The city many miles behind her, Veronica shifted her truck into low gear for the long climb up onto the mountain. Keys to the cabin jingled occasionally on the other seat as the vehicle bounced over the rough surface of the gravel drive. This was a long and overdue vacation from the plugged-in world. It was with a small triumphant feeling that she turned off her cellular phone and set the email to auto-reply before packing up her gear and leaving. The cell would be for emergencies only, and she figured there were only so many urgent problems she might encounter alone in the woods. Veronica was no stranger to the outdoor world, she'd been a camper and hiker since childhood and was aware of the dangers out there, and was perfectly willing to face whatever these northern woods could offer. In fact, she embraced the idea. An avid stargazer, she also looked forward to night skies not polluted by big city light. Though the weather forecast called for the possibility of snow, she held hope for clear skies despite the cloudiness.

This three-day weekend was just what she needed. No rotations. No on-call. No IV feeds beeping in the middle of the night. No patients. No oxygen masks. Nothing related to the hospital could get to her out here. All in all some time alone was in order. Lately, her stress levels had been through the roof.

Soon enough she found herself at the cabin. Grabbing the key-chain from the passenger seat, she killed the engine and hopped out of the truck. Veronica stopped to stretch and breathe in the scent of early spring in the woods. So clean and invigorating, she thought as she went to and opened the cabin door. A quick glance about assured her that there had been no wild or hostile visitors, and she went outside to begin the chore of bringing in her gear.

No sooner had she finished bringing everything in and kindling a small fire in the stove, when she heard the distinct sound of an approaching vehicle. With a frown she went outside, only to find another truck coming up the lane. Wondering what this was about, as there were no other cabins in the area and the drive was supposedly private, Veronica stood on the step with her hands on her hips and watched the truck park close to her own.

The door to the intruding truck opened, and its occupant stepped out. He was attractive, she thought, but at the same time wanted to know why he was there and was momentarily annoyed.

"Hi. Are you Veronica?" he asked with a friendly tone, to which she replied with a slight nod as she wondered just why he knew her name. He must have noticed her demeanor, and quickly added, "This is my dad's cabin. Dad sent me up to prime the water pump for you," the young man stammered in his response. That was fine, thought Veronica, as she hadn't been aware that such needed doing at the place. Her supervisor at work knew the man who owned the cabin, and had made the arrangements for her visit at a time that the owning family wouldn't be using it.

"Fine, then. The pump," was Veronica's terse response before she turned and returned to the cabin.

What a nuisance, she thought. Couldn't the owner have simply left instructions, or did they assume she was unable to do such a simple chore? It didn't matter, she figured. What's done is done.

A short while later there was a knock on the door and before she could answer, her 'visitor' stepped through the door. When he saw her frown, he quickly apologized and said something about old habits.

"Great. Is that all?" replied Veronica. There was no response, and she realized that this guy was staring at her chest. Her tits were large and round, and even she had to admit they looked good in the cable-knit sweater she was wearing. When finally he realized he was caught staring, he looked up toward her eyes and pretended he didn't feel his face turning red.

"Uhm. Yeah. That's all I guess. But." His words trailed off.

"But?" she asked. "But what?"

"It's snowing. Bad. You sure you're ok staying up here alone? I mean, uhm, the drive doesn't get plowed."

This gave her pause to stop and think. Despite her experiences, being alone in a remote forest during a storm did sound daunting. With the tone of her voice sounding less annoyed, she asked what his opinion was. He explained that it could get bad, even these early spring storms, and that if she wanted to change her mind and head back toward the city he'd help her pack up her truck. She noticed that his gaze kept wandering from her eyes, obviously taking in her body. The other thing she noticed was the growing bulge in his faded jeans, and it appeared to be quite a pleasing one at that. Ideas were being created in her head, and it was apparent that this guy was ahead of her in that area.

"You're already up here, you might as well stay if you want," came her response and her voice definitely held an inviting tone that was at odds with her previous annoyance.

"You sure?" he asked, inwardly hoping that the invitation was more than just courtesy and at the same time felt himself grow harder.

Veronica nodded and teased him by saying, "I have a feeling we could find ways to pass the time and keep me safe." The look on his face was classic, almost amusing, filled with surprise. "Do you have a name, or do you intend on remaining a stranger?"

"Yeah. Uhm. I'm Jeff," came his unnerved answer.

"Jeff. Ok. Go get some wood," Veronica paused long enough to give a dual meaning to her demand, then winked at him and finished by saying, "And get the fire good and hot. When you're through with that you can get undressed and let me see you." Really, the guy's expression just continued to amuse her. Perhaps he'd never had such an encounter out of the blue. But then again neither had she. Veronica was an extremely conservative person, and used to being ordered around for sixty hours a week at the hospital where she worked. Lovers were few and far between. People tended to want more from her time-wise than she was able to give. Her one long-term boyfriend didn't work out and she shied away from getting hurt like that again.

Hearing the way she spoke to Jeff was like listening to someone else. She couldn't believe it was she who was actually speaking. It was thrilling to be so bold and to watch the effect it was having on her new friend. All sorts of ideas were forming in her mind, and she liked every one of them. As Jeff got the fire roaring, she sat on a built-in bunk and watched him move around as she removed her hiking boots. He was muscular and just about the same height as she was. It was indeed a pleasure to watch him work, and she liked the way the snow speckled his hair and shoulders when he came in from the woodpile.

When he was finished, he came over to her and stood there. It was obvious he was nervous about her second demand, almost as apparent as the raging hard-on that he was sporting. Knowing she couldn't turn back at this point, she beckoned him to come closer. Without wasting a moment he closed the small distance, and groaned when she reached up and squeezed his erection through his jeans. "Something wrong?" she asked.

He nodded and said "Oh, yeah," in a low and husky voice tinged with arousal. Deftly, Veronica unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans. In seconds his hard cock sprang forth.

Veronica gasped at what she saw. It was even bigger than it seemed when it was in his jeans, probably a good ten inches long and six around at the base. She knew she'd have difficulty with its size no matter what she did with it, but without giving it another thought, she squeezed it again and brought her lips forward to encircle the head. Another groan escaped from Jeff and he eased his hips forward. Veronica brought up her other hand and used them both to jerk him off as she sucked him and licked him and did everything she could think of to tease him. She positively loved the way it throbbed beneath her tongue and fingers. His breathing made it apparent that if she continued on as she was, that she'd soon be on the receiving end of a huge load of hot cum. Gently, Jeff stepped back and away from her—Veronica figured he probably didn't want to let it fly too soon and admired him for that.

After tugging off his shirt, he kicked his boots from his feet. Still clad in jeans, he pulled her into a standing position. "Show me," he urged as he began pulling Veronica's sweater over her head; she offered no resistance. When he saw the dark blue lace bra she wore, he groaned again, but when she undid the clasp, his reaction was much more involuntary. His cock actually twitched. Hurriedly, she shed her own jeans and stood there wearing a smile and a g-string that matched the discarded bra. She pushed his jeans down to his ankles and he readily stepped out of them, and the two stood practically eye-to-eye. For a few moments simply looked at one another.

It was Veronica who moved first. She dropped back onto the edge of the bunk and urged him closer. For another ten minutes or so she resumed where she'd left off, the only sounds to be heard were that of the fire crackling, Jeff's occasional moans of pleasure, and the quiet but distinct sound of her sucking him off. Veronica could feel herself getting wetter by the minute and her clit was throbbing between her legs. It surprised her just how hot she was getting from giving him head—it was something she was never really big on before but somehow couldn't resist this time, and he didn't even ask her for it!

Again, Jeff pulled back but not away. This time he bent his knees a little and slid his erection up between her breasts. It was so wet from her mouth, it moved nicely against her skin, and she used both of her hands to tighten them around him. For a few minutes he tit-fucked her. She had quite the view and loved the way the head looked each time he thrust forward.

"Where do you want it?" he panted.

"Wherever you want to put it," was her whispered response. He said something to the effect of her wish being his command, and stood. Veronica looked up at him in confusion, but that quickly passed when he pushed her back onto the bed. He tore the g-string from her, and tossed the torn fabric aside.

"Nice," he moaned when he saw that her pussy was entirely shaved. Jeff bent over her for a minute, stroking his dick with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. He commented on her wetness, and then brought his fingers to his lips. "Yum," was all he said.

Pulling her forward so that her ass was at the very edge of the bunk, Jeff knelt between her legs and leaned forward. His lips were magic in their accuracy, and he took her throbbing clit into his mouth. She shivered every time he rolled his tongue over the hard flesh, and thought how easily he could make her come. Moaning, she asked him as she writhed against his lips, "Don't you want to come?"

"Of course I do," he said from between her legs before giving the pulsing clit a final little nibble. In a moment he was kneeling on the bunk, and the way he was silhouetted in the firelight was incredibly sexy. The light played on his skin, on his hair, creating a strangely sinister illusion. Using his hand to guide his huge cock, he rubbed the head against her clit, then down against her pussy-lips. "Mmmm, nice and wet," he murmured as he continued teasing her.

Just when Veronica thought she couldn't take any more of his teasing, Jeff plunged his dick into her soaking cunt. She arched her back at the feeling of it. His cock was so hard, so fucking big, that it hurt her. But the hurt was so good, she loved the way it filled her entirely and knew that she'd be walking funny when he was through with her. Jeff admired the way she looked beneath him, her long dark blonde hair fanned out beneath her, her tits bouncing with his every thrust.

He could feel her body adapting to his size as best it could, and loved the tight sheath that her pussy created for his shaft, and he fucked her like crazy. When Veronica wrapped one of her legs around his waist and brought the other up to rest on his shoulder, he marveled at her flexibility and then kissed the side of her foot. As he did so, the window caught his eye. Outside the day had degraded into whiteout conditions; images of an entire weekend of wild fucking filled his head. Jeff shifted his gaze back to the woman beneath him. She was smiling up at him. He continued pounding in and out of her to the extremes. On the outward movement he'd come back so that all but the head was out of her, then slam back to the hilt, and on the forward thrust he could feel that he was pushing the limits of her anatomy. Knowing that drove him wild and it made him go even faster. Jeff could tell that she was going to come any moment now, and thought about how rude she'd been when he first got to the cabin. Inwardly, he smirked and thought "Well no wonder. She just needed to be laid good and proper."

Jeff reached down and fondled her clit while he fucked her and that was what pushed her over the edge. The spasms of her pussy around his cock were intense, and she moaned her pleasure without a trace of self-consciousness. He could feel his balls tightening as his own orgasm approached and asked her in a whisper if her offer was still good. She cried out her answer by moaning his name over urging him on.

"Do it!" she moaned in a raspy whisper.

Thrusting in all the way, he let it go. His own body shook as his cock emptied spurt after spurt of cum into her. Their moans mingled together, and when she felt him erupting inside of her, Veronica came again. Jeff couldn't believe how it felt to have a girl come while he was, it had never happened to him before. It was so intense that it made him stop moving all together. There was so much of his own cum that he could feel it already starting to drip from her. She was so tight around him there really just wasn't any room for it. He collapsed onto her and they lay that way for a few minutes trying to catch their breath.

Nuzzling his lips against her ear, he whispered to her, "It's going to be a long weekend." Then he thought to himself, he'd have to thank his father for asking him to come prime the pump. He knew he'd never hear that phrase again without thinking of this afternoon.

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