tagToys & MasturbationCabin Fever Ch. 04

Cabin Fever Ch. 04


It was time for Kay to get dressed for the college ball. She was as happy as she had ever been. High with the result of her success in the swimming trials; the feeling of release following the exams; excited at having met Pam and witnessed everything yesterday; but most of all overjoyed she would be able to see Donny and Matt and tell them all about it. This was the one night in a year were things became more relaxed throughout the town. Even the college officials realised that some steam needed to be let off, following the academic year, though people were still expected to behave like gentlemen and ladies.

Her long black dress was laid on the bed in her room. She had only worn it the once to try on, but it was beautiful. It fitted like a glove which meant you had to have the correct physique to do it justice and she had. It ran without fault down her body to the floor. It looked light but felt heavy when lifted due to the sheer volume of material. She wore the sheerest black underwear, so as to discourage VPL and a pair of sheer black hold-up stockings with a seam and flowered pattern at the heel. She looked in the mirror and adjusted the half-cupped bra, which held and presented her breasts to most advantage. The bra was so sheer her nipples were clearly visible. With some initial problems she managed to slide into the dress and eventually fasten it at the back. She stepped into black patent-leather high heels and finished off with a string of pearls around her neck, visible above the round orbs of her breasts. Her hair was held back in a corn plait following a visit earlier to the hairdressers.

There was a courtesy knock on the door as her mother entered, and she looked in awe.

"Kay darling you look beautiful!"

Kay turned applying her dark red lipstick.

"Why thank you mother."

Kay was statuesque and elegant.


She arrived at the hotel at eight and was greeted by wolf whistles and coyote howls from the guys. Matt stepped out looking sharp and handsome. He was wearing a black dinner suit, formal white dress shirt and white bow-tie, non-standard issue as all the other guys wore black, but looked particularly outstanding and handsome. He kissed her hand and offered her his arm so that he could escort her into the building up the red carpeted hotel steps. He acted so mature and charmingly she could feel stirrings below.

Inside Donny approached equally well dressed and handsome in a black satin lapelled tuxedo. She was so proud and excited to be with her two friends.

"How beautiful you are m'lady." Donny bowed and kissed her hand in an equally chivalrous manner as Matt.

"Why thank you Donny. How honoured I am to be escorted by such handsome men."

Not to be outdone, Matt interrupted.

"It's because we have missed you so much."

"You saw me yesterday morning." She laughed playfully.

"But not enough of you." Donny jumped in.

"Are you seeing enough of me now?" She stood with her arms wide open and Donny couldn't resist staring at her breasts, his gallantry having vanished.

"Oh what I see is glorious but not nearly enough."

She slipped her arms through theirs and whispered.

"Down boys! The night is young." And walked off with them to the dance floor.

The ballroom was large and had tables set out on the periphery of the polished wooden dance floor. A number of golden chandeliers hung around and there was a dance band playing on the large stage. A saxophone played lazy jazz as people congregated in groups.The music was conservative stuff, but there was to be a disco later.

They were joined by friends male and female and sat chatting about the college year just gone and to come; exams, music and holidays. Some were spending the time away, some travelling, some lazing, some like Kay hoping to work. She worked so that she could have her own independent money and not feel as if she were a parasite on her parents. People drifted in and out of their company until dinner was served and they all settled at their predefined tables.

After dinner the three of them sat together, Matt asked.

"OK – Tell us about your trials then?"

Kay relaxed in her high sided armchair. Her legs were crossed and one high-heeled shoe hung lazily off her stockinged foot. Donny wanted to slide his hands up her legs and feel the sensation of her stockings and underwear. Kay could read his thoughts, knowing he wanted to 'talk dirty'. Kay re-crossed her legs, making a swishing sound, which did nothing to cool either of the boys down.

"I passed both my trials and will now swim for the County next year." She was determined to draw this out, deliberately teasing them, as they hadn't paid enough interest in her success. "But you know that, of course."

They both looked disheartened and frustrated.

"Yes we know that ... and we're both pleased but I thought you had something else to tell us.." Donny was trying his best not to show impatience, but failing miserably.

Kay sipped her drink then slowly placed it back on the table. She licked her full red lips.

"Now what else was it? Hmmmm." She leaned her head against her hand and tapped at her cheek slowly with her long finger, a puzzled expression on her face.

"Oh come on Kay. You know what we're after." It was Donny as impatient as ever. "We're dying to hear."

She decided to let them out of their misery.

"Oh yes I remember." Her eyes twinkled as she threaded her hair playfully, through her fingers. "I've met a new friend. You two would just LOVE her."

"No one could compare with you." Matt answered sycophantically but equally playfully, then added enthusiastically. "Tell us more."

"She's called Pam. She's smaller than me, a really pretty blonde and oh so sexy."

"What do you call sexy?" Asked Donny, suspicious of whether her criteria matched his own.

"Put it this way. I don't know what you were doing yesterday afternoon but we were watching a porn movie."

"Really! Together!" Exclaimed Matt with excitement. "Please go on, don't stop!"

Kay looked around at this outburst to check that no one was listening, then leaned in conspiratorially.

"You like playing games don't you boys? " They nodded, though hesitantly. "Well I'll tell you it all ..... as we dance."

"But we can't all dance together." Objected Donny.

"No, you're right. So I'll tell you a bit each time I dance with you and repeat it for the other each time I dance with him or vice versa." She laughed playfully, rose and offered her hand for the first dance.

They all danced, together and with different people. They were all quite popular but Kay was the hottest, she was hardly off the dance floor. The men were mostly perfect gentlemen, with the occasional one covertly looking at her breasts or trying to feel her underwear. She took it all in good part and quite enjoyed it but made sure they didn't try to overstep the mark. She didn't want to earn an unwarranted reputation.

Matt and Donny danced with a selection of girls, but only if they couldn't dance with Kay. She related her tale to them in instalments driving them crazy with excitement, inevitably getting them aroused. They couldn't believe what she was saying and being in the room as a couple were having sex was almost too much. She felt their hard chests pressing into her breasts and hands moving tentatively down her back, trying to surreptitiously detect her underwear. When they left her either one would have semi or completely erect penises. It made her smile mischievously to think what their next dance partners thought of their arousal.

Later in the night Donny, Kay and Matt sat quietly alone, in a darkened alcove. The boys were sweating from dancing and alcohol. Each of the boys had a sizeable hip flask containing rum or vodka, as did most of the other males. Matt passed his flask to Kay who sipped it and gasped.

"Rocket fuel!" She said handing the flask back and shaking her hand dismissively as Donny offered his. "No thanks. Something a little more diluted I think."

Matt turned to Kay.

"Phew! What a story!" Matt smiled and shook his head.

"What a week!" Kay responded. "I can't believe what I've seen this week."

Matt and Donny looked at each other and agreed.

"Things have gone quickly." Matt said. "Do you regret it?"

Donny flashed an annoying glance at Matt, which Kay saw.

"It's ok Donny. I don't." She patted him affectionately. "You're my friends and I wouldn't want to be with anyone else. We've shared everything."

"Almost everything." Donny murmured.

Kay looked cross.

"There are limits!" But smiled. "It's about knowing the limits. You've had me doing things I never even thought of two weeks ago."

"But you have enjoyed it?" Asked Matt again.

"Oh yes... of course. I'm young, inquisitive." She placed her hand on Matt's and smiled. "Of course I enjoyed it. I just don't want us to spoil anything."

Matt placed his hand on hers.

"We won't. We're best of friends."

And Donny nodded in agreement.

"I know but life's not like that." There was a swish as Kay uncrossed her legs, wish Donny noticed. "Even Pam said there'd be a choice."

"A choice? With our friendship?" Donny was indignant. "Never!"

Kay smiled thoughtfully but not wanting to pursue the conversation, as they weren't ready for it yet. The mood was getting sombre so she decided to lift it. She looked around to make sure they were alone and whispered.

"Can you remember what we've done then?" She looked at each of them in turn her smile cheering them.

Donny brightened up.

"Plenty of ...." He made a fist with his hand and simulated masturbation. "Virtually every night."

Kay pushed his hand down before anyone else saw.

"We've both cum in your panties." Recalled Matt. "More than once..... and you've worn them afterwards."

"I know!" This embarrassed her and she placed her hand over her eyes, then fanned her face with it. "Hhhm don't remind me and you've seen my underwear, far too much."

"Not nearly enough!" Retorted Donny. They laughed but it was nervy as they got excited.

" And ...." Matt interrupted. "You've been having a great time while we've been desperately waiting for you."

"Aww! How nice." She said and planted a lingering kiss on his lips, which took him aback. Pam's good advice, she thought.

Donny interrupted the proceedings.

"Did you remember it's black today?"

Kay looked incredulously.

"And what do you think I'm wearing?" She looked at him. "Black dress, black shoes, black stockings, isn't that a clue?"

"Yes but not incontrovertible evidence." He adopted his attorney posture, one hand holding his lapel. "For all we know you could be wearing red or cream...etc."

Kay was shaking her head, suspecting his intent.

"No way! This is the college ball."

"Well a game is a game and you know the rules." Donny replied.

Kay was determined not to loose the game.

"OK so what's your suggestion."

"Well I think you can do one of two things." He looked mischievously to Matt and back to Kay. "Show us here."

"I would have to roll my dress up and I'm not going to chance being caught."

"Or take your panties off as we watch... for verification purposes of course."

Kay raised her eyebrow, signalling her scepticism.

"No way!"

Then Matt jumped in.

"Or there is a third way – let's find somewhere quiet."

She thought about this and weighed up the options. She could go outside, or find a quiet room in the hotel but risked being caught, which would not do. She decided on an alternative plan.

"I suppose I could come back to the cabin later – but what would your parents say?"

The prospect of being together later in his cabin was very appealing to Matt so he agreed. He didn't think his parents would mind particularly tonight, so near to end of college.


It was near midnight when the three of them got out of the taxi at Matt's home. Matt had a key and opened the front door. His mother heard them giggling as they entered the hall and came to the top of the stairs.

"Hello? Who's there?" She knew it was Matt. "Oh hello Kay. What are you all up to?"

Donny shouted. "Hi!"

"Kay wants to borrow a CD so we've all come home early." Matt emaphasised this so his mom realised they could have returned a lot later, and would be placated. "We're going to get it, in the cabin."

Donny sniggered and Kay nudged him.

"Oh well I suppose it's better you're back." She accepted. "Now don't be up 'til all hours, there's still college in the morning and don't be keeping Kay out too late and make sure you don't make too much noise."

"Ok Mom we won't." Matt replied leading them through the house into the garden.

Once in the open they laughed and ran to the cabin, Kay teetering on her heels, trying to keep to the paved path, affected by the alcohol.

Once inside they shut the door and lay back on the timber walls, until their breathing eased. Donny unfastened his bow-tie and turned to the other two. He offered his hip flask to them both and they each took a swig, Kay wincing slightly.

"Well!" He paused as they both looked at him. "We're here."

That was probably the dumbest thing he'd ever said. Then Matt supported him.

"Yes we are." And looked to Kay.

She was slightly drunk and returned their looks in turn, seductively and alluring.

"Mmmm! That's very accurate." Her tongue ran slowly over her lips. "I guess it's time to show?"

Donny edged closer, his shirt collar open, an eager grin on his face.

"Sure is m'lady."

"... but first." She pointed a finger at each one of them. "I want a kiss off my boys."

They were both up for this. As ever Donny stepped forward, first.

Kay placed her arms around Donny's neck and planted her open mouth on his. As the kiss continued his hands rustled up and down her dress, exciting Matt as he watched. Kay was warming to this, Pam had been right. They broke their clinch.

Kay then signalled Matt to come and get his. Donny's hand went to his trouser pocket unable to stop himself. Matt ran his hand up and down her sides and over her buttocks, feeling the part man-made fibres in her dress material and underwear slide over each other. Kay was wet and horny but lazily enjoying the attention she was getting. Donny coughed to break up the embrace and said.

"Excuse me. Isn't it show time yet?"

He was already rigid in his trousers. Kay looked him up and down.

"...... and what's your acknowledgement to be?" She smiled seductively once again.

Donny groaned and undid the fly on his black trousers.

"I think you know."

"Mmmmm! I think I do." She watched as Donny and then Matt freed their erections and began to slowly play with them. She bent forward and grasped the hem of her long black dress, and carefully lifted it to her waist.

They looked with hunger in their eyes from the long stockinged legs, to the lightly tanned skin and black sheer panties. Her black matted pubic hair pressed flat against the front. Donny speeded up his hand movements.

"Kay please." There was a guttural sound. "Just keep it like that."

His stiff cock was in his hand. Kay looked disapprovingly at him.

"Do NOT get any on this dress or you're dead."

"I promise I won't honest." He was already well on his way, she could tell by the white frothy fluid he was generating. He looked innocently. "Can I just touch .... your stockings?"

She smiled at him and nodded quietly.

"I thought you'd never ask."

Then turned to Matt and offered him the same.

"How about you?"

Matt needed no further invitation and immediately started stroking her legs. Her head lolled back as they stroked her thighs. It was a real turn-on and she squeezed herself, still too shy to fondle herself in front of them and anyway it would be too difficult, she was holding up the dress. She opened and closed her eyes, smiling all the time, as if in some dreamy, other place. She spoke in a low whisper.

"Can I trust you not to stain my dress."

They both nodded.

"Look I'll keep it away from your clothes." Matt said. She looked convinced.

"How about we move to the futon? My arms are aching."

She brushed through them to the futon, leaving them to stare at each other in disbelief and excitement. The week got better and better Donny thought. She hitched her dress and lay down on the flat cushion. She opened then bent her legs. She kept her shoes on. She was prostrate; her stockings leading to her white thighs and black panties exposed. The bottom of her dress was ruffled around her hips.

She patted either side of the mattress. The boys with their hard exposed cocks, removed their jackets and positioned themselves each side. She took hold of a hand from both of them and placed it on the inside of her stockinged legs. Their hands covered the smooth nylon material up to the patterned top and soft skin of her thigh. Her legs opened and closed slowly and occasionally the backs of the boys hands would collide, and move away nervously, as they enjoyed the feel of the meshed material.

"How does that feel?" A sigh came from deep in her throat.

"Awesome." Said Donny as he angled himself to get a better view of her panty clad crotch. The material was straining causing a small black bulge between her legs. His head was so close that his cheek would brush against the outside of her nylon covered thigh, as she rocked her legs. A whiff of her warm sex, drifted to his nostrils and heightened the sensation.

"I just can't believe it." Said Matt. "I'm so horny."

He lay and masturbated slowly as he ran his hands up the inside of her leg, as if memorising the exact contours. Occasionally he would make a slip and feel the naked flesh of her thigh, just short of her sheer panties.

Kay would lean up to look down at the two stiff cocks as they played with themselves and find it almost unbearable. She was so tempted to join them by sliding her hand into her panties but couldn't bring herself to do it for fear of losing control. She also felt hypocritical as she was watching them but not reciprocating. She would roll her eyes upwards, as she lay back on the cushion an ache and a fire in the pit of her stomach. The Devil's fire! It may have been the drink getting to her head but she had to do something.

"Would either of you prefer me to do that for you?" She asked so matter-of-factly. It took them both by surprise. Donny was again first to react.

"Would I? Yes please." He thrust his thick penis at her.

She was not experienced at this and initially gripped it like it was an iron bar.

"No. No. Hang on." Donny took hold of her hand and guided her thumb and fingers to caress it more gently just around and below the head. She turned slightly, apologising to Matt for showing her back.

"Think nothing of it." He was enjoying watching the performance and the shape of her thighs and panty clad bottom. She turned back slightly and whispered.

"You're next." This instantly put him in an even higher state of excitement.

She turned her full focus on Donny and quickly got in the rhythm, probably because he had already done the preparatory work. As she moved faster, she found she could grip tighter and easy off, guided by the expressions on his face and utterances from his mouth. The mere fact that she was holding his throbbing penis, made her soaking wet. She was experiencing thrills each time he spoke or pleaded, as she moved.

She could feel Matt preparing himself behind her, but didn't want him to cum too soon. She was looking forward to making them both cum. The pace quickened and she felt Donny's cock stiffen. His cheeks blew out and then sucked in slowly. He removed a freshly laundered handkerchief to capture his ejaculation before it stained her dress or his suit. His chivalry had returned. She felt the jerk from under his skin and watched as his juice splashed out onto the white cotton. She enjoyed the feel of his thick meat in her slender hand. His hand went to her own to slow her down. She responded synchronising her pulls with his throbs, until only a slow trickle remained. Donny lay back on the futon, his arm across his forehead, mouthing "Oh Man!". Kay kissed his cheek and turned to Matt.

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