Cabin Crew


"What do I owe you?"

Jon looked up at me. He then looked over at Samantha, smiled, and raised his eyebrows.

"Don't worry about it. We'll figure something out."

Jon was not your typical computer geek. He looked more like Prince William than Bill Gates. He had done quite well in college. Tracy and I had met there and I know she gave Jon more than one look. He was still single and very rich. Then it dawned on me that he had not only now seen Samantha naked several times but had seen her in action too.

I carried everything we had collected out to my car while Sam packed up enough possessions to hold her for a few days while she decided what to do. We were ready to leave in ten minutes.

"Jon, we need to get back and check on Tracy. The guy that lives here won't be back for a couple hours minimum. Why don't you come on over when you're done?"

"Roger that."

On the way back to my house we finally talked.

"Sam, I understand most everything you did and why. Whether I can forgive you I don't know yet. That's probably more likely than me forgiving Tracy. While we are on the subject, I am going to show her the unedited video of what happened yesterday morning. She will probably be angrier at you than I am.

"That being said, I appreciate everything you did for me, for us, today. You are welcome to stay at our house until you figure out what you want to do.

"Our first priority though is how to keep that crazy fucker husband of yours and his friends from coming down here and killing us. I really wish I had some way of seeing into your cabin."

Sam thought for a minute.

"You know, before Jerry put in the computer surveillance system we had a single camera closed-circuit feed from the cabin to the house. It was an interior view without sound. Jerry never took that out just in case someone broke in to the cabin and ripped out the computer like you did. He wanted some idea what was going on and how many people he was going to kill before he went up there and kicked their ass."

"Is it still working? Where is it?"

"I don't know. I think it is in a cabinet in his study."

"Can you tell Jon? I'll give you his number."

I pretended I didn't want to dial and drive but I really wanted them to talk. I gave Sam Jon's number and she called him.

"He says he will try to look for it when he gets a chance."

"I think he likes you."

"He is pretty good looking. I haven't decided if I am taken or not."

I resisted making a snide comment. She stared off into space for a while. As we approached my house she dialed a number.

"Jerry, it's me, and I know why you can't come to the phone. Listen carefully. I know you guys are pissed as hell at Rick and me. Rick has all your files from all your computers and so does a friend of his. You can chose to come down here and kill him or whatever but you will destroy yourselves in the process. Call me and we'll negotiate something."

She closed her phone.

"That's the best we can do. We'll just have to wait and see. Even when they do get loose I don't think any of them will be in any condition to drive until at least tomorrow."

"What did we give them?"

"Professional secret," She laughed, "But all kinds of shit."

It was good to hear her laugh again. It was her first genuine laugh since our first night at the cabin.

We unloaded the car. I fired up his laptop and started looking at his files. Sam's phone rang. I jumped slightly. Jerry had gotten loose fast.

"Hello," Sam answered, then looked at me and said, "It's Jon."

After she hung up she told me that Jon had fired up the video. He had seen a few people come in from the right and some come in from the left and go to the bar or kitchen, but hadn't seen anyone going to the right which would indicate no one was leaving.

I checked on Tracy. She was still practically in a coma. I met Sam back in the living room.

We spent the rest of the evening scouring all the videos on the computer. Tracy told me that she and Jerry had been swinging with other couples for years, but it was only recently that she realized he had been taping all of this stuff.

Jon came over about an hour later.

"No one leaving that I noticed. At one point I saw someone go to the left with a hacksaw and then just before I left I saw them bring some big naked guy in dragging a chair. He looked totally out of it."

Jon saw what we were doing.

"You want some help?"


"All right, let's split this up."

Jon fired up his laptop and had me pull up mine. He installed the purloined hard drives on my desktop and networked everyone together and divided up the files. We ordered pizza, pulled out some beer,and got down to work. I checked on Tracy every so often with no change. I was able to get her to drink some water.

As the evening went along it became more apparent what a sleaze ball Jerry was and how little of that Samantha was aware of. There were several cases where Jerry was back at the cabin with one of the women having sex with her any way he wanted too. Many of those times the husband was there, naked, tied to a chair and watching. Several times either Kent or Mike was there. Sometimes they would make the guy suck their cocks or clean-up their wives pussies after they were done, sometimes both. On a couple of occasions they would fuck the guy in the ass by surprise when he was face down in his wife's cunt.

Jon opened Jerry's e-mail program and found the many black e-mails he had sent advising the other couple to cooperate if they didn't want the attached video released. The attached video showed the couple in compromising positions. When Jerry or Sam was in the video there were blurry gray balls where their heads would be.

At first Samantha said things like 'Shit!', "Holy shit', 'Fuck!', 'Fuck me' (Jon looked up at that one) and 'That bastard' but eventually she reached the saturation point where she couldn't be shocked much anymore. At least until we came to one.

"Oh my God, that's Tim."

The video that played out was almost a replay of this morning. A young guy was in the playroom with Sam, Blair, and Tamara. He was naked and strapped to a saw horse. Sam took him in the ass while Blair and Tammy took turns feeding their pussies to him and he seemed to be enjoying it enough. When Sam was done Blair came out with a huge strap-on, bigger than the one Tracy had used on me, and plunged it into him without warning. He opened his mouth and let out a cry of extreme pain at which point Tam plunged into his mouth with a similar one. They began to fuck him hard. He looked like he was getting whiplash. I saw Sam leave the room. Both the women finally came and then pulled out of him. His face was bleeding. Blair and Sam took big paddles and beat his ass before leaving. He slumped down and didn't move.

"We'll be back. Get your beauty rest!"

The scene shifted to the patio. A young blonde was jacking off Jerry while sucking Mike's cock and bouncing up and down on Kent in a sitting position. She seemed to be enjoying herself. The guys were calling her bitch, slut, and whore but she seemed to like it. She came loud and hard.

Things changed all of a sudden. Kent and Mike held her down while Jerry raped her. She started to struggle and they slapped her face and tits to punish her. When Jerry was done he finished coming on her belly and tits. He traded places with Mike. She screamed in terror at his huge cock but he just laughed and plowed into her. Jerry came out with some rope and tied her tits at the base so they ballooned up. I could tell the other guys were getting turned on by this. Blair and Tammy came out about now to watch. After a couple of minutes they left. They returned a few minutes later with Tim between them. They secured Tim to a bench and made him watch his wife being gang-raped. Kent was ready to go after Mike came all over her and when he was done the woman decided to fuck her with their strap-ons. Mike announced he needed himself a virgin. He threw some lube on Tim's crack and worked his cock into it. Tim howled in pain until Jerry stuffed his wife's panties into his mouth.

"God Rich, I was in the cabin most of the time. I had a OD of something that knocked me right out. I knew something happened but I had no idea how bad.. Tim showed up at the house one day looking for Jerry and saying something about his wife and practically in tears. I told Tim was gone to the cabin that weekend. When he turned to go I thought I saw the outline of a gun in his coat pocket. I called Jerry to warn him. Jerry came home the next day and I never heard any more about it.

I can't watch any more of this right now..."

I shut it down. We sat there for a while. Jon finally spoke up.

"Well, this day certainly took an unexpected dog leg. I should get going."

"You can stay here if you want. We have plenty of room."

"I have to feed the dog. Daisy will tear the house apart if I don't feed her. I'll be back in the morning if you want to help you tie this all up."

"That would be great."

Sam walked Jon to the door. After a few minutes she still hadn't returned I went to check on Tracy,.

"How are you doing?"

She mumbled something unintelligible.

I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth to get ready for bed. I walked back into the bedroom and was confronted by Samantha standing there naked. She looked at me imploringly.

"Rich, I wanted you from the first time I met you. You had me yesterday morning and that was fantastic but it was too quick. I really want to sleep with you if you will have me."

She was beautiful. I couldn't have asked for anything more despite all that happened. I quarantined all that in another part of my brain.

"Sam, I've wanted you ever since I met you. Even after all that has happened if I had it to do over again I wouldn't change a thing about yesterday morning. That was an experience that I will treasure forever."

Samantha stepped forward and we kissed each other passionately. It was CMNF. I felt her naked body all over with my hands and I was in heaven. She stepped back from me and took charge. I was hers. She unbuttoned my shirt slowly and then ran her hands all over my chest before snaking her hands to my upper arms and pushing my shirt off my body.

She bent down and kissed my chest and nipples before taking a knee before me. She unbuckled my pants and rubbed the portion of my pants that was restraining my bulging cock. She looked up at me lasciviously and then unfastened my pants and slid them down my legs. My cock was trying to remove my jockey shorts.

Sam looked up at me once more almost worshipfully before taking the bulge in my shorts into her mouth and biting gently on it. Her hand slipped under the back of my underwear and massaged my cheeks as she pulled my groin towards her mouth. My hands went to my nipples and I began to play with them.

Sam suddenly ripped my underwear off and trapped my cock in her mouth. She slurped and sucked it like a woman in the desert receiving a Popsicle. I can't describe how fantastic it felt. My head lolled back. I was in ecstasy.

Sam stopped, stood up, and took me by the hand, leading me to her bedroom. As soon as we were in the door I grabbed her and embraced her and kissed her deeply while my hands explored her back, her head, her ass, her thighs. I could have kissed her forever.

I broke it off and pushed her down on to the bed. She looked up at me. I fell to my knees and buried my face between her legs, lapping her thighs, sucking her juices, pulling at her lips with my teeth , finally dining on her cunt. Her juices were so good. My hands found my way up her torso finally cupping the outer sides of her breasts. I took her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and played with them, twisting them, tugging on them, caressing them. I felt Sam's body relax, tense, and tighten as I worked her pussy. She contracted her entire body and then exploded in an orgasm that should've woken the dead...or at least Tracy. Her crotch was bucking wildly, I grabbed her ass and pinned my mouth to her cunt and licked for my life until she couldn't take it anymore.

I scrambled up on to the bed and poised above her, my cock head touching her moist pussy, waiting for her to finish recovering. Her eyes snapped open and looked me in the eye. I felt her hand on my cock tugging me down. I didn't hesitate any longer. I dropped my body on top of her, my chest mashing against her breasts, my cock delving into her pussy. I had fucked her before, but this time was how I dreamed it would be.

I savored every moment as I pulled in and out of her, my hands ravishing her body, my tongue bathing her face. Sam came quickly and then came over and over again. I came vicariously with her as I felt my orgasm slowly building inside me. I rode it out like a surfer on a long wave extending it as long as I could until it crashed down on me and I bellowed with joy, with relief, with vengeance, with pain, with exhaustion.

We woke up in the middle of the night several times and fucked some more. I took her from behind once, she rode me another time, a third time I woke to find her sucking on my cock until I came and we went back to sleep. In the morning when I woke up she wasn't there. I wandered out to the kitchen to find her making breakfast. She turned to me and smiled and then she opened up her robe to show me her beautiful naked body once more. It was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. Overcome, I lifted her on to the counter and lapped at her pussy before taking her one final time, my hands pinning hers to the cabinet doors. Then we ate the best breakfast I had ever had.



"I have a favor to ask you."

"Go ahead."

"I'd like to be the one to tell Tracy what happened and my part in all of this. I'd like to show her the video of you and me two days ago and another one so she can see what a bastard Jerry is."

"All right."

"And Rick?"


"After what I have seen this weekend I will never go back to Jerry. I don't want to see him again."

When I went to check on Tracy she was awake but immobilized. I stroked her face and gave her some water and told her I would be back. The doorbell rang and I let Jon in.

The three of us spent the rest of the day cataloging the files. We linked up videos with e-mail addresses. We e-mailed the people through a third party e-mail address we thought up to let them know anonymously that Jerry no longer had the files and would no longer be blackmailing them. We included some unflattering pictures of Jerry in each one.

I checked on Tracy every hour. She was improving slowly but steadily. Early in the afternoon she was lucid but deep in thought. She ate some soup and a banana. I was going to check on her the next time when Sam said she would go. She didn't come back for over an hour and when she did she looked at me and nodded.

Jon had checked Jerry's laptop thoroughly. Most of it was devoted to videos from the cabin but there were some business apps on it also. He backed up the stuff not related to the cabin, wiped the hard drive, re-installed the operating system, and loaded the 'safe' stuff back on.

Sam's cell phone went off in the late afternoon. She knew who it was from the ring tone.

"It's Jerry."

She went out back to take the call in private. I took the opportunity to check on Tracy. When I went in the room I could tell immediately that she had been crying. I went to the bed and hugged her and held her.

"Rich, Sam explained everything to me. I know it doesn't mean much to you right now but I am so sorry. I don't expect you to ever forgive me."

I didn't say anything. I didn't know what to say. Finally I let her go and got up.

"I have to get back. I'll be back in a little while. We'll talk more later."

Sam wasn't back yet when I returned.

"Jon, is there some way for me to record a message on that laptop that Jerry will see when he opens it up?"

Jon thought for a minute.

"Actually, that should be pretty easy. It has a web cam and I can configure the start-up so the video will launch when he first logs on."

Jon opened the laptop and showed me which program to use.

"Jerry understands the situation. He is mad as hell as are Mike and Kent, but he realizes he doesn't have any alternative, that if he comes after you in anyway his professional life will be over. He sounded like he was still pretty out of it. We fucked those guys up good."

"Hopefully in more ways than one," I replied.

I took the laptop to the spare bedroom. I thought about what I wanted to say to Jerry and then I recorded it.

"Jerry, just in case Sam hasn't convinced you, this is your only warning.

"Don't ever attempt to contact Tracy or me again. Leave Sam alone except for what you need to do legally for your divorce. This all applies to Kent and Mike and their slutty wives.

"If any of us hear one word from any of you I will release an edited video to everyone in your e-mail address book and more of you that will look like 'Avatar' compared to your Ed Wood editing job you did on me and Sam.

"If I ever see any of you three again I will kill you.

"One last thing from all of us. We hope your friends enjoyed giving it up to you guys up the ass over and over again."

I closed up the laptop and gave it back to Jon. He finished putting the final touches on it.

We worked for a couple more hours, ordering Chinese for dinner. I took some in to Tracy and fed her.

"What's going to happen to us?"

"I don't know," I said, "It's a whole new Universe. I have to figure out where I fit in it and if there is a place for us together. I'm not going to kick you out of the house anytime soon, but I have a lot of thinking to do."

We finished our meal in silence.

When I got back to the living room I saw a suitcase by the door. Sam spoke up.

"Jon and I think we're pretty much done. The little that is left you can finish up. I know you and Tracy have a lot of talking to do. I'm going to go stay with Jon for a few days."

I hugged both of them before they left. I was jealous of Jon. I didn't think Sam would be sleeping in his guest bed room. But I was happy for them. Tracy took the laptop.

"I'll throw this in Kent's SUV. Jerry will find it there.

Tracy and I went back to our routines. We slept in the same bed. We needed to talk but I didn't think she was ready and I wasn't sure I was either.

I called a locksmith on Monday. He came that day and replaced all the locks and installed some dead bolts. Jerry's cash covered it.

I called Jon in the middle of the week on the pretext of getting a recommendation for someone to take a look at the wiring of our entertainment system to make sure Jerry hadn't put anything extra in there. I asked if he had seen Sam.

"She's still staying here. She seems to be doing well."

Before I knew what I was doing I invited them over for dinner Friday night and Jon accepted. I thought it would be good for Tracy and me to socialize together but Sam was probably not the best choice. I hoped I wouldn't be salivating over her too much. I had been thinking about our last encounter every night before I went to bed and several times in between.

Sam did a very smart thing. When they came to the door Friday night I thought Jon was bringing a different date. It took me a moment to realize it was Sam and she had cut most of her hair off and dyed it black. She now had a pixie hair-do. I hated it. I think she hated it too but she did it for me. This was no longer the woman I had had the beautiful fuck with that I was eating dinner with.

Tracy and Sam got on as if nothing unusual had ever happened. At one point when Tracy had gone out to the kitchen and Sam had gone to help her Jon confided in me that he thought he was in love, that this was someone he could marry. I was happy for him. I think if it had been me I would have always had a small worry about Jerry in the back of my head. Jon's brain didn't work that way.

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