tagLoving WivesCabin Fever Parts Ch. 03-04

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 03-04


Part 3


As I laid on the bed after a mind-blowing orgasm, it was one of those orgasms that you expend everything. I know it has to be leaking out of her pussy, that thought alone gave me pleasure. So her running her fingers through my chest hair and her breath on my neck was an extra boost. That is exactly what Crystal had done for me, she was a great ego booster, even when she was screwing another man she was a boost for me. Something about her just oozed sexuality. I asked, "Did you tell me you were watching Dan and Joan fucking on their front porch?"

Crystal responded laughingly, "That's exactly what I told you. I guess you were so wrapped up in screwing, it didn't soak in."

I said, "If you think they are finished, let's go invite them to a cook out tonight." Teasing Crystal, I said, "You did say Joan is good looking, didn't you? I know Dan must be if he got you that horny...probably wears a cowboy hat too."

The shower together was as usual, we like to do this thing with my hairy chest, get it really soapy and rub her back with it, then turn her and do the front. I can never do this without getting a hard on. This time, I got a boner as soon as we came in contact, and got laughingly admonished for rubbing it between the cheeks of her ass. Holding her close as I reached around to feel her fine, round, full breasts, I squeezed her nipples to erections.


I gasped as Jake's hands came around from behind me in the shower and he started squeezing my nipples gently. They were already hard from the contact of his hard cock against my ass, and he was making them harder and more sensitive. I closed my eyes and savored the feelings of his wet soapy hands sliding over my skin. My hand went behind me and started to stroke his cock as my ass pressed teasingly against him. I felt his hand slide down from my left breast, over my plump tummy to my shaved pussy. He soaped his hand more and began rubbing my skin down there, pressing somewhat firmly over my clit as he soaped my crotch. He rinsed his hand and rubbed some more, this time, pressing his fingers between the swollen lips of my cunt. I moaned softly as I put my hand on his, making him press into me harder. "Ohhhhh God yesssss, Jake. That feels soooo good! Please don't stop!" I whispered breathlessly over my shoulder.

I saw out of the corner of my eye that he smiled, that sexy little smile that always melts my heart when I see it. Jake moved his hands from my crotch and turned me around. He slid his hands down my waist to cup my ass and lift me up against the wall. He thrust his hard cock into my wet pussy in one hard movement as I put my hands on his shoulders. He thrust in and out of my pussy, hard and fast. The water from the shower hit him full in the face, but he didn't seem to mind it as he fucked me. Within moments, we were both screaming out our orgasms together. I felt his cum shoot inside my pussy, then he slid free and my feet went back to the shower floor. I felt the cum leak out and run down my legs.

Jake grabbed the washcloth and soap and washed me clean, then washed himself. We got out and he handed me a towel, and we dried off. We walked to the bedroom and got dressed. I put on a short black leather mini skirt and a red tank top shirt over my pink lace bikini panties and a matching bra. I got my white high-heeled sandals from the closet and put them on. Jake dressed in a pair of tight black denim pants and a white t-shirt, his socks and a pair of cowboy boots (which I find to be incredibly sexy on him), and after he combed his hair, he put on the black cowboy hat that I make him wear during sex sometimes. I walked over to him and hugged him, then I purred (that sound always gets him hard in a heartbeat). I looked up at him and smiled because I could feel him growing hard again. He looked at me and said huskily, "Baby, don't do that or it will take us longer to go see Dan and Joan."

Part 4


As she was getting dressed, it was all I could do not to just sit and stare, those lacy pink panties and bra, it seemed a shame to cover them, but the short leather skirt did just that. And the red tank top did allow the pink bra to occasionally flash its edges and the solid red did a wonderful job of showcasing her ample breasts. I know we had just fucked in the shower but it was still hard (literally) to not stay here and do it again. I knew she was right when she hugged me and suggested that we should go on to see Dan and Joan.

It was a beautiful day and only a short way to the next cabin, so we just walked. As we walked, I put my arm around Crystal. It was a surge of sexual energy to feel her body moving against my hand and occasionally our legs brushed together. It made me wonder, with the body contact and all, was her skirt riding up to give an occasional panty shot? I hoped this was the case. When we got to the cabin Crystal indicated was theirs, there was no one in site, but their new Cadillac was parked nearby so we figured they were inside. We knocked on the door and soon Dan answered it, smiling. I offered a hand for him to shake and he readily accepted it.

At this point, since Crystal had already met them and Joan was at his shoulder by now, she introduced everyone. She also said to them, "We sure would enjoy your company for a cook out this evening." Dan quickly accepted and Joan wanted to know what they could bring. Crystal said, "Just bring an appetite. When I was at the store this morning, I bought some nice steaks and the cabins are equipped with grills." Dan motioned for us to come inside and invited us to sit down. My first thought was he just wants to see if Crystal will show a bit of panty as she sits. This thought was interrupted by Joan sitting directly across from me discreetly holding open the loose leg of her blue shorts to expose her white panties, then she would look me in the eye to catch my expression. If this wasn't enough, as she was looking, seductively she reached down supposedly to get something from her purse, letting her top sag open to expose her breasts, which were smaller than Crystal's but beautifully formed. After we had chatted for a while Dan and Joan excused themselves to go freshen up, since we had agreed that we would all return to our cabin for a cook out.

While they was gone, I asked Crystal if Dan had been flirting with her and told her what Joan had been doing.

She said, "I was so busy making eye contact with him and watching him rub his cock that I didn't notice her flirting." Soon we heard the shower running, so it was obvious it might be a few minutes. I sat back and imagined Joan's naked body in the shower, the thought of her soaping up that freckled body in the shower gave me an immediate erection. Joan was about Crystal's height and build except she had smaller breasts and had soft red hair. I had no idea whether she had pubic hair or not, I had not seen any even though a couple of times I did have a good view.

We heard the shower stop as Crystal and I were talking to each other, and well maybe playing a little "slap and tickle." I asked Crystal, "Earlier did you talk with them about our open relationship? Because I believe they know about it." When they emerged from their room freshly showered, they seemed eager to go to our place for a cook out. On our way out on the front porch, Dan and Joan paired us up in pairs for the walk to our cabin, Joan with me and Dan with Crystal. Joan snuggled in real close for the walk, like Crystal and I did walking here.


Dan and I walked a bit behind Joan and Jake on the way back to our cabin. I couldn't seem to take my eyes from Dan and his beige cowboy hat. I know that Jake kept glancing back at me, but I hardly noticed. I did notice that he sort of slid his hand down just below Joan's waist, so his hand rested lightly on her upper ass, this thumb was tucked under her waistband of her shorts. I felt Dan's hand lightly squeeze my ass, and blushed a little. My hand was at his waist, resting lightly on his belt. He moved his hand behind himself and took my hand, moving it down to his ass. He leaned toward me and whispered in my ear, "You can squeeze my ass if you want to, Crystal." So I did, and Oh My God! It was like squeezing a brick. His ass was rock hard muscle. I thought that Jake had a hard ass, but I had to admit, it was a close call between him and Dan.

A few minutes later, we stepped onto our porch and Jake opened the door. We all went inside and I turned on the stereo, to some soft country music. Jake and I went to the kitchen and he took the steaks from the fridge where I had put them to marinate in some Italian marinade. I put on a pot of water for cooking the macaroni for the macaroni salad. I heard Jake ask Dan if he'd like a beer, which were in the cooler out on the back deck by the pool. The guys went out to the deck and started up the grill. Joan came into the kitchen and asked, "Is there anything I can help with?"

I asked her, "Would you mind mixing up the tossed salad? Everything for it is in the fridge." She nodded and started making the salad.

She and I chatted about many topics, the weather, the cabins, our guys, and then the one I was waiting to hear, the fact that they (she and Dan) were married and they were swingers. I smiled and pretended that it didn't interest me much, although it really did. I think she guessed that, and asked if Jake and I would be interested in "swinging" with them tonight, after dinner. I told her that she would have to ask Jake about that. I didn't really want to answer for him, not knowing if he would approve or not, if I accepted.

We could hear the guys out on the deck laughing as they cooked the steaks. A few times, I heard Jake mention cowboys, and I blushed. Joan saw that and said, "So, you got a thing for cowboys, huh?" I nodded shyly and she giggled. "I do too! That's why I married Dan. When I first met him, he was working as the foreman on my Dad's cattle ranch. I was only 16 at the time, and it was love at first sight. When he asked my Dad about dating me, I was ecstatic."

I asked her what they did for their first date and she said, "Dan saddled up two of my Dad's best Quarter horses, and we went for a long ride in the woods. He took me to a small cabin, about an hour's ride from the ranch. I think he had this all planned because when we tied the horses and went inside he had a nice romantic dinner all laid out on the table, complete with lit candles, soft music coming from a battery-powered radio on the shelf, and clean blankets and sheets on the bed in the corner. There was even a long white box on the bed tied with a red ribbon."

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