tagNovels and NovellasCabin Down the Road

Cabin Down the Road

byMike Franklin©

Author's Note: This story, while still erotica, is significantly darker than most stories I have written and posted previously .Read at your own risk. There, you've been properly warned.

Part 1

Nate tugged on the rope, checked the knots and nodded to himself, pleased with his work. There would be no way out of the chair for Jolene until someone showed up and cut her loose, and that wouldn't be for at least another three days. Longer if the bitch was going to get the kind of justice she deserved.

Jolene struggled against the restraints, felt them dig into the sensitive skin at her wrists and ankles. She cried out in pain but it was little more than a stifled moan behind the duct tape that had been placed over her mouth. She looked at Nate, pleading him with her eyes for some sort of explanation but none was forthcoming.

Instead he disappeared into the small bedroom of the cabin and she could hear him rustling through one of the suitcases that they had packed for the weekend. He had been secretive about packing the suitcases and Jolene had figured that he was trying to hide something in the luggage –she figured was an engagement ring but if he was planning on asking her to marry him now, this certainly wasn't the way she had envisioned it happening.

When Nate had told her about the plans for this weekend, a romantic weekend at this remote cabin she had started bracing herself for him to pop the big question. They had looked at engagement rings, even picked out one that she liked and when Nate had insisted on putting the luggage in the car himself Jolene's suspicions that this was going to the be weekend he asked her to be wife grew even deeper.

The whole way up to the cabin she had hinted to him about how much she would like to be a wife someday and how she would love to marry a man like Nate. He just smiled and played coy the way that guys will.

When they arrived at this little lodge deep in the Catskill Mountains, Nate had seemed very happy, very alive. The considerable stress from his job seemed to have melted away entirely. He took her around the place, showed her the bluff that was just down a short trail from the back porch with childlike enthusiasm. They had cooked steaks on the outside charcoal grill and sat on the porch swing sipping cool beer and watching the beautiful sunset.

And now, now she was bound to a chair in the middle of the small living room. Funny how things can change so fast or it would be funny if Jolene wasn't scared to death. She heard a flat slap from inside the bedroom – something metallic clicking shut that could be the latch on a suitcase or...

The light in the living room went out and the darkness was total. Jolene could hear Nate moving across the room and she could just make out his murky form as he sat on the couch in front of the chair that she was bound to.

He sat very still and said nothing for a very long time, what seemed like hours to Jolene. Again she struggled to speak but was again unable to produce anything more than a serious of garbled moans. Nate reached out, grabbed the tape that was on her mouth and yanked. Jolene yelped in pain.

In the darkness Nate laughed, a low maniacal moan that made the hair on the nape of her neck stand on end. He reached over and slipped on the lamp that sat on the table beside the couch and Jolene was blinded by the sudden light. When her eyes adjusted to the light she was able to make out the gun in Nate's hand, gleaming in the light and pointed straight at her head.

"You didn't think I would find out what you did? You stupid bitch."

Part 2

Nate pushed his chair away from the table, wiped his mouth with his napkin and tossed it on his empty plate. "I am stuffed. I couldn't eat another bite if I had to." He leaned back in his seat and took a deep breath, held it, let it out slowly.

They were at the La Bec-Fen, the fanciest French restaurant in town and had just polished off a meal that Nate was sure was going to set him back a couple of hundred bucks at least. But this was the last mean he and Jolene were going to get to share for at least the next month and he wanted it to be a memorable occasion.

"What time does your flight leave?" Jolene asked, setting her wine glass back on the table.

"I have to pick Jack up at the office at 7, the flight leaves at 9:30."

"And I won't see you for a month? You won't even be able to fly home on the weekends?"

"Unfortunately no, the trade show is all month and the weekends will probably be even busier than the weekdays."

Jolene said nothing, just frowned at him and took another drink of wine. Without saying a word Nate knew she was upset.

"Baby, you knew that this was coming. It's not like it was a surprise. Besides, this is the biggest software show on the East Coast and Jack needs me there, especially since he doesn't know shit about the new program we are unveiling. Don't make me feel like shit for doing my job."

"Just because it's your job doesn't mean I have to like it. How about I fly down there in and spend a couple of days with you. I have some vacation days I can take and I can catch a cheap flight..."

Nate cut her off. "As nice as that would be it wouldn't work. I have to be at the show all day, all twelve hours and you would be so bored. Would you really want to sit there and listen to me pontificate about software for hours on end?"

"It would be better than not seeing you for a month. Is this something I'm going to have to put up with every year Nate, because I'm telling you now I'm not happy about the thought of having to."

Nate reached across the table and Jolene reluctantly let him take her hand into his. "Listen, it won't always be like this. It's just with the new software I have to be there, it's my team's software and no one knows it better than me so it's my duty to make sure everything goes well. Next year I won't have to spend so much time there, but it's vital we impress the hell outta the customers there. Right now we are the only ones with this kind of software on the market and if we don't strangle the market with it immediately every one of our competitors is going to race to get out their own versions of the program and then we're fucked."

Jolene knew all of this, of course. They had been over it again and again in the weeks leading up to Nate's departure but she wasn't going to let him off Scott free just because it was 'his job.'

"So what am I supposed to do for the next month? Wait by the phone and cross the days off my calendar until you return?"

"That would be nice," Nate said and smiled. Jolene didn't smile back. "Baby, don't make me feel worse than I do already. I tell you what, when we get back we'll go away for a long weekend, just me and you. There is a place I have been wanting to take you and I'll arrange for us to go there when I return."

"Ok," Jolene said. She still wasn't happy about him going but at least now she had something to look forward to.

Part 3

Being left alone wasn't something that Jolene particularly enjoyed. She needed to be the center of someone's attention, to be fawned over and made a big deal out of. Nate had left town on Wednesday and by Saturday night she was feeling all alone and very sorry for herself.

She decided that the best way to get over her depression was to go get a big tub of ice cream, some chick flicks and drown her sorrow in chocolate and marshmallow swirls. She didn't even bother to put her hair up or put on any make up, she just went – sweats and all – to the store just down from her apartment.

Standing there in the freezer, trying to decide whether she felt like Rocky Road or Cookies and Cream, she felt, rather than saw, the man who approached her from behind. She tensed, aware that someone was watching her, until he spoke and she instantly knew who the man was.

"You shouldn't stand here," he said in his best Steve Martin impression, "you might melt all 'dis stuff."

Jolene turned to see Keith, her boyfriend of almost five years, the man she almost married, towering above her, a smile spreading across his lips. She looked up and into his eyes, his dark eyes the color of mahogany and almost forgot that they hadn't been together in almost three years.

Keith looked as sexy as ever. He was a big man standing almost six foot five with broad shoulders and the chiseled physique that had served him well as a high school and college football star. His biceps strained the material at the cuffs of his t-shirt and his hair, now a little longer than she remembered, hung down over his brow.

Jolene just stood there stunned, looking at Keith almost disbelievingly. Of all the people that she could have run into... and she was only going to be in here two minutes... and...

"Aren't you glad to see me?" Keith asked, the smile fading from his face.

Jolene stammered. "Yeah... yeah, it's just that," and she touched her hair self consciously, "I... I didn't expect to see anyone here... let alone you."

"Well, would you like me to go away?"

"No, no it's not that... it's just... been a long time."

"Three years," he said without any hesitation. "I'm back in town for the weekend, visiting my father. He ran out of his favorite cookies," he said holding up a bag of iced animal cookies, "and I volunteered my services as a good son to go and get him some more."

"How is your dad doing?" Jolene asked. She knew that he was getting old and having some real challenges in his advanced age.

Keith pursed his lips. "Every time that I see him it's like he's lost a little more, like a part of him just gets up and leaves between each visit. We want to get him some help, a day nurse or a retirement community, just to help him out with his day to day needs, get him involved with some other people, but you know how my father is. Stubborn as an ox," he said and smiled.

"Your dad always was a sweet man. I'm sorry Keith," she replied, reaching out and grabbing his hand and squeezing it reassuringly before she realized she was doing it. Keith just smiled a grim smile, trying to hide the discomfort he felt when discussing his father.

Jolene recognized the anguish on his face and a stab of sympathy registered inside her. "Tell you what," she said, "after he gets settled for the night why don't you come over to my place and I'll cook you some dinner and we can catch up on old times."

Keith looked at her and Jolene could see that his big brown eyes were misty with tears. "I think," he started, "I think I would like that. You still at the same place?"

Jolene nodded. "What time should I expect you?"

Keith checked his watch. "Dad won't be up much more than an hour, make it an hour and a half and that should be fine."

"Ok, well call me if you can't make it," she said and squeezed his hand again. Jolene hadn't even realized up to that point that she was still holding onto his hand.

She blushed and gave him an embarrassed smile as she pulled her hand away. "See you soon."

Keith smiled to himself as Jolene turned and walked away. He watched her tight ass swish back and forth as she went and he thought to himself how good it was going to feel to get back inside that ass after all these years.

Part 4

Being the typical woman that Jolene was the hour and a half time frame almost wasn't sufficient for her to get ready for her evening with Keith. She kept thinking of how she shouldn't be doing this, that this was some how a mistake but she tried to console herself by telling herself that she and Keith had been a part long enough that they could just be friends. And besides, Keith knew Nate and knew that she and Nate were together and that would keep Keith from putting any moves on her.

All the same, Jolene was a horny girl and while she was in the shower she made a point of fingering herself to orgasm just to make sure to take the 'edge' off her desires.

She dressed in a t-shirt, no bra, she almost never wore a bra, and a pair of shorts that were probably a bit too short but Keith was knocking on the door when she had grabbed them out of her drawer and she threw them on anyway.

"Hey," she said opening the door and moving out of the way to allow Keith to enter.

"Hi," he said and stepped inside the apartment into the living room. Jolene closed the door behind him.

He took a moment to look around the smallish living room, dining room and kitchen that were all interconnected. "Not much has changed here," he said giving Jolene a smile that hadn't changed much either.

"Nope, but it's home," she replied. "I've got some spaghetti cooking, let me put the bread in the oven and we'll be ready to eat in a few minutes. Have a seat, make yourself at home."

She gestured to the couch and Keith took her direction, picked up the remote and switched the set on to the sports channel. Same old Keith, Jolene thought to herself as she went to finish preparing dinner.

Jolene set the table and by the time it was ready, so was the pasta. She served them both large plates of the stuff smothered in homemade sauce that her mother had canned the summer prior.

They were both ravenously hungry and the meal passed in relative quiet. When they had finished Keith stood and cleared their plates from the table, put them in the sink and began to run the water.

"Oh, Keith, we don't have to clean up now. It's ok, I'll just get it later."

"Na," he said adding some soap to the water in the sink, "there isn't much here and since you cooked, I should help you clean." If he wanted to help clean, Jolene wasn't going to turn down the help. Funny, in all the years they had dated she couldn't remember him having ever helped with the dishes.

Jolene grabbed a towel and stood next to him, waiting to dry the dishes and put them away. What started as mutual contributions to domestic work quickly digressed, however, and soon it had turned into a full fledged water fight.

Keith and Jolene were laughing the way that had done during their relationship and when all was said and done, both Keith's and Jolene's shits were soaked.

"Nice," Keith said looking down at her breasts, "you win the wet t-shirt contest."

Jolene looked down and saw that her breasts and hard, perky nipples were clearly visible through the wet material. She hugged her arms around herself in an effort to cover herself.

"C'mon, it's nothing I haven't seen before," Keith said smiling. "Look, if it will make you feel more comfortable..." and he peeled off his shirt, leaving him bare-chested.

Keith had always had an extraordinary physique and time hadn't changed that, if anything, it had made it more impressive. His shoulders were wide and his skin was bronzed and he had a taut stomach that was wash-board quality. Jolene stared, she couldn't help herself.

Her pussy started getting moist, and she couldn't help that either.

Without thinking Jolene removed her hands from her breasts and put them on Keith's bare chest. If she had been thinking straight she would have stopped herself and asked him to leave, but she was in heat and powerless to stop herself.

For a while, Keith just stood there watching as she ran her hands over his smooth chest then he moved to equate her outfit with his own. Grabbing her wet shirt by the hem, he lifted it until it cleared her dark hair. Now they were both bare chested.

His large hands started mimicking hers and he moved them over her smooth stomach and ample breasts, both of which were topped with nipples hard from both cold and excitement.

Keith bent his head low and took each rubbery nipple into his mouth, one and then the other. He sucked on them hard, just the way Jolene liked, and she moaned with pleasure. His hands now fee, he moved them down to her shorts and started to push them down. Jolene stopped him.

"We shouldn't be doing this," she managed to stammer.

"What shouldn't we be doing?" Keith asked his mouth still on her breast.

"Any of this... I'm with Nate now and..."

"And he left you to go to some conference for a month. Is his work more important than you?"

"No... I don't think so anyway... God that feels good," she said because Keith had started sucking roughly on her other nipple. "But I don't want to cheat on him."

"It's not cheating," Keith replied only letting her nipple go long enough to say the words.

"How is it.... Not cheating?"

"Because, he should know that a horny girl like you can't be left alone for a month with no one to satisfy her needs."

"But I.... love him... and I shouldn't cheat on him... just because... I'm horny."

"Jolene," Keith said now looking her in the eyes, "don't think of it as cheating. Think of it as survival. You have needs, I'll help you fill those needs. No big deal."

As dumb an argument as it was, Jolene felt herself being swayed. "If it's no big deal, then what is that bulge in your pants?" she asked and reached out to feel the large lump that had formed in Keith's crotch.

Jolene didn't want to cheat, didn't plan on cheating. But her head was losing the battle to her lust and when Keith deftly slipped a finger up her shorts, past her underwear and right into her pussy, the battle was lost.

In a lustful stupor, Jolene dropped to her knees and worked at Keith's chino's until they, and his boxers, were at his ankles.

Keith's impressive prick was only half hard when it was freed, but Jolene's lips and hand soon had him at full mast. She pulled her mouth away and gazed at his prick. It was big, utterly enormous when compared to what Nate had in his pants. She had never really realized the disparity until now, she only knew that when she was with Nate she never felt totally 'full.' Now she knew why.

Jolene had been with Keith for five years, had fucked him for fully four of those years, and had learned in that time just what he liked. She opened her mouth as wide as she could, put his cock in her mouth and shoved it down her throat as far as she could.

She gagged but held his cock deep, letting the thick, stringy spit that came from gagging collect on his large dick. When she finally pulled her mouth free, she had successfully left a large amount of thick saliva covering his cock. From that point on she worked him with both her hands and her mouth, intermittently jamming his cock against the back of her throat much to Keith's delight.

"I want to fuck you," Keith said breathless with desire.

"If you think you're going to shove that huge thing in me without getting my pussy nice and wet you've got another thing coming."

"Deal," he said and helped her off her knees. There was a large wet spot on the rug where she had drooled while sucking on Keith's cock.

They marched the few steps to the living room with purpose. Before sitting down, Jolene slipped her shorts and panties off in one motion, noticing the giant wet spot that had formed in the crotch.

She sat, leaned back against the cushions and pulled her legs up and apart. Dutifully Keith took up position before her and put his lips on her lips.

Time hadn't dulled Keith's memory either; he knew just what she liked and he did it to perfection. With 2 of his fingers in her pussy and his mouth clamped tightly to her clit, he brought her to her first orgasm in seconds. Her second soon followed and when it had subsided he released her clit and moved his tongue down to her hole.

He licked and sucked at her hole, literally trying to drink in her juices. As he had moved his mouth down, he had moved his fingers down too and now Jolene felt him probing around her anus. God, she thought, how long had it been since she had enjoyed some ass play?

Keith was firm but gentle and soon he had his finger all the way up her ass and as he licked her pussy hole, he finger fucked her behind. Jolene was in heaven and she tossed her head back and enjoyed the attention that was being lavished on her.

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