tagBDSMCabin Trip Ch. 02

Cabin Trip Ch. 02


When we arrived at the cabin, Sir turned to me.

"Pet, are you happy?"

"Yes, Sir," I replied with a smile.

"Show me. I want to see you skip like a little girl all the way to the cabin door."

I gulped, knowing what agony that would cause, given all the weights currently suspended by my very-tender nipples. Sir beamed as he read my expression. "If I'm not convinced you look ecstatic, you're going to do it again until you convince me. Understood?"

My voice sounded very tiny and soft as I grasped the situation and uttered "Yes, Sir."

Sir got out of the car and said nonchalantly "Such a nice weekend for a cabin trip!" Sir picked up our bags from the trunk as I cautiously got out of the car, and gave me a warning look. I realized that my caution was not convincing him that I was happy. I was going to have to do this perfectly the first time. If I was lucky, he would accept my performance, but I estimated there was about a 50% chance that he'd make me do it again even if he couldn't find any fault with the first attempt. Hesitation would bring that to 100%, so I put on my best cheerful face and steeled myself as best I could. I skipped as bouncily as I ever have, and tried to disguise my squeals of pain as glee instead. Sir rumbled with robust laughter at my attempt, but it was clear that he had enjoyed watching it. At the cabin door, I turned around and tried to breathe through the agony with the biggest smile I could manage. Sir dropped our bags at the door and approached me. I waited nervously for him to assess my fate, as he reached a hand under my shirt and tugged on the chain. I couldn't keep myself from cringing at the pain, but did manage to not cry out. "Did you enjoy your romp, pet?"

Barely able to whimper, I squeaked out "If it pleased you, Sir." I looked up at him with the only look I was capable of managing at that moment, and he knew from experience that it meant I was complete putty in his hands.

"Good girl. I think that pert ass of yours has had it too easy, sitting on a soft car seat this whole time. Get inside and show it to me." I needed no encouragement to follow this order, as it meant I had miraculously passed his test. I was stopped, though, by the still-locked cabin door, to which only Sir had a key. "Tsk, tsk, already failing at the first part of such a simple task. I'll help you this time, but it'll cost you some extra punishment later."

I meekly responded with a "yes, Sir" as Sir pulled the key out of his pocket and opened the door. I dashed in and did not even wait for the door to close before I was pulling my pants off and dropping to all fours with my bare ass pointed towards him. Sir casually dropped the bags by the door and walked over to give me one good solid smack before informing me that I'd forgotten something.

"Sir? What did I forget, Sir?"

"I shouldn't have had to specify that I need your shirt off, cunt. I've got to see those weights swing delightfully as you writhe from the spanking."

Of course. I don't always have my shirt off for spankings, but I certainly should have guessed that he'd want access. I quickly stripped the shirt off, leaving me dressed in nothing but nipple clamps. Sir picked up the vibrator that had dropped to the floor when I'd taken my panties off, and unceremoniously shoved it into my pussy. It made a soft, wet, sucking sound as it slid into the dripping hole, and I moaned a bit from the roughness. "At least you're nice and wet for me, you dirty whore. Tug on the chain." As I always did, I hesitated at this command. I can't stand pulling on that damned chain, but Sir loves to see me wince and whimper when I do it. He rarely thinks I'm rough enough, though I always go a bit lightheaded from it. "Now," came the usual bark that followed that hesitation. I whimpered in anticipation but quickly brought my hand up and tugged, as hard as I could manage. I fell forward onto my hands with a loud yelp, which trailed into hyperventilating. Sir laughed, called me a good girl, and began spanking me. After a few good smacks, he turned on the vibrator. All the sensations, from the smacks on my ass, the vibrations inside me, and the weights swinging mercilessly from my nipples, merged into a blur. I couldn't have told you how long it went on or how many smacks. I know that if I'd had permission, I would have cum probably half a dozen times, but I did not have permission, so I did not cum. Eventually, all the activity (and sweat) caused one of my clamps to fall from my nipple. Sir stopped spanking and yanked the other off. I whimpered and my face fell to the floor, leaving my ass high in the air, as Sir had not given me permission to lower it yet.

"Mmmm, that ass would probably sting if you sat down right now, wouldn't it?"

"Yes, Sir, very much so, Sir."

"Mmhmm, and you would enjoy that, wouldn't you, you little slut?"

"Yes, Sir, I would enjoy that very much, Sir."

"That's what I thought. But you weren't able to open the door when I asked, so I don't think you can have that pleasure just yet. I'm hungry, go make me dinner."

Sir walked over to the couch and turned on the TV. I didn't hesitate to pick up the bag of food, carry it to the kitchen, and start in on dinner. I didn't get any clothes, nor did I wear an apron. Either would displease Sir. He would also be displeased if I burned myself, so I would have to be very careful. Sir didn't seem to be paying any attention to me at all while I cooked, but I knew he must be, because he kept adjusting the controls for the vibrator inside me. Still, I knew I didn't have permission to cum, so although some of the vibrations caused moans to escape my lips, I kept myself in check and held out until Sir would decide I could cum.

Finally, I finished preparing Sir's dinner, and carried a plate to him at the couch. He set it on the table, stood up, removed his pants and underwear, and sat back down with his legs open. He commanded me to kneel, and I did so right between his open legs, hoping that I would finally get a taste of him. He toyed with his soft cock and told me, "In a minute, I'll let you start preparing your own dinner. But you are not to finish preparing your dinner until after I've finished eating mine, is that understood?"

I knew "preparing my dinner" meant getting him ready to cum, and I happily replied with "Yes, Sir."

He continued, "You also aren't to cum while I'm eating, is that understood?"

I softly replied "Yes, Sir, I understand." He knows I can cum simply from giving blow jobs, and while I already know that I'm not allowed to cum without permission, this was his way of telling me that I should keep myself close to that edge.

Then he gave me the sweetest gift. He said to me, "After I've cum, if you've followed instructions and not caused it too early, and if you're certain you've swallowed every last drop, then you may continue to suck and at that time, you may cum. But only with your lips wrapped around my cock, do you understand, slut?"

I nodded my understanding and Sir threw me a warning look. "Yes, Sir," I said out loud. Sir nodded, removed his hand from his cock and began eating. I began doing something else with my mouth. This was the happiest I'd been yet today. Giving blow jobs is something I love very much, and now that the nipple clamps had been off for a while, my nipples were recovering. My ass was still quite warm and would probably still sting if I sat on it, but it was out in the cool air, so it wasn't unpleasant either. Sir knew quite well how much of a reward this was. He must have been very pleased with me. A few times, I might have let my passion loose a bit much, because Sir would let out a happy purr and I would feel his cock twitch. I had to dial back the intensity a bit to keep from "finishing my dinner" too soon.

Eventually, Sir set down his plate and commanded "Look at me, slut." I raised my eyes to meet his without taking his cock out of my mouth. "Good girl," he said. "Would you like to finish your dinner?"

"Yes, Sir," I mumbled, around a mouthful of delicious cock.

"Ok, pet. You may finish."

He settled back, and I set about bringing forth those salty pearls that I loved so much to swallow down. It didn't take long, and as he came, he grabbed my hair and shoved his cock farther back into my throat. Well-practiced at this, I kept my mouth open enough so as not to scrape him with my teeth, and did my best to keep my saliva in place with my tongue. As he released me, I swallowed the extra saliva along with the gift he'd given me, and I made sure to swirl my tongue around the entirety of his lovely cock to make sure I'd gotten it all. He'd gotten slightly softer when he came, but this brought him right back to full hardness. I kept at it and within moments was cumming myself. I kept my hands up on Sir's thighs, as I wasn't allowed to touch myself when cumming this way unless he specified otherwise. It didn't matter; the intensity of sensations over the past several hours meant that I had one of the best orgasms I'd had in a long time without even the tiniest touch. That would change over the weekend, I knew. Sir enjoyed seeing how intensely he could get me to cum, once I'd earned it, of course.

After I came, I settled down on my heels and nestled my head on Sir's thigh, still facing him. He continued watching TV over my head, occasionally petting my hair, tweaking a nipple, or adjusting the vibrator controls. I was quite content with this arrangement and stayed there until I began getting sleepy. Sir looked at me and asked me if I needed to go to sleep. I tried to deny it, but yawned right in the middle of "No, Sir," and he laughed at me again.

"Who are you, slut?"

"Your plaything, Sir."

"Does that change when you're asleep?"

"No, Sir."

"While you're asleep, do you think you can keep your arms away from your breasts and your legs straight, so that I can access what I want to access?"

"I would try, Sir, but I know that I can't guarantee it, Sir."

"Hmm, that's what I thought. We have more training to do before you're a proper slave for me. That's ok, I planned for that. Go stand next to the bed, facing the corner. I'll be there in a minute."

Puzzled, I stood up and went to the corner, as instructed. I heard Sir rummage around in the bags, and then he came up behind me. I knew he was there, but he still managed to surprise me by putting one hand roughly around my throat and viciously twisting a nipple with the other. I cried out more in surprise than anything else, but I also got a bit weak in the knees from the pleasure of it, and only his hand pinning my throat to his chest kept me from falling to the floor. He chuckled and commanded, "hands above your head." I complied immediately and felt soft silk wrap around my wrists, tying them securely. He used the trailing silk to lead me to the bed as one might lead a horse using reins. I followed obediently. "Lay down at the edge." I did so, and Sir took the silk, pulled my wrists back over my head, and tied them to the bedpost. He then pulled out a second length of silk and tied my ankles together and then to the foot of the bed. He toyed with me a bit, tweaking nipples, smacking my face with his half-erect cock, running a finger through my cunt juices, which had started flowing again in earnest when he began the tying, etc.

"You dirty little whore, you like being tied up like this, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir, very much, Sir."

"I can tell you're nicely turned on for me," he said, scooping up a sizeable glob of my juices with two fingers. He brought them to my mouth. "Clean them." I set about doing so as well as I could, although he kept holding his fingers just barely within reach of my head. I had to struggle to lift my head off the bed as far as I could with my wrists and ankles both quite secure. "Good girl." He tweaked a nipple and said "You have my permission to sleep. Whether you do or not is up to you. Choose wisely. If you're too sleepy to service me tomorrow, there will be consequences." I acknowledged this, fully intending to sleep, but he, of course, knew exactly what he was doing. The vibrator had still not been removed, and he now began playing with the controls. He pulled out the nipple clamps and put them on, without, of course, re-adjusting the setting, which meant they were still on that too-tight level. He tugged the chain and wiggled a finger on my clit. "Goodnight, whore. Don't you dare cum." With that, he walked into the next room and kept fiddling with the controls for my vibrator for what seemed like hours, until eventually I became so tired that I couldn't stay awake even through the incessant sensations.

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