C is for Clueless


She snuggled against me and said, "Perfect!"

I shut off the light and we slept. Sometime during the night we were both awake and touching. I moved less than an inch and kissed her. That led to another kiss and soon I found her nipple with my mouth and she moaned at my attention. My hand found her other breast and played with that nipple.

"Pull," She said.

When I did she moaned and arched. I let my fingers slip off and did it again. I moved down her body and found her wet pussy.

"Please eat me, Nick! Please eat me forever!"

I worried a little about forever but figured eating her was a better way to die than most ways so I kept licking, sucking and using fingers to let her know about pleasure. She came. A minute late she came again. The third orgasm was stronger than the first two. I backed away from her pussy and aimed my hard cock for home. Her home.

She opened her legs wide and guided me in. Her feet hooked against my ass and she used them to pull me in deep. When I was all the way in she moved her legs again, hooking them behind her own shoulders.

"I'm yours, Nick. Have me any way you want. Slow or fast, deep or shallow, just don't stop!" I put my hands on her tits and felt the hard nipples press my palms. I watched in the dim light as I slid in and out of Helen. I watched her eyes as she looked at me. I couldn't remember the last time Mary had looked at me that way, if ever.

My balls drew up and I felt the impending release. Helen felt it too.

"Fill me! Give it all to me! I want you!"

My comments were less understandable. They came our as a bellow and a moan. As I started to collapse she shifted us and I landed beside her. She started to get up.

"Don't go."

"I'll make a big wet spot if I don't."

"Give it to me. I want it and I want to hold you as I clean your pussy."

She turned and slowly gave me her pussy from above. The first drip fell from her into my waiting mouth before her pussy was even close to my lips. My hands helped lower her opening to my mouth and held her there as I made sure I got everything I could from her. She cleaned my cock.

We didn't hurry and at some point we fell asleep.

At sometime after the sun was up my cell phone rang. Helen's phone rang at the same time.

Helen answered from bed. I ran out into the hall and answered.

"This is Nick."

"Dad, what's going on?" It was Todd, my oldest.

"What are you asking?"

"I called Mom this morning and asked about our visit this coming weekend. She broke into tears and said to call you. She hung up and now she won't answer."

"How soon can the three of you get home?"

"We can be there tonight if we need to be. What's going on?"

"I'm not telling you over the phone. Call me back and let me know how you're getting here. If you fly in I'll pick you up at the airport. If you drive, let me know what time you'll be at the house."

"You're not telling me over the phone are you?"

"No. I'm sorry to make you wait but I think its best."

When I hung up I peeked in the bedroom and Helen was pale and still on the phone. She saw me and motioned me inside the bedroom.

Into the phone she said, "Honey, hang on a sec." She covered the phone and whispered. It's Carole. Her Dad called her from jail last night. He asked her to help him make bail. She wants to know what's happening."

"Ask her how quickly they can come home. You need a family council and as soon as possible. My kids will be home tonight. We can meet at my house and tell them all at once. Alex will still be in jail. I have no idea where Mary is."

She uncovered the phone and told her daughter she was to come home and get her brother home too. They would call her when they were close. She told them to drive to my house as we would be meeting there. Carole had a hundred questions and all Helen said was all her questions would be answered when we were together.

I called our lawyer and asked that he have the photos delivered. I told him about the assault and the plan we had for the future. He agreed with our plan and said he would bring the photos by himself.

We got dressed and set about the tasks at hand. I bought packing boxes and boxed Alex's things and stacked the boxes in the garage. Helen found a spare key for his car and we parked it in the garage. We forwarded all calls to Helen's phone to my number and then we went to my house.

Inside I started boxing my stuff. Helen walked through the house and came to me a few times asking questions.

"Do you want the Lazy-Boy to live at our house or leave it here?"

"Will it fit in your home?"

"It's a good color for the family room. Alex's is going. Let's take it."

When the phone rang I looked at the caller ID and handed the phone to Helen. It was Carole and she was about an hour away. She said she remembered how to get to my place so Helen thanked her for the call and hung up. Five minutes later the phone rang again and it was my kids. They were all in one car and would be arriving in about an hour.

Helen decided to order pizza and salad delivered and she made the call. I finished packing my clothes and some other things. I needed to keep busy.

I came out of my bedroom and saw Helen standing at the front window. I walked to her and took her in my arms.

"There will be tears and anger. Even if it sounds like they are angry at us they aren't. Disappointed, hurt and betrayed all mixed together. Remind yourself that we didn't do anything wrong and remind yourself that I love you."

"I couldn't do this without you."

"Yes, you could and you would. Hopefully having me here makes it a little easier."

She turned to kiss me just as my daughter's car pulled into the driveway. We noticed the pizza delivery pulling up in front at the same time.

"I'll set the table," Helen said as she ran to the kitchen. I opened the front door. My son, Todd, helped carry the food inside and I paid the delivery guy. He looked around and saw Helen but not his mother.

"Where's Mom?"

"I don't know."

Helen's kids arrived and I let them in. They started in with questions too. I held up my hand and when they all stopped I said, "The food will keep. Let's all sit down in the living room and we'll explain."

All Helen's kids sat on one couch and mine sat on the other couch. I pointed Helen at the big chair and I got a chair from the kitchen. Before I could sit there was a knock at the door. It was Henry Hawkins, my lawyer. He handed me a thick envelope, noticed all the kids in the living room and whispered. "Good luck! Do you need me to stay?"

"No, but thanks."

I closed the door and took my seat.

"Rather than have you all asking questions let me tell you the story. Then you can ask anything you want. Ok?"

No one moved so I started.

"A week ago I was playing golf with some friends and one of them mentioned that he had seen Mary at the Marriot in the afternoon. I couldn't think of a reason she should be there. I put a GPS tracker on her car. Two days later she went back to the Marriot. Three hours later she left and ten minutes later Alex White, Helen's husband, walked out the same door. I got the hotel records for Alex and discovered he rented the same room every few days since last January."

All the kids looked at each other and Alex's son said, "That doesn't mean they were cheating!" They all nodded.

"You're right. I hired someone to find out, hoping they were not having an affair. I spoke to Helen, in hopes she knew some reason why Alex would be at the Marriot. Our lawyer advised we get out of town for a couple days so we could find out for sure what was going on."

Helen spoke up. "I went to the Mirage in Las Vegas and Nick went to the Treasure Island."

"The next day when I spoke to the lawyer he said he had pictures of Alex and Mary at Alex's house having sex out by the pool."

"Are those pictures in the envelope?" Carole asked, pointing to the envelope by my feet.

"Yes. Helen and I waited one more day before returning. The photographer got more evidence when they came here and had sex here."

"This is so gross!"

"When we came back they were in Helen's house having sex in the living room. We walked in on them and saw them on the floor. We asked if they wanted divorces so they could get together. Alex said no. Mary said yes. We let them gather some personal items and tossed them both out. I have not seen or heard from Mary. Helen called me because Alex came back and was threatening her from the porch. She called the police as well and when Alex assaulted me and threatened us both the police arrested him. He is, as far as I know, still in jail."

The questions started.

"Are you getting a divorce?" We both nodded.

"Have you seen the pictures?"

"No. We saw them having sex in your mother's living room. We don't need to see the pictures. They are for court, if we need them."

"Is Dad going to prison?"

"He assaulted me and threatened your mother in front of two police officers. I would guess he will do time for that."

"Mom, how long had you known that Dad was fooling around?"

"I knew when Nick showed me the hotel records. He was spending our retirement money to pay for a room at the Marriot!"

"Damn!" Carole said. The others nodded.

"What happens next?"

"Things will change. I'm putting this house on the market. I don't need a big house like this."


"I don't want to move. I've been thinking about having a roommate."

"Mom, are you and Nick lovers?"

"When we were in Las Vegas we spent a lot of time together, talking and getting to know each other. When we got back I decided I'd like to give life with Helen a go. I asked her to marry me. Before we discovered our spouses cheating we had never so much as kissed. Now..."

"Now, I am proud to have Nick as my lover and soon to be husband. We hope you can be Ok with all of what you have learned. We love each of you."

The room was quiet for a long time. Finally, Carole stood up and came to me. She knelt and picked up the envelope.

"I don't want to see these pictures, but I must. I don't want to believe the story but if the pictures verify it I must."

She opened the envelope and looked inside. Her hands trembled. She only looked at one picture and didn't pull it out of the envelope.

"That bastard!" She said and closed the envelope. She handed the envelope to me and said, "You should have kicked his ass!"

"I have been tempted."

Helen's son came and took the envelope. "I have to know."

He reached in and pulled out about ten pictures. They were all 8X10 color prints and each showed Mary and Alex having sex. He looked at every picture in his hands. He didn't say anything. They all went back in the envelope.

Later, we threw the pizza and salads away. None of it got eaten. About nine we went to a Chinese place and ate. The kids had all been friends for all their lives. They were getting used to the idea of being in the same family.

Just before the fortune cookies my son, Matt asked, "Can we go camping this summer?"

Helen smiled and said, "Some of my fondest memories of when you were all growing up were the camping trips we took together."

I was quiet for a few moments when Carole, Helen's daughter, looked at me and said, "Can we, Dad? Can we?"

Tears slid down my face. How could she take me into her heart that quick? How could I say no?

Each of them said it. "Can we, Dad? Can we?"

"Sure! Sounds good to me. Get out your calendars lets pick a time!"

When we left the restaurant our first family campout was scheduled. The pain was still there. The disappointment was still there. But, out front was the plan for a good future.

That was four years ago. Mary never came to court, and no one has seen or heard from her. She took a cash advance on her credit card the day after she spoke to the kids on the phone and disappeared. Alex is spending eight and a third to fifteen years in prison. None of his kids have visited. I haven't ever looked in the envelope. It is in the safe in our home. We go camping, as a family, once a year.

Some men are clueless. Alex could have had the house, kept his job and kept fucking Mary. I wonder if he thinks about that.

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The anon who said fictional baloney got a number of his points wrong I'm not going through them all but the photographs they appear to be delivered by hand PI to lawyer to husband, suggest you rereadmore...

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Great story!

Sad tale of woe. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Fictional baloney

Where was Yoda? Pretty good story until the ending. It's hard to read a fictional story, with made up characters, that's trying to portray something that might happen in real life when that story is justmore...

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