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Caesar's Salad


Thanks, Katherine, for the wonderful moments of intense arousal we have shared whilst composing these stories!

Katherine rolled over lazily on her pillow and looked at the clock on her nightstand. The time was a little after six in the evening. She noticed the blinking light on the answering machine. Pressing the PLAY button she heard Joseph' voice. "Katherine, I am at work and will be a bit late this evening. Call me when you get this message."

Katherine sighed. Joseph was so boring. And not just in bed.

Motioning to her guest to keep quiet, she dialed Joseph at work. "Katherine, I will be late at work. Please do not be upset with me."

Katherine sighed, "Never mind, Joseph. I understand. Work comes first."

"But Katherine, I know I promised to take you and your friends to dinner and a movie tonight. It might be late and I am quite tired as it is now. Can we ask them to take a rain check instead?"

Katherine sort of snickered, "Don't worry, Joseph. We can fix up a salad here at home and watch a movie here at home."

"Oh, Katherine, did the handyman come over to repair the leaks we had at home?"

Katherine looked at her guest, winked at him, and answered, "Yes, he did come over and plug all the holes."

"Thanks, honey buns. Will see you later. Ta-ta and luv."

Honey buns? Joseph was getting more and more boring with every passing day!

Joseph arrived a little past 10 pm, looking quite tired indeed. Katherine served him a freshly tossed salad, which Joseph devoured with a healthy appetite. Thin slices of carrots, celery, cucumber, and zucchini, touched with dressing, nicely tossed about in a colorful dish. "Delicious dressing, Katherine! It's new? What is it called?"

Katherine turned away, to face the refrigerator, and smile secretly. "It's called CREAMY ITALIAN CAESAR. But you cannot get it at the store; it has to be home-made, at the last minute."

Joseph kept eating, savoring the dressing, "You are too good a wife, honey buns!"

Honey buns? Who ever calls his wife that anymore this century, for heaven's sake!

Finishing off the last of the salad, licking the plate clean of the salad dressing, Joseph pushed the chair back. "Now, a movie?"

"Sure, Joseph, sure. Emily, Melanie, and Caren said they would come when we are ready, so we might as well call them and tell them to come over now. But I am sort of tired; I had a long day. Would you mind if we watched the movie in bed?"

Joseph instantly felt queasy. Getting into bed with Katherine's friends was never good news. But he had to nod acceptance. After all, his wife had waited up for him, attentively prepared his salad, and sat with him while he had dinner.

The women arrived and without much ado, undressed and all got into Katherine and Joseph' matrimonial bed. Katherine followed suit. Joseph had no choice but to also undress completely and get into bed with them, right between Melanie and Emily. Each of them took one of his hands and grabbed it firmly. Joseph knew it was not going to be too good. Trying to make light of the situation, he meekly inquired, "What movie are we going to watch?"

Caren smiled as she put the tape into the device, "Oh, just another amateur video I made this afternoon."

An image appeared on the screen. It was a large, muscular man with a very wide grin. With a very thick Italian accent, he introduced himself on the screen, "Ciao! My name is Caesar. I am the handyman to plug all holes! And an excellent chef, mamma mia!"

For the next twenty minutes, Joseph was forced to watch Caren videotaping Caesar fucking Katherine's cunt [actually, it is Katherine and Andrea's cunt, now, but that is another story] until her practically fell out!

And after he had ejaculated who knows how many times inside her and his monster cock was flaccid, he had continued to fuck her with phallic vegetables.

These vegetables, covered in his semen and smothered in Katherine's love juices, he then sliced paper-thin, arranged nicely on a plate, and had Katherine squat atop so that her pussy [actually, it is Katherine and Andrea's cunt] drained onto the salad.

He had covered the salad plate with plastic wrap, placed it in the refrigerator, and gone back to take a short nap with Katherine until it would be time to go because her husband would be coming home from work.

"So, there you have it, cuckold!" Emily laughed. The CAESAR in the salad you just enjoyed was the handyman; and the CREAMY was his fucking your lovely wife!"

The women joined Emily's glee. They kissed good night and Katherine turned off the lights for a good night's sleep. That Joseph would have a small erection all night knowing what he had eaten and that his wife had found a new hobby and lover did not matter. What mattered to Katherine was that at that very same moment her lover, Andrea, would be hearing the entire episode over the phone that Katherine had dialed intentionally left off the hook earlier in the evening.

After all, Katherine and Andrea did not just share their tight cunts and tender clitties, but also their favourite salad recipes!!!

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