tagInterracial LoveCabin Romance Ch. 03

Cabin Romance Ch. 03


Jonathan got up and pulled Charisse up with him leading her to the bed where they laid down and just held each other cuddling and talking. As the night wore on, Charisse drifted off to sleep in Jonathan's arms and Jonathan gave her a light kiss on her forehead. Jonathan laid his head back on the pillow and listened to the light sounds of Charisse's even breathing as he thought of what was to come the next day. He'd love to just keep her in bed all day but he knew she wanted to do some sight seeing while she was in town so he had planned to take her to the zoo. She once told him that she loved the zoo but didn't get a chance to go very often and it was just way too hot where she lived to be traipsing around the zoo trying to find animals that were usually hiding in the shade to get away from the heat. Jonathan closed his eyes and let out a contented sigh ready to get some sleep knowing the next day was going to be a busy one.

The next day Jonathan and Charisse went out to the zoo as he had planned and he enjoyed watching the joy expressed in Charisse's eyes as she watched the antics of the different animals. As they were walking hand in hand in the Aquarium, Jonathan thought how nice it would be to be able to be with Charisse like this all of the time. He looked at her and liked the way the outfit she chose that day made her look ten years younger. Then again it could have just been the good loving from the night before and the happiness of being with him. He hoped that was the case. Charisse was wearing ice white blue jean shorts that accented her thick brown legs very nicely. With that, she was wearing a snug dark purple t-shirt which she had tucked in to the waistband of her shorts. She accented the outfit with a thick black belt and the same black sandals she had on from the day before. He looked at her toes and was always amazed at how perfect they looked. She didn't wear colored nail polish always opting for the neutral clear polish but her toenails were impeccably clean and very nicely shaped. Charisse had decided to braid her hair that day and she looked rather adorable with her bangs curled on her forehead and her hair in two french braids going down the back.

Charisse looked at Jonathan and wondered what he was thinking. He seemed to have been rather preoccupied most of the day. She wanted to ask him what was on his mind but was afraid of the answer so she decided to just leave well enough alone. She took in the sight of Jonathan walking next to her and was glad she had met him. Jonathan was always considerate taking smaller steps match hers. Looking at him, Charisse wondered why he always thought he wasn't attractive enough for her when they first started chatting long ago in that chat room. She smiled, taking in his short black hair, that had just a hint of gray at the temples and his nice brown eyes that were always so full of expression. She smiled as her eyes traveled down to the full gray moustache neatly groomed above the mouth that brought her such incredible pleasure the night before. Jonathan was a lean man with an athletic build to him and she especially enjoyed that. That day he was wearing a simple outfit of blue jeans and a white t-shirt. The white t-shirt accentuated his wheat colored skin nicely. On his feet he had on a pair of tennis shoes that had seen better days but she didn't mind because she liked that quirk about him.

As they exited the zoo, Charisse saw a horse and buggy parked across the street and begged Jonathan for a ride explaining that she'd never ridden in one before. Jonathan, always wanting to bring a smile to Charisse's face and joy in her eyes, agreed. They headed over to the horse and buggy and he paid the driver to take them around the park that was across the street from the zoo. Jonathan helped Charisse up into the buggy and she slid over to make room for him. He settled down next to her and put his arm around her as the buggy began to travel around the park. It was a beautiful day and they could still see some raindrops glistening in the sunlight on the leaves of the trees as they rode by. The park was busy that day with families grilling, children laughing and playing on the playground equipment, couples taking leisurely strolls and people walking their dogs. It was like a scene from a movie.

Later, as they arrived back at the cabin, Charisse jumped out of the car before Jonathan could cut the ignition off. Jonathan thought maybe she had to pee or something the way she bolted out of the car. He watched in awe as Charisse ran towards the lake stripping along the way. That woman was just full of surprises and Jonathan loved each and every one. He climbed out of the car, slammed the door, tossed the car keys into the open window of the vehicle and took off in a trot behind Charisse. By the time he caught up to her, he too was totally naked and she was already in the water. He dove into the lake in one swift motion and swam under water to where he could see Charisse was. He felt her legs, reached around and pulled her under the water. He could hear a faint shriek as Charisse came under the water with him. The lake was fresh water, clean and blue. He wanted to see what Charisse looked like naked in under the water. He saw her looking back at him, her cheeks bulged out a little bit as he knew she'd taken in a big gulp of air right before he pulled her under. Her full breasts were floating away from her body and he couldn't resist grabbing one. Charisse let out a little air and Jonathan saw the bubbles rising to the top of the lake. He swam up to the top bringing Charisse with him. As they burst their heads through the top of the water, they expelled their held breaths in a burst of laughter. They spent some time swimming around, playing and dunking each other copping a feel here and there as they did.

Charisse couldn't take it anymore...being in the water, naked with Jonathan was doing things to her body and she needed a release. She hadn't felt his cock inside of her the whole time she'd been there except for those two glorious strokes he'd given her in front of the fridge the night before. She wanted to feel him inside of her. She wanted to be one with him. Charisse exited the lake and shivered as a cool breeze drifted across her dripping wet body. Jonathan watched as Charisse headed back to the cabin butt naked not bothering to pick up her clothes as she moved along. The water glistened on her back in the sunlight and Jonathan couldn't take his eyes off of her thick juicy ass. He came out of the water and followed Charisse picking up their clothes along the way. When he got into the cabin, he could hear the water running in the shower.

"Mmmmm," he said to himself. "Shower sex." He headed to the bathroom where Charisse was already in the shower and he could see the steam fogging up the mirror from the hot water. He eased open the shower stall door and stepped in behind Charisse. She had reached her hands up and was holding the shower head as she let the steaming water run down her body. Jonathan closed in the space between them and reached around her stomach placing his arms just under her breasts to give her a hug. Charisse leaned back into the hug and brought his hands up to her breasts. He began fondling them as Charisse grabbed the shower gel and squirted some onto a shower sponge. She ran the sponge over Jonathan's hands and her breasts enjoying the silky feel of the soap and his firm hands against her skin. Jonathan took the sponge from her and began to bathe her. They spent some time cleaning each other lingering on those special places that made them different from each other. Charisse loved the contrast of Jonathan's slightly tan skin next to her medium chocolate brown skin. While they were still soapy, Jonathan braced Charisse up against the shower wall and bent his knees as he lifted her thick thigh to gain access to her hot, wet pussy. He slowly entered her and they both sighed at the feeling of becoming one with each other. There was no need for condoms as Charisse could not get pregnant anymore and they had both tested negative for any STD's and HIV. They trusted each other enough to know that they wouldn't give each other anything.

Jonathan reveled in the sensation of Charisse's tight pussy engulfing his throbbing cock and made slow gentle thrusts as he kissed Charisse trying to convey his true emotions through loving her body. Charisse felt her body began to heat as she knew that her orgasm was going to be quick. The feel of the soap between their bodies and Jonathan's tongue in her mouth was all it took. Before she knew it, Charisse was cumming hard on Jonathan's cock. "Oh my God!! Don't Stop!" Charisse begged as Jonathan continued to thrust his cock deep inside her in slow sensuous strokes.

"Never Baby!" Jonathan said watching her face as she let her orgasm overtake her body. "Cum for me, my chocolate queen," Jonathan said. With that, Charisse screamed as she creamed all over Jonathan's dick. Holding him tight, Charisse allowed her orgasm to overtake her body. Her body convulsed uncontrollably as she came over and over again. Jonathan grabbed her ass and began to pump harder and faster as he felt his own orgasm build up. He felt the cum rising from deep within his nuts and banged into Charisse's pussy as hard as he could. Charisse held on tight to Jonathan's biceps taking each hard, deep thrust with total abandon.

"Oh Baby! Here it comes!" Jonathan screamed releasing his essence deep into Charisse's pussy. The feel of Jonathan's dick contracting in her pussy with each spurt of cum made Charisse cum all over again. They screamed out their final release holding each other tight.

As they began to come back down from their orgasmic high, Jonathan slowly pulled out of Charisse moaning in pleasure at the sensitivity of Charisse's pussy lips stroking his shaft. They stood there, breathing hard, legs weak and looked into each other's eyes. There was no need for words. What they were feeling at that moment had just been communicated with their eyes. Jonathan smiled down at Charisse as she smiled back up at him. He leaned down gave her a quick kiss and turned her towards the shower head so that they could rinse off.

When they exited the shower, wrapped in towels they headed towards the couch and sat down just enjoying being with each other. Charisse laid her head on Jonathan's shoulder and he pulled her to him as he leaned his head back on the couch knowing they would never have to verbalize anything. The feelings were there and that was enough for him.

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