tagBDSMCabana Boy Gets A New Job

Cabana Boy Gets A New Job



Hello, yes I am back. You wouldn't believe what has happened to me with my new job. You know I was making no money at the beach and if it weren't for the beautiful red haired lady that always visits me, I would have moved on long ago. She is so unbelievable and treats me so nice; it is worth the bad pay I get from that stupid boss of mine. Anyway, you know all of that already so I will tell you of my new escapades. Well, I was looking at the want adds in the paper and saw an ad for a limousine driver.

I said to myself, "Frederico, you can do that." So, I went down to see if they would like me. The man asked if I had any experience, I said, "I have traveled the world but no, I have never driven a limo before."

He looked me over and said, "I have a good feeling about you, and I will train you to be the finest limousine driver around." I thanked him and told him he would not be sorry.

Over the next few weeks he taught me all the routes and how to act and what to wear to be a professional driver. I learned fast and he was happy to see that I was doing well. I did a lot of airport runs and even though it was hard I did my best to do a good job.

One day my boss told me he thought I was ready for a big job. All my hard work had paid off cause he was letting me take a very "special" customer to New York City with friends and he trusted me to show them a good time. Well, needless to say I was excited and thought that I had finally made it. I would do the best job I could; little did I know then how good this job was going to be.


The day finally came and I was ready for my big job. I was in my best suit and new shoes; I was prepared to have a great time. I followed the directions to the address and when I rang the bell to let them know I was there, I had the surprise of my life when who opens the door but the beautiful lady from the beach. I was speechless but I managed to ask how she knew. She calmly told me that she had overheard me talking to someone at the beach about my new job and called to order the car and insisted I was to be the one to drive. She then grabbed me by my tie and led me inside.

I asked where were the other people and she quickly dismissed it as nothing for me to worry about, "We will be picking them up soon enough." She looked up at me with her gorgeous brown eyes and told me sternly that she was my boss for the day, "After all, I'm paying you." She said I was to do whatever I was told to do and if I was a good boy she would personally make sure I was well taken care of. At that she dropped to her knees, unzipped my pants and she put her hot mouth on my cock. I thought I was going to faint. She sucked me for only a minute or so then stood up and said, "Put that away and remember what I said about doing a good job." I managed to shake my head yes while I was fixing my still hard dick into my pants. "Oh, by the way," she added, "while you are working for me...you are to address me as Madame...DON'T disappoint me."

I thought to myself, don't you worry as I said looking down at my still bulging pants, "Yes, Madame." This was certainly going to be a memorable first night out.


From the time I picked her up, Madame wasted no chance to tease, tempt, and taunt me. On the way to pick up her friends, she sat in the back with her skirt lifted and running her fingers up and down her neatly trimmed pussy asking if I would like to taste her. Of course I said "Yes, Madame" and at that she slid to the front, putting her hand to my mouth telling me to clean them off good. She returned her hand to herself to retrieve more of the sweetness that was nestled between her legs. I willingly obliged and it was getting more difficult by the moment to function. My senses were overloading and she seemed to take pleasure in knowing this.

Finally, we reached the place where her friends were and as they came out, Madame took extra pleasure out of introducing me as the new boy she had found and that I was their personal slave for the evening. The other women laughed thinking she was joking but went along with it anyway, giving me orders, patting me on the ass when I did what I was told and generally putting me in the role of servant at any opportunity. Little did they know how much I was enjoying myself and it just continued the fever at which my whole body was consumed with.

The evening consisted of me driving them from place to place for drinking, dancing and wonton craziness. The first place was a small restaurant where they could eat a light dinner before the real action began and as they all got out, Madame pulled me close and whispered in my ear. "Don't even think about going off and taking matters into your own hands as they say." She continued, "I want your cum for me, IT IS MINE, do I make myself clear?"

I obediently replied, "YES, Madame." Yes, Madame knew how to party and I was along for the ride.


At one of the last stops of the evening, while I was waiting near a club the women were at, the cell phone in the car rang, and it was Madame asking me to pick them up. I wheeled around to the front and when I got out to open the door for them, I found only Madame standing at the curb. "I needed some air," she said hopping into the car.

I just smiled, closing the door, thinking, "What ever you wish, my Dear."

After driving only a few minutes she instructed me to pull into a parking lot and after shutting the car off she told me to come into the back with her. I slid in next to her and she immediately started kissing me and touching me all over, telling me how horny she was and she couldn't have stayed in the club another minute knowing I was outside with such a huge hard-on. But this was going to happen HER way and as par for the night so far I was to do everything that she said. Not that I had any problem with that but I couldn't let her know I was so willing to do her bidding.

She told me to take of my clothes and lay on the floor, which was big enough for me to stretch out fully on. She enjoyed watching me undress, casually touching herself while I disrobed. She took particular glee from seeing my cock flop out, having been hard all evening it was just waiting for attention. She commented, "I see you took my warning to heart," at which I just nodded, my brain swimming in passion.

After I lay out on the floor, she lifted her skirt and moved into position over my face. She lowered herself to my waiting mouth and like a famished animal I dove into her with my whole face, hard and fast, slow and gentle, I alternated rhythms until she was gasping and my entire face was soaked. She finally collapsed in a heap over me and moving down she started to kiss my face and sharing her own taste that was still in my mouth. It wasn't long before I realized she wasn't finished just yet.

Grasping my penis by the based she guided it into her hot, tight hole instantaneously sending a wave of electricity through my whole body. She hissed into my ear, "Don't you fucking cum yet, I need more." With my eyes rolling back into my head I could just not take anymore and announced to her that I couldn't hold on. Her two fists came down on my chest and disapprovingly shouted, "FUCK...oh well." She then slid down between my legs and took me into her mouth as I came, looking me in the eyes while my cum shot all over her tongue which flicked back and forth over the head sending me into another world.

When I finally regained my composure, she told me to get dressed and take her back to the club, her friends were probably wondering why she wasn't back yet.

After I dropped her back off I parked close by and sat back completely drained and satisfied. Wondering to myself if there was any more that could happen that would make that night more unbelievable. Well, it could and did.


The night was drawing to a close as I took them all home. They all talked about how good a time they had and how much they enjoyed me as their driver and manservant. I was very happy that they all had a good time and the approving looks from Madame told me that I had certainly been a "good boy." After a few more hugs from the ladies, we parted their company and continued on our way to the last stop, Madame's place.

She didn't talk much on our way home, staring out the window and listening to soft music on the radio. She did say how much fun she had and that I was everything that she had expected and then some. She also said that although she did well for herself, she would've liked to be wealthy enough to retain my services on a more regular basis. I was definitely flattered but I responded that I did not do anything that night for the promise of payment. Like our times at the beach I genuinely liked her company and was more than just fond of her. She just smiled and went back to looking at the window. This very small reaction puzzled me a bit but I just continued driving till we arrived at her place.

She invited me in to settle up for the car. She sat on the couch fumbling through her purse for money. I told her the amount and she calmly pealed off ten one hundred dollar bills and tossed them on the table saying I could let myself out and thanks again for the good time. Needless to say although I also had a superb night, I was also a little upset that she hadn't really listened to me in the car.

I said to her, "You think you can just throw money at me and I will just disappear into thin air."

She responded quite agitated, "Who do YOU think you are, I hired you, I fucked you, I paid you, now it's time for YOU to go."

I wasn't going to let her get away that easy. A mixture of excitement and fear was in her eyes as I walked up to her. My blood was just about ready to boil in passion and anger as I grabbed her gently but firmly grasping a handful of red hair. I told in a soft low voice, "Yes, you hired me...Yes, you fucked me...AND YES, you paid me...but now I am not on your time anymore and I am going to make love to you like "I" want to." At that my hand went under her skirt and I thrust two fingers into her wet slit while massaging her clit with my thumb. With a groan she leaned into me whimpering about how good it felt. I told her in the same low voice, "Tonight you will know what it is like to be a servant just as I have been, for the rest of the night you will call me Master, do you understand?"

Another whimper from her, "Yes, Master." I was turning her own need to dominate against her and I would make sure she loved every minute of it.


With my hand still holding her hair, I told her, "Take me to your bed, girl." She mumbled a yes and started to walk but I tugged on her red mane a bit and said sternly, "YES, WHAT?"

She managed to reply, "Yes, Master."

"Good, now guide me to your room," I said gruffly.

She led me up the stairs and I continued to tease her, running my hands over her ass and between her cheeks. She led me down a long hall to a lightly furnished room filled with candles. I led her to the bed and told her not to move from that spot. I then proceeded to light the candles, which put forth a soft glow on the beautiful creature before me. I asked her if she had any scarves and she pointed to the dresser and said, "Top left drawer...Master."

Beaming lovingly at her saying "Very good, Madame."

I went over and opened the drawer and in addition to the fine scarves there was also an assortment of sex toys to which I gave a glance over to her saying "Oh, I think these will come in handy as well." I then fastened each of her wrists to the frame of her bed and the same with her ankles kissing and licking in those sensitive areas as I paused along the way. I finally had her bound to her own bed and told her that I was going to drive her out of her mind as she had done to me all night.

She moaned and said, "Please, touch me, master."

"Soon enough, Madame, soon enough." I plucked a slender red taper from one of the candleholders and from a distance of around two feet I turned it sideways to melt wax into my own hand to test the heat. I was warm but did not burn and solidified almost immediately. I then walked over to her and melted droplets on to her naked breasts, she moaned softly to find the hot wax most exhilarating, cooling on her soft skin. While I did this I held one of her vibrators against her nipples alternatively licking them to keep them moist. I moved the vibrator between her legs with the same tongue movements I had her writhing against her restraints begging for release.

At almost the point of her going over the top I stepped back ceasing all contact. She wailed that she needed to be touched. I chuckled to myself seeing her glistening with sweat and melted red wax all over her luscious body. I them proceeded to slowly peel the hardened wax from her body, the way she responded was quite delicious, continuing to toss and moan at the slightest touch and of course I had to keep stopping to administer to her most sensitive areas.

After the wax was removed I again thrust two fingers into her in slow deliberate movements. I then added a third she was close. I squeezed in the fourth and that was it, she thrashed about moaning and convulsing against my hand, which was soaked with her juices. I replaced my hand with my mouth so as to enjoy the musky flavor she so willingly produced. She continued to cum in wave after wave of spasms that left her winded. I finally relented to let her catch her breath and as she sat there heaving she looked at me as if her whole body was on fire and I was going to be the one to put it out.

I untied her ankles but left the wrists tethered because I still wanted her at my mercy and I didn't want her hands to hinder my exquisite torture of her yielding flesh. I spread her legs and positioned myself between them. I rubbed her pussy with the head of my cock slowly making a path from her clit passed the folds of her lips down to her ass, up and down back and forth. She moaned and whimpered as I did this especially when I reached her bottom. I then added the vibrator to further the sensation and she just about sobbed in pleasure. I was driving us both crazy but we were too far-gone to care. I asked her in a low growl, "Do you like when my cock rubs your ass?"

She just made an unintelligible "ummff."

"Would that be a yes?" I asked.

She said, "Yes... master, please fuck my ass." I proceeded very slowly and I still had the vibrator in my hand so I slid it between the folds of her slippery pussy and she let out a little gasp of pleasure. My dick was still wet with all of her juices so I slowly pressed it up against her tight ass. Again she moaned relaxing a bit as I so very slowly entered her. It was so heavenly tight I thought I would lose it right there but I wanted to make it last for both of us. I held her legs high, working the vibrator and slowly sliding into her ass. She mewled like a cat, breathing erratic, and thrashed her head back and forth. I increased the pace very slightly and she responded more verbally, urging me on, asking for more...I was doing my best and loving every minute of it. After a couple minutes I went even a little faster and the dam broke. Every sound imaginable came from her mouth as she quivered in orgasmic tidal waves. Needless, to say this is all it took to send me over the edge myself and what seemed like a river of hot cum shot deep in her ass. I then collapsing on her in flurry of sweaty kisses and blowing air on her hot skin, nestling into the place where the neck meets the shoulder.

After a few minutes, I released her arms from their restraints and toweled off her sweaty skin. She seemed to only be half aware of what was going on so I fixed her on her bed covering her with a sheet and kissed her cheek and said "Good night, Madame."

She mumbled in a sleepy voice back to me, "Good night, Master Frederico." I left a flower from the car by her pillow and let myself out.

I could not even believe what had happened even as I drove home. It had all been so perfect I hope Madame wants to go out again soon.

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