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Cable Ties


(This is another attempt to write outside of my comfort zone. Please enjoy and thanks to Slavemaster for the idea again.)


It was mid afternoon on a warm August day when the girly threesome arrived back at Angela's house. The bags were set down from the shopping they did and it was only a few moments before they were sitting in her living room drinking glasses of Chardonnay. Angela allowed the wine to breather for a moment before she spoke.

"Ladies it was an awesome shopping trip. My feet hurt though." She quietly unbuckled her heels as Samantha and Monique looked on.

"Girl, I love hanging with you and shopping, but why did we have to go to that hardware store? I mean cable ties? What do you need those for?" Samantha asked. It was then Angela paused for a moment before she asked her friends for a favor.

"Well...you remember that guy who likes to write about us?" Angela started.

"Ooo...did Charles write another story?" Monique asked. Angela nodded. Monique, Samantha and Angela loved the stories Angela's friend wrote and emailed, especially the ones where they were the characters doing some naughty things that they have tried. It was almost a girls' night tradition that they would read one of his stories and then see what naughtiness they could come up with. Most of the time, they would take out their sexual aggression on their spouses. It was a wonderful arrangement.

"This time, he wanted something in return though," Angela made her voice drop even though she was secretly excited. She knew that Charles loved seeing pictures of her and that he thought how gorgeous she was as well as her friends. She had sent him some pictures based on stories before, so his requests weren't unreasonable. The latest request, however, was a little naughtier than usual and one that Angela was extremely eager to perform.

"Does he want pictures again?" Monique asked.

"He does, but let's read first before I tell you what he wants," Angela answered. Angela went to her laptop and retrieved the email he sent. It was a little while til Angela finished reading the story and the girls in their slightly inebriated state were breathing a little harder.

"Fuck!" Samantha yelled. "That was hot. I mean being caught in a gallery by two guys? Wow!!"

"What was your favorite part, Angela?" Monique asked.

Angela blushed. Although she had done many things with Monique and Samantha as allies, she had never as of yet revealed her deepest fantasies. It was easier with her husband because he loved to tie her down and fuck her brains out. Yet, she never tried to do anything with the girls like that fearing their responses. She decided to come clean.

"I like the part where they bound her hands with cable ties before they ravaged her." Monique and Samantha were in shock. Then they smiled at each other when they realized what Charles wanted for his picture.

"Does Charles want us to mimic the girl in the story?" Samantha asked. When Heather blushed again, Monique and Samantha began to laugh as Monique began digging through the bags for the cable ties. Heather stood there paralyzed before she saw Samantha get on her knees. Heather almost automatically spread them before she felt Samantha's hands reaching for her panties. As Heather looked down, Samantha smiled.

"If he wants an accurate picture, you have to be naked under your short skirt just like the girl in the story," Samantha explained. Heather blushed again knowing full well the effects of Samantha's tongue on her pussy if she would have started right there. Monique walked up with the package of cable ties in her hand.

"Where's the camera" Samantha asked. Heather walked into her room and found it all charged up. In her mind, she was nervous just because she wasn't sure if this bit of kinkiness would spoil her relationship with the girls. Instead, she walked out as she watched Samantha remove Monique's panties as well. A slight pang of jealousy hit Angela before she realized that they all shared everything and she loved Monique's tongue on her pussy as well. As she took a snap of the scene before her, Samantha turned with an evil look in her eye.

"So, we just take shots for a bit, then find the best ones to send Charles?" she asked. Angela nodded in agreement.

"Aren't you going to take your undies off, Samantha?" Monique asked as she went to her knees to assist before Samantha raised her black mini.

"Nope, never wear them."

"You slut," Monique teased as she rose back from her knees and found the cable ties. She then turned to the girls. "How's this going to work?"

Angela started to explain. "Charles wants to see us with the ties behind our back and a little peek of cheek. Remember, he never asked to see us getting it on. "

"Too bad for him," Samantha sarcastically responded as she walked over and grabbed a couple ties. "Since you are his favorite, Angela, you're first," she said as she went behind Angela and began to tie her hands together.

Angela's knees went weak as she felt Samantha get aggressive. It was a few moments before Samantha guided Angela to the counter and leaned her against it. "Now, spread them legs a bit, ya dirty kinky slut," she said.

Angela complied before Monique began to snap a few shots without Samantha in the frame. As Monique put the camera down, Samantha went on her knees behind Angela and began to lick.

"What are you doing," Angela asked as Samantha's tongue found its mark. Monique climbed onto the counter and pushed Angela's face between her own legs to lick her pussy. Angela was enjoying both the tongue inside her pussy and the pussy on her tongue as she heard Monique telling her what to do. Angela's tongue licked slowly until Monique grabbed and handful of Angela's hair and pushed her into her pussy more forcefully. Angela fought back by plunging her tongue deep inside Monique's velvet folds.

Meanwhile, Samantha stopped licking Angela just long enough to switch the camera to video and started recording their lick fest. Samantha's tongue then began to lick straight against Angela's naked flower. The girls remained like that for a little while until Monique climaxed from Angela's tongue. As Monique rolled off the counter, Angela was just starting her wave and cumming.

Samantha rose up and smiled before saying, "My turn!!"

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