tagToys & MasturbationCabin Fever Ch. 05

Cabin Fever Ch. 05


It was now over four weeks since THAT Friday night.

Kay had thought about it on vacation. It had been really raunchy. A night of desperation, madness; a night of depravity, the like of which she had never known. She really couldn't stop herself. She was filled with raging desire. What should she have done? Exercise some control, she knew. She felt she had betrayed her mom and dad and all the morals instilled in her. It could have been so much worse -- better? So she must have exercised some control.

It wasn't just the night. It was the whole week building up to it; the sexual tension; the three of them talking; teasing; arousing; experimenting; the game; the release; the guilt. That week she had done some things that when she thought of them even now, she blushed. She knew it was wrong. One because it was a sin and two because there were three of them involved and that wasn't natural -- was it? She began to question the beliefs that had been drummed into her since birth. A relationship was made for two people; couples she knew that; even so, the idea of the three of them excited her. It was a journey of joint discovery; a sexual safari -- which was now over; though she tingled when she thought of it.

Her thoughts drifted to her vacation. As she lay on her beach towel in the baking heat, feeling it burn the guilt from her body and infuse a feeling of relaxed wellbeing throughout. She had thought to herself; everybody experimented with sex and that's all they had done, but she knew it would be viewed a lot differently, if it ever became known I her insular narrow minded town. Maybe it WAS time to choose between them as Pam had suggested; but how could she choose, they were equally lovely. She had decided to put it to the back of her mind and enjoy a vacation without the complication of sex.

The Sunday was spent reacquainting herself with her twin 'cousins' Brad and Jenny. They weren't actual cousins but their parents had known each other for years and they would always visit each other or go on vacation together. They'd grown up together. This year they were all staying for a fortnight, in a large villa that Brad and Jenny's parents owned, not far from The Florida Keys.

Kay awoke early Tuesday morning for her swimming practice. She dressed in a navy blue one piece bather and swimming cap. She felt that her hair was becoming a nuisance especially with all the swimming she was doing and had decided to get it cut the next day when she went to the salon with Jen. After swimming and a light breakfast, she settled down with her book on the back porch of the villa by the pool. Brad and Josh his father were busy over by the trees, removing some.

Kay watched from the sun bed as Brad tackled a tree. The double bladed axe bit into the trunk, causing triangular chunks of wood, to spit onto the grass. Brad's muscles strained and rippled each time he hefted the axe, to hew the tree. His energy was immense but he would take occasional breaks to recover his breath. He was flushed, with beads of sweat breaking out on his forehead, arms and back. He wiped his forehead with his arm and occasionally took sips of lemonade.

As Kay read 'Jane Eyre' she could hear the rhythmic, dull thud of the axe against the tree, all else was quiet. This had a soporific affect. She found herself dozing as she read and eventually lay the book to one side. As her eyelids switched between open and closed, she found herself watching Brad launching blow after blow into the tree. It was quite stimulating.

She had never thought of him as a man before. They'd known each other for so long and were more like brother and sister, but she could see now he was extremely attractive. In fact he was a younger, bigger version of his father, who chopped at the other side of the tree, alternatively. She began rocking her crossed legs to the lazy beat, which made her tingle. After several minutes she realised she was becoming aroused and immediately felt embarrassed and guilty. What on Earth was she doing? She stopped herself and looked the other way. This started her wondering if she was depraved in some way or was it, as she hoped, just her hormones, at this time of the month?


Her life was in turmoil she started wondering if she was becoming obsessed with sex as she found herself thinking of sex or looking for sex situations almost all the time. After the vacation she had begun work at Mr Goodiner's store. She felt there were sexual undercurrents there; nothing specific but Iona her work colleague was sometimes quite suggestive about people, including Mr Goodiner himself and although Kay had never experienced anything personally, she was aware of his wandering eye. Maybe she was pre-judging him because of what Donny had told her regarding seeing him looking at her panties in church. She wasn't sure though she had observed him looking up her skirt a couple of times, which may have been accidental. Even so the circumstantial evidence seemed to be building up against him. She hated that. People being found guilty just because a mixture of unrelated and often poor quality 'evidence' is pieced together to make it appear true. A need for justice was built into her character.

Another disturbing 'symptom' if you can call it that had arisen. Since her vacation she had been plagued with dreams of a sexual nature. She realised the cause; the weeks before, what she had witnessed, what she had done and Brad.

At bed time whether because of the heat or not she didn't know, a kind of delirium took over her and she would wake wet and sweating from some of the most vivid erotic dreams. There were frequent occasions when she had masturbated feverishly after having a dream. She couldn't stop herself. It seemed as if the more she attempted to suppress her desires the more lewd the dreams would become.

She could clearly recall in detail 3 dreams:

Dream one: She is at the beach with Brad which she had been on vacation, stripped naked. They notice a pontoon and decide to race out to it. Brad wins the race and hauls himself onto the deck as she swims alongside. Kay is too self-conscious and stays in the water. He sits on the side with his large recumbent cock laying on his thigh, his legs open. She knew he had a large cock as she had seen it when they where at the beach. They talk but she is distracted by activity at the other cove, mainly to stop herself looking at his appendage. She looks out to the cove but knows she must turn round sometime. She thinks "Why not? We've known each other years". Then braces herself.

She treads water turning to him. He looks away his arms by his sides, hands pressed on the pontoon deck. She can look at leisure up his hairy thighs to where his testicle sack nestles at the top, his cock lazily pointing at her. She bobs between his legs, his knees either side of her head. As he feels the soft skin of her face on his thighs he looks at her, just as she begins licking his scrotum, the reaction is immediate and his prick lifts like a slumbering dinosaur roused into action.

His legs widen and she reaches with both arms to pull his lower body towards her. The end of his penis points at her moistened lips and she tenderly nibbles on it. This continues for a while until she opens her mouth and devours more of his cock. He is ecstatic, bucking his hips into her face and rolling his head in pleasure. She rolls her tongue around the large head and feels her mouth stretching, he is so big. She is wet between her legs and not only because of the seawater. She can taste salt on her lips; from him.

He withdraws from her mouth and eases himself into the water with hardly a splash. He stands facing her. Bringing her body against his, she feels the tautness of his cock bolt upright against her flat stomach. He dips his two strong arms into the water gripping her thighs and raises her up so that he can position his penis at the entrance to her vagina. With a warm push he penetrates her, thrusting ever more into the depths of her body; filling her as her legs desperately cling to his back and buttocks; pulling him in with her heels and hands. She can feel little warm wriggling sea creatures tantalising her clitoris, as she grows to her climax. It comes; a tsunami of delight; followed by waves of pleasure and passion. She feels herself drowning in the soft foam and it feels good.

She always woke up from this one, highly charged usually having an orgasm.

Dream two: Brad's mortorbike is riding itself with Kay stretched back naked on the seat as Brad lays on top of her, dressed in his leather gear; black leather jacket, pants and boots with buckles. He even has a black leather covered cock. There heads are completely facing the opposite direction to the handlebars, which are steady as a rock. She grips him as they zoom along the highway, wind rushing over her body making it tingle in every nerve ending. She holds his black leather covered cock in one hand just managing to get her fingers around it. She then guides it to her opening, before thrusting it into herself. This dream is so perverted and pleasurable she had even had this whilst awake using Donny's lamp/dildo but the resulting masturbation must have been so noisy, her mother had come into the room wondering what was wrong. Kay had been in such a sweat that her mother assumed she had a fever and she was treated for it. Thankfully she never noticed the disassembled lamp.

Morning's after this one Kay really started to think she was a pervert.

Dream three: Which probably stemmed from Kay's love of horses. There is a full moon and a clear sky. She is sat in front of Brad on a horse that is galloping along a beach. She is naked except for a pair of bejewelled high heeled shoes that glint in the moonlight. He is completely naked and erect against her buttocks and back. She lifts herself to offer him a better position for his entry into her. With one hand he dips under the arch of her thighs. Her buttocks are white against her sun kissed skin. She sits on him so he can pump into her from behind. The feel of the animal between her legs, coupled with him gripping her hips and thrusting into her, make it fantastically erotic for her. His hands are fondling her breasts and nipples which are hardened by the warm wind blowing into her. Her hands are gripping the leather halter tightly her fingernails digging into her palms. She can feel her clitoris rubbing against the warm sinewy horse flesh, at its shoulders and neck as Brad repeatedly pushes into her. The ride goes on for miles and miles until she is leaning with her head into the horse's neck, her arse upward as he slides in and out with long, wet lengths. His penis glistens in the moonlight. Eventually she comes with the smell of the horse sweat and sea permeating her nostrils, cooing into the horse's ear.

Although Brad had starred in all the preceding dreams, sometimes Donny or Matt would replace him but it didn't make her feel any better of herself. This constant dreaming and unintentional almost feverish masturbation, made Kay feel as if there was something odd about her. It carried on for days and was making her moody.


As Kay got herself dressed she had another flashback to her vacation. She thought about the 'pamper day' when Jen and Kay went to the Salon in town. Kay was pleased her period had ended and with it the pain and bloated feeling. They entered through the glass door and draped net curtains. The receptionist was a blonde girl, heavily made up. She welcomed them and asked them to complete a form for the programme they would be following. It was hair, manicure, pedicure, massage and make-up, for both.

They were greeted by personal assistants who would take them through their programmes. First they had to undress and don a white gown. The place was more like a gym than a hair salon with booths, tables and chairs throughout on tiled floors. Various ladies sat under driers drinking coffee and some stronger beverages.

They started with the hair stylist and Kay decided she would prefer a 'bob' cut. This would be so much more manageable and as the stylist Claude said, would suit her High cheek bones and facial features perfectly. He was 'sooo' happy when she followed his advice. Jen decided upon a trim only.

They read magazines detailing the latest celebrity divorces and misbehaviour which for Kay was quite a change from the restricted reading and conversation she was used to. Jen and Kay chatted and laughed at the gossip.

After the hairstyling they had their nails taken care of, which took them to lunch time.

The afternoon brought a long, deep, relaxing massage that released every knot and tightness in their bodies. They were left to relax together on beds and eventually Kay brought the conversation round to Brad's appendage.

"Oh you mean Brad Dexter's Magnificent 7." Jen laughed.

"Sorry?" Kay responded.

"Well you know his middle name is Dexter, right?" Kay nodded. "His tool is nicknamed the Magnificent 7."

Kay still looked puzzled. Jen sighed and began the explanation.

"Brad Dexter is the actor nobody can name from the original movie. Dad must have been having a joke, when he named him." Jen rolled her eyes. "And of course the '7' is for its length!"

Kay smiled. Unbidden thoughts came into her head from the more inquisitive side of her nature. She knew she could say anything to Jen and to Brad for that matter. So she decided to satisfy her curiosity.

"Do you know if he's used it?" Just the thought was making her voice tremble.

Jen shrugged.

"I guess, a few times." She smiled an eyebrow raised wondering where this was going.

Kay wriggled on the bed, nervous but eager to pursue this further.

"I was just wondering that was all."

"I understand your curiosity. It's natural." Jen smiled. "I'd be curious, the strict upbringing you've had. Look Kay it's no issue to me, ask away. We tell each other everything."



Kay blew her cheeks out.

"It's just - it's so big ..... in his trunks!" She added.

"Well I never Kate!." She pretended shock at Kay; ribbing her. "I guess it is. But to be honest it gets a lot bigger than that."

Jen looked unfazed. Kay was stunned.

"How on Earth do you know?"

"I said we were close. We've lived together a long time, you get to see things."

"I suppose you do." Kay looked distracted. She couldn't believe she was talking this way to Jen and about her brother.

"With more than one girl?"

"Huh! Oh I guess so. Yes a few, on dates, at parties and things."

"So he's had sex then?" Kay didn't want to stop talking. "Full penetrative sex that is?"

"Yes. He has. "

"How many times?"

"Gosh! a few. I don't know how many." She looked quizzically at Kay. "Why? What's your interest? Have you?"

"Well not really." Kay thought. "Why have you?"

"Mmmm! Now that would be telling." But Jen offered no more. "Anyway I asked first, have you had sex?"

"Not really?" Kay said nervously, looking about.

"Not really? What then? Hand job? Blow job? 69?"

Each time Jen said something Kay became slightly more aroused.

"I don't like to say really."

"I've told you about Brad."

Kay leaned in closer to Jen and whispered.

"Well ..... I've made them cum."

"Them? So more than one."

"It's Donny and Matt."

"Ahhh! I thought as much. I'm not surprised." Jen lifted herself up on an elbow. She knew of Donny and Matt from conversations she'd had with Kay in the past. "Did you suck them off?"

Kay shook her head and blushed.

"Well I sort of masturbated with them."

"Hmmm nice." She looked quizzically at Kay, put her hand to her mouth then burst out. "Not together?"

Kay reddened

"Oh you rude girl!" Jen teased. "I'm very impressed I have to say."

Kay felt a mixture of embarrassment and pride at least she had some experience to talk of."

Later Jen returned to the subject of Brad.

"How come the interest in Brad's cock all of a sudden anyway?"

"Just curiosity really." Kay tried to make light of what she was really thinking. "I didn't realise it was so big, until yesterday."

"You wanna see it in anger when he pulls the foreskin back and that big bell end. It's massive. "

Kay was speechless, recovering she managed to gasp.

"How could you possibly know about that?"

Jen laughed and placed her finger alongside her nose.

Their personal assistants arrived which broke up the conversation. It was time to get dressed and be picked up by their mothers.

The conversation with Jen had just made Kay more intrigued about Brad. But she was clear in her mind that she must exercise restraint and not get involved with Brad in any sexual way, even in fantasy. It would be too shocking.

If only, she thought coming back to reality.


The day was bright and Kay was excited. Donny and Matt had returned from their expedition yesterday and she had not yet seen them. They must have been exhausted from the trip and she could hardly wait to meet up with them this afternoon. Kay was still getting over her own vacation some two weeks after; this had surprised her. She had also started working at Mr Goodiner's store, which was not without its surprises.

Donny and Matt fresh back from their vacation sat and played with the Playstation in the cabin, a CD played in the background. The boys had had two weeks at home without Kay followed by two weeks away; hiking, climbing and camping. An organised group from college had gone to the wilds of Alaska for an activity break and the boys had progressed from hanging around thinking of her on vacation, to being too exhausted to even think about sex! Something never achieved by prayer and meditation. They had missed her and Kay had missed them equally.

They both looked up as the door slowly creaked open; then jumped up when they saw Kay's long shapely leg appear. She stepped in and they were awestruck.

The first thing they noticed was that her long hair was gone. She now had it cut in a 'bob' style. It made her appearance more sophisticated, emphasising her long neck and high cheekbones. She was dressed casually wearing a white jacket of some man-made fibre over a white cotton singlet. She had on a maroon Lycra mini-skirt and matching tight shorts, which came to just above her knee. The outfit was completed with maroon heeled slip-on shoes. She looked stunning in a cheerleader-ish sort of way. They stood speechless admiring her and she felt both flattered and slightly embarrassed at their staring.

She was then enthusiastically accosted. A series of friendly cheek kissing followed. She felt the familiar hard muscles on their bodies as she embraced them. They were both tanned and weather beaten to a degree but their eyes sparkled through. Wellbeing oozed from them. She felt invigorated, just seeing them. Eventually breathless, laughing and flushed, they sat down. There was a moment or two when Kay just looked at the boys and smiled. They grinned back, all happy to be together again, as if nothing had happened between them.

"It's great to see you." Kay said. She stood to remove her jacket, revealing her bronzed shoulders and arms; her left adorned with a wristwatch, her right with a thin white gold bangle. Around her neck she wore a chain of the same material that supported a cross, which disappeared under her white cotton vest, nestling between her firm breasts.

"It's so good to see YOU." Matt almost groaned with desire emphasising the 'o' in the 'so'. "You look simply gorgeous. So different. Your hair ..."

"Why thank you." She said, touching the bottom of her bob with the palm of her hand. "I had this done in Florida."

"It's marvellous makes you look so... so ... elegant." Said Matt with so much enthusiasm.

She curtsied, smiling.

"Why thank you kind sir." There was a hint of mockery but it was well meant.

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