Cabin in the Woods


Jean hesitated. "Um. . . would you mind if I tasted it? It just looks so delicious."

"Please do," Sharon replied. "I was hoping you would."

So she did. Bending forward, Jean placed my cockhead between her lips, and sucked daintily for a few seconds. When she had grown more accustomed to the idea that she was sucking her friend's husband's cock (or was it her husband's friend's cock?), she relaxed, and took more of my cock into her mouth, and licked and sucked all along it, bobbing her head up and down on my shaft.

Now, I don't know if it was just the whole situation of 'Naked Week', or the exciting novelty of having another woman suck my cock, or what, but in minutes, my cock was throbbing and ready to burst. Sharon gives great blow jobs, but this one was approaching 'Mind-Blowing'.

"Uh, Jeannie," I said, lightly stroking her shoulder, "uh, if you keep doing that, I'm gonna come." Jean and I both looked over to Sharon, who had commenced sucking on Walt's cock. She had initiated this whole 'new approach', so I wasn't sure what the 'rules' were going to be. Sharon just winked at us and hummed "Mmm-hmm!" while she kept right on sucking Walt's cock. Jean looked up at me and just nodded. So I laid my head back on the sofa, and shot my cum into Jean's mouth. She lapped it all up hungrily, and kept licking my softening cock until she'd swallowed every drop.

I didn't quite know what to do, but I reached out and stroked Jean's beautiful auburn hair. That was the most intimacy I'd ever shared with any woman besides Sharon, and I needed to express that somehow. "Thank you," I whispered. Jean laid her head against my leg and purred in reply.

I turned my attention over to my wife, who had just released Walt's cock, still stiffly erect, from her mouth. I could see precum oozing from the tip, and beginning to drip down along his shaft. Sharon slid herself forward, and began rubbing Walt's precum along the cleft between her tits, squeezing his cock as she did, so as to extract as much of his slick juice as she could from it. Then she wrapped her tits around the shaft of Walt's cock and began slowly tit-fucking him, sliding her tits up and down along the shaft of his cock. I watched his cockhead alternately disappear in her cleavage, and then peek out the top. Soon, Walt was rolling his own hips, driving his cock up and down in my wife's cleavage. I could see his cock swelling with each stroke. I was getting hard again just watching it. Finally, with a loud groan, Walt shot a thick clot of sticky white cum onto my wife's neck and chest. Then another. And another and another, until his cock grew soft and shrank out from between Sharon's tits. She released his cock, and then rubbed his cum sensually into her tits.

I turned back to Jean, who was a bit wide-eyed at the spectacle of her husband and her Best-Friend-Forever doing a sultry tit-fuck. "Your turn," I said. I repositioned her on the couch, while I knelt between her legs and started nibbling at the insides of her thighs.

As I got closer to her pubes, she started to protest, weakly. "I've never. . . I mean, I don't think. . ." she stammered. But Sharon reached out a steadying hand and stroked her leg from the other end of the sofa.

"It's OK," my wife reassured her friend. "Give it a chance. I think you'll really like it." So Jean relaxed, as best she could, and allowed me to continue eating her pussy.

I cupped Jean's ass in my hands, and slid her forward so I could reach her with my mouth. As I leaned in, I savored Jean's scent as it inundated my nostrils. I relished the way that Jean's pussy smelled similar to Sharon's, and yet subtly different. I had never smelled another woman's cunt besides Sharon's, and it was almost intoxicating.

I started by nibbling at her labia, then began licking her with broad, yet gentle strokes. A soft groan escaped her mouth as my tongue began to work its magic on her clit. "Ooohhh," she moaned. "Ooohhh, that's nice!" and she began to rock her hips against my oral ministrations. Soon, she was squirming and writhing and groaning with pleasure. "Oh my god!" she cried out. "Oh my god, I'm coming! Holy shit, I'm coming!" She clasped her hands on the back of my head and pulled it tight against her cunt. I just kept eating her, and she just kept coming, rolling and writhing and quivering with orgasm after orgasm, until she finally pushed my head away from herself.

"My god!" she exclaimed. "That was incredible! I should've let Walt eat my pussy years ago!" For his part, Walt could only smile.

By this time, my hard-on was about ready to burst, and I thought that it would be best at that point, if I turned my attention back to my wife. So I took a spot on the couch, between Walt and Jean, and beckoned to my wife to come and straddle me, while Jean did likewise with Walt.

Sharon slowly lowered herself onto my cock, but this time, we were more in the mood for something fast and furious, so we did. In what seemed like mere seconds, I was shooting another load of cum into my wife, and we collapsed in each other's arms. While Jean and Walt fucked on the couch next to us, we might even have dozed off for a while. . .


Thus 'The Rules' had been amended, or at least so it seemed, to allow sexual contact short of intercourse across marital lines, but fucking was reserved for spouses only.

That still left us plenty of exciting room in which to operate. Once Walt had eaten his wife's pussy (and he was quite good at it, for being a bit of a novice), we started several of our sessions doing cross-couple 69, and then ended by fucking our spouses. It was all very relaxed, and quite comfortable. I was starting to understand how Jean 'ticked' sexually, and Sharon and Walt were surely doing the same.

One day, later in the week (I think it was Thursday), I walked by the kitchen, where Jean was busy doing some lunchtime dishes. Something about the way she looked, standing there, her delicious round ass pointing toward me, just overcame me, and I snuck up behind her, reached around and fondled her luscious tits. She stopped doing the dishes, and leaned back into me, enjoying the sensations of my hands on her tits. Almost instantly, I generated a stiff hard-on, which poked at her ass-crack. Impulsively, I pressed forward, nestling my rod between the cheeks of Jean's ass. I rubbed my shaft between her thighs, which were already (or still) lubricated with her sex-juices, causing Jean to groan with arousal. She turned her head to kiss me over her shoulder as I continued to grind her.

I slid one hand down and ran my fingers through her silky pubic hair, then cupped my hand over her mound. Slowly, I slipped one finger inside her sultry sheath, then two, finding her wet and slippery inside. Jean groaned with pleasure as I slowly slid my fingers in and out of her, rubbing my knuckles over her clit as I did. She began to grind her hips against the movements of my fingers, and her groans became louder as I continued probing inside her.

"Oh god, Ben," she groaned, "you're going to make me come!"

"Come ahead," I whispered in her ear. "I want to feel you come on my fingers."

"Oh god!" she cried. "Oh god!" Instantly, she began to quiver and moan. I felt her pussy clench on my fingers as she came, her breath coming in short, ragged gasps.

"Oh god," she panted. "That was nice. Thank you, Ben."

"Shucks, ma'am," I grinned, "the pleasure was all mine."

"I don't think so," she said, as she began to recover her breath. With her back still turned to me, she spread her legs apart ever-so-slightly, then, with her hand, she reached down between her legs and pulled my cock into position, with her labia wrapped around the hardness of my shaft. Slowly, she began to rub her cunt-lips along my length, grinding her nubbin against my stiff prick. Soon, she was groaning anew, as the sensations in her clit had her on the edge of another orgasm.

"Oh, yes!" she cried. "Oh, Ben, I'm going to come again! Oh god!"

A low wail escaped her mouth, and her whole body stiffened and shook as a fresh climax overtook her. At the very peak of her orgasm, she pressed my cock flat against her superheated opening, so that my cockhead was just barely nestled into the apex of her cunt, nudging against her swollen clit. Then she clenched her cunt-muscles, giving my cockhead a sultry squeeze.

The sensation overpowered my senses. "Oh shit, Jeannie," I cried, helplessly, "I'm coming. . ." I groaned as my cock and balls pulsated in my own orgasm. Ropes of my sperm - one, two, three, four and more - shot from the tip of my cock, landing with a wet 'splat' against her belly, dripping into and through her beautiful auburn pubic hair.

Both of us were a trifle unsteady on our legs at that point, and it took some strength for me to keep Jean from falling onto the floor. With her hand, Jean rubbed my cum into her skin and pubic fur, purring happily.

"Oh god, Jeannie," I groaned. "I want you so bad."

Jean turned around and smiled sympathetically as she held my softening prick in her hand. "I want you, too," she said, in a husky voice. "God knows it was all I could do not to just put you inside me and fuck you right here on the spot. But we shouldn't when Walt and Sharon aren't here." And even in my frustration, I had to admit that she was right. I didn't want to put any of our friendships, or our marriages, at risk. Best to make sure everybody's OK with everything.


Later that same day, Sharon and I were walking out in the yard, when she stopped and looked at me with a smirk. "You're curious, aren't you?"

"Curious?" I asked. "Curious about what?"

She gave me a mischievous smirk again. "Don't play dumb with me, husband. You know exactly what I mean. You're curious about what it would be like to fuck Jean."

Oh, shit, I thought to myself; did she see us in the kitchen? My mind raced. Honestly, I knew that the minute we all got naked together, it was virtually inevitable that, sooner or later, we'd want to fuck each other's spouses. But. . .

I decided to low-key my answer. "Is this a trick question?" I asked. "Of course I'm curious about that! And I know you well enough to know that you're curious about fucking Walt, too!"

"Okay, you got me," she admitted with a smile, while I tried not to show my relief too obviously. "Every time I see that long cock of his going in and out of Jeannie, I wonder what it would feel like inside of me, and how different it would feel from yours."

"Uh-huh. And as long as we're having True Confessions, I wonder how tight Jean's pussy would feel around my cock, and, like you said, how different she'd feel from you. But before we do anything like that, everybody has to be OK with it, right?"

"Of course."

"Anyway, it's a big deal -- WAY bigger than groping each other, or even giving each other head. I don't want to mess up our friendship, and I want to stay married to you. We need to be really careful."

"Of course."

I actually had a decent idea that both Walt and Jean would be very OK with it, but I had no idea how to find out for sure.

A while later, Walt and I were at the grill, cooking dinner. Across the yard, I saw Sharon and Jean casually strolling on one of the trails. Their conversation seemed animated, and punctuated with fits of giggling. Walt heard the giggling, and saw the women talking.

"I wonder what they're talking about," he mused.

I had a pretty good idea what they were talking about, but I just said, "Yeah, I wonder. . ."


After dinner, we settled down on the couch in the living room to commence the evening's sexual festivities. To start out, Jean sat on my lap, and Sharon on Walt's. We started simple -- kissing and petting like high-school kids, except for the fact that we were all naked, and married to the opposite spouses. I kissed Jean passionately, probing with my tongue to the far corners of her mouth, and intertwining my tongue with hers. With one hand, I reached around her and fondled her breast; with the other, I fingered her pussy. She was purring happily as I tweaked her nipple, and again as I diddled her clit with my thumb, while driving two fingers in and out of her vagina. I looked over at Sharon and Walt, and they were doing the same thing, in the same position.

Jean was starting to grind her pelvis against my hand with greater urgency, when suddenly she got up off my lap, knelt between my knees, and started sucking my cock. And, at the same moment, Sharon did likewise to Walt. It was as if their movements had been choreographed.

My cock was standing straight up from the jungle of my pubic hair, precum oozing copiously from the tip, as Jean stroked it with her hands, then leaned in to lick and suck it. Walt's cock was likewise rigidly erect under Sharon's loving attention.

Then suddenly, both women stopped abruptly and looked at each other.

"It's time," said Sharon.

"Yup," replied Jean. "Let's do this."

And with that, they both stood up, pushed the man they'd just been blowing back onto the couch, and straddled his lap. Then they both slowly lowered themselves onto the cock of the man who wasn't their husband.

I watched wide-eyed with wonder as Jean's pussy lips touched the tip of my cock. I looked over at my wife, and her pussy was likewise situated against Walt's cockhead. Both women paused and looked at each other, then, with a wink and a nod, they continued downward. I felt Jean's cunt-lips open around my cockhead as she pressed herself onto me. Once I had entered her, and she was sliding down my shaft, I saw her eyes get wide as my thick cock spread her opening farther than Walt's ever had. Her cunt was incredibly tight, and I reveled in the sensations of being inside her, feeling her silky-smooth vaginal walls snugly embracing my erection. When she had taken me in completely, and her pubic hair was intertangled with mine, we both just sat still, savoring the sensations of a new and unfamiliar sexual partner.

I glanced over at my wife in time to see her eyes get wide as Walt's long cock was completely inside her, probing deeper into the far corners of her vagina than I had ever been. The two of them also paused for a few moments to savor the different sensations of an unfamiliar partner.

"My god!' Jean gasped, "your cock is so thick -- I just feel so. . . spread open! God, Sharon -- and you get this whenever you want!"

Sharon grinned. "Mmm-hmm; told ya. And your guy's equipment is pretty amazing, too. No-one has ever been inside me so deep! So nice. . ."

Slowly, Sharon and Jean began to grind their pussies on their respective erect cocks. Just the difference between Jean's vagina and Sharon's was almost intoxicating. And Jean's body moves in some delightfully different ways than Sharon's does -- her longer, leaner body generates smoother, gentler strokes, as compared to Sharon's shorter, more powerful ones. Jean seemed to squirm on my cock more than she did on Walt's, as if she was adjusting to its thickness. It was like adjusting to the movements of a new dance partner, except this was a much deeper and more intimate kind of contact than dancing.

I watched my wife with Walt. She seemed determined to drive him as deeply into herself as she possibly could, as if exploring new corners of her womb on a cock that could finally reach them. And Walt seemed to be getting his mind blown by Sharon's powerful movements.

I don't know how long we fucked like that with our new partners, but it was a while. I just wanted to savor the new sensations from Jean's pussy for as long as I could. At last, Jean started grinding faster on me, until she was bobbing up and down on my cock at a furious pace. Which was more than I could stand. "Jeannie, I. . .", I tried to say, but before I could complete my sentence, my cum shot out the end of my cock, into her. "Oh, yeah!" she cried. "You're coming in me! Walt, honey, he's coming in me!" She continued bouncing on me until it was almost painful, the sensations were so intense.

Walt and Sharon weren't far behind us. I hadn't even caught my breath before I heard Walt grunting involuntarily as he blew his load into my wife.

We all just sat quietly for a while after we'd finished. We were very conscious of the significance of what we'd just done, but there were no regrets. Walt and Jean were still our best friends. We couldn't have done it with anyone else; no one else was intimate enough with us, or had our trust enough, for us to share our lives, and our bodies, like that.

Even so, it seemed right, even necessary, for us to return to our own spouses and make slow, intense, passionate love for a long time afterward.


Saturday was to be our last full day at the cabin, and we determined to end with a flourish. As we had the previous weekend, we went skinny-dipping early in the day. This time, there was much more playful groping going on. In the few days I'd had access to them, I'd really come to enjoy Jean's tits, and her pussy, almost as much as my wife's.

We went back to the cabin, and all four of us piled into Walt and Jean's bed, which was a king-size. The two women laid side-by-side on their backs, even holding hands, and Walt and I fucked them missionary-style. After a few minutes, one of the women would call for a switch, and Walt and I would trade places. That ended up being very cool -- a very direct comparison of the two women with each other, and an experience of both their bodies, both their vaginas, and the differences between them, cycled through repeatedly many times over. Jean and Sharon rolled through orgasm after orgasm, and Walt and I sent buckets of our semen into them. It was a very erotic sensation to fuck one or the other of the women with my cock sloshing through a thick soup of Walt's cum mixed with mine.

After that, we took a recovery break to grab some dinner, and let Walt's and my balls refill, before returning to the bed. At first, we just rolled our bodies together, savoring all the naked skin and body parts sliding against each other. An then suddenly, things took shape out of the chaos. I saw my wife's pussy in front of my face, her cunt-lips engorged and wet, so I reached over and slipped a couple fingers inside her, cupping my palm over her mound and rubbing her clit as I stroked my fingers in and out of her. Then I slid myself up under her and pulled her onto my face so I could eat her pussy, while she ground herself against my face. I became aware that, while I was eating my wife, she was busy sucking Walt's cock. And then, a few minutes later, I felt another mouth on my own cock. I glanced down to see that Jean had taken her place above my groin, and was blowing me while Walt ate her pussy, and the four of us made a complete circle of mouths tending to sex organs.

After a while, Jean sat up and pulled away from Walt's oral ministrations. "I need a cock inside me," she said, and she quickly climbed astride my hips. Raising herself up, she positioned her entrance against the tip of my cock and rammed herself onto my manhood, groaning, "Ooooohhhhh, god, yessss!"

Sharon saw what Jean was doing, and quickly climbed over to straddle my head, so I could continue to eat her. So Sharon was riding my face, while Jean rode my cock. The two women leaned together and embraced each other, so the three of us formed a triangle with our bodies.

Both Jean and Sharon were groaning in pleasure as the three of us ground together. Walt lay alongside us on the bed, slowly stroking his cock, watching our threesome in erotic wonder and awe. I had the worst seat in the house, as my wife's ass grinding on my face pretty completely obscured my view of anything else (not that it was an unpleasant view, in the least). Suddenly, I heard Walt suck in his breath sharply, followed by a long masculine groan from his throat. I strained to move around enough to catch a glimpse without disengaging from Sharon's pussy, and out of the corner of my eye, I could just barely see that Jean and Sharon were engaged in a sexy erotic kiss, their jaws and tongues moving feverishly in their lusty excitement. With one arm, they held their tight embrace, but each had her free hand on the other's breast, cupping and stroking and kneading the soft, firm flesh.

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