Cabbage Island


We're at our neighborhood's little beach with my family. After a swim we decide to take the kayak out for a trip around Cabbage Island, about half a mile off shore. We paddle into the bay and as we round the northern tip of the island, there's an area where we can pull up. It's private property but this little spit is barely connected to the island and no one can see us on this side. We glide into the teeny harbor and climb out, tie up the kayak on the rocks and move off into the trees. We can only go about 25 feet until we're visible from the main section of the island.

I'm in the lead but I turn when I hear your footsteps go off in a different direction. I watch as you sit on a log and pull out your cock. You nod at it, "Come here." I walk toward you, swaying my hips, and kneel on the bed of pine needles between your legs. You look so hot, the sun filters through the trees and glints off the drops of sea water on your chest.

We're in our bathing suits, wet from the quick dip we had when getting out of the kayak so I decide to try this a little differently. I attempt to take your whole cock on the first stroke. I get most of it, but not all, it's big and I have to work at it. It tastes extra salty from the ocean. You sigh and let your hands drop to your sides. I clamp my lips around your cock as I come up, when just the head is left in my mouth I suck a little harder and press my tongue against the underside, massaging it.

You reach over and push the bathing suit straps off my shoulders then pull my tits out and play with them. After they are released from my wet swim suit, my nipples quickly grow hard in the light breeze. You weigh each in a hand and gently brush your thumbs across each nipple, teasing me. I shiver and push my breasts into you, looking up, silently asking for more with your cock between my lips. You oblige and begin to pinch and pull. I reach up to massage your balls, holding you by the base, I kiss the tip and slowly kiss down one side and then the other. It's such a pretty thing, so soft and hard all at once, I love how it feels against my lips. I move my head around and position my mouth on the underside at the base and slowly move up your length, flicking my tongue back and fourth across the seam until I reach the head and take it back into my mouth, it glides over my tongue.

Suddenly you stand up, grab hold of my head with both hands and fuck my face, glah glah glah glah is the only sound I can make while you drive your cock into my throat, saliva drips from my lips. After a minute, you let me go and indicate that I should turn and lower myself onto my elbows. I obey, you kneel behind me, between my legs, and push my head to the ground so my ass is high in the air. You pull my bathing suit to the side, exposing my pussy and tell me to hold my suit while you push two fingers inside of me, feeling how wet I am. I'm overcome by this invasion and moan loudly but reach my hand back, taking hold of the damp cloth.

You remove your slick fingers, massage the head of your cock with them and line it up with my cunt, before sliding it in, you tease me, rubbing it up and down my lips, pausing at the entrance before moving up or down again, I push back against you, begging to be filled. You are holding my hip with one hand, guiding your cock with the other. "Please," I whisper. But you continue to tease me, gently rubbing yourself against my clit, "I need you." and I think you relent, you line up your cock and push the head into me but stop there. I want you to fuck me, I try and push back against you but you pull out again and hold me still. We spend what feels like eternity like this, you teasing me with the head of your cock. I'm dripping wet but all I can do is wait for you to give me what I need.

Resigned, I let my head fall to rest on my arm and you take that as your cue, slamming your whole cock inside me, filling me up. I throw my head back, "Oh God... yeeessss... fuck me, baby, fuck me hard," I moan, a little too loud, sound carries over water, we aren't supposed to be here. You begin to pound into me, your fingers digging into my hips as you hold on, I move to meet each of your thrusts. You slap my ass hard, it stings my damp skin.

You reach down and grab my wet ponytail, hauling my head back, your other hand on my back, forcing me to arch it, my tits thrust out. You've positioned us to face the main part of the island, if anyone comes to investigate, or simply looks down from the top of the hill, the first thing they'll see is me, my breasts bouncing with every thrust. I can't reach anymore and I let my bathing suit go. It rubs against the side of your cock as you keep plunging into me, pulling my hair harder, using it to pull my body toward you, jerking my head back. It's hard to breath. God I love it when you fuck me like this.

You let go of my hair and I fall forward, you fall with me, my arms catch us and lower us to the forest floor. On top of me, your body weighs me down, one hand moves to my shoulder for leverage and the other to the ground, lifting you up. You grind against me, in so deep as your orgasm hits, your cock inside me, your forehead pressed hard against my shoulder, you let out a roar and begin to fill me with your cum.

I don't know how you have the presence of mind to act but after you send stream after stream deep into me you quickly wrap your leg around and under mine, lifting me up so you can reach my clit and begin to play with it, your cock still inside me, still hard so soon after. I'm so close, I love when you cum inside me, I love fucking where we can be caught, I love when you are demanding and rough.

"Cum for me, baby, cum on my cock," you whisper in my ear, then kiss and nip at my neck and shoulders as your fingers fly across my clit. My nipples rubbing against the earth. It's all too much, too perfect, I feel like the world stops as the wave hits me, I screw my eyes shut and moan your name, you are wrapped around me, your body weight holding me down as I spasm, my pussy walls flexing around your cock, our combined liquids pushed out around you, I'm lost in this explosion. I shudder as the wave passes and drop my head back to the ground, breathing heavily, worn out.

After a couple of breaths, too soon for me, you ease yourself out and stand. I sit up and fix my bathing suit, on my knees again I turn around, you're waiting for me, and look up into your eyes. I take you into my warm mouth and clean us off your beautiful cock.

Our hands and knees are red and we're covered in pine needles. Laughing, giddy with release, I wipe us off as you put your cock away. Helping me up you pull me against your chest and take out the elastic holding my now messy ponytail, you smooth my hair before kissing me deeply. Once we're presentable we head back to the little harbor, my legs are shaky after that performance and you have to give me a hand climbing down the rocks and into the kayak. We head out around the island and back to the beach. Sitting there with my family, chatting and reading, I feel your cum leaking out of me. Looking out at the island, remembering what we'd just done is one of the hottest feelings I've ever had.

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