tagErotic CouplingsCabin Retreat

Cabin Retreat


After a long night's drive we finally reach the cabin around midnight.

What a trip it was. It must have been one hell of a week at work because you are wound up. Less than half way to our destination, just as dusk arrives, you start.

You are wearing your work clothes, Even though it is casual Friday, you have on a short yellow sun dress, almost transparent, underneath you have on a matching set of red lace bra and thong. You start by taking off your bra, complaining it is to restrictive, as you do this I can feel a stir in my shorts and you know you have this effect on me and you love it.

Your nipples get hard as they come in contact with the cool air and you sigh with relief, next you remove your thong and wave it under my nose causing me to get harder with your scent.

You definitely are in a playful mood as you turn towards me raising you legs on the seat causing your dress to rise up you thighs and slightly expose your neatly trimmed bush. You notice the bulge in my pants and begin to run your fingers over your hard nipples to tease me. Slowly one of your hands moves down your body to raise your skirt even higher while the other hand continues to play with your now bare breast. As you lift your skirt exposing yourself to me you run a finger up along the wetness that has developed between your legs. I have such a hard-on that I think I am going to either break my zipper or cum right there.

You decide enough teasing as you move over next to me and rub my throbbing cock through my pants before undoing the fly.

So slowly you are with releasing me from the tight confines of my pants, but eventually you have the zipper down and your hand inside my pants gently stroking my cock. Your hands are so soft, like a velvet glove as your hand moves up and down. I reach over and lightly run my fingertip over your wet lips. I find your clit and you jump, squeezing my cock hard. After the initial shock wears off you slowly lower your head in my lap, I can feel your warm breath as your mouth nears the head of my cock. With anticipation I wait, you tease some more as I enter one finger then two inside the wet confines of your hairless pussy lips. The more I stroke you the less attention I get as you are concentrating on your own orgasm so I decide you need to cum first.

I start to rub your clit harder and faster; your breathing is getting faster and harder as well. I can feel your pussy muscles start to tighten and you softly moan. Suddenly you start to shake and hold your breath as I feel your orgasm hit full stride. My hand completely soaked, as is the seat of the car. I bring my fingers up to my mouth to taste you; just as I start to lick off your juices you lower your mouth to my throbbing cock. Slowly you lick up one side and then the other, and then you wrap you mouth around the head and suck softly while taking more of me into your mouth. I am finding it hard to concentrate with you giving me one of the best blowjobs of my life and I know I won't last much longer. I tell you to slow down but pure defiance you suck harder, faster and take me deep into your mouth until I feel the head of my dick hitting the back of your throat. With one of your hands you move it between your legs and star driving your finger in side your pussy trying to cum again. The other hand is playing with my balls. I feel the familiar tingling in my ball and you can feel my cock starting to grow and throb in your mouth. You are starting to moan as you begin to cum again.

I tell you I am cumming but you ignore me as your own finger induced orgasm hits. I start to cum deep in your mouth, and you are startled at first but swallow rapidly as jet after jet of hot jism hits the back of your throat. You lick the last drop off of me and zip up my pants. I reach for you and draw you in for a kiss.

You smile and put your head in my lap and drift off to sleep. I think to myself, if this is how the weekend starts off what else can I expect?

To be continued...

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