David checked the bars one last time. He was as certain as he could be that they would hold. They had no other recourse if they didn't. There wasn't another human soul around for miles, of course. But there was always a chance that someone could wander this deep into the forest and happen upon the same cabin they had found, so building a soundproofed cage inside was the prudent decision. Locking themselves up at times like these was their last chance at protecting themselves.

Jennifer crept up from behind, wrapping her arms around his body. Already they could feel the first stirrings. Her body, fully nude, was as warm as his. And ever since it happened, she was never this uninhibited except when a full moon was close.

They had been condemned to this existence ever since their camping trip, at a site not too far from the cabin they were occupying. Their best friend, Tara, was the first to be killed, when it then sank its jaws into Jennifer. Only a shotgun round from David had distracted it long enough to attack him as well. Another blast, deadly enough to kill any other beast, forced it to run off. They thought they were safe then. Relieved even as daylight the next morning revealed their wounds had been superficial, when they had collapsed in their own blood the night before.

By the next full moon, they knew better.

Still, it had brought David and Jennifer closer together. Their cursed existence drove them away from their friends and family, and all they had was each other. Their warm embrace on nights like these was, for the moment, enough for the two of them to keep going. On the three nights of the full moon, they were werewolves. But until then, they were merely lovers.

"I love you, David," she said, staring deeply into his eyes.

"I love you, too. No matter what happens," he replied.

It wouldn't be long until the beasts within them took over. Even now, their animals were aroused by each other's sexual attraction. But this was a moment for sensual passion, as they locked lips and ran their hands across each other's bodies. David's manhood, as stiff as an arrow, had entered her slowly. He guided her down onto the cold, hard floor. Jennifer moaned in pleasure as his cock pushed into her pussy. He was gentle, and she liked the great care he was taking, as the spartan accommodations of their cage did them no favors.

David ran his lips across her neck, down to her breasts as he thrust a little harder, making sure she received all of it. They would not last long at this rate, and it was just as well with their instincts slowly taking over and the wolves inside them ready to break loose. Still, David was determined to satisfy Jennifer's desire for sensual passion. He owed that to her, as he was the one that persuaded her to come along for the camping trip. He regretted that decision every moment since they were attacked. She was such a delicate woman, and to think about her turning into a snarling beast every full moon was sometimes too much for him to bear.

"Hurry, David," she cried out in between her moans, "I don't think I can hold on much longer."

In between their thrusts, David looked at Jennifer. Every so often, she opened her eyes to see her lover. The green in her eyes had now become a distinct yellow, the first sign of the wolf emerging. He was sure he was also showing the same changes. As their bodies thrashed together, their skin had become so hot that the cold air inside the unheated cabin was no longer a bother.

David tightened up, ready for release. Jennifer let out a pained moan, as she herself was nearly ready to cum. As slow and gentle as he wanted to be, it had to be quick and rough. When their juices released and mingled with each other so close to the full moon, they had found that their wolves would be satisfied, if only for a minute. But there was a threshold in their transformations when there was no turning back the dreaded changes, and it was coming soon.

He grew frustrated, already running his tongue across the sharpening canines in his mouth. With Jennifer's lengthening claws digging into his back, he didn't want to be the werewolf so soon. He needed to cum. Faster David and Jennifer thrusted, as their moans turned into snarling growls only their beasts could make.

"David!" Jennifer cried in both fear and anger, "David, I'm changing too fast!"

Ironically, the swelling of David's cock brought Jennifer to orgasm faster. She came almost at the moment he did, with her cum coating his member. They cried out loud in unison, and when their moans bounced off the walls of the cabin, their sounds came back as human. As the full moon burned against their bodies and beckoned the cursed change, their wolves were kept at bay.

Jennifer and David collapsed in a heap on the floor. They lay on their backs, trying to catch their collective breaths. They felt the ecstasy they had always felt when they made furious love, knowing full well it was to be short-lived. They held hands, examining each other. Their claws had retracted, David's penis had returned to normal and the swelling of Jennifer's muscles had subsided. They would come back soon, of course. But at least they knew that they had defeated their beasts, if only for a moment.

"Are you OK?" David asked.

"For now," Jennifer replied, thinking back to how close the werewolf was to breaking free, "The wolf, it's so powerful. I can feel it."

"Me, too."

"What if this cage doesn't hold, David? What do we do, then?"

David held her delicate cheeks in her hands. "It's going to be alright. We're going to be alright."

"I hope so," she said, "I hope so...I hope...David!"

Jennifer's eyes rolled into her head. Clutching the floor, she arched backwards, as the full moon from the window above shone against her skin. The beast's desires no longer sated, it was truly ready to be unleashed.

"David, help me!" she cried in fearful desperation, terrified of what she was to become.

"Don't fight it, Jennifer! Don't--argh!"

There was no helping Jennifer, as David began his own transformation into a werewolf. His beast, spiteful that it had been kept at bay by their lovemaking, had forced the transformation with greater momentum than initially there. Dark brown hair sprouted from the backs of David's hands, as the coat of fur that would keep the werewolf warm began to spread from the human's armpits and pubes. "No! No!" he resisted to no one in particular. He crawled along the floor, reaching for the bars of the metal cage, feeling a desire for freedom that the woods had offered. The metal would hold, at least for now, and all David could do was clutch the bars and snarl, calling out to the moon.

Jennifer was in as much pain. She grew a foot in height, with muscles bulging all over her body. Her strength as a werewolf would rival David after his own transformation, and that sort of power frightened her. She tasted blood on her lips as her gums bled from her sharpening teeth. She was both afraid of the change but also aroused by the sweet taste on her tongue, knowing full well she would want more. "Ahh! Ahh!" she cried in agony, but the beast would not let up.

They had become so hairy, with Jennifer enveloped in golden yellow and David covered in brown, that they had begun to tug on their coats, almost ashamed they had become like this and hoping their fur could be ripped off. It only beckoned the curse further along the transformation.

Their bones cracked and reformed themselves to suit the wolves that were coming out. Though they could still support themselves on two feet, they fell down to all fours as their hands stretched out and grew deformed claws that clicked against the cement floor. They would need the swiftness their limbs provided them to chase down the meat their animals desired. Rabbit, deer...

No! The wolf mindset was taking over too quickly! Instinctively, David and Jennifer fought in vain to keep from thinking like wild, savage beasts. They anchored their thoughts on each other, and their love despite the curse they shared.

Their wolves knew all too well to turn it against them. A curious scent filled the nostrils of David's nose, which had already begun to deform into an animal snout. It was Jennifer's scent, a mix of human sweat and the heat of an emerging animal. It had aroused his animal, just as it had kept it at bay not minutes ago. "Arr--rrrr," came from David. His cock swelled once more, pointing upwards to the sky and growing in size as a sheath, as furred as the rest of his body enveloped it. His member felt heavy against the walls of this new sheath as his balls tightened up between his legs. The wolf's desire for meat was undone by a now growing desire for sex, also apparent in the female.

Jennifer's thoughts became clouded in instinct and hunger as the transformation continued. She could smell the other animal in the opposite corner of the room, and she was excited to know he was as willing as she was to mate. They had done it moments before but the memory had quickly been brushed aside to accommodate the changes. All she knew was that her nipples, a set of four growing beneath a pair of large and still growing breasts, needed to be pleasured by a hot, long tongue of another animal. A werewolf.


Jennifer and David cried out in unison, echoing against the soundproofing of their dungeon. The change was simultaneous, and their tails were no exception. Their respective tailbones had broken out of their skin, growing in length and inclination to wag freely in the air. The transformation was not yet complete, but where there were two people who were embarrassed to be in this state, there now stood two werewolves in mid-change. They had only picked up each other's scent until now, unable to look in the other's direction. Now, when their eyes flashed bright yellow towards each other, their desire was apparent.

It was a struggle, but they met each other on two feet, even as the full moon continued to burn the change out of their bodies. Their faces still had human attributes, and reminded each other who they were, or at least who they used to be on nights other than the full moon. Distant memories told them they were lovers. Even as werewolves, they could still be mates. But Jennifer, once a soft and gentle woman, now needed a more primal, more passionate sort of lovemaking. David never had any such inhibitions. The werewolf's curse only brought his sexual drive even more to the forefront, and the newly formed beast was not afraid to pounce on a potential mate.

He jumped as she jumped, knocking her against the wall and back into the corner of the cage. She was his.

The shewolf growled at the other beast. Her pussy, practically swollen shut by the full moon, needed to be entered. She delighted to see a thick, long cock emerge from the male wolf's furry sheath. The scent was irresistible, and a long tongue reached out to meet it.

"Grrrrr!" the man-beast snarled with pleasure, as the werewolf's juices began to fill up between his legs. A swelling at the base of his cock began to develop as the female's mouth covered it completely, in and out, more and more as her snout, still transforming, lengthened to accommodate such prime wolf meat.

A scream, something of a mix between a man's cry and a wolf's howl, came from his lips, as her teeth pressed against this slowly growing knot. The male arched his back and lifted his head upwards, feeling both pain and pleasure. Out of instinct, he took the female by the hair and lifted her up to meet her gaze. Her scent filled his nose again as they growled at each other. On the chance that he could be rejecting her, she knocked him against the bars of the cage and held him there with all of her might. She needed to be filled, whatever it took.

Of course, his determined matched hers, and a werewolf cock that pointed straight up at the ceiling needed to be pushed into the tight pussy of a now-fully transformed shewolf. Jennifer was no more. Neither was David. They had been pushed aside as the cursed beasts and their hungers were unleashed, first on each other, then on their surroundings.


The shewolf cried as the walls of her vagina gave way to a long, thick mass. Her furry body ground against her mate, just as furred and just as muscular as she was. When her howl died down, her jaws clamped down on the male's neck as her claws gripped his back, first tugging at his fur, then digging into his skin. The beast's blood dripped onto the floor as he howled in agony, with no other recourse but to push his cock deeper into her. The female settled her lover onto the cold, hard floor as they continued to mate. Looking at her hands, bloodied from the marks she left on her, the female brought her fingers closer to her mouth to taste its sweetness. Her saliva dribbled onto the male's snout, which exhaled puffs of fire into the cold basement air.

They pushed some more, in and out as the knot continued to form and swell against the female's pussy. Now her hands were pressing against the male's chest, but it wasn't long until the male wanted control, and before he lost it completely, he grabbed hold of her and pinned her to the floor. The male werewolf pulled out of her, revealing a reddened cock that hung in the air.

The female called out to him again, frustrated that he was resisting her. In fact, he only wanted more. He circled around on all fours, figuring in its animal mind that the female would understand the message. She did, and as her claws clicked against the floor and her tail wagged in the air, the shewolf lifted her ass up to meet his cock.

He entered her from behind much easier than when his unlubricated cock struggled against her pussy. The sound of his organ sliding into her again aroused them both. This time, it was the male, nibbling on the female's pointed ears with his snout. His grunts echoed in her ears as they moved in unison again.

They panted like wild animals together, moving faster and faster, almost uncontrollably. The female's ass burned against the male's tight balls, almost ready for release. When they both could take no longer, they both lifted their heads and howled.


Hot, sticky werewolf cum coated her insides, and her pussy dripped even more spunk onto the floor. The shewolf howled in excitement, awash with pleasure as the male's knot finally penetrated her. They howled in ecstasy some more as his claws dug into her breasts. Squirts of cum from his penis came with each tug at his knot until he was emptied and she was filled.

She collapsed under the weight of her lover, and together they rolled onto their sides as satisfaction filled their bodies. They would no doubt be hungry for more, but all their spent energy lay on the floor as the full moon through the window continued to burn at their skin, beckoning the beasts out into the open.


He was still hard as he woke. His cock was softening inside of her, but he could still feel the pressure against his member. His fur, slowly receding, still brushed against hers and tickled at his skin.

He remembered that his name was David. He was still part-wolf, as was Jennifer, but as daylight began to break and the moon dipped into the horizon, he was gaining more and more control of himself. Still wolfish from the curse, all kinds of scents entered his mind. The sweat of his lover, the cold morning air, the blood of fallen animals nearby.

That was when he truly woke up. David pulled out of her still furry vagina. His sheath was still there but shrinking back into his body. When he got over the initial curiosity, he looked around him. They were not far from the cabin; in fact, he could see it in the distance. Shards of glass and pieces of metal bars lay all about the field in front of their self-imposed prison. Despite their mating, there was still a physical hunger that could only be filled by the meat and blood of the forest wildlife.

Jennifer sat up, first examining her hands. Her claws, shrinking but still sharpened, were bloody from the injuries she inflicted on her mate, as well as the destruction they had both wrought on a deer and some smaller animals during the night. As she gazed at her fallen prey around her, images of the night flashed in the back of her mind.

"David?" she said gently.

"It didn't work," he replied.

They both took to rapid breathing, at the horror of their situation. With their cage destroyed by the fury of their beasts, they were incapable of protecting the outside world from their curse.

Jennifer started to cry. David went to embrace her.

"It's alright," he said.

"What do we do now?" she cried.

"I don't know."

"David, just hold me," she said. Her naked body pressed against his as they sat on the grass of the forest, holding each other. Deep down, the werewolves inside of them howled in satisfaction and anticipation. They were finished for now, but the moon would still be full once night came again.

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