tagLoving WivesCabin Fever Ch. 01

Cabin Fever Ch. 01


My husband Cade and I had been married several years when he first brought up the subject of doing kinky things like swinging. I really didn’t want anything to do with that, but I had to admit, the idea did intrigue me. He would bring it up from time to time, but I never really took it too seriously.

One day, he came home from work and told me I would never guess who he had run into today. I couldn’t guess, of course, so he told me about this new guy at work. They had gotten to talking, and when my husband showed him a picture of me, it turned out to be Dylan, someone I’d went to school with---and had had a major crush on!!!

Over the next few months, the two of them became good friends. Somehow or other, they got on the subject of sex, and it came out that he wanted to get me in bed as much as my husband wanted to watch me with another guy. They then came up with a plan to totally seduce and uninhibit me sexually.

For weeks, Cade, my husband, had been looking forward to a vacation he was planning for us. All I knew was that he was renting us a cabin and we were going to spend one whole week away from civilization. I love the outdoors, so I was looking forward to some R & R. The only thing I wasn’t looking forward to, was driving up by myself around noon, as Cade had promised to help a friend and wouldn’t be arriving till later.

I got to the cabin, grabbed my gear, and unlocked the door. The cabin was nice, one room. Fireplace along one wall, bed along another. A great place for a romantic rendezvous, I thought. I glanced at my watch and saw that it would be four or five hours yet before Cade would be there. I decided to lock the door just to be safe. As I turned back away from the door, I saw a note on the table in the center of room, so I walked over to pick it up.

How strange that it was in Cade’s handwriting! Well, perhaps he had sent it to the cabin’s owner to put in the cabin before I arrived; after all, this had been planned for weeks.

The note was short, and more than a little confusing. It read:

“This is for you---enjoy. I Love You, Cade”

As I stood there trying to figure out what he meant, I heard someone behind me the same time arms slipped around me. Cade, I thought. As he nuzzled my neck, I turned in his arms. It wasn’t Cade---it was Dylan! I started to pull away, but he held me tighter, molding my body to his.

“Hannah, you know you want me…I see it in your eyes every time we’re in the same room together, I feel it in the way your body is trembling now. You want me as much as I want you, and we’re both gonna get our wish.”

“Dylan, I can’t, you’re wrong, Cade…”

“Cade set this up, sweetheart. Didn’t you just read his note? He wants you to enjoy this, and you will, that I promise.”

“I...but…someone could…” I gasped as his hands slid down my back to cup my ass and pull me tighter to him.

“Nope, no one will show up. See, this is my cabin,” He kissed me. “on my land,” He kissed me again. “You, my sweet, are completely at my beck and call. For one glorious week, I will have you…in this bed, on that table, on that rug in front of the fire. Any way, any place, any time I want you. By the end of this week, you will have no inhibitions when it comes to pleasing me. Or Cade, either…you see, we’re both going to have you…at the same time, Hannah…you want that don’t you?”

When I didn’t answer, he laughed. “We’ll have to work on that I see.” He pulled me to the bed, pushing me down on it, kissing me passionately. He was driving me crazy with his kisses and the way he was touching me.

He was exciting the Hell out of me, and that scared me…I felt like I was losing control.

He slid his hands over my body, pushing my t-shirt up, urging me to slip it off, while he worked my jeans and panties over my hips, kissing and stroking the flesh of my inner thighs. I was rapidly approaching a fever pitch and I could not deny him my body any longer. I lost the shirt, unhooked my bra, and, cupping my breast in my hands, I offered them to him.

He took a nipple into his mouth, tantalizing me with licks and tugs, and pleasurable love bites until I squirmed under his hands, then he turned his attention to my other breast. My whole body felt tingly and on fire, and I cried out for more. He gladly gave me more---more kisses, nibbles, caresses, bringing me to a simmer. I could feel my pulse pounding in my pussy, and I could feel how wet I was getting. I wanted him, all of him. I tried to undo his jeans, but felt drugged by his eroticism and my fingers were clumsy. My whole body throbbed and ached with a need I had never felt before, as he gently pulled my hands away.

“Let me help you, Baby Girl. You want me, don’t you?” I nodded weakly. “No”, he said, “tell me…tell me you want me.” His eyes met mine, holding my gaze. My mouth was dry and all I could manage was a whispered “yes”. He pulled me up, then, threading his hands in my hair, began an erotic exploration of my mouth, neck and shoulders.

“Say it, Hannah…tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.”

I realized Cade had been right about letting go to the passion. I felt so incredibly deliciously sexually charged in a way that was both empowering yet surrendering at the same time. I let it take me where it would.

“Yes Dylan, I fucking want you, now…inside me, deep…ahhhh, how I need to feel you…”

He cut me off with a passionate kiss, and then pushed me back on the bed. I watched him through glazed eyes as he stripped off his shirt and jeans, my body shivering with anticipation. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and positioned me so that my head hung down the side of the mattress. Leaning over me, he slid his hands up the outside of my thighs, over my knees, and down the inside of my thighs, spreading them.

“Look at that beautiful pussy. You’re so fucking wet, Hannah!” He lowered his head and tasted me with a long caress of his mouth and tongue. I moaned and bucked against him, aching with need, want, desire.

He rose up, and, threading one hand in my hair, he offered his cock to me with the other. He teased my lips with it, rubbing the head along them.

“That’s it Baby Girl, take my cock, let me fuck your throat with my cock and your pussy with my mouth and tongue.”

With a moan of pure pleasure, I opened my mouth and took him in licking and kissing the thick, hard shaft, and sucking teasingly on the head.

“Damn girl, suck my fucking dick…shit yeah! “ He pulled my legs up, spread my lips, and buried his face in my wet, throbbing pussy, all the while pumping smoothly in and out of my mouth. Just when I felt myself at the edge of orgasm, he pulled his mouth away from my pussy, but continued to fuck my mouth.

“Not so fast, you’ll come when I’m ready for you to come. By the time that happens, I’ll have you so ready for it, you’ll do just about anything I want. You hear me, you sexy fucking bitch?” I moaned and worked harder on his dick, urging him to give me more, which he gladly did.

Holding my head in his hands, he began to slowly thrust in and out of my mouth, going deeper every few strokes. I began to feel afraid of trying to take so much of him in because he was not only thick, but long as well. Up until now, he had not asked for more than I was able to take. He must have sensed my fears.

“Shhhh, sweetheart, I’ll be easy…you can take all of it when you’re ready.” He bent and flicked my clit with his tongue. “Let me have your throat, yes, that’s it…shhhh…ahhh fuck yeah, you sexy mother-fucker, take that cock.” He flicked it again. And again. My body arched and I offered my throat to him, gagging on his huge cock, feeling my pussy grow even wetter.

“Oh damn girl, take that cock, you fucking sexy bitch, fuck yeah!” He buried himself again as I writhed and moaned. “I gotta fuck you---now. On your knees.” I obeyed quickly; I was ready to be fucked and fucked good.

He positioned himself behind me and held me still with a hand possessively on my back while his other hand fitted his dick to my dripping wet pussy. Sliding both hands to my hips, he held me as he began to ease himself inside of me. Once he was fully buried in me, he began to pump smoothly and quickly. I bucked underneath him, wanting him deeper.

“Here.” He moved my legs closer together, and then slid his hands up over my shoulders, pulling me firmly against him. I took every inch of him, loving being so completely filled.

He made love to and fucked me for hours. Seducing me into each new delight with caresses and kisses until I gave him what he wanted: Straddling him as he talked dirty to me, grinding down on him, taking every bit of him deep inside me. Him on top of me with my legs up over his shoulders while he fucked me hard. Lying spoon-fashion with my leg up over his as he drove his cock into me. Him slapping my ass in a way that had me grinding against him. Riding him while he played with my tits. Lying beneath him, holding my tits together so he could fuck them.

“Are you ready to come, huh? Are you gonna come for me?” He lay half on me, holding my head, his thumb caressed the outline of my mouth.

“Yes Dylan, I want to come for you…Please make me come…Make me come hard for you then fuck me hard and fast and deep, please Dylan, I need it!” He gave me a smoky look and a slow seductive smile as he slid down my body and parted my legs. Spreading my lips again, he flicked my clit, laughing as I jumped and shivered, moaning, “Yes, yes, please, oh yes…” He buried his tongue deep in me, licking and sucking the tender aching flesh for a long moment before he fastened onto my clit and began to gently suck and flick it at the same time. I instantly cried out and bucked against his mouth, seeking more.

I came like a wild thing, thrashing and gasping, my moans of intense pleasure. He held my legs and continued until he felt my body drain of energy. Quickly he moved between my legs and thrust deep into me while I was still coming. I screamed in total pleasure as he gave me his cock the way I wanted it.

“You like that, you sexy bitch, you like that? You sexy mother-fucking slut, take my fucking cock…yes yes…oh I’m gonna cum Baby Girl, I wanna come on those big fucking tits of yours.”

He pulled out and leaned over me, stroking his huge cock as he came on my tits. I cried out and arched towards him, the sheer eroticism of the whole thing overwhelming me.

We lay side by side for a while catching our breaths. After a while he turned to me. “You know, this is only the beginning. I have you to myself for three days. I’m gonna fuck you like this at every available moment.”

“Three days? Cade agreed to this?”

“Of course! You see, we’ve got a little surprise for you. When my three days are up, Cade will be here and the three of us are gonna fuck like banshees.” He laughed at my expression. “That’s right Baby Girl…you’re gonna be our little slut. Cade and I figured that once I showed you how to be open and uninhibited in bed, the three of us could have a lot of fun. Admit it, the idea excites you doesn’t it?” He grinned at me. I grinned back.

“Damn you, you know it does.”

He pulled me to my feet. “C’mon, let’s go play in the creek. Maybe I’ll fuck you again. Hell, I’m sure I will!”

To be continued…

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