tagLoving WivesCabin Fever

Cabin Fever


It was bitter cold. There was a fierce wind coming off the mountains and snow was already falling. Although I put little trust in the weatherman, I knew we were going to see some snow and possibly a lot of it. It always amazes me how soft falling snow can lull you into oblivion then leave you stranded and fighting for your life the next. But I promised you a Christmas at the cabin and with care we could still make it.

Traffic was light, as the storm had kept most indoors. The Jeep was warm and well stocked. I was glad that I added the tire chains and covered the winch as we headed out. Soon the city began to fade into conifer stands that swayed under their coats of snow. It was usually a thirty-minute drive, but today it would take near an hour. Our chatter was light and humorous. We both wanted the privacy and seclusion that the cabin held.

Finally, we reached the pull in to the cabins drive. Well you could call it a drive. In summer, if you were brave and had patience you could drive within a hundred feet of the cabin. Most of the time it was a hike, ATV, or by snowmobile. None of this mattered though as the trip was half the fun.

You headed to the shed and upon opening realized that the snow machines were not there. In fact, one was in the garage at home waiting for a new tread and the other was on loan to a close friend who needed to get his moose hauled out. He had promised to drop it off the day after Christmas.

You're not planning on hiking in this weather are you?

No, we have the cross-country skis remember. We bought them last year when the skidoo would not start and it took us all day to get to the truck.

We both smile as we remember that day and the poor deer hunter who had quiet a show as we enjoyed the snow. Soon the skis are on and I shoulder my pack. I will have to pull the toboggan too as there is a bit more supplies than I remembered. The snow is getting heavier, but the wind is dying down. Flakes the size of half dollars drift lazily down around us.

Thankfully there is a decent trail broke by the borrowed snowmobile. We make good time and in under an hour we can see the cabin. To my surprise, there is smoke coming from the chimney. Good ole Gunter, he always came through unexpectedly. He must have made a Quick detour from his moose hauling to warm our cabin and break trail.

I had made some modifications to the cabin while on my last hunting trip that I had not told you about. I could not wait to see the look on your face. It was an old cabin built into the side of the mountain. Oddly, the back of it was the entrance to an abandoned mineshaft. We used the mine as a storage area, as it was sealed off by a long forgotten cave in about forty yards in.

The rest of the cabin, made from logs that were hand cut and chinked to keep it sealed against the worst that Mother Nature could through at it. The wooden floor we had added and there was even a heated outhouse now. Something about -7 and the call of nature seemed to say build a heated outhouse. I had hauled in propane tanks to provide the heat for it, and there's a cook stove for summertime fish fry's.

Opening the door, we are hit with a warm wave of air. The old cast iron stove has been well stoked and the cabin is toasty. I begin to store our provisions as you begin to see what we men had done to your cabin during our hunting trip. I hear a squeal as you find the bathtub and gas fired water heater we snuck in. An old claw footed high back tub nearly killed me and did kill the tread on the skidoo as we drug it up the trail. A solar powered pump provides our water, which is now heated making bathing more enjoyable.

Your really going for extra points aren't you.

Well I try; besides, I get to scrub your back and anything else that looks dirty.

You just want to ravage me in new ways I know.

Hey, check out the back porch. We have a new toy.

I had finally finished the wood-fired hot tub. It was project that I saw in woodworker's magazine and had been working on for nearly a year. The well would fill it and then the fire would warm it to a toasty temperature for our bathing pleasure.

You finished it! I thought the termites would eat it before it was ever done, but you did it. No wonder you did not get a deer this year. You must have been here all the time.

Well, I did slave away... but I knew you would reward your hard working man for it. A sly grin spread across my face.

Mmmm daddy has been so good to me, wonder what I can do to pay him back? You grin devilishly back and snuggle into my shoulder. Care to fire that tub up. Sounds kind of nice on this snowy evening.

Sure no problem. It will take a bit for the fire to warm the water, but I think we can find things to do. I put on my parka and head for the woodpile. It does not take long to get a blazing fire going and since the pump fills the tub slowly, the water should warm quickly. I add some large logs and head back inside.

The smell of dinner greats me as I open the door. You have changed into your favorite flannel long shirt and sway before the stove as you complete dinner. Finger foods are in order as we move to the bed. Tender bits of beef and veggies are tenderly fed to one another as we casually dine.

Is my man ready for dessert? I have something special for him.

Does it involve you? I say with a grin and a laugh.

You bad boy, all you think about is sex. Its Christmas and Santa won't bring you anything if you cant behave.

I do not think Santa has anything I want unless you and he are seeing each other on the side. I really do not think I can handle a three-way with Santa that would ruin my childhood beliefs.

So you just want this all to yourself as you stretch and reveal your neatly trimmed bush. Your skin in sharp contrast to its darkness. Moving you take some whip cream and dab it along your thigh. Oopps, I have made a mess, can you help me clean it up?

I move over and sample the sweetness against your silky flesh. Soft kisses and nibbles soon have you clean, but I continue to explore down your leg to your foot. Kissing atop and then to your toes. Gently nibbling and sucking your pinkie toe and moving ever so slowly across. Purrs and soft moans let me know you are enjoying this. I love to watch you as you writhe in pleasure at each touch. Following along the arch of your foot brings both moans and some giggles. It is a delicate balance here for pleasure and ticklishness.

Raising your leg and working slowly up your calf. So silky soft and sweet as my nibbles and kisses lazily criss-cross along until I reach the soft, tender area, behind your knee. Your hands slide inside your button up shirt and begin caressing your breasts. Nipples stand like sentries and are buffeted by your hungry fingers. I can smell you sex and see that you are growing wetter with each kiss and nibble. I play a risky game, working you up but keeping on edge without provoking you to take over and get the satisfaction that you want.

Slowing down even more, nipping at your inner thigh, and then kissing each nip as the long journey to your sweetness progresses. A roving hand of yours heads south to give some relief to ache that grows in the depths of your sex. I take it away, suck, and rake each finger with my teeth. Your breathing becomes more ragged as the look of lust and need in your eyes grows.

Grabbing my hair, you pull me to your awaiting pussy. I can see the dew of need on your tender lips as my tongue slowly extends and tentatively slides across them and then teases your groomed mound. Hips rise to meet my lips and tongue as passions rise. Like a plow in fertile soil, my tongue parts your lips and finds your swollen bud.

Slowly my tongue circles it's and runs across it savoring its sensitivity. Sucking it gently in and holding it with my lips, while massaging it. Moans grow louder as your pull and massage your swollen nipples. Hands marauding your breasts and then down to pull me ever closer to your center.

Slow and steady is the pace as the tension builds, each stroke of the tongue like a musicians hand on guitar string. Reverberations crash through your body and each wave brings more pleasure. The edge is growing oh so close as the urgency for release nears. Legs wrap around my head as your sex grinds against my face. To prolong the need by slowing or moving off seems almost cruel. The need for you to fall into orgasms grasp fills me as well.

The rhythm of your body and my tongue unite to create a symphony of pleasure. Soon your body shudders as your legs tighten around me. I am smothered in your honey as you force my tongue deeper inside. Moans transform to shrieks of delight, then to screams of joy. I slow my assault to match your waves and one orgasm tends to fade into the next.

Soon I am forced away from my warm nest, as you can stand no more. Pulling me by the hair, I ascend to your pouting breasts. I great each nipple with a kiss and nibbles, they are so tender and each contact runs through you like electricity. I suckle each and nibble between them. Favoring the underside crease that is so tender as you coo and purr. Your eyes still blaze with passion and need, and that look intoxicates me even more.

Our lips meet and tongue search out each other. They begin to make love in their own way. I feel hands working down to my jeans, which are quickly peeled away. Deftly they search out my cock, which trembles at the touch. Pushing me over you slide slowly south, down my chin and across my chest. Teeth nibble and tug on my nipples that are so sensitive to your touch.

We watch each other, you savoring the need that now fills me and I swept away by your hunger. Hands caress my cock and balls. You love them clean-shaven and they are freshly done so that there is a softness that enhances pleasure for both. Your finger swirls around my cockhead using the Precum for lube. Breath shudders at your expert touch. You smile as your tongue slowly falls further south.

At the base of my cock, you slowly lick upwards to the tip then tease the hole and then nibbling down the shaft. My cock seems to grow even harder as you begin to lick and nibble on my balls, as your hand works my cock. You watch me as your move and slowly slide my cock inside your warm mouth. I shudder at this feeling and the look in your eyes tells me that I am in for pleasures untold. Holding me firm with your lips and teeth while stroking my cock as your tongue winds around its head and length sends me blissfully along. I feel you hand working my base as a finger teases my brown bud.

I am at your mercy, for you know very well how to extend my orgasm by using pressure and massage. The tender care to my cock is bringing me to my own edge, which you quickly drive away with pressure from behind. I ache for release and my balls begin to throb with need. I writhe in both pleasure and pain. You move quickly on my shaft keeping the feelings alive and the pressure building. You love making me wild with need and then keeping me from cumming until you are satisfied that I have been thoroughly tortured.

I beg for release, Please baby, Ohhhh Yesssss, please let me cum I hiss.

Mmmm I love it when you beg as you swallow my cock and ravage it with your talented tongue. Finally, the edge is there and you allow me to pass over it. I rise off the bed as my body contracts in rhythm to my pulsating cock. I roar with passions song as you take the onslaught from my cock. I feel like I am floating as my senses overload with pleasure. Slowly you allow me to come down and relent on the sweet torture.

Climbing up we share a kiss as I hold you feebly waiting for my strength to recover. Hey stud, think you can make it to the hot tub?

Well I can try, soon as I can feel my legs again. We both laugh. You move to the side window and can see the steam rising off the water in the tub. Closing the valve as you turn dropping your flannel shirt and striking a come-hither pose. With that, you turn and open the door. A frigid chill meets your body adding Goosebumps to your body. I watch as you slide into the water.

Mmmm baby come here, the water is divine. I rise, discarding the remnants of clothing, and grab a bottle of Chablis, a couple glasses, and slide in beside you. The water is heavenly in stark contrast to the cold of the night. We watch the snow fall as we sip on our wine.

This is wonderful, the best Christmas ever my sweet. I cannot believe you got this thing done and even provided me hot water for bathing. I am a lucky girl.

I am the lucky one. You put up with all my packrat notions and whims throughout the year. You even let me take off several weeks a year for my male bonding, and yet you never complain. I know this cabin is remote and at times better suited to a male, but I want it to be comfortable for you too.

Moving forward, you kiss me and I can taste the wine and our sex on your lips. It is a slow and deeply passionate kiss that seems to warm the water even more. Hands begin to explore again as my cock responds to your touch. Sliding over you straddle me and lower yourself onto my rigid shaft. I can feel you tightness envelope me as you begin to grind.

We stare into each other's eyes; both lost in passions throws, as I lower my head and suckle your breasts. I feel you nails dig in as you begin to ride a bit quicker. Moans growing louder as your pussy locks around my cock. I cannot believe how tightly you can hold me. Leaning back, you rock and twist as you impale yourself on me. Lost in the feeling your body is wracked by orgasms tremors. Leaning forward as you hold me closer I can feel you hot breath on my neck. Hungry kisses turn to nibbles as you loose yourself and climax. Holding you until the tremors subside then moving you upwards so that I can once again enjoy you sex on my tongue. The cold air and my tongue bring you quickly over the edge again. You pull me deep inside as your body bucks to each stroke. We slide back into the water.

Falling back, you find yourself once again in the middle of me. Braced on the sunken seat and side I hold you off the bottom. The water makes us weightless and the suspension allows my cock to go even deeper. This new position takes only moments to adjust too, and soon you are riding me hard. Water splashes over the edges and hisses as it contacts the chimney pipe. Thrusting with my hips and back, I lift you nearly out of the water. Gripping my shoulder, you ride me and scream for more. Soon I feel you walls begin milking me and I know that you will soon cross over again. Throwing your head back you cum hard and bit your lower lip as we slow to enjoy the moment.

Once again, we move to the edge cuddling and enjoying the togetherness as the snow falls. We hold each other and kiss gently as our bodies recover. I feel your hand move down and take hold of my cock. Mmmm this feels good can it play some more, you purr?

I just smile as the kisses become heated again. Climbing into my lap, you slide again onto my cock. This time I stand as you float backwards. Bracing yourself on the bench, I put your legs over my shoulders and begin to move in and out of you in an oval motion. As your legs fall around my waist they lock onto me and I can feel you pulling me harder into you. Soon the water is again whipped into froth as our passion takes us. Releasing me, you spin around so that I can hold your hips as we move. Your skin is slippery, but I hold one the best I can as I move harder and faster. We both moan and purr as we grow closer and closer. My balls begin to tighten as you walls slam down on my cock. I cum hard as you release, both ride out the waves as I slowly fade from my strokes. Sitting back as you sit up I kiss the back of your neck.

Exhausted by the long week, the skiing up here, and the sex we get out towel off and retire to our soft bed. Pulling you to me, we spoon as sleep takes us away. Peaceful slumber to recharge the batteries of passion for the adventures that will come the next day.

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