tagErotic CouplingsCabin in the Woods Ch. 01

Cabin in the Woods Ch. 01


In talking with her friend Debbie she mentioned her desire to get away from things for awhile. Practically the moment the words left her lips Debbie's face lit up.

"I've got a little cabin outside of El Dorado Springs that I'd be happy to let you use for as long as you needed. I might even join you for a day or two," her friend said. After a short conversation the decision was made.

It took almost the month of May to work out all the mundane details of getting vacation time, making sure her son was taken care of, and gathering together the items she wanted to take with her. Not the least of these being her vibrator and 8" dildo. All that was done now and she was eagerly anticipating a week and a half of solitary freedom (although she felt a small pang of regret that she couldn't share it with a true kindred spirit).

She'd arrived late in the afternoon of the day before yesterday and found her friend's cabin to be delightfully rustic and comfortable. Electricity was provided by a small but adequate solar system, and there was a composting toilet. In the living room was a stereo and a good collection of CDs. All that was lacking, which was fine with her, was a television and a telephone.

Since her arrival she'd been basking in the knowledge that there was nothing she had to do except loaf and invite her soul. There'd been something lusciously wicked yesterday about lying naked in bed at almost noon with the windows open to the sunshine and the redolence of pine as she brought herself to one powerful orgasm. And then another.

Today she felt a little more ambitious. As she was eating her breakfast on the small patio beside the hot tub she'd decided she was going to take a walk into the woods and explore her new surroundings. So now, dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, and sturdy shoes, she was taking the path which led through the trees. The terrain was hilly and the woods were thick but not overgrown with underbrush. Occasionally there would be a break in the trees and she'd look out over a grassy meadow, thick with flowers. She couldn't see any sign of another human being.

High above, however, a hawk surveyed a wide expanse of land in search of prey. His eyes caught sight of two people moving, unknowingly, towards each other.

It was after she'd been walking for almost an hour that she came to the small stream. She was a bit tired and wanted to find a place to rest. She walked downstream along the bank of the creek until she came to a spot where a meadow opened out on her left. To her right, on the far side of the stream, was a tall limestone cliff. Below the cliff the flow had cut a large depression in the rock that was filled with water. A natural pool. Trees nearby filtered the sunlight. She dipped her hand into the pool and found that the water was quite warm. She looked around, biting her lip.

She was tempted to do something she'd never done. With her heart pounding she pulled her t-shirt over her head. It made her feel exposed to be standing there in her bra. And then, with another look around, she slid off her bra. It made her feel even more exposed but also free in a way she'd never felt before. She cupped her breasts in her hands, feeling the weight of their smooth softness. Then she sat on a outcropping of rock beside the pool and took off her shoes and socks. Barefoot she stood up, hooked her shorts and panties with her thumbs, and pushed them to her feet. Stepping out of them made her feel exquisitely aware of the sensual reality of her body. She felt vividly alive. Moments later she was lying up to her neck in the amniotic warmth.

Around her nature flowed languidly on, drowsy in the heat. Birds called, so much a part of the moment that it was as if they hadn't broken the silence. She could hear the buzz and hum of insects.

Closing her eyes she softly slid her hand down between her legs. Her legs came open, almost by themselves. Her fingers began to investigate the nub of ardor, the crevices of sensation. If doing this in bed late yesterday morning had seemed wicked, doing it now opened up a sense of wildness within her that was totally new. She surprised herself by expressing her rich pleasure with hoarse throaty moans pulled, it seemed, from deep inside her body.

The man the hawk had seen, who was gathering sassafras to dry for his favorite tea, heard your cries. He thought he recognized the sound but found it difficult to believe that it would happen here, in the middle of the woods, far from town. Moving toward the source he found himself at the top of a steep cliff. Looking down he saw her there.

The sight of a naked woman lying in a pool with her hand between her legs stunned him. It was like a deep fantasy come to life. He was a lonely man. A man who loved women, enjoyed being around them, but whose chosen way of life was often very solitary. He felt torn. Part of him sensed that continuing to observe such a private act might make the woman feel violated. But another part, a profoundly hungry part, needed to watch her.

There was an elemental beauty about her, her breasts swaying just beneath the water's surface and the sunlight through the leaves dappling her skin, that awakened a profound wonder inside him. Now, as her moans were clearly signaling the moment of culmination, he was barely aware that he was now fully erect. For a frenzied moment the water's glassy calm was broken by her agitation. The trees echoed her cries. And then there was stillness . She opened her eyes and found herself looking into his.

If anything had been the least bit different at that moment the outcome would have been changed. If she had seen him watching her as she took off her clothes she would have withdrawn into herself. If he had been less affected by seeing her, more focused on sexual titillation, his eyes would not have been so full of awe. As it was, she felt open and accepting. Proud. Wild. And he found himself responding from a corresponding place. He turned abruptly and disappeared.

She stretched blissfully, humming with the sensual fullness of her body. She knew he was coming to her. And a moment later he was there, standing among her scattered clothes, adding his to the pile. She watched with a detached interest as his slim muscled body came into view. And responded to the distinct lines of his maleness. As his pants slid down she gazed at his hard cock and swinging balls. He stepped into the water.

There was a moment of awkwardness as she began to sit up with the thought of taking him in her mouth and he gently pressed her back against the smooth stone. But then she realized he wanted to be inside her and made him welcome. There was no need for foreplay. The first sensation of feeling him enter her, filling her, was indescribable. They both breathed in sharply and sighed involuntarily as their bodies slid together. He put his arms around her and kissed her as he began to move, making the water slosh around the edges of the pool.

He came quickly. It had been too long since he'd been with a woman. After about a minute of thrusting he groaned and stiffened. She felt him pulse inside her. And then his body went limp. She had a fleeting sense of disappointment and annoyance.

Lifting himself off her he pushed back her hair with his hand and kissed her nose. "Thank you," he said. "This is probably about the last thing I expected to happen today."

"Me too," she laughed.

"Sorry it was so quick. It'll be better next time."

She didn't reply. There was still an edge of disappointment.

He withdrew and then settled in beside her, sliding his right leg over both of hers and reached up to cover her breast with his large hand. A moment later he was kissing you. She found his soft cock and ball sack with her right hand. For long minutes they both luxuriated in the exploration of the other's body. And then she felt his cock begin to stir.

"I want to suck you," she said, giving his cock a little yank. He got the message instantaneously and moved into position kneeling above her face. She could feel his cool thighs against the sides of her breasts. Water dripped from his body onto hers. His cock was showing just the barest signs of hardening as she sucked the head of it into her mouth. He gave a soft moan of pleasure. She could feel his hairy ball sack rub against her chin. His cock began to swell. She looked up to meet his eyes. He smiled.

"That feels great," he said. "You like to suck cock, don't you?"

She nodded, smiling around a full mouth, loving the smooth sweet texture with the faintest hint of precum at the tip. He was almost hard now which required an adjustment. He bent over, resting his elbows on the rock above her head. She grasped the cheeks of his ass with her hands both to pull him towards her and to give herself leverage. A moment later he was totally hard and she slowly moved her mouth back and forth along his length, tasting him, feeling the contours of him, the ridge around the head, the bumps of the protruding veins. Her fingers played in the crack of his ass, at the entrance the hole, and with his balls. He grunted and began to make fucking movements with his hips, sliding into her mouth. And then, suddenly, he withdrew.

"God! That was wonderful," he said. "Now it's your turn, Sweetheart." Moving back he caught her under her armpits and helped her slide up the smooth stone until her hips were out of the water. He knelt down between her legs and opened them. Wide. She bent her head and saw him staring down at her fully exposed womanhood. "You're beautiful," he said, looking up.

Then he was leaning down. Softly kissing the inside of her thighs. She could feel the hairs of his moustache tickling her skin. He rubbed his head of curly brown hair, threaded with grey, against her inner thighs and belly. He was taking his time. Her pussy was aching for some attention. And then the tip of his tongue gently touched her clit. And circled it. And circled it again. The sensation was like electricity shooting out through millions of very thin wires. She grabbed his curly head with both hands and moaned, pressing his face into her throbbing cunt. She could hear him chuckling down below.

He began to make slow journeys, beginning with his tongue burrowing deep into her vagina and then rising up between her inner lips, his head shaking slightly from side to side, until his lips and tongue found her hard nub of passion. And then he was back down in her cunt hole, rising again. He kept doing this over and over again, gradually increasing the speed as he felt her responses quickening. Then his finger was probing at her asshole. That was just too much.

"Fuck me," she yelled, a bit startled by her own vehemence. "Oh God! Put it in me."

He stood up and their eyes met. She could read the fierce lust in his face and knew it was simply a reflection of what was in her own. And then, with one quick, almost brutal, thrust he had buried the thick shaft of his cock deep inside her cunt.

The veils had been torn away. This was primal stuff. This was Man and Woman. This was the sexual drive of the universe. Here. With him standing knee deep in water as she lay on her back on the grey stone. Here. In the sunlight that pushed through the leaves of the trees to illuminate the whiteness of their skin, their bodies melded together.

He grasped her hips with his two big hands and pushed her down against himself as his hips thrust up. She could feel the base of his belly against the lips of her cunt. He began withdrawing and thrusting. Not quickly but very powerfully.

"Oh God yes!" she cried. "Fuck me hard."

Their eyes locked. She saw the fierce lust in his and knew he was seeing the same in hers. She saw his jaw clamp tight. "You like it rough, don't you," he growled through clenched teeth. He could read her answer in her eyes.

He began fucking her as if he was trying to push his whole body inside her. Hard, almost desperate, thrusts. And she opened herself wide. Wider. As if she wanted to swallow him. The smack of their bodies, as they hammered together in their frenzied dance, echoed against the cliff and the trees. They both were grunting with the effort. Bestial raucous sounds. He grabbed the cheeks of her ass, one in each large hand, and picked her up off the stone as he pulled her down over his cock. There was pain but it was a stimulating pain.

This continued for long minutes. His pace kept quickening as he felt her respond. He leaned over and began tugging at her nipples with his teeth. Biting them, but not too hard. Sucking them into his mouth. Licking her breasts. Rubbing his face and hair into them, grunting.

And then, deep in her guts she could feel the thin thread of orgasm being pulled to the surface. "Oh God yes yes fuck me yes Oh God you're gonna make me cum God yes Oh yes" Her wails soared into the trees. Her cries gave him the incentive to move even faster, even more powerfully. He was snorting like a racing stallion. Thrusting hard and deep. Pounding into her. Her wailing reached a high crescendo and the waves of orgasm flowed out over her body. He gave one last pounding thrust and entered her as deeply as he could go, touching her cervix. And then, following his one last hoarse gasping shout, she felt his cock throb and then his hot seed spurt into her depths. Another throb, and a weaker spurt. And a third, and final, spasm. He fell on her body as if he'd been clubbed in the head. Breathing heavily. Just as she was.

"Told you it would be better the next time," he finally managed to say into her neck. It made her laugh.

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