Cabin 5032


"This was a great idea, Jen. I think it's going to be fun."

Debbie took a long drink from the straw poking out of a half-empty coconut. The flower attached to a swizzle stick tickled her nose. The scent of rum, cherry and orange invaded her senses.

"Well, I'm glad you decided to come," Jennifer answered. They touched their coconut drinks together as if toasting on New Year's Eve.

The two friends walked down the narrow hall of the cruise ship's fifth passenger deck. Debbie's sheer swimsuit cover waved in the air as she walked. It lay open, revealing her soft pink two-piece suit and tanned body.

Jennifer's shirt was a little heavier and longer, and also was open in the front to reveal her blue bikini. She had a Barbie-like waist, which exaggerated the ample breasts and hips on her tall frame.

Both had fine blonde hair that was still damp from their recent swim. Three more days in the Caribbean sun would lighten the hair even more. The twenty three year old women had planned the cruise for almost a year and both were excited on this first day at sea.

"Good afternoon, ladies."

A dark-haired young man in a light blue cruise line uniform stood outside an open cabin door, smiling broadly at the two women. A second uniformed man, even younger looking than the first, stood in the doorway.

Jennifer and Debbie smiled back and said "hi". Two pairs of eyes watched them proceed down the hallway until they stopped at their cabin, unlocked it and entered.

"5032. Maybe that's the one," the man outside the cabin said. The other man nodded silently.

Inside the cabin, Debbie put down her drink and pulled open the shade covering the porthole. Deep blue water below and lighter blue sky above met her eyes. In the distance, the outline of another cruise ship could be seen on the horizon, near the setting sun.

She curled one leg under her body and peered out.

"It's so peaceful," she said softly.

Jennifer already was out of her swimsuit and was pulling on panties. Debbie turned to see her friend dressing and secretly admired her features. At a petite 5'2", Debbie often yearned for a tall, shapely body like Jennifer's. Jennifer, of course, often craved a small frame with well-proportioned parts like Debbie's.

Debbie slid off the couch that doubled as a bed and slipped past her roommate in the tight cabin space. Jennifer was finishing pulling on shorts and a t-shirt. As Debbie rummaged through her drawer for clothes, Jennifer blow-dried her hair.

Neither girl felt uncomfortable in the confines of the cabin…yet. They had worked together for two years and socialized often. They didn't expect any problems sharing the room, but time would tell. So far so good.

As Debbie finally settled on an outfit and dressed, Jennifer brushed her hair and looked once more at herself in the mirror. Her nipples pressed firmly against the shirt she had tucked into her shorts, which were fashionably short. "Very nice," she thought to herself.

Debbie chose a tank top and shorts.

"You look great in that," Jennifer said as Debbie dried her hair.

"Thanks. I wonder why I go to the gym so much sometimes. Then I try to put on summer clothes."

The girls laughed together.

"You ready to go eat?" Debbie asked.

"Yep. Which way to the buffet?"

They pulled the door shut behind them and walked once more down the narrow hall, feeling the boat gently rock below them. As they passed the first hallway leading to the interior staterooms, they saw the two young men in uniforms leaning against a housekeeping cart. This time, there were smiles but no other comments.

Jennifer and Debbie ate a quick snack at the buffet, reminding each other that dinner in the main dining room wouldn't be until 8:30 that night. They both looked forward to dressing up for the dinners, especially the one formal dinner that would be held later in the cruise.

For now, the meal was light and the talk relaxing. Darkness was just beginning to fall on the waters outside as the girls headed for the ship's casino. Each of them put $20 into slot machines with Debbie the only one able to cash out at close to the same amount one half hour later.

"Not only did I blow the twenty," Tiffany whined, "but, there isn't a single guy in here I'd consider spending ten minutes with."

"I know," Debbie agreed. "I think that bar on deck eight may be our best bet after dinner."

"OK. We'll try that."

Below, two men stood inside the darkness of cabin 5032. One of them was placing duct tape over the light switch by the door. The other was fumbling with a small duffle bag. He pulled out two small plastic spray bottles, keeping one and giving the other to his partner. The same was done with two strips of cloth, two ski masks and two switchblades.

The makeshift gags were stuffed in their back pockets along with the knives. The masks were pulled down tight over their heads. In dark jogging suits, they were virtually invisible. Then they waited—one in the bathroom and one in the closet just inside the door.

At 8 p.m., the two women were outside the door to their cabin. Jennifer slid her credit card size 'key' into the lock, withdrew it and watched for the green light to flash. When it did, she opened the door.

The faintly lit hall did little to illuminate the entranceway. Jennifer reached for the light switch. Nothing. She slid her hand across the wall as the girls edged inside the cabin. She continued to feel for the switch, her fingers gliding over nothing that felt right.

"Well…," she muttered. She was completely inside the room and Debbie was nearly all the way in. Both took another step. Now Jennifer was searching the wall from shoulder height to her waist. "Where the hell…"

Jennifer heard a rustle to her left first. Before it had even registered in her mind, she heard what sounded like a spray. At the same instant that Debbie heard her friend gasp, the spray also entered her eyes.

Both girls let out the first sound of a scream as their eyes exploded in pain. As soon as their mouths opened, hands were cupped over them. Blinded and dazed, the girls were pulled forward and the door was slammed shut behind them.

Jennifer bumped up against a couple bodies as the room burst into frenzied action. A gag was placed in her mouth and tied tightly behind her head. She choked on the combination of residual spray and the cloth before being able to breathe again. By then, a soft mask had been pulled over her head. It smelled and felt like a ski mask, but with no hole for her nose or mouth.

She wanted desperately to shout to Debbie, asking if she was all right. Instead, she was led by the arm farther inside the cabin. By the noises around her, she surmised Debbie was also in the room. Beyond that, she knew or understood nothing except for the fact her eyes burned intolerably.

She was pushed forward and stumbled into the couch. A hand on her shoulder forced her to sit awkwardly, almost causing her to fall on the floor. One more shove on the shoulder and she was laying flat on her back.

Jennifer felt a hand grab her ankle. A second later, her shoe was yanked off. The same thing happened to the other foot and now it became real. The thought that passed through her mind earlier without conscious recognition—the thought that she was going to be raped—came back. She was blind, in pain and helpless.

Her hands instinctively came up in front of her to ward off the unseen attacker. Even though she felt him climb on the couch and straddle her legs, she could not reach him with her hands. Instead, two hands roughly clutched her wrists and her arms were thrown apart.

Jennifer considered the power of the man's movements and lay still. The next time she felt his hands, they were tugging at the bottom of her t-shirt. The shirt was pulled from inside her shorts. She felt the material slide across her stomach and toward her breasts.

The hands touched her bare skin, sending chills through Jennifer's body. More gently now, the fingers skimmed over her ribs until stopping at the base of her breasts, inside her shirt. After a brief pause, the hands covered her breasts. They moved back and forth, up and down, as if measuring their fullness.

Revulsion flowed through the woman. She reached for the mask covering her face.

Violently, the man gripped her arm. A second later a clicking sound was heard near her chest. Jennifer twitched in pain and terror as the point of a very sharp object made contact with the side of her neck below the mask. A knife, she thought. Held without a sound, pressed firmly against her skin to relay a message. She lay still again.

The point of the knife retreated from her neck. Her shirt was pushed higher. The man reached under her to free the back of the shirt and pulled it up. One more lifting of the shirt in front and Jennifer felt the cool night air hit her naked breasts.

A cold, hard object tapped against one nipple, followed by a prick signaling the return of the knife. Jennifer held her breath. The tip of the knife moved across her right breast to her left. Again, it traced the outline of her areola.

There was a pause before two hands snatched the shirt up over the girl's head. Jennifer stretched out her arms, allowing the garment to be pulled off. She felt incredibly vulnerable. Despite years of wearing nothing under skimpy shirts, she never realized until now how much security they provided.

Debbie was experiencing similar feelings. Her tank top had been removed soon after she was thrown onto the other couch. Hands kneaded her breasts and squeezed her nipples until they ached. Her attempts to call out in anger and frustration were met with fingers wrapped tightly around her neck until she calmed down. Then the hand returned to her naked breast.

Jennifer felt the man above her move. Without any other warning, a warm wet sensation engulfed her left breast. A tongue was lapping at her nipple while the rest of the mouth closed around it. The man sucked on the breast while pushing it up with his hand. His tongue worked furiously on Jennifer's nipple, causing it to grow noticeably.

Jennifer cursed her attacker. She had always had sensitive breasts and found any contact with her nipples extremely arousing. It was only because of the circumstances that she wished he would stop.

His mouth moved to the opposite breast. Following a few light licks, the hard sucking continued. Jennifer felt it clear to her pussy.

When the licking stopped and the man could be felt moving again, Jennifer feared the worst. Fingers met at the button at the top of her shorts. She felt the shorts loosen around her waist. She heard, and felt, the zipper being lowered. She considered kicking upward real hard, but valued her life too much. And Debbie's.

Debbie was already feeling her shorts being tugged off her legs. Naked now except for her panties, she shook uncontrollably and cried under the mask. Her attacker waited, apparently looking at his victim in the miniscule light that existed in the moonlit cabin.

She felt his hands move up the inside of her creamy thighs. They pushed her legs apart and continued over her panty-covered pussy. His fingers crossed over the opening to her vagina and traced around the flaps of skin on either side. Debbie's entire body jerked when he reached her clit.

More gently, he pulled the panties down her legs using the waistband. Debbie felt the material clear her feet. She was naked; scared; alone, even in a crowded cabin. How could she be this naked with a man and be this miserable? How could she survive what was going to happen to her? What would it feel like?

Jennifer felt the cold metal of the ever-present knife on the inside of her thigh. It moved up. It pulled against the fabric of her panties. Then it made an awful cutting sound and the tight panties became loose around her waist and ass.

The knife touched the other thigh. It cut again. The panties were lifted off her body.

Jennifer's heart raced. Her long, nude body was trapped under an unknown assailant. An assailant who now stepped off the couch. Jennifer heard zippers being opened and what sounded like clothes being taken off. Not a word was spoken. She thought she heard crying-like sounds from the other couch. The darkness was total.

She jumped when a hand touched her shoulder, then proceeded down to her breast. It passed over the nipple and advanced to her stomach. She knew it wouldn't stop. She knew from the feeling in the pit of her stomach what would happen next.

What surprised her was the fact that when the hand reached her clit, she didn't turn her hips away. She froze. She felt the fingers grope for the piece of flesh between the folds of skin. And find it.

Jennifer gasped. The fingers went lower. They slid between her legs and found her vagina. Pressing her legs tighter together, she prevented the hand from entering her. So, the hand withdrew.

There was movement. He was on the couch again—spreading her legs again. Wider.

Then Jennifer felt it. The hardness of it against her pussy wasn't frightening or shocking. It rubbed against her, up to her clit. Damn, it felt almost pleasant. He let it rest there.

Eventually, he moved up so the cock rested on one of Jennifer's nipples. The man took her left hand and placed it on the shaft. Jennifer pressed it down onto her breast. Then, without any other instructions, began rolling the cock back and forth over her nipple.

She felt the cock harden and grow, blood pulsing through it rapidly. Her nipple also responded.

After a brief time, the man backed up once more. Jennifer felt his hands on her waist, followed by his cock at the entrance to her vagina. She held her breath…felt the head of the cock push forward…and whimpered when it entered her. It was a strong, steady thrust.

What little wetness that had accumulated because of the manipulation of her nipples softened the brunt of his entry. The man's hips met hers and he was in completely.

Immediately, he began fucking the girl.

Debbie bit down on her gag as the attacker entered her. His cock stretched the entrance to her cunt and seemed to rise to her stomach. With fast, long strokes, he began entering her repeatedly.

The girl had never had a man as thick as this one. The combination of pain and anxiety sent unfamiliar sensations through her body. But, when his hands settled on her nipples, recognizable feelings returned. The more he squeezed them the more she responded.

Unknowingly, her cunt contracted around his cock. She felt it hit against the walls of her vagina and against her cervix. It was warm and hard and long.

Jennifer felt her breasts vibrate rhythmically with her rapist's thrusts. His hands lifted her ass off the couch slightly. Occasionally, he would squeeze her butt. Other times, he would lift her by the hips.

She clenched her fists and wanted to strike back. But, his forceful drives pushed her back against the couch each time.

Jennifer sensed a change when his hands clutched her breasts. He gripped them tightly, squeezing and pushing. On about every third or fourth plunge into her cunt, he would stop and groan. The cock inside her felt bigger, if that was possible.

Then he came. Suddenly and with great energy. With an urgent grunt from above and a desperate push of the cock inside her, Jennifer felt warm cum hit her vagina wall. The man stabbed into her over and over, shooting hot streams of cum each time.

She felt his chest press against her breasts as he lowered himself to try to get even deeper inside her. He thrust three more times. Then collapsed on top of her.

Debbie heard the results of Jennifer's assailant's orgasm. Apparently, so did the man fucking her. He, too, began cumming. He pulled Debbie's petite hips toward him as he propelled himself into her. She could feel his cum accumulating inside her. She felt it spread over her pussy lips as he pulled his cock out and plunged it in again. She lifted her hips voluntarily.

Stop, she thought. Stop before I don't want you to. The sounds he produced and the feel of his thick cock excited her, despite the dreadful state of affairs. She couldn't cum. She wouldn't cum.

The man, however, came for what seemed forever. Debbie felt the cock eventually soften and when he withdrew it, she felt empty. His mouth was on her breasts, sucking peacefully now.

Jennifer and Debbie breathed slightly easier as the men got off the couches. Was that the end? Would they leave now? Would I live?

Still, not a sound came from the men. Fifteen minutes of relative silence passed. Only the occasional sound in the center of the room signaled the girls were not alone.

Debbie was just beginning to relax a little when her couch moved. Someone was near her feet. Now they were between her legs. Two hands once again forced her legs wider apart.

Not again, she screamed to herself. Please.

She waited for the hard shaft to find her cunt again. But, it wasn't hard. It was wet and it moved up to her clit.

A tongue was lapping at her clit. Then a pair of lips was wrapped around it. A wonderful, sensual feeling overcame her. The tongue pressed harder against her engorged clit.

My God, don't stop. Lick it. Suck it. Please let me cum.

Hands were under her ass, lifting her higher. She obliged and forced her pussy into the face above it. She wanted the tongue to fuck her.

The man who had been inside Jennifer a few minutes earlier had every intention of putting his once-again hard cock inside this small girl. But her actions made him think twice. Now he licked her more intensely.

Yes, Debbie said to herself. There. Right there.

She moaned and rocked her hips upward. Within a few minutes, she was on the verge of an orgasm. She wanted to scream at him not to stop. The only thing that came to her mind was to put her hands on the back of his head and hold him in place. So she did.

Her orgasm exploded deep inside her cunt. Everyone in the room heard her cry through the gag. The man sucking her certainly felt it in her body.

Debbie's small frame quivered, rising and falling on the couch. She shook her head back and forth with each wave of an orgasm. And the man continued attacking her clit. With it deep in his mouth, Debbie couldn't stop cumming. Nor did she want to.

One minute…two minutes passed. Her body fell to the couch in a heap. Exhausted and spent.

Two men, thoroughly aroused now, raped once again—and then left the cabin after taping the girls' hands behind their backs.

It took only a few minutes for the two friends to work each other free. They pulled off the ski masks and hugged each other with tears flowing down their cheeks. It would be little use reporting the crime. They were alive. That was enough.

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