tagErotic CouplingsCabin Fever Ch. 08

Cabin Fever Ch. 08


Next day Kay slept late. When she awoke she still felt horny from the night before. She thought about them all but especially about Donny getting her to talk dirty about Brad's cock. Even the thought of the word turned her on. She squeezed her legs together and rolled from side to side on her bed.

"Cock. Cock. Cock." Each time she said it out loud, it sent a thrill through her body. "Cock cock cock cock....."

Kay's father gently knocked then popped his head through the door.

"Are you alright?" He looked at Kay in her pink checked pyjama's, on top of her bed quizzically. The PJ's had short pants and he coughed politely seeing her long legs exposed. "You sounded like you were choking."

Kay stopped rolling instantly blushed and said.

"No I'm fine really I was just .. er .. humming a tune."

She was flustered.

"Hmmm I see! Tune? Sounded more like a rotor-blade on a helicopter; obviously not a classical piece."

He popped his head back and closed the door.

Kay covered her mouth with the pillow and laughed at the ridiculous situation. She loved her father very much but realised he was so straight-laced and found it difficult as she'd grown up to watch her mature into a young woman. The idea of her being sexually active would have probably given him a heart attack. She was so sorry but he had to get over it. She had to grow up.

Knowing he was around put paid to any thought of sexual arousal so she rolled over and fell back to sleep.


Donny Kay and Matt were in the cabin on Saturday night it was about 8:30. Matt had given Kay assurances that his dad had not heard them in the cabin the previous night, so she had agreed to come round. She wouldn't have been able to look him in the eye if he had heard them all.

Kay approached the futon. She was fully clothed, wearing a white knitted top with a large collar and sleeves to her elbows. It opened at the front by a series of silver press stud poppers to her midriff; some were open at the top offering a teasing glimpse of her cleavage. She also wore a pair of beige shorts, white knee length socks and white trainers. Long silver earrings completed the picture of loveliness.

"Come on Kay try it." Donny pleaded.

Her hand was holding his erect penis as she sat next to him his hands pressed on the futon. She looked into his face undecided. She had been kissing both Donny and Matt and they had been fondling her, when suddenly he came up with this suggestion. Donny stared at her.

"You tasted it last night." He placed his head on one side. "It was ok wasn't it?"

"Oh God Donny!" She hung her head in her hands. She lifted her head and was blushing. "Donny you're terrible!"

"What's wrong?" He looked from Kay to Matt and back again his arms open. "Well it's true."

"Yes but .." She looked at him. "I've never done anything like that."

Kay was having real difficulty with this proposition. They had been messing around as normal but Donny wanted to push the boundaries that bit more. He said he'd read about it in one of the magazines Matt had brought from the base. He had then proceeded to read aloud the passage about fellatio with gusto. Kay couldn't stop herself getting aroused even if she'd wanted to, which she didn't. As Donny read from the magazine Matt had fondled her breasts and placed his hand under her bra.

After the previous night's conversation she was left contemplating how open she should be and it appeared Donny was going to test her.

In desperation she found herself saying.

"I'm really not sure I'll be any good at it." She felt stupid for saying it. It was like leaving the gate wide open for him and she realised it was tantamount to saying yes. Donny didn't miss the unintentional opportunity offered.

"Hey! I'll tell you if you're any good." Donny replied enthusiastically. "I think you'll be great once you've practiced a bit."

He turned to Matt looking for support. Matt knew if Donny got her to do it to him there was every chance he'd get the same un-missable opportunity with Kay.

"Of course you will." He rubbed her naked thigh with his hand.

She glanced at him and he felt like a rat, he looked away. Kay knew he was pushing his luck supporting Donny. She felt alone against the two of them.

"Oh I really don't know." She said this as she slowly ran her hand up and down her own thighs, deliberating over the decision. "Last night was one thing; what you're asking for is quite another."

She shook her head.

It was Matt who intervened ever the diplomat because he felt ashamed of succumbing to his own lust.

"You should only do only what you feel comfortable with." Donny looked annoyed at him but he continued. "You could try it and see if it's for you. It's not like we don't trust each other."

She looked at Matt. She smiled but it didn't have her usual warmth. She felt a little let down by him and wondered if it was because things were changing between them. Last night he had said sweet loving things to her but she had wanted lust and passion ... and then there was his dad....

"Just try it." Donny interrupted her thoughts. "Please! See if you enjoy it."

She looked at him, sceptically.

"See if who'll enjoy it?"

He laughed his hands held out in front of him then looked at Matt who shrugged his shoulders.

She sighed heavily with resignation. She took hold of Donny's thick cock and began running her hand up and down its length. His shorts where round his ankles and she looked at his hairy thighs, testicles and stomach. The purple head appeared and disappeared as her hand worked him and there was the familiar white foam lubricating it. She breathed in his musky odour which rose to her nostrils as she continued her tender ministrations and found it pleasant and arousing. There was a tense silence. The only sound they heard was their own pulses pounding in their ears.

Finally her head went down to him.

She tentatively touched the underside of the head with her tongue. She could taste the slight saltiness from his semen as she had tasted it the previous night. She liked the feel of the warm tender skin on her tongue and was aroused by the shape as her lips nibbled on the tender meat. She opened her mouth and covered it. Her teeth accidentally scraped the head's rim lightly, causing Donny to jump, as it tickled him. She tasted it, her tongue sliding over the end, it twitched, she drew back and they all laughed nervously.

She resumed but this time her hand gently held the base of his prick, keeping it steady. As she made herself familiar with the shape and noticed his appreciative sounds she sucked drawing the length into her mouth. She was surprised at how extraordinarily wet she was between her legs. She could hear Donny groaning and from the corner of her eye could see Matt masturbating as he looked on intently.

She continued stroking him moving her soft lips over the end as if kissing it. She snorted through her nose as she sucked on the head; again the salty taste. She mewled as she heard Donny groan and squirm. He was trying to push into her throat, which caused her to gag and withdraw. She coughed and wretched turning her head away.

He apologised and she returned to sucking him but this time holding tightly the base of his penis. Matt was jerking himself off watching in fascination and desire, the pornographic show. As it continued she found she could fit more into her mouth, though she did gag slightly a couple of times as he bucked involuntarily into her throat. Eventually she was controlling the depth of entry with her tongue and hand.

Donny was groaning and trying to suppress the volume of noise he was making.

"Oh yay! This is great." He let out a loud groan. "Oh Kay oh suck on me, deeper, deeper, more, more."

She was unsure what to expect, except that she knew he would cum at some point. She was enjoying the feeling of controlling his pleasure and it was having the desired affect on herself. Though neither of the boys were assisting her the pleasure she was experiencing came wholly from hearing Donny's howls of ecstasy.

By now her head was bobbing up and down the length of his shaft. Donny was urging her on and Matt was watching avidly.

The encouragement spurred her on as she quickened her pace, sucking him deeper until she felt his cock stiffen and twitch as his balls seemed to shrivel. There was a slight puff and splash as he ejaculated. Her tongue caught the salty taste and she swallowed it without thinking. She immediately withdrew his cock and quickened her strokes as her hand gripped him. There was a lurch as more of Donny's white cum exploded into the air and down across her fingers and onto his thigh.

"Oh God! Thank you. That ...." He panted as she still held his erect cock in her hand. " ...that was amazing."

He lay back on the futon his eyes closed.

The whole experience had made her dripping wet between her legs. The power and pleasure she got from giving pleasure was immense. There was nothing to equal it.

There was a groan from Matt and a wet splash as he came in a tissue he was holding. He began apologising his face red with exertion.

"I'm sorry I've just never seen anything like that -- in the flesh!"

Kay waved at him telling him not to worry.

"I've got to say it was really sexy." She looked down and cried. "Oh damn!"

At the front of her beige shorts there was a dark stain at the crotch from her sexual arousal. Both boys looked and she thought she could read their filthy thoughts.

"You better take them off." Donny said. "And dry them."

Donny brought a fan heater / cooler from the corner as Kay stepped from her shorts. His cock was dangling in front of him with some slime hanging from it. He just didn't care.

Kay was wearing white almost transparent high sided panties, which she adjusted. Matt could see her pubic hair through the front, which he found immensely arousing. Donny turned on the heater near an open window, so it would blow outside not warming the cabin too much, as it was already warm inside. He received the shorts from Kay and cheekily smelled the front making a great display of his pleasure much to Kay's playful anger by gripping his slack cock. They laughed and settled down on the settee and futon.

For some time they just lay and listened to the music. Kay was frustrated because although she had been aroused neither of the boys had considered her needs. They seemed to be lying contented like a pride of lions after devouring the day's kill. Kay was enjoying the music and gently rocking her legs squeezing little thrills through her body. This carried on in silence for about half an hour in silence but the occasional smile and look between them all.

Kay was the first to speak.

"What now?"

Matt ever caring responded quickly.

"I think it's only fair that you should have some enjoyment." He said self-righteously.

Kay smiled.

"That's fine with me." She replied. She stretched her legs in front of her. She still wore her trainers and white knee-high socks. Her dark pubic mound was prominent beneath her white nylon panties as she squeezed her thighs together enjoying the effect and a few more poppers from her top came open revealing the curve of her breasts and no bra.

Matt was slowly getting over his masturbating but Donny was already hard.

"Let's try a different position."

"Such as?"

He looked around the room. His eyes alighted on the table.

"How about on that?" He pointed towards it.

"It looks a bit uncomfortable." She said.

"Let's try." He said and taking her hand moved to the table.

They stood kissing passionately breathing heavily through their noses. Donny's stiff cock was against Kay's thin panties and he took the opportunity to press into her. She opened her legs to feel his tip against her clitoris through the damp man-made material. Her eyes rolled back as she felt the pleasure of his contact against her most sensitive area. Matt lay back on the futon lazily stroking his penis as he watched.

Donny began to whisper to her.

"Do you enjoy sucking my cock?"

She groaned but never replied.

"Would you suck Brad's?"

An immediate thrill of excitement shot through her body at the mention of Brad's name. 'Oh Donny was wicked' she thought. He knew his dirty talk and depraved mention of sex with Brad turned her on. It titillated her. It was so very naughty. It drove her wild.

"Would you suck anybody's cock?" He persisted. She was enjoying the game as his cock slid between her legs over the wet and now transparent panties.

She decided to play along with this new game.

"What kind of girl do you take me for?" She said playfully. "Some kind of slut?"

"Would you like to be?" He whispered in her ear as he pushed slightly quicker and firmer. "Would you enjoy getting fucked and sucking guys cocks?"

He's done it again she thought as her breathing quickened. He seemed to read her dreams and fantasies then take them further than she dared herself and it added to the exquisite sensual pleasure.

"Yes I would." She whispered breathlessly and groaned. "When I'm like this I'd suck anybody's cock."

This reaction caused him to buck into her more rapidly and she fell gently onto the table as he held her. She lay back on the table her hips raised to him so he could position his cock between her labia and slide his fat cock along the slit, rubbing her clitoris through her panties.

His hands fondled her naked breasts beneath her sweater. A fine sweat was covering her body like dew on the morning grass. She gasped and then bent her legs and clamped them around Donny's body pressing his buttocks into her with her stockinged heels.

"Would you let Brad fuck you?" Gasped Donny, as he pushed into her. She squirmed with a look of concentration on her face. "Would you like his big cock inside you?"

She never answered but groaned until she stopped for a few seconds holding herself up slightly to look down between their bodies. She was full of reckless abandon and for some reason Donny was pushing all the right buttons. She flung her head back with pleasure.

"You'd like anyone to fuck you." He whispered close to her ear. "You just want to fuck don't you?"

She then emitted a series of high pitch squeals as her orgasm came upon her. Then she hoarsely whispered her reply leaning in to his ear.

"Yes I do. I do I really REALLY do! Awww!" She came but not before he slid two fingers into her well lubricated hole.

Matt was really starting to feel excluded. He was also feeling like a voyeur. He had just watched some of the best live pornography in his life. His cock was hard as rock and because he had already cum earlier he felt he would last for a while. He decided he must join in. He got up and moved next to Kay and Donny who was still bucking between her legs. Even though in a highly charged state, Kay smiled up at Matt.

Matt began to rub his cock head around her hardened nipples, enjoying the feel as they flicked against his tender end. Kay flashed a glance at him and writhed as she saw him rub his damp end over her body. She was approaching a second orgasm and turned towards Matt. She reached for his cock and brought it to her mouth.

Donny watched in fascination as she licked the tip of Matt's cock but looked at Donny as if to say 'is this what you want'. This lasted for several minutes as she ran her tongue up and down his hardened rod. She held him in her mouth for a second or two and then devoured him. Donny pressed between Kay's legs and on her panties as he watched her lips around Matt's engorged prick. She whimpered and snorted through her nose, her mouth fully occupied.

Matt stared down, aghast. He had never experienced anything like this before. He felt light-headed as if going to faint. He ran his hand over her hair and fondled her right breast as she held his hips, with both of her hands, her legs wrapped around Donny. Matt could see Donny's cock-end poking up over her panties to her stomach.

As she sucked deeper and more lustily she would occasionally look up to his face and smile with her eyes. She would also encourage Donny to keep going as she was on the brink of another orgasm. She pulled Matt's cock from her mouth but only so she could tell Donny she was cumming but then immediately returned to Matt.

Matt's legs began to shake as he could feel his own orgasm building.

"Oh! Yes Yes!" He cried.

Matt began to discharge into Kay's mouth, which she swallowed. She withdrew her head while still pumping his shaft the remainder of his cum landing on her cheek and hand. He bent over her jerking into her hand.

"Oh Yes oh Yes!"

At that Donny discharged onto her flat stomach and belly button. They were all heaving and Kay managed to use Donny's cock to achieve another and noisier orgasm. After that there was silence apart from the heaving of their chests as they recovered.

They lay for several minutes quietly together enjoying the afterglow. Then they were startled by the cabin door banging. They immediately jumped up in horror. They were shocked and after a few moments of disarray hurried to find their discarded clothes, which were dotted about the place. When they had pulled on their clothes they waited but nothing happened.

After a few minutes tidying themselves up and looking at each other in silence Matt went to the door. He looked about but could see nothing, so he pulled it over and ensured it was firmly closed. Once they were in some semblance of dress they sat on the furniture looking at each others guilt-ridden faces. Kay had her head in her hands.

"Who do you think it was?" She said quietly. "And what do you think they saw .... or heard for that matter?"

There was a pregnant pause.

"It was probably just not closed properly." Donny broke the silence, ever the optimist trying to make light of the situation.

Matt was not so sure but said nothing trying not to make Kay feel any worse. If it was his mother she would have screamed he knew. If it was his father who could tell, he was a soldier after all.


On the following Wednesday Kay was in the cellar walking back along the tunnel that joined her shop to the butchers shop. The main lights were off. The rather dim energy saving wall mounted lights provided the only light. As she approached the storeroom she heard Iona walking down the cellar steps talking.

"Kay had to go next door to the butchers she'll let herself back in. She has a key."

Kay was just about to let Iona know that she had used the cellar to return, when Larn said.

"Perhaps she fancies some of this." His voice echoed along the tunnel.

Curious, but for some unknown reason, perhaps the tone of his voice Kay dived behind a brick pillar. She waited and then peered round the pillar and caught a glimpse of Larn lewdly holding his manhood in one hand as he walked with Iona. His penis was semi-hard and quite a size Kay noted.

Iona responded angrily.

"Stop it she's just a kid -- leave her alone."

He put his arm around her shoulders and prodded at her with it, which started Iona laughing.

They entered the brightly lit storeroom passing within a whisker of where Kay was standing but didn't close the door.

Kay edged towards the store end of the subterranean passage. She passed the storeroom door and could see a single table in the middle with Iona next to it. Iona's overall was unbuttoned down the front and her white patterned underwear was on display. Larn was near her, unbuckling his broad black leather belt.

Kay was stunned by what she was witnessing but suddenly jumped as she heard a creak from the butcher's end of the cellar. She immediately hid not knowing whether to inform Iona or not. What could she say? She made certain she was well hidden moving back towards the darker wall area.

From her vantage point she could see both inside the storeroom and to her amazement Mr Goodiner appear in his green and brown tweed suit. He was walking as casually as you like toward the storeroom. Kay just didn't know what to do. She could see Iona and Larn in an embrace beside the table. Larn had removed his jeans and was as stiff as a board against Iona. Iona was moaning and gasping as he fondled her breasts.

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