tagLoving WivesCabin Fever Parts Ch. 01-02

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 01-02


I wrote this with my friend Ray last year. Hope you all enjoy it! Be sure to read all the parts to get the whole story!


Part 1


Crystal and I had "escaped" for the weekend. We had rented an "A-frame" cabin and she had gone to the store for some groceries, and I had laid back in the front room for a snooze. She is a very gorgeous lady, for me she is the perfect woman, rather short and her body is well shall we say full. What I mean her body has luscious curves in all the right places from her wonderful melon shaped breasts to her great shaped ass, well let me put it this way she turns heads wherever we go. Sex drive: she absolutely cant pass a cowboy. I knew from the beginning we would have to have an open relationship.

Something familiar woke me from my snooze, a faint buzzing, I knew immediately what it was. Somehow she had gotten past me without waking me and gone into the bedroom for another favorite activity of hers. She loves vibrators and dildos almost as much as cowboys. I was feeling like some action but for some reason I slipped to the bedroom door and peeped through the crack to see what she was doing. From the vantage point of the door crack I could see very plainly what she was doing.

There she laid with her legs spread widely open and the vibrating dildo inside her pussy. This explains why the buzzing noise was so faint - her pussy was muffling the noise. Usually she liked it on her clit for quite a while before penetration, but this time she went right for it. Her hazel eyes were closed and her long dark brown hair was almost completely covering her breasts. I was in a trance, watching her beauty. Then I heard her call out the name "Dan." Who was this? We do have an open relationship but I have no idea who "Dan" is.


I had gone to the store, gotten the groceries and other items that me and my husband would need for our get-away weekend at the cabin, and walked home with the bags. On my way home, I walked past our neighbor's house. Dan, and his wife Joan, were on their front porch. They were both naked and Joan was on the floor in front of Dan, who was sitting in a chair. I ducked down behind a large bush, but I was still able to see clearly what they were doing on the porch. Joan was eagerly sucking Dan's large hard cock and he was fondling her ample breasts.

I sat there for a while, watching them, getting more aroused with each passing moment. I had sat the bags on the ground beside me, and my hand slid beneath the leg of my shorts to my pussy. I felt the dampness there, just from watching Dan and Joan performing oral sex. I watched them get up from the chair and move to the wicker sofa that was on the porch. Joan laid down on the sofa and spread her legs wide. I had to admit that Joan had a very nice looking pussy, and that she was one lucky woman to have a man like Dan, with such a huge cock. I thought it had to be at least ten inches long and about two inches thick.

Dan knelt between Joan's legs and started licking and fingering her pussy as Joan herself squeezed and kneaded her breasts. I heard Joan moan and start to pant as her orgasm approached. My hand beneath my shorts was rubbing and stroking my clit, my fingers slipping occasionally into my vagina. My own breathing was increasing in speed and I knew that if I stayed here much longer, I was going to cum in my panties, but I didn't care. I continued watching Dan and Joan, who were now fucking on that wicker sofa, his hard cock slipping in and out of her wet pussy. I could see Joan's love juices coating his hard throbbing cock, and I licked my lips. I watched for about another ten minutes as they fucked on the porch when Dan and Joan both suddenly yelled each other's names as they orgasmed together. Dan's body visibly tensed as he kept his cock in Joan's pussy, shooting his hot cum deep inside her vagina.

I had had enough of this visual torment, so I quietly picked up my bags and left the safety of the large bushes. I walked the rest of the way to the cabin and went inside, placing the bags in the kitchen. I looked in the living room and saw my husband, Jake, sleeping on the couch, the newspaper opened over his bare chest. I didn't want to wake him, so I quietly tip-toed into the bedroom down the hall and closed the door most of the way, leaving it open just a crack. I quickly undressed, tossing my clothes onto the chair in the corner, and took out my pink nine-inch vibrator from the night stand drawer. I laid on the bed, turned the vibe on to the HIGH setting, and quickly slipped it into my hot wet throbbing pussy.

I fucked myself good and hard with it, cumming several times, unknowingly whispering Dan's name, before I happened to look to the door and see Jake peeking in and watching me. I smiled and motioned him to come in. I glanced at his lap and saw that he was aroused from watching me use the vibrator on myself. Jake quickly stripped off his shorts and laid on the bed beside me. He took the vibe from me and turned it off, then laid it on the night stand by the bed.

Part 2


I'm not sure what prompted her to look toward the crack in the door, but as she did so, I noticed with pleasure she invited me in. Watching her fuck herself with the vibrator sure had given me a raging hard on, and it sure didn't take me long to make good on her invite. I must have left a trail of clothes on my way to the bed.

Arriving beside the bed I removed the vibrator from her pussy which was so wet it made a squishy noise as it gave up the vibrator, which I laid on the table beside the bed. The aroma of her sex deliciously filled the room. Unable to resist, nor wanting to while standing on the floor I lowered my head to her wet pussy. It is a pleasure to eat a very wet pussy, first I held her excited clit between my lips as I stroked it with my tongue. Then sliding my tongue into her vagina were all the delicious juices were coming from. Then I started again sucking directly on her clit and fingering her vagina. After a short time of this she asked me to fuck her. Something had her really horny, usually she wants far more foreplay than this, but I am happy to oblige. Getting between her already open legs, I take the shaft of my cock in my hand, and rubbing my pre-cum covered head all over her pussy. Just putting the head into the vagina and then rubbing it on her clit. Thrusting with her hips she made it clear to me she wanted me deep inside her.

As I eased my cock in, she was so wet some juices ran out and down. Reaching behind her I felt the juices running across her asshole which I rubbed with my finger as my cock slowly eased its way into her pussy. She was so wet, I easily slid my entire shaft into her, thinking that only a cowboy could have her this worked up. Feeling her pussy lips at the base of my cock encircling me, before starting to stroke I started to rotate my hips making the head of my cock move inside her. This brought a moan from her. As I started stroking I could feel a bit of a vacuum caused by me pulling out a little. The feeling of the rim of my head rubbing against the walls of her pussy as I started stroking, brought a growl from my throat, surprising and startling myself.


I felt the first tremors of orgasm come on as Jake fucked me hard and fast, just moments after he came into the bedroom. I lifted my legs up and wrapped them tight around his lean waist, so my ankles locked behind his back. This gave him deeper penetration, the head of his cock slamming against my cervix with each thrust. I put my hands on his shoulders, pulling him close and kissing him deeply as my fingernails sunk into his skin as my orgasm crashed down on me. He thrust harder and faster into my hot, wet, shaved pussy. My hips lifted to meet every thrust as he drove into me harder and faster and deeper. I moaned loudly, not realizing I was saying Dan's name in the midst of my passionate release. Jake looked at me with a strange look on his face and asked me, "Who the fuck is Dan, baby?"

I looked into his eyes and said quietly, "Dan is our new neighbor. I met him and his wife Joan on my way to the store for the groceries. When I came back through, they were on their front porch making love. I sat behind a bush, where they couldn't see me, and watched them for a few minutes. He was wearing a cowboy hat, and you know how I get when I see a cowboy, honey. Anyhow, I sat there watching and it made me really hot and wet. That's why I snuck in and started using my vibrator."

I was thinking about inviting them over for dinner sometime this weekend and mentioned that to Jake. Who knows, maybe we could do more than just eat dinner and talk. Seeming to be ok with that explanation, Jake started fucking me hard again, and within moments, I felt him shooting his hot cum deep inside my throbbing pussy. He kept his cock in there until it went limp, then slipped it out and laid beside me on the bed, pulling me close. I rested my head on his shoulder and my hand on his chest, idly running my fingers through his chest hairs.

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