tagLoving WivesCaddyshack Jenny Ch. 3

Caddyshack Jenny Ch. 3


"Let's get going, Jenny!" said the Pro, and strode off towards the Caddy shack. She hurried after him down the shrub-lined path. They approached a low white building set back off the course proper. There were maintenance vehicles and carts parked in neat rows behind the building. The front half was where the member's clubs were stored, and it also housed the Caddy's locker room, along with a small commissary. The club pro had showed Jenny around the grounds earlier, so she was somewhat familiar with the operation.

"O.K. guys, settle down and listen up!" shouted the Pro. There were 48 members participating in today's tournament, so the attention of 47 caddies suddenly turned to the pro, with Jenny standing alongside. She was immediately struck by how young they all looked, many not much taller then the clubs they carried. Most were family members and relatives of the members. She also didn't see another girl in the group. Rather then looking at the Pro, however, she felt all eyes were glued to her chest!

Let me digress for a moment, and explain the object of the young men's attention to you. Jenny has been blessed (she has believed many times cursed!) with perfectly formed, football-sized breasts. Not only are they so delightfully proportioned, they feature embarrassingly large, puffy aureole with a deep purplish brown hue. Protruding from these aureole are thick nipples, quite obvious even at rest. It is for this reason that she has always worn heavy support bras, keeping her obvious charms under a heavy disguise. We can all be thankful for this today, since her breasts were now free of encumbrance, gracefully swaying beneath the thin cotton material of the white uniform golf jersey she had been given to wear. They thrust proudly forward towards the young eyes, and they watched on with wonder as the nipples slowly engorged and grew with the attention. Jenny gave a chuckle under her breath and clasped her hands behind her back, now standing at attention for the boy's enjoyment, swiveling this way and that for their enjoyment. The club had no women's clothing to offer her, so she had selected this sweater earlier. It was intended to wear over a collared golf shirt, but no one was in a mind to point this out to her. Being sized for a larger man, it draped rather loosely off her shoulders, with a deep V-cut highlighting her abundant cleavage. The material was strained across her jumbo breasts however, with her dark areola being hinted at underneath the thin material.

"Boy's, you've all been through this before, but we have a new member to the caddies fraternity today! I'd like to introduce Jenny!" She gave the boys a big wave, causing her breasts to sway back and forth. She noticed them whispering to each other, with many an elbow dig exchanged, as they gave her a warm applause. "I want you all to make her feel at home! Everybody meet up with your golfers at the first tee in fifteen minutes, and remember to have fun out there!" With that said, he turned and hurried off to join the golfers.

Jenny was left standing in front of the group, who were all still staring slack jawed at her. A cute red headed boy in the front row was shoved from behind, stumbling towards her. She heard a muffled "Go ahead!" from behind him. He raised his head up, though she saw his eyes were still glued to her chest. She smiled to herself, as he blushed furiously, matching the shade of his carrot-top hair. "Good luck, mam!" he said in a croaking voice, as he opened his arms and surged forward to embrace her with a big hug. Jenny now realized his true intentions, as he began snuggling his head up against her breasts, which were conveniently at his eye level!

She wrapped her arms around him, giving him a gentle pat on the back. Seeing no objection from her, another boy approached hesitantly, tapping the red head on the shoulder, and taking his place after wishing her well. She saw a line in front of her begin to form, but simply shrugged her shoulders and closed her eyes, feeling the next young face bury itself into her cleavage. Rather than wrap up her waist though, this one slipped his hands up under her skirt and grabbed both bare cheeks! She reached back and grasped his wrists. "Hey, watch it there buster!" she scolded, seeing his face peek up at her from between her breasts. He had a sheepish grin on his face, as the next boy quickly took his place. Jenny's nipples now stood out fully erect, as most of them took advantage of the opportunity to rub their faces across either one or the other puckered nipple. A few of them surprised her by immediately beginning to suckle, engulfing her immediately with wide-open mouths! She had to reach down to pry them away manually. She took it very well though. "Boys will be boys," she thought with a sly grin!

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