tagLoving WivesCabo Fun Ch. 01

Cabo Fun Ch. 01


Winters are brutal in the Midwest. So, when my friend called with an idea to get seven or eight guys together for a trip to Cabo in February I was immediately in. Now all I had to do was convince my wife that I needed to go! After a couple of weeks of being on my best behavior, I asked her and she surprised me by saying yes immediately. I sensed this would cost me later, but that was immaterial at the time. I called my friend and told him I had the green light. Fortunately, everyone else had gotten permission to go as well.

My friend has a condo in Cabo and had made this trip a couple of years earlier. I had to miss that trip because my wife was pregnant and forbade my absence from her. The stories from that trip were legendary, and I know she always felt a little guilty for not letting me go. I'm sure that this helped my cause.

Plans were quickly made for the trip and in no time we had tee times, fishing boats and dune buggies lined up. Six days and nights of fun awaited. Upon arrival in Cabo the debauchery began in earnest and Teutonic amounts of alcohol were consumed. We proceeded to golf, fish, and generally drink ourselves into oblivion. All of us are near 40 and this was a great chance to feel young and free again. And believe me we were feeling young and free.

Every day after our selected activity we would end up at the condo pool for happy hour. Ninety minutes of two-for-one drinks and some poolside lounge time. We started playing a little water volleyball just so we wouldn't drink so damn much before dinner. Then we would head out, find a nice restaurant and end up at one of the local bars to watch the nightlife. The nightlife in Cabo is spectacular! If you've never been, you must go. Most of the time we just ogled the beautiful women and occasionally, we would find a willing dance partner to boogie with. But we were all married and just having a little harmless fun.

On day four we started our now regular water volleyball game and were joined by three women who had just gotten to the condo for their annual girls trip. They were from California and were close to our age. All three were incredibly fun and friendly. They were all in great shape and looked great in their bikinis. Two of them were in sales and the other was a fitness instructor. After the first day, I ended up talking to them for about half an hour in the hot tub after our volleyball match. Just casual chit chat and nothing more. I said goodnight and headed up to shower and join the boys for another epic night of drinking and ogling.

The next day we were done a little early with our activity and as I walked down to the beach I spied the three California girls. I walked over and said hello. Cara, the fitness instructor seemed especially friendly and pulled out some pictures of her kids. She asked if we were playing volleyball later and I replied that we were and she said they'd see us later.

That night, the girls switched teams and Cara played on my team. A couple of times we got tangled up going for the same ball at the same time. I couldn't help but notice her taught body as we untangled. We finished up the game and I lingered in the hot tub for a while with them. This time all three of them seemed even more friendly but I decided that I needed to play it cool. I really had no intention of anything sexual at this point, but they were fun, attractive, and flirty. I was finding out that flirting was pretty fun. It is even more fun when both parties know that nothing is going to come of it!

We pretty much stuck to our formula of eating well then finding a hot night spot to get tanked and marvel at the incredible plethora of good looking women. We were starting to wind down and only had one more day and night left before our plane left Cabo and took us back to reality. Probably a good thing as I was beginning to feel my liver swell.

The last day we didn't have anything planned. Just a day to lounge at the pool and catch some rays at the beach. I grabbed my snorkeling gear and headed for the beach. On the way to the snorkeling spot I spied Cara running down the beach towards me. She looked fantastic as usual. She saw me and stopped close to me to chat. I noticed that the space between us was shrinking and she was definitely encroaching on my comfort zone. I could tell she was teasing me, and I did my best not to look uncomfortable as she leaned closer to talk to me. As our conversation ended she asked if we were on for volleyball again. I said I wasn't sure, but since it was our last night we probably wouldn't deviate from the formula. Her eyes immediately saddened when she heard me say "last night." She startled me by reaching out and stroking my arm as she said "See you later" and jogged off.

I didn't notice any sparks during our volleyball session which actually relieved me quite a bit. After happy hour was over, Cara casually asked what our plans were for our last night. I told her that I wasn't sure, but I knew that we would end up at Cabo Wabo. She turned and left and said she'd see me later. Secretly, I hoped I wouldn't see her later. I had never seriously considered cheating on my wife, but I'd never really had the opportunity. In ten years of married life only once had anything remotely tempting happened, and I had deftly avoided indiscretion. The question that was beginning to form in my mind was; Could I avoid it again?

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