tagGroup SexCabin in the Woods, Sequel

Cabin in the Woods, Sequel


For background to this story, see my original story, 'Cabin in the Woods'. . .


Sharon rang the doorbell as we arrived at Walt and Jean's house. From inside, we heard a muffled "Come on in!" So we opened the door and walked in. Jean and Walt were waiting for us, already naked.

"It's so good to see you guys!" Jean enthused. "I've been horny all week, just waiting for you to get here!" She greeted me with a passionate kiss, and started unbuttoning my shirt with one hand before I had even closed the door behind us. With the other, she groped my cock, which was rapidly growing inside my pants, while I returned her greeting by bending down to suckle her breasts. Walt was doing likewise with Sharon, already running his hands up under her shirt and unclasping her bra. In short order, Sharon and I were as naked as our hosts, our clothes strewn in random piles by the front door, and the four of us were paired off with the opposite spouses, jumping right into the weekend's activities. This kind of hospitality, I could get used to!

Jean and I were on the floor; Walt had Sharon sit on the couch, while he knelt between her legs. Jean and I were eagerly exploring each other's bodies, our hands rushing all over each other, getting reacquainted with the joys of our 'second' sex partner, who we only saw every other month or so. Jean happily groped my cock, while I sucked her breasts, rolling her nipples on my tongue. We intertwined our legs, and pressed our bodies together, rolling happily on the floor.

"I've missed your thick cock so much!" Jean breathed huskily.

"He's missed you, too!" My cock was rock-hard and throbbing as it probed between Jean's thighs. She felt it, and hungrily grabbed hold of it and started stroking.

I reached down between Jean's legs, and ran my fingers through her beautiful auburn pubic hair. Finding her puffy cunt-lips, I probed inside her with a finger, finding her wet and slick.

On the couch, Walt was bent over, probing with his tongue between Sharon's legs, which were spread wide in welcome. Jean and I both looked on with fascination as Walt nibbled and nuzzled at Sharon's labia, eliciting lustily aroused purrs from my wife. He covered her pussy with his mouth, and I could tell that he was licking and sucking on her clit, while she groaned with pleasure. I saw her start to grind her hips against Walt's face, and then she clasped her hands behind his head, pulling him into herself. She raised her legs onto his shoulders, and used her legs and ankles to pull him even more firmly against herself. Soon, she rolled her head onto the back of the couch, and bucked her pussy hard against Walt's face, squeezing his head between her powerful thighs.

"Oh God, Walt," she cried. "I'm coming! Don't stop!"

Walt, who had never eaten a pussy before we had our first Naked Week at the cabin last summer, was obviously a quick study. Breathing through his nose, he kept lapping Sharon's clit until she was twisting and shuddering through her first orgasm of the weekend. When Sharon started to come down, Walt just kept right at it, drawing another climax out of my wife, and then a third, until finally, she sat up, and nudged Walt's face away from her pussy.

"Walt, that was fantastic!" she panted. "Now it's your turn." She stood up and the two of them traded places.

His long cock was pointing straight toward the ceiling, quivering with anticipation. Sharon leaned forward and lightly kissed and sucked his cockhead, stroking his shaft with one hand, while her other hand caressed his balls. She made happy humming noises in her throat, and Walt simply put his head back and soaked in the sensations of my wife's mouth on his cock.

Meanwhile, Jean and I had settled into a very nice, relaxed 69 position. I laid on the floor, with her pussy grinding on my face, while she was on top of me, sucking my cock. I savored the rich aroma of her vagina as she spread the thick juice of her arousal all over my face. It was very sensuous, very relaxing, and we just savored the sensations of each other's mouths on our genitals, at a leisurely, unhurried pace, for a long time.

After a while, we noticed, out of the corner of our eyes, that things on the couch were picking up. We paused to watch as Walt bucked his hips up off the couch, thrusting his erection into Sharon's mouth, grunting and gasping as she continued to suck on it.

"I'm gonna come," he told her, and she just nodded and hummed affirmatively. "Oh, God," groaned Walt, and then, with a growl, he emptied his balls into my wife's mouth. Sharon eagerly lapped up all of Walt's thick, milky-white cum, swallowing every drop, and then going back to collect the few drops that had escaped her hungry lips.

Jean and I sighed as we beheld our spouses' mutual bliss. I can hardly describe how hot it was to watch my wife swallowing Walt's cum, and see it dribbling out the corners of her mouth. She'd sucked me off many times, but seeing her do it to Walt was even hotter, somehow.

Jean got up off me, and went over to the couch, bending herself over the arm. "Come on, Ben," she urged, "Take me from behind."

So I got up, and stood behind her. I held my cockhead against her swollen pussy-lips and rubbed it slowly up and down, along her slit, teasingly delaying my entry.

"Come ON, Ben!" she cried. "Fuck me! Put your big, thick cock inside me, and fuck me!"

Ever the gentleman, and ever the obedient lover, even before she had finished speaking, I thrust forward with my hips, ramming my pulsating rod into her depths. Jean made a little gurgling sound in her throat as I pulled almost completely out of her, and rammed into her again.

"God yes!" she cried. "THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!"

We settled into a steady rhythm. I bent over to fondle Jean's beautiful tits while we fucked, which only added to the sensuousness of it, as I felt the smooth skin of her back against my chest, and my groin pressed against her ass with every stroke. I felt the underside of my cock scrubbing against her G-spot, and soon Jean was gasping with the beginnings of her orgasm. As she climaxed, she let out a wavering moan, and I felt the walls of her cunt squeezing on my rod as I continued to slide in and out of her. At last, she quivered and trembled to completion. Once I was certain that she'd finished, I gave one last forward thrust, probing to her very core, then holding myself there, pressing into her, until my balls burst, sending a river of my cum rushing into her. And then we collapsed onto the couch, next to where Sharon and Walt were watching us.

Walt grinned as he listened to his wife and me struggle to catch our breath. "Now THAT'S the way to start the weekend," he chuckled.

Our dinner, such as it was, consisted of smoked oysters, strawberries and dark chocolate, all washed down with a strong red wine. Then we all went upstairs and piled into Walt and Jean's king-size bed.

Having begun the weekend by pairing off across marital lines, in bed we coupled with our own spouses. It was good, and rich, for Sharon and me to lay aside watching Walt and Jean making love, like the lovers they were. Watching them in their intimate knowledge of each other was erotically rich, as they knew from years of experience how to please each other. As they mated, Sharon and I were taking mental notes, and even pointing out to each other things that Walt and Jean did, that we wanted to try.

Slowly, deliberately, Walt stroked his long cock into Jean, while she purred and cooed with extreme pleasure at her husband's penis probing to her depths. She wrapped her legs around his waist, then slid them down his back, over his ass, and finally, intertwined her legs with his, welding their bodies together as they continued the undulations of their horizontal mating dance. Sharon and I were feeling privileged that our friends would bring us into their bed to share the depth of their love with us.

I saw Jean begin to raise her hips off the bed, pressing herself up against Walt's thrusts. I smiled, as I recognized that she'd done the same to me, and I knew that she'd be climaxing soon. Her breathing became ragged, and her hips ground into her husband with increasing urgency. She began groaning in rhythm with their thrusts, and soon she was urging Walt, "Come with me; I want us to come together." Then Walt began to roll his hips, aiming his spear at her core, grunting with every thrust, while Jean reached higher and higher plateaus of erotic joy. Finally, Walt growled, "Here it comes, Babe!" and the two of them were lost in ecstasy while he sent his sperm to join what I'd already left in his wife.

Sharon and I quietly gasped as we saw the mixture of Walt's cum and mine oozing out of her, around the shaft of his cock, and trickling slowly down her ass.

Sharon and I were a little awestruck at the level of sensuality and sheer marital union that Walt and Jean had allowed us to witness. As they rolled over into position to watch us, we felt inspired by their example.

Sharon rolled me over onto my back, and began to slowly suck my cock, which was pulsating with anticipation. Starting with my balls, she sensuously, deliberately wetted every inch of my manhood with her tongue, pausing at the tip to swirl her tongue around it a few times. It was all I could do to keep from coming right then and there.

With silky-smooth movements, Sharon slid herself along my body, pausing to wrap her tits around my cock, and give me a sultry tit-fuck before continuing to slide herself seductively along my body until her breasts had come level with my mouth. Sharon moved from side to side, offering first one breast, and then the other, for me to suckle, while she slid her pussy back and forth against my chest. Once her tits had been satisfied, she slid back downward and kissed me deeply; I caught a taste of Walt's cum in her mouth. She slid further down until I could feel the tip of my cock pressing against her opening, her thick, curly pubic hair tickling as I pressed into her.

Sharon continued to press downward until my cockhead had just parted her cunt-lips and begun to feel her inner warmth. Slowly, Sharon continued, until an inch of my shaft was enveloped in the moist, sultry grip of her vagina, and then two, until I felt her pubic mound ground itself on the base of my cock. With my two hands, I grabbed her ass-cheeks and pulled her onto myself, pressing my throbbing erection into her core.

As we had just watched Walt and Jean do, Sharon and I slowly ground ourselves into each other, until it seemed we were virtually not two people anymore, but one. My cock seemed to dissolve into the walls of my wife's pussy, and every movement of her body made every cell in mine tingle with erotic pleasure.

We mated like that, slowly and sensuously, for a long time, before the appreciative gaze of our friends. As I've said before, we have a level of trust and openness with Walt and Jean that we don't have with anyone else. Our lovemaking was happening at a deep level, near to the core of our being, and it was a bit awesome to be able to reveal ourselves, and put ourselves on display, at such a deep level, for our friends.

With my hands, I held Sharon's body tightly against mine, enjoying the sensation of her naked skin against my own, her breasts sensuously sliding against my chest, her nipples like little points of erotic electricity sending jolts into me. My hands stroked her thighs and ass-cheeks, feeling her muscles tense and relax with each thrust of her body against mine. With my fingertip, I probed between her ass-cheeks and tickled her rosebud, which caused her to give a little shudder.

Finally, Sharon sat up, steadying herself with her hands against my chest. Her breathing became ragged, and each thrust of her hips became more purposeful and determined. She squeezed my cock with her cunt-muscles, in time with her thrusts. In response, I began lifting my hips up off the bed, driving myself urgently into her depths. Her fingers dug into my chest; I gasped at the small stab of pain.

Then, with a low wail, the dam of Sharon's climax broke. She was twisting and writhing on top of me, quivering with the waves of orgasmic bliss that were crashing over her. Her legs squeezed tightly around my hips, and sobs of pleasure came from deep within her. The sensations of my wife's orgasm were as intense as anything I'd ever experienced, and I could only release myself to my own orgasm, joining her on a cosmic plane of erotic bliss, somewhere on the far side of the Universe. My body was wracked with orgasmic spasms, and I felt as if everything in my body was shooting out of my cock, into her. I virtually didn't have control of my own body; I could only let the orgasm have its way with me, until it was finished.

When Sharon finally collapsed on top of me, and the two of us were struggling to catch our breath, Jean spoke.

"That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," she said.

"That's because you couldn't watch yourselves," I responded, between gasps.

And with that, the four of us fell blissfully, contentedly asleep.


In the morning, with the early rays of sunlight filtering through the venetian blinds, I came groggily awake. Jean and I were in the 'middle' spots on the bed. Sharon was on the edge next to me, Walt was on the other side of Jean from me. Somehow, in our sleepful tossings, I ended up spooned with Jean, my hand cupping her breast, which was a pleasant-enough way to come awake. I began lazily fondling Jean's breast, squeezing it gently, stroking it, feeling its fullness and heft. My normal 'morning wood' became even more attentive, and began to press itself into the cleft of her ass.

I don't know if it was my ministrations that woke Jean, but she soon joined me in consciousness. She turned her head to look over her shoulder toward me. "Good morning, lover," she drawled groggily.

"Mmmmm. Good morning. You fancy a bit of morning fucking?" I ground my hips against her ass, probing more insistently for a warm place to put my cock.

"Mmmmm. I'm always up for a bit of morning fucking." She rolled her hips back toward me, to provide better access to her pussy for my cock. She raised her top leg for a second, then reached down between her legs to find my erection. "Nice," she said, to no-one in particular. She guided my cockhead to her opening, and pressed it into herself. Then with her other hand, she pressed my hand more firmly against her breast, guiding it in how she wanted her breasts to be felt, while we lazily spoon-fucked. It was very relaxed, very mellow and low-key.

After Jean and I had been fucking for a while, Sharon rolled over and got out of bed. She padded off down the hall to the bathroom. When she returned, she got back into bed on Walt's side, and began stroking his cock while she watched Jean and me. When Walt awoke, Sharon rolled him onto his back and began sucking his cock. She climbed on top of him, in the 69 position, but the difference in their heights was too great for a normal 69; so Walt played with her pussy while she sucked his cock, and every so often, she'd slide back to let him eat her out, while she gave him a hand-job on the other end.

Jean pushed me away from herself, briefly, so she could roll onto her back. Then she pulled me on top of herself, into a missionary position, and we resumed our mellow fuck. Slowly, I pushed into her tight pussy, then withdrew until I had almost pulled out of her completely, then pressed back into her. She groaned as my thick cock spread her open as I plunged in and out of her. When she began bucking her hips up at me, I responded by pounding even more vigorously into her, until she was wailing with the pleasure of our coupling. A few more thrusts, and I was pumping my cum into her again, and she was squirming through another orgasm.

Jean and I rolled over to watch Sharon and Walt finish. She was sucking his cock in earnest now, stroking it with her hand, and bobbing her head up and down on his length. I could see, from the movement of her cheeks and lips, that she was swirling her tongue furiously around the tip of Walt's cock. I could also tell, from how his eyes were tightly shut, and his head was rolled back, that Walt was enjoying it immensely. He made a little gurgling noise in his throat and laid his hand on Sharon's back, trying to speak.

"Shar-," Was all he could manage before a sound somewhere between a grunt and a groan escaped his throat, and he sent his semen shooting into my wife's mouth again.

Sharon made a happy purring sound as Walt came, and she continued to suck on his cock until she'd cleaned him off thoroughly, and his now-soft cock slipped from between her lips.

Then she slid herself backward, presenting her pussy in front of Walt's face. Walt was gasping for breath for a few minutes, but that only had the effect of letting him drink more deeply of the rich, musky aroma of Sharon's cunt. When Walt had caught his breath sufficiently, he pulled back on Sharon's hips, and sat her on his face.

Sharon was happy to grind her pussy on Walt's face, and Walt, for his part, was diving into her with relish, making great slurping sounds as he licked and sucked my wife. She moaned and groaned with pleasure as she rode Walt's tongue, feeling it probe into her channel before finally settling onto her clit. That caused Sharon to roll her hips at a furious pace until, with a quivering moan, she came.

Walt might have thought that his morning duties had been fulfilled, but Sharon wasn't finished with him yet. Lifting herself off his face, she spun around and positioned herself on his cock. At first, she just straddled him, rubbing the cleft of her slit along the length of Walt's shaft, aiming to get him hard again. Jean and I smiled as we saw his cockhead expand while creeping slowly upward along his belly. When she sensed his hardness, Sharon lifted herself for a moment, and Walt's cock sprung up in readiness.

"I think he's ready," Sharon said, sending a wink and a smirk at Jean and me. "I can't believe it's Saturday morning and I haven't had that magnificent, long cock inside of me yet." And with that, she sat herself back down, slowly and deliberately impaling herself on Walt's pole.

Inch by inch, Walt's cock disappeared into my wife, until she had engulfed him completely. She twisted herself sensually on his shaft and purred with erotic pleasure to feel him penetrating her deeply, as only he could do. For several minutes, she simply sat still, squeezing his shaft with her cunt-muscles, savoring the sensations of being penetrated to the absolute far corners of her vagina.

Slowly, she began rocking back and forth, grinding herself sensually on Walt's long rod, stirring it around from one corner of her pussy to another, groaning with erotic joy as she did so. Walt matched her slow rhythm, pressing his cock into her depths, and then relaxing. Jean and I looked on in fascination at the pleasure our spouses took from each other as they mated.

Sharon was groaning completely without abandon at the sensations that Walt's cock was producing inside her. Steadily, she increased her tempo, until her ass was practically a blur as she pumped herself against his cock. At last, with a trembling groan, she came, which elicited another groan from Walt as he sent his second load of the morning shooting into her.


That evening, someone had the idea to put some music on and dance. Jean found a CD of dance music, and we paired off -- Sharon danced with Walt, and Jean danced with me. Of course, the four of us all being naked, it didn't take long for things to move in an erotic direction.

I'm roughly average height -- just a shade under six feet tall -- and Sharon is a bit shorter than average -- around 5-feet-4. Walt is quite tall, around 6-4, and Jean is also tall, being close to the same height as me. So, when we danced together, Sharon was much shorter than Walt, whereas Jean and I were essentially eye-to-eye with each other. As I danced with Jean, I felt myself getting increasingly aroused by the sensation of her naked body against mine. I slid my hand down from her waist, so that I was feeling her ass, stroking her cheeks, feeling her firm muscles as she moved and danced around the room. When I did that, she snuggled herself closer to me, and I could feel her left breast mashing against my chest. I bent my head down, and took her nipple into my mouth, rolling it on my tongue, savoring its taste and texture.

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