Cabin Fever Ch. 08


Kay looked back to where Mr Goodiner was standing, near to the open door. He must be able to see, she thought. So she waited for the explosion.

Larn lifted Iona onto the table but Mr Goodiner didn't move. Oh my God Kay thought he's going to wait and catch them in the act. Iona groaned as Larn slipped off her bra revealing her ample breasts and started to suck on her large brown nipples. She had a great body not skinny but without excess fat too.

Larn peeled Iona's white panties down and off, placing them on a chair. He bent down between her legs and in so doing revealed her huge black hairy pubic bush. Kay was stunned and her fear had been replaced by excitement, even though she knew Mr Goodiner would hit the roof shortly.

Larn placed both his hands at the top of Iona's thighs and placed his thumbs in her bush parting her quim. Kay could see Iona's bright red glistening inner labia clearly exposed. She looked back to Mr Goodiner and he did no more than remove what looked like, a freshly laundered white handkerchief from his pocket and began unbuttoning his trouser fly. Kay watched in horrified fascination at her friend being opened up by Larn while her boss, an old man began masturbating in front of her.

Mr Goodiner was semi-erect when it appeared and what she thought would be shrivelled and gnarled was in fact large and healthy looking. It certainly compared favourably with Donny and Matt's. With his right hand he was pumping his penis. Slowly at first until it was fully erect.

Kay was wet between her legs and as she watched Larn's head moving between Iona's legs. Iona was groaning and running her hands through Larn's hair. She arched her back and squealed as she must have cum and Kay could feel the now familiar tingling in the pit of her own stomach. Iona pulled Larn gently up to her mouth and Kay could see his tight buttocks and black hairy legs between Iona's. His arm was positioning his cock for entry and when Iona bent her knees and opened wide he slid in to a fanfare of howls from Iona.

Kay could hear Larn as plain as anything asking Iona if she 'liked it', 'wanted more', 'enjoyed being a slut'.

"What about your little pal upstairs? Would she enjoy some of this?"

To Kay's horror she could see his buttocks clench as he said this, pushing in deeper.

"Stop it Larn she's not like that." Iona gasped.

"Well she don't know what she's missing do she baby?" He humped Iona as her white thighs gripped and released his hips. He lifted Iona's legs in the crook of his arms and placed a leg on each of his shoulder. Iona's hands gripped the edges of the table as he pounded into her with long strokes. "Do she baby? Do she? Huh!"

He was panting as he thrust more energetically. Iona mumbled something in reply which sounded like 'no'.

Kay began trembling at the mention of her own name in these circumstances. She then noticed Mr Goodiner had begun thrashing wildly as Larn continued his questioning. Kay was embarrassed but also excited. She couldn't believe the number of men who seemed to be attracted by her whether young or old.

Iona was on the verge of cumming as Larn shouted arrogantly.

"Yeh! Ride my big cock baby."

Iona was yelling for him to cum in her as Larn gave a graphic description of the remaining actions.

Mr Goodiner ejaculated into his handkerchief and wiped himself off as first Iona then Larn climaxed.

Kay was shaking and wet. But the only thing she could think about was getting out of the cellar unnoticed. Thankfully Mr Goodiner retreated back to butchers shop, but not before writing a note which he placed inside a brown envelope and left on a table near the storeroom door.

As quietly as possible Kay made her way back to the store.

Once up the stairs and through the door she leaned back on it shocked and not sure how to react. She needed time to think about what she had witnessed. She wished she had the boys to talk to.

After what she had witnessed with Mr Goodiner she was in awe. She knew it was stupid but just hadn't thought of people as old as Mr Goodiner having a sexual appetite of any description. She would have to start thinking of them in a new light. She wondered if it was all men or just perverts like Goodiner.


She was rudely brought back to reality by the doorbell ringing. Kay took a deep breath and tried to control herself. She moved to the door. It was Matt's dad. He was looking through the patterned door window. She had forgotten to unlock it. She was shaking, whether with nerves or excitement she didn't know. She checked that she was decent, calmed herself and with a smile opened the door for Mr Jones.

"Sorry Mr Jones, I ... I had to do an inventory check in the cellar, so had to lock the door." She apologised in best little girl manner, immediately appealing to him.

"No problem Kay, don't worry." He smiled at her but then looked concerned. "Are you ok?"

She was horny, soaking between her legs and definitely shaking with sexual tension.

"I'm fine ... fine." She said exhaling shakily and looking down in embarrassment as she remembered what she has just witnessed. She prepared herself, looked up and smiled. "What can I get you, Mr Jones?"

Then she felt embarrassment again as she thought of the cabin door banging the previous night. She had to push the thought right out of her mind or she would fold.

He looked around as if searching for something.

"I need a new pipe. I was sure Goodiner stocked them."

Kay turned and looked around at the various shelves, relieved that she could look away from him for a moment, eventually she spotted them. She would be required to use the ladder to get them down. She walked over to it and dragged it along to the bay. Her shaking had made her unsteady and her foot slipped off the first rung. Mr Jones ran forward gripping the side of the ladder, and catching her arm. He looked concerned.

"Are you sure you're ok?"

He moved really quickly and powerfully, Kay thought due to all his fitness training no doubt. He was really nice and for an old-ish guy. You could certainly see where Matt got his good looks from. She shook her head. She had to snap herself out of this. She felt his strong hand holding her arm.

"I'm fine. It's nothing really." She replied, feeling stupid for slipping.

"You take care. Don't want you injuring yourself when you'll be competing." Then taking hold of the steps he insisted in his commanding military voice. "No problem I'll hold the steps for you."

She steadied herself and climbed. The shelf the pipes were on was quite high so the hem of her overall was above Mr Jones head. She began to worry as she knew she was wet down below and might reveal a stained pair of panties, if he looked up. She hoped he would be a gentleman and respect her dignity, though she was as horny as hell. He certainly hadn't the other evening. Taking the opportunity she had offered him. She was wearing white cotton panties and hoped the gusset would do its job of soaking up her female moisture, even though there must have been a large amount. As it happened, it didn't matter, as he was the perfect gent and didn't look. That must have been due to his good army training, she thought and she respected him for it.

What she didn't know was it had taken all his self control to avoid sneaking a peek up her overall. As she stretched for the pipes he could hardly resist the temptation of re-living the joy he experienced at the weekend when she had accidentally flashed her panties to him, his cock twitched at the thought. However he resisted looking and helped her down with the container.

She placed the box on the counter and helped him choose a new pipe by looking at the various, styles, colours and shapes and choosing the one which most suited his character. Kay found the whole process was fun and was quite flirty due to her being horny and the pleasantness of Mr Jones.

In the end he thanked her for her excellent customer service and left grinning happily. Kay smiled but in looking down saw a brass plate reflecting her legs all the way up to her obviously damp white panties. She flushed with embarrassment at the thought of what he might have seen but on reflection recalled that he had been such a gentleman earlier perhaps he never looked. Perhaps?

Mr Jones sped off along the street at a brisk pace whistling while fingering his new pipe. He beamed as he reflected. He had been chivalrous in not looking up the girls overall and for that he felt he should be commended for his self-control. Then she had stood over that brass plate and as he looked down he could not help what he saw and he enjoyed it. She was as wet as a bullfrog fresh from the pond. In fact he was sporting a boner like a baseball bat that he would have to get rid of before going home. If ever there was a need for a home run this was it.

Kay thought of him looking at her panties and it started to turn her on, as it had done at the weekend. He was certainly a good looking guy for his age. What was up with her?

She started to blame Iona and Larn for her condition. If she hadn't seen them she wouldn't have felt so horny in the first place. And of course there was Mr Goodiner. He had changed her thoughts about aging men completely it appeared they were as bad as young men.


As she was thinking this Iona and Larn came out of the cellar. They were talking and Iona giggled as she had on the way in to the cellar. Kay looked at her but avoided eye contact.

"Has the shop been busy?" Iona asked returning to her serious façade.

"No, not really. 'You?"

Larn began gripping his large belt buckle.

"Well she's certainly busted my balls." He said this in his lecherous way to Kay.

"Stop it Larn. Ignore him Kay. We've put the delivery away that's all."

Kay quietly continued with her work unsure how to react. She again wished Donny and Matt were here to share this with.

Larn said his goodbyes with a "see you two ladies next week and don't do nothin' I wouldn't do" and left. The two assistants worked silently clearing away, as it was nearly home time.

The door opened and Mr Goodiner walked in full of cheer and good humour.

"Everything well Ladies?" He said.

"Fine thanks." Iona replied smiling.

"Yes fine thanks." Said Kay not being able to think of anything else to say to him, her mind was full of jumbled thoughts and images and she could hardly look at his face.

"Good good." He looked at Kay's legs until she moved behind the counter, when he raised his eyes. "Been busy?"

"It's been quiet this afternoon." Kay responded.

"We had a delivery which I've been helping the delivery guy with." Iona cut in.

"Well that's excellent, Iona." He looked directly at her. "I trust you got everything you asked for, I wouldn't want Mrs Goodiner chasing missing stock again. You know how it upsets her."

"Yeh! I made sure I got it all." She said this with a knowing smile.

Kay had to keep looking down at the counter during this exchange in case she gave herself away. It was obvious Iona knew that Mr Goodiner was watching her. Then all of a sudden she realised this was all arranged, the storeroom door open, the light on, the brown envelope, this was the bonus system.

Mr Goodiner made her snap out of her thoughts.

"Good good." He said looking towards Kay. "Have an enjoyable night ladies. See you tomorrow."

As her eyes followed him out the door, all Kay could think about was his semen soaked handkerchief in one of his pockets and his leaking penis in his suit trousers.

++++++++++++++++++ The end of Part 8 ++++++++++++++++++


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