They go to a small log cabin up in the mountains for the weekend. They drive up the old dirt road that led to the rustic cabin, which is deep in amongst a forest of pine. The trees surrounded the cabin; covering it like a blanket. You can see the mountain peaks take over the sky which is a dimming gray-silver tone of snow clouds. As they pulled into the driveway the clouds seem to open up and small flakes start to fall from the heavens.

He gets out of the car and comes around the back in of the car around to her side; he opens the door for her and taking her by the hand helping her out of the car. He reveals to her a single white rose. Looking in his eyes a feeling came over her that she hasn't felt in years. The feeling of falling in love again. He awakened apart of her that she thought had gone away.

As she steps out of the car the bitter wind hits her pale peach face and she shivers. The wind seemed to whisper his name to her soul. He wraps his arms around her; they start up the stone path to the door. Opening the door to see a large oak staircase. The smell of wild flowers fill the air. A round tan weave rug land along the floor leading to the stairs. A coat rack to the right where they hung their jackets. Every piece of furnisher look to be made of wood.

They step inside and he comes around behind her and ties a red silk blindfold around her eyes. She wonders what is going on, he said, "trust me".

He takes her by the hand and leads her up the stairs. Each step creaks as they walk up the aged oak staircase. As they top the steps her excitement built. They continued walking down a small hall to a door. He open the door that leads to the bedroom and pulls her inside closing the door behind them.

He unwraps the blindfold from around her eyes her face lights up as she sees a king size bed it to the left and there are sliding glass doors next to it, where you can see out. It's snowing and pines trees are covered in soft white snow. On the bed are white rose petals; the other 11 roses that he had gotten for her. Different size candles in all colors everywhere making the room glow. A large crackling fire is blazing. Flames of the fire licking the sides of the fire place. Laying in front of it was a soft, fuzzy, dark brown bear rug on the hardwood floor. In the back ground you can hear soft, romantic sounds of a sax playing.

He looks at her and asked her if she would care to dance. He takes her by the hand and pulls her close to him. Melting inn each others arms. His arms fall around her curvous hips. Their bodies start swaying to the notes of the sax, but the only thing they can hear is the pitty pat of their hearts burning for desire for each other. Their body language said so much, like seeing every emotion they were feeling on the wall as shadows.

He bends down and kisses her on the neck and gently begins nibbling her and rubbing his tongue along her irresistible neck. He takes in her perfume and this excites him. She runs her fingers through his thick curly hair wrapping her arms around his head as he begins to kiss her breast.

His breath is hot and this sends chills down her spine. He runs his hand through her long brown hair, then he steps back...looking deep into her hazel eyes hypnotizing him. He takes her by the hips and runs his hands up under her green sweater gently lifting it off her pitching it to the floor.

Then reaches behind her to undo her black silk bra, slipping the straps off her smooth shoulders. She runs her hands down the middle chest and starts to unbutton his shirt; pushing it back letting it fall to the floor.

She runs her tongue down his chest and makes rings around his belly button. He moans with delight. He then pulls her towards him and passionately starts to kiss her firm, round breast holding them in his hand squeezing them. Her nipples start to harden as she become arroused and he takes one in his mouth and sucks.

She runs her hands down his strong muscler back coming around to his love handles down to his stone washed jeans to unbutton them and starts to unzip them, then running her hands down his hips and tugging at them pulling them down.

He takes her over by the fire and lays her down on the bear rug. The light of the fire makes sprinkles in her eyes. He climbs on top of her engulping her with his body and he slides her long black skirt off. She is a bit shy, but she feels comfortable in his arms. He stares at her pure and innocent body. So many emotions running through their minds. Wanting to show each other all their affection. To come together as one. To please each other with delight. The desire to fill every need and to capture every detail.

Desperately needed her, he begins by taking her leg and putting it over his shoulder. Kissing the inside of her slim thighs. He moves one hand up long what seem to be endless length of her thigh to start rubbing her clit and his tongue goes exploring dipping deep inside her and tasting her wettness...she begins to moan with pleasure. Teasing her lips so where they would open.

He moves up her body. She whispers in his ear to make love to her. He said "Wait not yet, then lays beside her. He takes the white rose he gave her and runs it down her body; along the curves down towards her clit this send sparks through her. Temperature rising in the room, she starts to lose control. He sizes her body up and down, thinking that is one lucky rose.

He stands up and takes her by the hand and tells her he has a surprise for her. They walk over to two doors and he slides them back where he has a hot, steamy, bubble bath for them. The floor was laid with imported blue title. Over by the tub was two crystal clear glasses and a bottle of fine merlot.

She pulls her hair up in a french twist, a few short pieces fall gently down the back of her neck. He walks close to her and he sweeps her off her feet and lays her in the tub. He climbs in behind her. Gently starts to kiss her neck. He reaches up and pulls the pins that hold her hair up out where they long locks fall down her back. Wetting her hair and he takes some strawberry shampoo in his hands and massages it in her hair. His fingers cover every inch of silk; then he gently washing the shampoo way with the warm water. They lay back in each others arms. He hands her a glass of wine she sips it but she really doesn't drink so she lays the glass on the floor.

His hands start down her body trying to remember every detail with his finger tips. She turns towards him. Her eyes were so inviting and he gently kisses on the lips. Sliding their tongues in each others mouths to explore. Every touch like a river running through them, lifting them higher. He pulls away, she wonders if she done something thing wrong and he sees the look in her eyes and says, "You haven't done nothing wrong darlin, just we are getting a bit winkled." He stands up and helps her out; wrapping her in a towel then picking her up and carrying her over to the bed. It's cover in the white petals, underneath is a old fashion quilt. The bed con caved to her body. It was made with comfy goose feathers.

He unwraps the towel and jerks it to the floor. He lays gently on her dripping wet body. He slides his massive erection into her and as they become one for the first time they have never felt such passion or pleasure. Embracing each feeling inside. Consuming their minds, hearts, souls, and bodies. He takes her hands and pushes them above her head and they interlock. She wraps her legs around his hips holding him in place as he thrust back and forth deeper and deeper inside her.

As she feels him grow inside her; her muscles tighten and she begins to shake as she cums and he hardens and cums inside her...he slides out and tastes their juices combined he works his body where her can lick the rich creamy goodness off his penis.

She gently sucks the tip and he begins to cum again and it starts to drip from her mouth. He runs his tongue up and down her clit and she cums again shaking slightly.

Then after the passionate night they had they curl up in each others arms. Holding each other. He watches her fall asleep, thinking how peaceful she looks; knowing he had touch her heart.

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