Cabin in the Woods, Sequel


And my cock got hard. Jean had a mischievous look on her face as she looked into my eyes. She was trying to subtly turn herself to rub my erection against herself. Not that I minded that at all, you understand. We made a game of her trying to 'catch' my cock, and me trying (albeit, not very earnestly) to keep it away from her. We were giggling and grabbing and groping each other as the 'game' progressed.

At last, I 'gave in', and she 'caught' me. We stood face-to-face, our bodies pressed tightly together. I felt her breasts mashing into my chest, her hard nipples virtually boring into me. I grabbed her ass, one cheek in each hand, and she did likewise to me. It felt amazing, having her hands sensuously stroking my ass. We kissed passionately, our tongues intertwining and probing the corners of each other's mouth. Jean spread her legs slightly, so my cock could rub against her pussy-lips. Then we looked into each other's eyes, and pulled each other tight, and my cock slid into her.

I'd had standing sex with Sharon a few times, but the difference in our heights made it a bit uncomfortable, so it wasn't something we did all that often. But with Jean, our bodies matched up perfectly.

Once I was inside her, she put her legs back together, which made her pussy feel even tighter. With my hands, I pulled her onto myself, and she did likewise. Of course, we really weren't dancing any more. But our standing fuck was even better.

We pressed together and relaxed, and I felt my cock pressing into her. Her pussy was plenty tight just normally, but by pressing her legs together, she made it feel amazingly tight. I pumped in and out of her; she was quite wet, but the friction just from the increased tightness raised the sensations to an even higher level. I knew I wouldn't hold out very long, and when I felt my climax approaching, I sat on the couch, and had Jean ride me. Soon, she was grinding her way to her own climax. When I knew she was coming, I raised my hips and sent another load of my sperm pulsing into her.

While Jean and I recovered, I bent down to suckle her marvelous tits some more, while we watched our spouses.

Sharon and Walt couldn't do the kind of standing sex that Jean and I had just done; the difference in their heights was just too much. But they had other advantages. With both of them standing normally, Walt's cock rubbed pretty high on Sharon's belly. If she stooped just a little bit, they could do a standing tit-fuck. And a few other things, besides.

Jean and I watched as Walt had Sharon stand on a chair. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck while he hooked his elbows behind her knees, and he could hold her up off the ground. He slowly lowered her until her opening met his cockhead. Then he slowly dropped her onto his cock, her whole weight pressing her onto him. Between Sharon's hands around Walt's neck, and his arms supporting her knees, they could control their movements quite well. We watched in a bit of awe as the two of them humped together vertically. It was obviously a pretty athletic move -- Walt had to be strong enough to support both their weight, and still help Sharon manage the pressure of her own weight pressing her down onto Walt's cock. And Sharon had to be strong enough to hold herself up with her arms.

They fucked like that for several minutes; I was amazed by how long they could maintain that position. When they got tired, Walt laid Sharon on the couch and crawled between her legs to finish missionary-style. Walt's long cock pumped in and out of my wife's vagina, until she breathed, "Come with me!" and he sent his thick white cum spewing into her again.


Sunday, as always, was our last day together. We had formed a loose tradition that our last day together was 'Threesome Day'. We started with Walt and me taking turns with both women. Walt laid on his back, while one of the women rode his cock, and the other rode his face. After each of the women had an orgasm in that position, they switched places until they each came again, and Walt had pumped Jean's pussy full of cum again.

For my turn, I had both women sit on the couch, side by side, while I ate their pussies. I loved being able to lean in close, to savor the smells and flavors of my two favorite vaginas. And of course, Jean was freshly filled with her husband's cum, so I got a taste of that, too. When Sharon trembled through her second oral orgasm, I moved up and slid my cock into her again. I pounded into her furiously, until I left another deposit of my sperm in her box.

When it was Jean's turn to take on both Walt and me, she was giddy with anticipation. Jean just loves having two men simultaneously tending to her pleasure. This time, we 'spit-roasted' her - Jean got on her hands and knees, in the 'doggy-style' position, while Walt got on his knees in front of her and I got on my knees behind her. Jean sucked Walt's cock while I fucked her from behind. At one point, she was virtually deep-throating Walt, and my thrusts from behind were pushing her onto his cock. We even managed to time it so that Walt and I were coming virtually simultaneously, with my cum spurting into her pussy, and Walt's into her mouth.

When Walt and I had recovered enough from Jean to get hard again (damn refractory period!), Walt sat on the couch. Sharon grabbed the lube bottle and coated Walt's cock with copious quantities of lube. Then she tentatively sat down, pressing not her pussy this time, but her asshole, against the tip of his cock. Slowly, gingerly, she squirmed onto Walt's erection, pausing several times to let her sphincter adjust to accommodate Walt's cock. When he was well and securely situated with his cock in her bowel, she leaned back and spread her legs for me, her pussy open wide to receive me. I knelt between her (and Walt's) legs, and pressed my erection into her. As I penetrated her, I could feel Walt's cock inside Sharon's ass, with only a thin layer of muscle separating it from my own. Sharon groaned at the sensation of two men double-stuffing her, filling both her holes. At first, we just stayed still, letting each other adjust to the ways our three bodies came together. Slowly, I began to pump in and out of my wife. Then Walt joined in, trying to match his movements to mine, while Sharon squirmed and writhed at the sensations of two cocks grinding into her, one in her ass, and one in her cunt. Quickly, she was at the point of climax, and she began to twitch and writhe and moan uncontrollably as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. But Walt and I just kept going, drawing out of her one orgasm after another, until she finally waved us off, saying that she'd had enough. And when Sharon has had enough, there's not much more to be said. . .


In our weekend orgies, it's always a little sad when it's time to put our clothes back on, and head home. One last round of naked hugs and affectionate pats for each other's 'private parts', and then Sharon and I were dressed for the 'outside world' again, and in our car driving home.

When we got home, it was late, and we headed straight to bed. Once more, Sharon and I got naked, and made love one more time, mellow and relaxed, after the intensity of the weekend. After we'd finished, I was lazily stroking and fondling my wife.

"You know, Sweetheart," I said to her, "I love Walt and Jean dearly, and our weekends together are incredible. But it's sure good to be back home."

Sharon purred contentedly. "It is," she agreed. "It's good to be back home."

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