tagLoving WivesCabin Getaway

Cabin Getaway


Finally! A nice quiet getaway in the beautiful fall woods thought Aryn. Her and her husband, Jim, were winding their way through the valley to her father's hunting cabin.

A small 2 bedroom cabin tucked away in the New England hills, with a beautiful pond in front and no neighbors for at least a mile. Reminiscing on many evenings catching fireflies around a campfire with her parents, getting up early with her father to catch fish for supper. Reading by flashlight when she couldn't sleep.

She was excited to start her family and make their own fond memories at the cabin. But how she wished her father were still alive to teach her kids the art of the perfect cast, or the best way to set up a campfire for cooking.

Lazily gazing out the window of their SUV she turned on the radio, why she didn't know. All there was to listen to out here was the local am radio station ran by the Jenkins family. They would play mostly Bluegrass music with a weather update on the hour, and classical music on Sundays. After hearing about the cool temperatures and clear skies for the weekend she turned it off.

Looking over at Jim, who was concentrating intently on the road, she decided to have a little fun. She turned in her seat so she was facing him. With one foot on the floor and the other on the seat. She unbuttoned her pants and slid them down. With only a thin lacy pair of panties on she started sliding her hand down. Slowly rubbing along the edge of her panties, a finger slightly running under the edge. She could feel herself getting wet, a small spot starting to show through the lace and getting bigger. When she heard a slight sniff, giggling to herself as her husband glanced over and noticed what she was doing the car swerving slightly.

Dipping a finger in her very wet pussy she lets out a moan and sighs. Pulling it out she slides it into her husbands mouth eliciting a contented yum and a smile from him. Sliding it back inside her she draws up some moisture and rubs her clit. Sliding her panties down, she inserts two fingers inside and starts pumping them in and out. Continuing to tease and rub her clit. Bringing herself closer to orgasm, when Jim reaches over and starts rubbing her very sensitive and engorged clit.

Having arrived at the cabin he decides to tease her more than she teased him. He abruptly stops and removes his hand from her soaking wet pussy. Getting out of the car he hears a whimper and a groan when he opens the back hatch. Grabbing the luggage he heads for the door. Realizing he isn't going to finish her off she pulls up her pants and gets out. Grabbing the groceries she too heads inside.

Once inside Jim opens the windows and doors to let the stale musty air flow out. Aryn puts the groceries away and starts a roast in a slowcooker for supper. Looking around all her childhood memories come flooding back. The view out the front bay windows, overlooking the pond that's reflecting the orange glow of the setting sun. The trees starting to show their beautiful fall colors. This was her favorite time of the year to visit the cabin. The familiar smell of old wood, and the old quilt that seemed to hold onto generations of memories. The sound of the birds outside, even the one loud one that always built its nest in the tree out front. Everything came rushing back causing her to tear up a bit. Reaching in the fridge she grabs the jug of fresh cider from the farm down the road. Her comfort drink as a kid. Only today it is mixed with a little caramel vodka.

Heading up to the bedrooms, she makes their bed with fresh sheets. But leaves the old quilt on. Seeing the sun coming through the window and making a nice warm area on the rug she sits and sips her cider. Her husband spooking her as her walks in and the floor creaks. Startled she turns her head to see her husband standing there nude in the doorway. His hard 7 inch cock standing at attention. Slowly she crawls over on hands and knees. Reaching up slowly sliding her hand up his legs, feeling his muscles tense upon her touch.

Rising up on her knees Aryn extends out her tongue running it up his thigh. Dragging it across and around his soft warm sack. Up along his hard shaft and around the head. Back down the other side and down to his balls again where she pulls one into her mouth and releases it with a pop. Kissing her way back up his cock sucking the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it and on the sensitive underside. Sliding it deep into her mouth caressing the underside, feeling and tracing the veins with her tongue. Pulling back gently scraping her teeth as she goes.

Loving the attention he is getting Jim regretfully pulls her up and off of him. He explains he was getting too close and didn't want to finish early. Picking her up he carries her to the bed, he set her down and starts to undress her. Pulling her shirt up and over her head, her beautiful breasts come into view. He gazes at them for a few seconds, always in awe of their beauty and pertness. Laying her down on her back he starts kissing her, planting kisses all over her chest and neck. Reaching her breasts he skips them and continues down her stomach, making her moan in anticipation. Undoing her pants her gently pulls them down, trailing kisses down her thighs until her pants are in a pile on the floor. Working his way back up he rubs his hard cock on her panty covered mound.

Grinding it into her making her whimper with slight frustration at the garment preventing her pleasure. Running his hand up her sides Jim grabs her breasts and sucks a nipple into his mouth making her back arch and her hiss through clenched teeth. Moving back down her body he grabs her panties un his teeth and pulls them down. Her arousal showing as a string of her grool connecting them to her. Raising her hips to ease the removal he grabs them and pulls them off while kissing her mound. Finding her clit he flicks it with his tongue, then sucks it into his mouth. Circling her clit with his tongue he moves down and enters it into her very wet pussy.

Pulling him up her body Aryn reaches down and wraps her hand around his cock, rubbing the head around her lips getting it nice and wet. Thrusting her hips up she impales herself onto his hard cock. Feeling her getting wetter, Jim pumps faster knowing she is super close. Pulling her knees up to get a better angle he is able to go deeper. Once he bottoms out she feels the orgasm come crashing over her. Her body goes rigid, toes curl, and she digs her nails into his back. Making smaller thrusts he feels her walls clamp down on him and his balls erupt into her. Filling her and dripping out onto the sheets.

Coming down from euphoria they snuggle and fall asleep as the sun disappears behind the trees.

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by Anonymous

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by 27thNC08/14/18

Ok, so it’s the wrong category but it was a decent story

I understand th confusion on the categories. Literotica should not have named it Loving Wives, but maybe Slutty Wives. Hell, even Wives Getting Some Lovin’ would have been a better title for a categorymore...

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by Anonymous08/13/18


You are right, for once. It is nice to see a story about a living wife. Those stories about husbands fucking those dead wives tends to turn most people off.

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by shaman4308/13/18

Catagory police

Who appointed you the authority for the purity of the categories. Give it a rest and start to enjoy life instead of being the critic.

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by Member20108/12/18

Another day another dipshit author that can't read

Wrong category idiot. Read the definitions before you post your story in the wrong place.


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