Cabin John


This is the second part of the Cabin Series. Chapter one is entitled Cabin Fever.


Sam quickly handed me some tissues and straightened her appearance before kneeling down to pick up the pieces. I cleaned myself off and pulled up my shorts. I felt awkward and confused. I was floundering when Jerry came out of their bedroom. I wiped the last fifteen minutes from my mind.

"What's happened?"

"I was reaching a bowl for Sam and it slipped out of my hand."

I looked down at Sam. She was looking up at me and flashed me a look that I couldn't read. I regained control of myself.

"She's got it under control. I'm sorry about your precious China."

"We'll put it on your tab. Sleep all right?"

"Slept great -- just like you." I said with a grin. I surprised myself with how composed I was. My erection had subsided, but I was careful to stand close enough to the counter so it obstructed the view in case my shorts showed anything. Sam picked up the last piece and stood up to put it in the garbage. I noticed her nipples protruding against her night gown and a faint wet spot on the back where my mouth had been.

It was only then that I felt pain in my arm. I glanced down and saw teeth marks and a little blood. I made sure to keep it out of view of Jerry as he came around the corner and kissed Sam good morning. I was in a daze and once more started to retreat to our bedroom.

Before I got to the door, Tracy came out. She smiled at me still basking in the afterglow of last night and kissed me. I hoped she would attribute any taste of Samantha as nothing more than morning breath.

"You still smell like sex", she whispered in my ear.

She headed off to get some coffee. As I watched her go I felt fissures in my heart. I had betrayed her. I retreated to the bedroom to regain my composure and to find a light sweat shirt to cover my wound.

We all had breakfast together. We shared knowing looks and little jokes about the activities of the previous night. We were sitting at a small square wooden table the size of a card table. I felt Tracy's knee bump into mine a couple of times and then come to rest against it. For a moment I wished it was Sam's. I felt guilty again.

A few moments later I felt a hand on my thigh. I glanced over at Tracy but she was playing innocent. Jerry was saying something and both women were looking at him while I felt my cock quickly enlarging.

After Jerry finished his comment Samantha stood up.

"I'll clear the dishes."

Tracy said, "We'll get the next batch. I need to show Rick something in the bedroom."

She hadn't fooled either of them but she didn't care. As soon as I was in she shut the bedroom door and got down on to her knees. She had my pants down before I could stop her and my cock had already risen to greet her. I prayed I had wiped myself down well enough. She reacted oddly when she took the first big gulp, hesitating slightly and looking up at me. I smiled back and she went to work. As I looked down at her I felt my cock start to soften slightly. I closed my eyes and saw Sam from this morning and soon I was fully hard again.

I was pretty aroused when she suddenly stood up and pushed me backwards. I fell onto the bed and she straddled me and began to bounce up and down on top of me.

"That was so hot last night Rick. I want to do that again tonight and I want to do it all night long."

She started moaning and I knew they could hear her. As she came close to coming she became louder. I wondered how much of that was on purpose. I closed my eyes and pretended she was Samantha. I erupted inside of her as she came in a loud half scream.

Afterwards she noticed my arm.

"Did I do that?"

"What", I said, pretending not to have noticed before, stalling for time.

She pointed to my arm.

"Oh that. I'll call the FBI in and they can do a DNA test."

After we cleaned up and dressed we made our way down to the dirt tennis court Jerry had made. Tracy and I split sets against Jerry and Sam, and then Sam and I beat Jerry and Tracy easily.

"You guys make a good team." Jerry told us, "Now it's time for men against the women -- losers cook dinner."

Sam and Trace looked at each other. "OK, but you guys only get one serve and have to hit into the singles court."


We lost 6-2.

We went back to the cabin for a bite to eat. After lunch Jerry went to the bedroom. About 15 minutes later he called Sam in saying he wanted to show her something. Tracy and I looked at each other with knowing looks thinking they were following our morning lead. Instead we didn't hear anything. After several minutes they both came out acting strange.

We watched a sexy movie and then went swimming in the afternoon. Jerry went up early to get the grill going taking Tracy along to help. That left Sam and me in the pool. Sam had been acting oddly ever since lunch ended, especially towards me. She got out of the pool and lay on one of the chairs. She didn't look at me or talk to me. I floated on a chair in the water.

I started thinking about what I had done. I had broken my marriage vow. I had betrayed Tracy. I had stepped through a door to a different world and there was no going back. It was like when someone dies unexpectedly and your life changes permanently. Except this was not an accidental death. I had murdered our marriage.

I wanted to take Tracy home and confess everything to her and throw myself at her mercy but we were trapped here. I decided to go find Tracy and at least talk to her.

As I came out of my trance I noticed Sam looking at me. She quickly looked away. I got out and went up to the house to find Tracy. I didn't see her or Jerry anywhere. I went to take a shower.

When I came out of the bedroom after my shower I saw Tracy and Jerry talking quietly together. Tracy gave me a mysterious look when she saw me. I was totally unnerved and slightly jealous.

I made drinks for everyone, a triple for myself. I cooked the steaks while Jerry made the salad and vegetables. He came over to me as the steaks were finishing and handed me a yellow pill.

"You said you wanted to try one though after last night I'm not sure you need it."

I took the pill from him and then he flashed his other palm where he had one to. We grinned at each other, popped the pills in our mouths, and chased them with our drinks. He held my gaze a little longer than I was comfortable with before going back to the grill.

I looked for a chance to get Tracy alone but it was almost as if she was avoiding me.

During dinner the talk moved around but always seemed to come back to sex. We ate at the picnic table outside. I wanted to be able to relax but my mind kept jumping back to that morning. Feeling guilty, I moved closer to Tracy. She didn't respond, almost as if I didn't exist.

Jerry and Samantha went inside and came back out with coffee and tea and some of our favorite games. After a while it started to cool down and we moved inside. Jerry pulled out some cards and we sat on the floor at a big wooden square coffee table where we played a round of hearts. Then Jerry made his proposal.

"Sam and I were talking about last night. We were both really turned on listening to you two make love and it sounded like you two had the same reaction. You guys are our best friends. We thought it would be fun to do the strip poker thing like we did in college."

Nobody said anything

"If I'm out of line just say so and hopefully you can forget I ever brought the idea up."

The thought of seeing Samantha naked perked me up right away. She had been sexy enough this afternoon in her bathing suit. But I knew it wouldn't be Tracy's thing.

I looked over at her. She didn't return my look. Instead she spoke up.

"OK, but we play Hearts instead of Poker."

I was tasered. Where did that come from?

"All right" Jerry said.

"OK, and for every 10 points you have, you take off one piece of clothing." Samantha added.

"But we get to keep our underwear on until someone loses" Tracy said.

I finally recovered and felt my heart skipping. I added my suggestion.

"The couple with the highest point total performs while the person with lowest score can direct the action and watch with their partner. When the first couple is done, the second couple has their turn?"

Everyone agreed.

Sam and Jerry cleared a few magazines off of a long sturdy coffee table and we sat around it, couples on opposite sides. Tracy's face was a mystery. I would talk to her tonight after we were done.

I started off well, shooting the moon on the first hand and forcing the others to take off their shoes, but on both of the next two hands I took the queen. Things were close on the fourth hand. The next hand I took the queen again as well as several hearts. The sixth hand took me to 60 and I took my shirt off.

I looked out for myself on the next hand and stayed low, though I ended up giving Tracy some bad cards. She ended up with sixty points and had to strip down to her underwear. Sam and Jerry were both low key though Jerry couldn't completely hide his excitement, his eyes caressing her legs.

Tracy and I did better on the next couple of hands and pulled ahead. Sam and Jerry won the next hand helped by a failed attempt to shoot the moon. We ended up with Tracy at 97, me at 94, Sam at 92 and Jerry at 88. We were all in our underwear.

Tracy took the queen three tricks into the next hand and I prepared for the worst. Then she started taking all the hearts. I fed her my King when she played an Ace and she shot the Moon. We were all over 100 except for Tracy. I was pretty sure we had won.

I totaled up the points. I had the highest point total, but Tracy and I had beaten Sam and Jerry.

"Tracy and I won, 217 for us and 232 for you."

Tracy reached for the score sheet and pulled it over to her. She did some mental calculating while we waited. Then she looked at me with a face I had never seen before as she announced her verdict.

"I've added everything up. Jerry and I have the lowest couple score -- 211 to 238. I have the lowest overall score, so I get to direct you and Samantha while Jerry watches."

She landed her hay-maker Once more I was stunned. No one said anything for a minute.

I looked over at Tracy. I was looking at a stranger.

"Rick and Samantha, you two stand over hear facing each other. Jerry, you come over to the couch with me."

Tracy reached for Jerry's hand and led him over .

This was all happening so fast. I was shocked, betrayed, intrigued. The idea of having sex with Sam and being watched was driving me wild with excitement. The idea of Jerry and Tracy together was making me both excited and jealous. My dick was raging against my underwear as I walked over and faced Samantha.

"Samantha, kneel down in front of Rick and set him free."

Samantha sunk to her knees and smiled up at me like she had this morning. She ran her hands over the fabric covering my cock and then slipped them inside the waist band on either side of me. She slowly tugged down so my dick was pointing at the floor, the end covered by my briefs. The base of the shaft was exposed and she inched them slowly until suddenly she yanked them down. My dick bobbed up and she caught it in her mouth and began going to town on me.

My brain was on overdrive with excitement and pleasure. The blow job I was getting from Samantha was fantastic, stimulating me in all the right places. The high I was getting from this strange situation where my wife was telling her to do it was sending me places I had never been.

"Jerry, come over here."

Tracy commanded and he obeyed. She grabbed his hand and pulled him down to sit next to her on the love seat. They turned to watch us.

Sam's hands grabbed my ass and kneaded my cheeks while she slurped on me. She changed rhythm and massaged the back of my thighs while nibbling on the base of my shaft, working her way around to the tip of my head. I looked down at her and she smiled up at me, locking her eyes onto mine We both realized this was part two, but this would be very different. She broke contact and started over again, this time her hands reaching up and rubbing my chest and tweaking my nipples.

I felt the excitement boiling in me. I peaked over at Tracy and Jerry. They were both mesmerized and excited. Their hands gently played on each others bodies like pianists warming up the keys. When I noticed Tracy's hand encircling Jerry's dick that triggered me and I knew I was about ready to come.

Samantha stopped suddenly, circuit breaking my building orgasm. Tracy got up off the couch removing her bra on the way over. She came over to Sam, embraced her, and kissed her full on the lips. The sight of the two of them together, their breasts mashed against each other and hands roaming over the backs of the others body made me harder than ever. Tracy broke it off, walked over to me and kissed me with open lips. I could taste myself in her mouth. She thrust her tongue inside me to make sure.

She slowly disengaged and looked at me. As she started back towards the couch she paused and whispered, "By the way, I know about you and Sam this morning."

She backed slowly toward the couch. It was a roundhouse to my head. Had she seen us? Had Jerry seen us and told her? Had Sam said something? Where was this all going? As if in answer to my last question, Jerry reached for Tracy to keep her from falling, then slipped off her panties and pulled her down to him. They made out for a minute.

Tracy said, "Sam's turn now Rick. Work your mouth magic on her."

Sam turned toward me and emboldened, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her while guiding her towards the coffee table. I laid her back on it, spread her legs, and then knelt down in front of her. Starting slowly, I lapped the inside of her thighs before teasing her with my tongue around the edges of her pussy. I played with her lips, gently pulling on them with mine. She jolted slightly with each new sensation. When I finally licked her pussy she sighed and melted. Then I worked my tongue wizardry on her pussy while my hands went up to her breasts.

I took my time. I brought her to the edge and then backed off, gently massaging her nipples all the time. I could feel the pleasure coursing through her body, the anticipation and frustration in her legs and crotch. The vicarious thrills ebbed into my body. I felt my hand pulled off of Samantha's left nipple. I moved it down and grabbed her ass. The same thing happened on the other side and I was aware of someone near me. My hands were pulled behind my back and secured together.

I looked up with my eyes without breaking stride and saw Tracy and Jerry return and kneel on either side of Samantha's torso, leaning over to put their mouths on her nipples. Samantha jolted again and soon went over the edge. I licked with long firm strokes. She was bucking and yelling with pleasure. I stayed with her as long as I could until she finally seized up and slumped down on the table.

Tracy came over and helped me to sit up on my knees shakily. She slid a fat elastic ring over my cock and let it snap at the base of my cock. I became stiffer.

Sam slid her crotch to the edge of the table. I was on my knees, rock hard and possessed. I edged forward, slowly breaching her lips with the tip of cock. She took it in her my hand and rubbed it around her cunt, bringing herself back to life. I slowly but firmly slid into her. She gasped with pleasure. Her feet grabbed purchase on the floor and she started moving too. We were loving it. Her face tightened and she went over the top once more. I felt things rising in me but the cock ring was strangling me. I was going to make this last. Sam. I got ready to ratchet up the rhythm again when I felt firm hands grab my hips. I was helped to my feet and into a wooden chair.

"You stay here, Rick"

Tracy helped Samantha to her feet.

"Come here Sam, we're going to make one of Rick's other fantasies come true."

I was clueless. First I felt soft fabric around each of my ankles. They were then bound to each of the lower rungs of the chair. My wrists were separated and tied to the back of the chair. A couple of minutes later Samantha sat on my lap, facing me, revived, sexy, and smiling.

Tracy and Jerry stood facing each other in front of the couch which was now folded out into a bed. Jerry was still in his shorts and Tracy in her sexy black panties and bra. I wanted her.

Jerry and Tracy slowly put their hands around each other and started kissing. It was tame at first, some gentle kissing and tentatively touching safe areas on each other, like they were trying a new food. They liked it. They started kissing open-mouthed. Jerry's hands moved quickly to Tracy's back. Tracy responded by stroking his thighs and brushing up against his underpants. The kissing and petting became more passionate, with moaning and sighing.

Tracy's hands were fully exploring Jerry's body. Her right hand burrowed into his pants to grab his penis. Jerry slid his mouth down to Tracy's nipples and he began sucking them. Tracy broke it off, knelt in front of Jerry, and eagerly removed his shorts. She sat back on her heels. She grabbed Jerry's cock at the base and guided the head around her face to her closed lips. She stuck out her tongue slightly and brushed the head of his cock with it. She teased him like this and then suddenly opened her mouth and swallowed as much of his cock as she could and began to suck him vigorously.

Jerry let out a yell of pleasure and began convulsing. Tracy was still sucking him as voraciously as before. She slowed down only when Jerry's long orgasm had reached its peak. Tracy stood up and , walked over to me to kiss me full on the mouth once more.

"I hope you're enjoying this Rick."

Tracy walked back to Jerry who guided her to bed and laid her face down on it. He straddled her back, his cock laying partially rigid along her spine, and massaged her back. As she relaxed he lightened his touch. He got up on all fours and kissed her back all over, working his way down, skipping over her ass and kissing her thighs.

Sam and I watched from the chair. She toyed with me, kissing me occasionally, letting me have little nips of her nipples. She played with my cock with her free hand, stoking me gently, occasionally rubbing against her vagina, torturing me with pleasure. I had no idea where this was all going but I wanted Samantha badly.

Jerry started over on Tracy's back, this time alternating long laps of his large tongue with little bites. She quivered at his touch with little pleasure shocks that increased in intensity as he moved to her legs, then her feet, and then back up to her ass.

He crawled up behind her, spread her cheeks, and began tonguing her ass, Tracy moaning with pleasure. He roughly massaged her cheeks as he licked her more intensely. Her moans were louder and louder. His hands slipped around underneath Tracy and suddenly she was coming, Her sighs of pleasure resonated in my cock and the look on her face made me tremble.

Jerry quickly cleaned himself off. He came back to the bed, grabbed Tracy's legs and flipped her over, and practically dove his face into her pussy. His hands greedily grabbed her breasts as he vigorously licked her pussy, quickly bringing her to the edge of another orgasm. He changed speed suddenly, using a tender touch with both hands and mouth. Tracy implored harder contact with her body but he held back and let her subside before slowly increasing his stimulation.

Jerry continued this cycle a couple of times. Tracy's cries of pleasure translated as prayers for relief. This time he didn't slack off. He kept a slow intense pattern going. Tracy went rigid and then began thrashing and screaming in pleasure, bucking her hips for what seemed like five minutes, having the biggest orgasm I had ever seen. I felt jealousy and a thrill run through my body.

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