tagBDSMLove in Chains Ch. 06

Love in Chains Ch. 06


Adam helped Nye off the bed. He was surprised to find that already the drug had spread through his body and he was experiencing a strange sense of disassociation, as if he wasn't really present, experiencing everything second hand.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Totally. I don't care what Lian has in store for me. I'll bear it all gladly for you."

"Is he prepared?"

"Yes Lian. Exactly as you instructed, as no doubt you will know from listening at the door."

"Ever impertinent Adam."

"Ever, Lian."

"The taxi is here. This time you can sit in the back with him."

"Thank you Lian."

Nye felt someone take hold of his face, gripping his chin between strong fingers.

"Are you ready for this boy?"

"Yes sir."

"Are you willing?"

"Yes sir."

"You will submit without question?"

"Yessir...um... yes...sir." It was suddenly quite difficult to speak and he had to concentrate to get the words in the right order.

"I see you are feeling the effect of the drug I had Adam give you. Are you wondering why?"

"Yes... sir."

"You'll find out. Come. Bring him Adam."

Adam took Nye by the arm and steered him out of the door and down the steps. By the time he was sitting in the car the feeling of disassociation had grown and he was numb and spaced out. He rested his head on Adam's shoulder enjoying the feeling of the car moving under him.

"Are you alright?"

"Alright?" The word had no meaning to him. He wasn't feeling sleepy, not at all, quite the reverse. Everything was in sharp focus, from the warmth of Adam's arm around him, to the sound of the car engine, to the feel of the silk shirt against his skin. It was just that none of it meant anything to him. His mind was empty of thought and he could no more move or think of his own volition than he could fly.

"Nye... are you alright?"

This time he couldn't even associate the words, which he heard quite clearly, with the need to respond. He heard them, as he heard the engine, as he heard his heart beat, but they were external to him, they meant nothing.


"Save your breath Adam. The boy's beyond you now?"

"What have you done to him?"

"Nothing that won't wear off in a couple of hours. He'll be fine. Don't worry he's a bit out of it at the moment but once he settles down he will be quite switched on in there. He can hear. He can feel; quite acutely in fact. He just can't respond."

"You're a fucking bastard, Lian."

"I know my dear and you love me for it."

"But what's the point? If you're going to be testing him what's the point if he can't respond?"

"You're right, of course IF I were going to be testing him this would be quite pointless. However, this test is not for him. I have already tested him and, against all the odds I was pleasantly surprised. This, my dear, it not his test it's yours."

"What?" Adam was genuinely surprised and very unsettled, and he hated to be unsettled

"I am displeased with you Adam. You have always been wilful and unpredictable but, until now you have always abided by the rules. I have left you alone to make of your life what you would and you have done so very well. I have been very pleased with your work and the credit it brings to me as your trainer and master. However, this time you have gone too far. You have marked this boy and given him commitment. That is not allowed, not without prior testing, not if you want to keep your status in my organisation.

"You have choices. You can give up the boy here and now; you can submit both of you to the testing or you can refuse the test and carry on as you are... but outside my protection and without my backing."

"You know I can't do that. I can't continue with the business without your backing. No one would come... I wouldn't be safe."

"Then give up the boy."

Adam looked at Nye, his emerald green eyes, open but dreaming, his beautiful face and glorious hair. He thought about his sweet nature and gentle voice and hands.

"I can't do that either."

"Then you have no choices. You will submit to the testing."

"This is harsh Lian, even for you. Because you disapprove of my methods, are angry with me, you are going to punish me by making me watch you fuck my lover."

"Oh no Adam, you are quite wrong. I am not going to be fucking him, I am going to be fucking you."


"I will be fucking you while your boy gets serviced by others."

"Others?" Adam's heart began to race. What had he done? What the hell was going to happen now? Lian was one twisted bastard and suddenly he was afraid.

"I have made arrangements. Robert is waiting for us at The Club."

The words were spoken with blasé evenness but they struck terror into his heart.

"Robert... you can't mean to let Robert loose on Nye?"

"Indeed I do."

"But he... he'll... You can't let Robert fuck Nye. He'll rip him to pieces."

"That depends on you my dear. Please me, and your boy's arse is safe from Robert's superb cock."

"Superb? It's practically deformed."

"It has served its purpose more than once."

"I'll bet. Why are you doing this Lian? We have been friends for years. I have always respected you, always worked within the rules. I have grown the business, pleased the clients, sent many extremely well trained boys your way."

"Indeed. Haven't I already told you how pleased I have been with you? You were one of my best. And yes, we have been friends. But we are friends second to our professional relationship and you have stepped too far over the line this time. You need to be pulled back into line and that is what I intend to do."

"Then do it to me. Punish me in whatever way you want but don't do this to Nye."

"Your boy is very sweet Adam. He is beautiful and strong and no doubt he will, very soon be obedient. He is wilful but controllable. Your methods have been more successful than I had anticipated. However, if he is to be your partner he has to learn the rules, he has to be willing to follow them. If he is to be under my protection he has to be prepared for what that means. Besides... you know the rules about pairings. In order to ensure they do not become selfish and dangerous to the organisation they have to be subjected to this kind of discipline from time to time. One day it will be Nye who watches you getting royally screwed by a stranger. You had better prepare him for that. Committed is allowed my dear, exclusive is not."

"Yes sir."

Lian smiled at the words and the helpless bitterness behind them. Adam was a good boy, and talented in many ways. He was going to enjoy himself this afternoon.

Nye was confused. The journey from the apartment and what had happened since had been somewhat of a blur but his mind was clearing now. He had been met at The Club by strangers and taken downstairs by them. He had been stripped, given another enema, had a tube inserted in his cock and showered by men who were strong but fairly gentle and completely silent. It had been unpleasant but not overly so and not, in the main, painful. He didn't seem able to take any conscious action for himself and had been completely at the mercy of the others.

Adam hadn't been anywhere in sight and neither had Lian. Now he was being walked into the dungeon and could see that it was brightly lit and empty other that a number of attendants who were not the usual staff. The two men who had been taking care of him had turned him towards the centre and he saw, to his immense surprise that Adam was hanging suspended from the hook that had been used for him on his first visit here.

Adam was naked, bound and gagged. His eyes were wide as they met Nye's and it was this that so confused him. Why was Adam in that position? Adam was never in that position. He was always the one who dominated, never the one who submitted.

Lian stepped out from behind Adam and moved towards Nye. Now he understood. His mind was clearing by the minute and a very uncomfortable understanding sinking into it. Adam had said that Lian wasn't pleased with him. Maybe he had underestimated how displeased he was. Was Lian going to get his revenge on Adam through him? He had the feeling he was about to enter the most unpleasant hour of his life.

Lian stopped in front of Nye. He stroked his face and smiled. Nye could feel it but he couldn't respond. He couldn't speak, couldn't move.

"Hello little one. You have done well so far, very well. I am not displeased with you. It is time for you to learn one of the most important lessons of our society. Your master is the most important person in your life bar none. Even when you have been freed from bondage, even when you move on to become a master yourself, even when you are a very good one, one of the best your first loyalty is ALWAYS to your master."

As he spoke he caressed Nye's face and throat, his voice soft and silky, his hand gentle. Nye shivered involuntarily at the touch and Lian smiled.

"The second most important lesson is that the master has ultimate control... of your body, your mind and your possessions. He can take what he wants when he wants. Commitment to another is permitted but exclusivity is not. You cannot be jealous with your body. You cannot have a jealous relationship.

"Adam has overstepped the mark with you. He wants to keep you all to himself, to take you for his own without making the proper arrangements with me. He must be punished for that and, in case you forget this lesson, in case you think that you can be his and his alone... so must you."

Lian's hand had wandered down his chest and, at his last words he viciously twisted his nipple causing him to gasp aloud and jerk away. That was when he realised that someone had come to stand very close behind him. That person now slid his arms around Nye's waist and pulled him back against him. He felt big.

"Do not think that this is anything personal to you boy. This is the way we do business. This is training in its purest form. You have done well and you have pleased me. I am happy to approve you, to accept you into our world. Think of this as your initiation if you will." He nodded to the man behind Nye and turned away, walking back towards Adam. Nye saw him turn so that he could watch what was happening to Nye whilst at the same time begin to caress Adam, raking long nails over his stomach, making him twitch.

Then someone stepped in front of Nye, blocking off his view of Adam and Lian. The man behind him put a hand on his forehead and pressed his head back against his shoulder while the man in front pressed himself against him full length and began to lick and bite his throat.

The man behind raised his arms over his head and someone held them by the wrists, draped back over the man's shoulders.

Sandwiched between the two men Nye was stroked, tweaked, pinched, caressed and invaded by hands that were expert at their task and he was licked, bitten, sucked and bled by mouths that were no less good at what they were doing. At some point he lost all awareness of where he was and surrendered utterly to the sensations of the mouths, hands and bodies that were pressed against him.

Soft moans were flying from his lips and his body was reacting of its own accord, trembling, twitching and writhing. If it were not for the closeness of the two men he would have fallen. He felt feverish and his entire body was on fire, burning within and without.

He barely noticed that he was being moved until suddenly the two men were gone and he didn't need the hand pressing between his shoulders to make him sink to his knees. Hands took hold of his body and positioned it with his legs spread and his torso bent forward at the waist, his chest pressed against something smooth solid and inanimate. His hands were lifted over his head and his wrists strapped and fastened to something and he was aware of straps being tightened around his thighs. It was with some surprise that he realised his eyes were closed and he couldn't open them.

There seemed to be hands all over him, caressing his head, hair, arms, shoulders, back and buttocks. He sighed with pleasure at the touches. Even when they slid into his crack and slipped a lubed finger inside him his shivering was only from pleasure. He was too used to it now to feel any disquiet from it. Whoever the finger belonged to was good, very good, an expert. Nye sighed and shuddered as it slid in and out twisting and exploring his body cavity. He barely noticed when it was joined by another.

Someone was still stroking his hair, crouching at his head and murmuring to him. He didn't register the words but he found them strangely soothing and calming. As the fingers plunged into him, demanding all his attention the hands at his head brushed the hair away from his face, tilting his head back so that his face was free from the arm that was stretched up beside it. A finger slipped between his lips and his mouth opened to accommodate it.

The finger was joined by another and together they opened his mouth so wide it made his jaw ache. Something cold and metallic was inserted into his mouth and he found he couldn't close it. He tried once or twice then gave up, not caring because now the fingers below had been replaced by something else and he grunted with something that was not quite pain as the expert hands worked in a plug that felt bigger than any he had accommodated before.

Back at his face something was rubbing against his cheek, something soft and pungent, that leaked. Realising what it was he actually found himself getting quite excited. He had always liked the feel of a cock in his mouth. But why had they clamped it open? He was in no condition to complain or refuse after all.

The cock teased him, brushing his nose, his lips, coating his face with pre cum. He would have licked it if he could but he was still entirely incapable of any deliberate movement although his body had no problem reacting with involuntary ones.

Someone slapped his arse, not hard but enough to get his attention. It was hard to concentrate on both ends at the same time. The hand slapped him again, then again; over and over, getting harder. And then the hand was replaced by something else, something flat and hard and unyielding. At first the blows were gentle but they got harder and harder as his skin, infused with blood and pumped with adrenaline grew hot but numbed.

After the first couple of blows his attention was diverted again as the cock which had been teasing his face slipped into his mouth. Now he understood the clamp. With the paddling he was getting and given his inability to control his body it would have been dangerous for the other person.

The cock was not a big one but its owner knew exactly what he was doing and he almost forgot what was happening to his bottom as it began to slide in and out of his mouth going progressively deeper and deeper until it was hitting the back of his throat. He gagged once or twice but the cock knew its business and by the time it blasted into him it was aiming straight down his throat. Reflexively he swallowed and was almost disappointed when the cock withdrew.

It was then he realised that the paddling had stopped and in almost the same instant he realised this he felt the hands on his cock. They fitted a cock ring which felt uncomfortable but not overly so and then lingered to stroke his cock and balls as something started to tickle his back. He stiffened a little at this because he knew what it was and he really hadn't enjoyed it the last time he had experienced it.

Fortunately the lash was being wielded with just as much expertise as everything else and the first few strokes were gentle and did little more than tease. As the lashing became more intense the hands on his cock and balls speeded up and another cock was inserted into his mouth. His senses were having a hard time coping with the three way sensation and gave up on him, losing him in a world of pure sensation that built in a red hot series of pulsing waves of ever increasing intensity until the pain became pleasure and the pleasure pain and the whole of it swept him away into a screaming black ocean of darkness.


When Adam heard Nye scream he was jolted out of his own sensual overload. He had been surprised by how turned on he was from watching what Lian's men were doing to Nye. Lian was nothing if not creative and the ministrations his own body was getting were more than complimentary to the pleasure he experienced in watching Nye. All in all he was thinking that this was not going anything like as badly as he had expected.

Lian was not being cruel to him and, in fact, by the time Nye climaxed Adam was pretty close himself, with Lian's cock sunk to its limit in his twitching arse and his own sunk to the balls in the throat of a stranger.

As his awareness jerked back to Nye, watching him convulse in the throes of an intense orgasm Lian slammed into him hard and he felt the hot wash of his ejaculation shoot deep into his guts and, in almost the same moment the stranger kneeling before him did something unspeakable with his throat, teeth, tongue and lips and all control fled as he shot powerfully and clenched on Lian, provoking another hot spurt and the pleasure of hearing Lian grunt and hiss, his hand, on Adam's waist, clutching at him, clawing the skin.

Adam moaned and shuddered closing his eyes as he was milked of the last of his seed. Lian slipped out of him and slapped his arse hard. The other man rose and walked away to stand head bowed and waiting at the side of the room.

"Well done Adam. You haven't lost your touch and you seemed to enjoy the show, at least you didn't complain and so you shall have your reward." Lian reached up and released the strap that held the ball gag in place letting it fall from Adam's mouth. "Your boy is ripe for the fucking. Ready for his finale so to speak. You have the choice Adam. What shall it be? Robert? The machine? Or would you like to fuck him yourself with something spiky strapped on for added interest?"

Adam's mind reeled. This was too much.

"Hasn't he had enough? You've taken your pleasure, and don't tell me you haven't enjoyed it every bit as much as I have. Even in the condition you've put him in he still performs well. He's a natural. He's given enough, and so have I. Let him be."

"How touching. Now you see why it hasn't been enough. Choose Adam."

"Not Robert."

"Alright. Robert can sit this one out." He nodded to a VERY large man who stood obediently waiting behind Nye. Robert bowed and stepped back. "So what? You or the machine?"

Adam licked his lips. He did not want Nye subjected to the machine. It was essentially a fucking machine with a padded plug attached to a mechanical arm that pumped unrelentingly while another part, attached to the cock and balls used suction to devastating ends.

"What would I have to wear?"

"Oh I don't know. I'm thinking the 'crown of thorns'."

"No. Not that."

"Make your choice Adam. I intend to hurt the boy. He needs to experience real pain and I am convinced that you will never give it to him... so I am doing him a favour. One or the other. Choose."


When Nye regained consciousness it was to a world of confusion. Someone was stroking his hair and whispering to him. The voice sounded familiar. Adam. He tried to raise himself to look at him but realised that he was strapped down and only then did he remember where he was and what had happened.

"Be strong baby. It won't be long, not long now." What did he mean and why did he sound so...?

Nye stopped wondering when hands took hold of his hips and moved them slightly while other hands, which could have been gentler worked out the plug. He gasped at the initial stab of pain and the strange, empty feeling it left him with after. That feeling did not last when the plug was replaced by another that was smaller and so fitted in easily but seemed to penetrate much deeper than any he had experienced before.

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