Helen said, "Don't wear underwear, please."

I smiled and left them off. I asked her to wear a skirt and no panties. She smiled and did as I asked. She did wear a lacy bra and a shirt that she or I could open easily. As we checked out I bought two hotel towels. Helen wanted to ask about that but waited until we were at the car to ask.

"You might want to sit on one, to soak up the juices I want to inspire as we drive."

"And the other one?" She smiled as she asked.

"It's just in case."

"In case what?"

"In case one towel isn't enough."

I put the suitcases in the trunk and Helen folded the towel on her seat. As she got in she lifted her skirt so she sat on the towel, not her skirt. When I started to get in she said, "Unzip first, please."

She sucked me to orgasm before we left Nevada, putting the towel over my cock when she was done. She gushed before Baker with the care and touch of my fingers. We got lunch at a drive-thru. I asked for extra napkins.

When we were in the parking structure where Helen's car was parked she said, "What now?"

"I'm wondering that too."

"I don't want to sleep in the same bed with Alex. I want you."

"Let's trade!"

She sat up, looked at me like I was crazy and said, "What?!"

"I want to wake up with you. You just said you want me. Obviously Alex and Mary want each other. Let's make that happen."


"Damn right! Then we don't need to be angry, abandoned, hurt, or anything like it. They can have what they want and I win!"

"You win?"

"Waking up every morning with you is winning. Living with you is winning!"

"What if Alex is just fooling around with Mary and doesn't really want her?"

"Then they get just what they deserve, nothing! They fucked themselves out of two good people, their homes, their families. A little honesty would have been better."

"I need to think."

"Ok. Drive to my office and I'll meet you there. Is that enough time to think?"

"Let me be clear. You want us, you and me, to live together. You want all four of us to get divorced. Right?"

"Helen, all four of us are getting divorced. The day after the divorces are final I want to marry you. Will you marry me?"

"Too soon! We barely know each other!"

"Bull. We have known each other for years. We've only been available to even think about love for a few days. I can make the commitment right now to love you. I do love you."


"Think about it as you drive to my office. Be careful. Be safe."

I opened the door to her car and kissed her. The kiss was full of promises I was willing to make. She put the towel on her seat and got in. As she drove away I wondered if she would go to my office, if she would say yes and I wondered where I was sleeping that night.

Helen was standing beside her car when I pulled into my parking lot. When I parked she pulled my door open and somehow squeezed between my gut and the steering wheel.

"Yes! Yes, I love you! Yes, I want to wake up with you every morning! Yes, I'll marry you." She paused and filled the time with kisses. "What do we do next?"

"We need to talk to our spouses. Let me look at the GPS and see where they are."

Both trackers showed they were at Helen's house. "Get in. We'll go to your house."

Ten minutes and we pulled into the driveway behind Mary's car. Quietly we went in through the back door and heard the noises of sex. We walked through the house until we saw them on the living room floor. Mary was riding Alex and was faced away from us. Alex was flat on his back and Mary's body blocked his view of us. I could see that he held her tits in his hands. I knew Mary was close to having her orgasm. I motioned Helen onto the couch and I sat next to her. Helen didn't watch. I had never seen how Mary's pussy lips extended as she pulled away from a cock. I saw the juices from her ran down his cock and down over his balls as she rode him. He slapped her hip as she bounced up and down.

"Oh Baby! I'm going to fill you up! You are the tightest snatch in the world!"

"Fill me, Lover!"

Two strokes later Alex came. Within a minute Mary came too. She screamed and held still for a few moments.

Mary lifted off Alex and as she did Alex saw us.

"Oh, Holy Shit!" He yelled.

May looked, saw us and forgot about the cum dripping from her. She froze.

A few seconds passed and Helen said, "You're dripping cum on my carpet!"

That snapped Mary into action and she held her panties against her pussy. Alex was still flat on his back, looking at us.

I said, "Perhaps you would like a few minutes to clean up and get dressed?"

"Oh God, Nick! I'm so sorry! We didn't mean for this to happen." Mary said, the word flowing quickly from her. Tears filled her eyes.

"We'll talk when you've cleaned up and put clothes on. Go!" I said. They scrambled up and left the living room. We gathered their clothes and I carried them down the hall to the bathroom. When the sounds told me they were in the shower I gently opened the door and put their clothes inside.

Back in the living room Helen was cleaning the spot on the carpet.

"You get to choose," I said.


"Which house you and I live in. Do you want to live here or at my house?"

"Why do I get to choose?"

"Because they are the offending parties. They cheated. We get to pick."

Before she could respond Alex and Mary walked into the room. I pointed at the other couch and they sat at opposite ends. Helen gave up on the spot and came over and sat next to me on the couch.

Alex started to speak. Helen held up a hand. He stopped. She looked at me.

I asked, "Alex, do you love my wife or is this just fucking?"

He looked down for a long time, then at Mary and said, "I think I love her."

"Mary, do you love Alex?"

Her answer was quicker. "Yes."

"If you were not married to us would you live together?"

Alex spoke, "I don't want a divorce."

"Oh? You want my permission to keep fucking my wife? You want Helen to clean up your cum on the carpet here in her home? What do you want Alex?"

"I wanted you to never know what we were doing. I didn't want anyone to get hurt. I don't want my marriage to end."

"Alex, would it be Ok with you if I had an affair?" Helen asked. Her voice was cold and controlled but we all heard the acid.

"No. You're my wife!" His eyes went wide as he looked at Helen.

"Alex, would it be Ok with you if I fucked Helen right here on your living room carpet?"

"No! I mean, it isn't supposed to be like this! Wait! Are you fucking my wife?"

"No. I have never fucked Helen. Wouldn't it be fair if we did fuck and had the two of you watch? Then you would have some idea what an emotional jolt it was for us when we discovered we were being cheated."

"Nick, I'm so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you." Mary said through the tissue she held to her face.

"You did hurt me. The evidence says you planned and went to the Marriot at least twenty times so the two of you could fuck someone else's spouse!"

"Alex, I'll give you five minutes to get a suitcase packed. Six minutes from now you need to be out the door. You can make arrangements through my lawyer to come back for the rest of your stuff." Helen looked at her watch. Alex didn't move.

"Mary, I am going to our home when I leave here. When you get there you get five minutes to pack and go. You can make arrangements with my lawyer to come back and get the rest of your things. If either of you come to your homes without making arrangements through the lawyer I will send the pictures to everyone we know, including the kids."

"Four minutes," Helen said. Alex jumped up and disappeared into the bedroom. Helen counted down the time. When she said, "One minute" I got up and went to the bedroom door.

"You do not want to be in the house when time runs out!" I yelled. Alex closed the suitcase and fled. He didn't say anything to Helen or to Mary.

"Mary, walk out the door. Helen lock up the house when we're gone. If Alex comes back call me and the pictures will be on the internet before he can get in the house."

"Be careful. I don't know what Alex is going to do."

I followed Mary out the door and she followed my car to our house. I opened the door and held it for her.

She was crying. Inside she sat down in the kitchen and sobbed.

"I am sorry, Nick."

"Good. You should be sorry. You started fucking Alex in January and stopped having sex with me. Am I a bad lover? Have you hated sex with me for twenty-two years?"

"No! I... I just felt so wanted and needed by Alex. You don't need me. The kids don't need me. You can and do everything around here. Alex said he needed me."

"He didn't even say good-bye when he left the house. He doesn't want a divorce. That means he doesn't want you. You were just a convenient cunt for him to fuck! You know what that makes you?"

She looked up at me and I answered my question. "A woman who has sex like you did is a slut! An immoral woman who ends up alone! I hope he was very good. It has cost you a marriage, a home, a future with me and maybe it will cost you your children as well."

Mary sat in the chair and sobbed. I got a Diet Coke from the refrigerator and sat across from her. When she stopped crying I looked at my watch and said, "You have the five minutes I promised. They start now."

I set the timer on the oven and said, "When that rings, don't be here."

There were twenty seconds left when the door closed behind her. I watched as she got two suitcases into her car and drove off. I saw Alex's car follow her.

In my office I turned on the tracking monitor and saw they both pulled over two blocks from me. I turned on the audio monitor and heard a car door open and the sounds of Alex sitting down. Mary was crying.

"They won't really divorce us." Alex said.

"Yes, he will. There is no way he will take me back! He called me a slut! I am a slut! I was a good married woman and now I'm a slut! I'm your slut! You did this to me!"

"What will you do?"

"See! You don't even ask what we will do! We got caught fucking and now you abandon me! You bastard! If I could send the pictures to your kids and not mine I would! I won't because I can't bare the thought of my kids seeing me with your cock in me!" She sobbed and after a few minutes I heard the car door open and close. I heard the muffled sounds of a car starting and driving off. I shut off the audio. My box of tissues was used. I was angry and hurt but I still hated that Mary was hurting so badly.

Out in the garage I found a set of locks I bought a few years earlier but had never installed. I installed them and the keys Mary had would no longer fit my house. I called Helen.

"How are you doing?" I asked.

"That hurt. Are you coming back here?"

"Yes. When Mary left here Alex met and talked with her. He abandoned her. Right now, he is driving towards your house. I'm leaving my house so it shouldn't be more than ten minutes and I'll be there. Call my cell if he approaches the house. Ok?"

"Yes. Alex is a bigger shit than I thought. He just abandoned her?"

"He wants you and he wants to be able to fuck around. Mary was just for fun."

"Bastard! He isn't getting back into my life! Not now and not ever."

"Sit tight. I'll be there soon. I love you."

"I love you too." The phone went dead.

I drove the speed limits and pulled into the driveway. Alex's car was parked at the curb. He was standing on the porch talking. When I closed the car door he stopped and turned to face me.

"Let me talk to Helen. She's my wife."

"No. She was your wife. You heard me tell you not to come back and here you are. Remember what I said I would do?"

"Don't do it! I just want to talk to her."

"Too late. When I saw you here I sent the pictures. I had over a hundred pictures. I sent some to your kids, some to our friends, some to the newspaper. Every one I sent shows your face. Talking to Helen won't save your marriage. On Monday you will be served with divorce papers. Congratulations! You wanted a good fuck and you got lots more than you counted on."

Alex faced me and didn't see the police car quietly pull up and park two doors down. I did. I stood still and in a non-threatening posture. Alex came off the porch and flew at me. When he got to me he hit me hard in the chest and I went down. Before he could hit me again two cops grabbed him.

"I'll kill you!" He screamed.

As quickly as they could Alex was cuffed and in the back of their car. Helen came out and we talked to the police for a few minutes. Alex yelled threats from the back seat of the car.

When the police left we went inside.

"Did you really send the pictures?"

"No. That wouldn't hurt just Alex. My kids will be coming next weekend for their mother's birthday. If they want to see the pictures I'll show them. I hope they don't want to see them. Seeing Alex's cock in Mary's pussy was almost more than I could stand! I wouldn't want our kids to see that."

"Part of me wanted to open the door."

"Really? Why didn't you?"

"When I listened to him he was telling me how I was going to be alone. He told me how much I needed him. He talked about how important he was. Nothing about how much he loved me, how much he needed me, or even about how he loved the kids. The part of me that wanted to open the door was the part that wanted to believe I could fix him."

"You didn't open the door."

"No. I saw your car and realized Alex was wrong. Over the last four days I have discovered something. I am not going to be alone. I don't need him. There is someone who loves me and loves loving me. There is someone who has loved my kids for years. You were their soccer coach, not Alex. You were with us on the camping trips. You replaced the hot water heater when it leaked. I stood by the door and when I realized Alex was getting angry I called the cops. I talked to them and explained what was happening. I told them he might get violent."

"I saw them pull up out front."

"I was afraid he would hurt you."

"He did. When he hit me it hurt a lot. I wonder if you could kiss my boo-boo and make it feel better."

"Oh, what a good idea! Maybe we should go to the bedroom so I can have you lie down."

My arm around her and hers around me, we went to the bedroom. The room was not as I expected. No bed spread on the bed, No throw rugs on the floor. The room was pretty barren.

"I tossed a lot of what was in here. This isn't Alex and Helen's bedroom anymore. We can get some nice things to make it our bedroom. No hurry though. As long as you are in the bed with me it is our bedroom."

"Should I bring in my stuff tonight or in the morning?"

"Take your time. I suspect it will be later tomorrow when you need clothes at all." She smiled and helped me undress. She lifted her skirt and showed me she wasn't wearing panties. She bent to my chest and kissed me where Alex had hit me.

"I also hurt right here," I said, pointing to my lips. She crawled onto the bed and kissed my lips. I found other places where I hurt and she kissed each of them. I had thoughts about loving her and joining with her but instead I stopped our kisses and said, "I've got lots of emotions going on right now. I love you and I'm excited about being with you. I'm hurting over how both of us were treated. I'm pissed at Alex and at Mary. I'm in my head about what our friends and our kids are going to do and say." I took a big breath. "Can we hold off on the sex and just share the comfort of being together?"

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