tagBDSMCaged And Confused

Caged And Confused


Part 1.

The doorbell rang a full three minutes later than we had instructed. After exchanging knowing looks we went to let the girl in. We had told her she was to arrive at 1pm sharp and to dress in a way that reflected her status as a slut. Opening the door we were greeted by the sight of the girl stood with her hands clasped loosely in front of her with her face and eyes down cast. Waiting for our command she simply stood, her long brunette hair cascading down over her slender shoulders. Spending long moments appraising her appearance we simply stood in the doorway denying her any access to the privacy of the studio we had chosen to conduct the session in.

We let the moment drag out for another thirty seconds or so enjoying her discomfort at being in full view of the busy road that passed only a dozen metres or so behind her. We were further amused as a white van man beeped his horn and gesticulated whilst vocalising his desire to "fuck the arse off that." After a few moments more and a smirk from both of us my colleague ordered, "In. Down the corridor wait outside the second door on the left." "Yes Sir" came her timid reply just before she moved forward. As she did so we parted to stand flanking the doorway making her have to pass between us. The little slut seemed to shrink slightly as she scurried past, but she was soon through and following her directions.

As We approached her I slid the door key from my pocket and as I did so ordered "kneel. Wait for my instruction to enter the room." Instantly she lowered to her knees and replied "Yes Sir" all the time keeping from making eye contact with either of us. My colleague and I entered the room and he shut the door behind us. Taking our time we discussed our course of action for the coming few hours, and after having drunk two cups of tea and finalising our intentions I called "ENTER" to the waiting slut.

A couple of seconds later the door swung smoothly inward and she stepped through shutting it behind her with a quiet click. Standing slightly to one side of the door she again waited for instructions. We could see that her knees were red from kneeling as her stockings didn't do much to camouflage the redness with their thin fabric. We didn't say a word for several minutes, we just watched her, watched as she became increasingly nervous as her inner tension heightened. Once I considered that she had reached a suitably tense state I stood up and pointing to the centre of the space in front of me instructed "take your clothes off and stand for inspection there." A simple "Yes Sir" was offered as she moved to carry out my order. "Arms down by your side" ordered my colleague as we moved forward to scrutinize her more closely.

The slut did as she was told and kept her eyes cast to the ground as we circled her looking her up and down. We took our time checking her for bruises or blemishes, we didn't find any and so moved in until we stood either side of her with our bodies only millimetres from her pale bare skin. Then we each took a breast in a hand and an arse cheek in the other and first caressed the smooth skin before increasing to a firmer groping motion until eventually we were both roughly mauling her pliable young flesh. The skin was a bright red and showed signs of bruising by the time we had finished, her nipples hard and jutting out unashamedly in front of her. She barely made a sound as we manhandled her but constantly bit at her bottom lip as our attentions intensified.

Standing behind her I forced her legs apart with one of my own and without a word grabbed her hair and pushed her forward so she bent at the waist. This elicited a small startled yelp from the nervous girl but once she was where I wanted her she held her position and began to bite her lip once more. With her in this position her full heavy tits hung invitingly with their pale pink nipples almost visibly throbbing and erect.

As I began to inspect her arse my colleague reached over and pulled her arms up behind her back and quickly cable tied her wrists together before squatting down beside her and tugging on her stiff nipples. Meanwhile I put a hand on each of her arse cheeks and spread them wide to afford me an unobstructed view of her tight puckered arse hole and tidy shaven cunt. I could see from the appearance of both that she took care of herself, and it pleased me to see the glistening sheen of moisture on her labia. By now my colleague was alternating between pinching her nipples and slapping her hanging tits, and I could hear her take sharp breaths as each strike landed. Squatting down behind her I leaned my head in an took a long deep sniff of her cunt, I knew she could hear me, but I wanted her to know that I was smelling her so I made no attempt at hiding it. I heard a sort of gasping groan as I did it and knew that it was a mixture of embarrassment and arousal that had made her do it and that had also contributed to the rapidly spreading scarlet glow of her skin.

With a swift fluid motion I reached out and parted the lips of her cunt with one hand and plunged the forefinger of the other deep inside the slick hole. I moved it back and forth half a dozen times before I pulled it out and sniffed it. She was tight, wet and had a clean slightly musky scent. I was satisfied that she had not been used that morning and nodded my confirmation to my colleague before standing and wiping my finger on her back.

With her tits thoroughly spanked and warm to the touch my colleague instructed her to kneel. The little slut found it difficult to get down with her hands secured behind her, but after several seconds she had got herself into position and awaited her next direction. We both stood several feet behind her and I began to flick a 7ft bull whip so it cracked just a few inches behind her as my colleague questioned her as to why she had been late. The initial whip crack made her visibly flinch, and her entire body seemed to go rigid as the realisation of what the sound was dawned on her.

She replied that she had tried to arrive a few minutes earlier than she had been instructed so that she would definitely be on time, but didn't manage to because the taxi she had booked to collect her from the train station had taken a long time to get to her. My next whip crack came several inches closer to her as my colleague continued that she should have been sure to book a taxi earlier than she had to allow for the possibility of it being late. He then added that we felt that she either wanted to be caught out and punished, or that she was a worthless lazy whore who didn't understand the meaning of being punctual. We could both see that she was trembling at the close proximity of the leather biting the air behind her as she shook her head and said "no Sirs." So just for our own amusement I continued whipping the air whilst my colleague stalked up behind her. Just as my next strike snapped he lightly touched her exposed back with his extended index finger, and the result was most rewarding.

With a shriek she pulled away to one side in an attempt to escape any further blows but in doing so unbalanced herself to a point where she could do nothing but fall pathetically onto her side. We roared with laughter as she lay helplessly on the cold tiled floor still obviously expecting that I was about to whip her. Instead I walked to her and stood over her with the whip still in my hand and said "don't panic whore, we have a better use for you than mere target practice." She looked up at me with huge blue eyes and a mixture of relief, confusion and anxiety on her still rosy red face. "We have a much more fitting punishment for you," continued my colleague as he rustled a black plastic bin liner. I chuckled as her expression changed to one of alarm as she saw the bag, but reassured her "oh don't worry, that's just for your clothes." Then leaving her to consider what that meant I replaced the whip on it's rack and moved over to a sack cloth covered steel cage that we had bolted to the ground. I unlocked the doors padlock and swung the heavy steel flap open as my colleague stuffed the clothes into the bag and placed it next to the door we had all entered through.

Heading over to where I stood next to the cage my colleague stopped to haul the slut to her knees and then proceeded to drag her by the hair to my position.

"In you go slut." I ordered as my colleague roughly pushed her at the door. Looking like she was about to either burst into tears or run for her life she pleaded "please Sirs, I hate confinement, I am claustrophobic. I didn't mean to be late, I even tried to get here a little early." Rather than say anything I simply pointed at the cage door and then looked over at the rack of whips, canes and crops that lined the wall before looking back at her. Noticing my implication she quickly began to shuffle into her prison as we looked on. Once she was inside I swung the door shut, it's hinges producing a suitably dramatic creek before the heavy steel banged shut and I snapped closed the padlock.

Whilst she knelt timidly in the centre of the cage and I secured the door my colleague spoke in a low voice "we do not appreciate tardiness in those that come to us. The fact that you wish to receive payment for a photo session makes your situation even more tenuous." With his closing words I pulled the front section of the thick heavy sack cloth down over the cages doorway ensuring that all external light was blocked out from it's interior. "Now slut, here is your predicament" I said with wicked delight. "we are going to give you a photo shoot, you will be the perfect model for us. We will direct your every move, your every pose. We are going to use you and display you for the whore that you are." I let the words hang for a few moments before continuing "If for any reason you fail to cooperate or please us your clothes will be burned and you will be forced to leave naked as the day you were born. Oh, and you will receive no payment for your afternoons modelling. Do you understand slut?"

There was a whimper from behind the sack cloth followed by a brief "Yes Sir I understand." "Excellent" said my colleague, "we will return shortly. Don't go anywhere." We both chuckled as we left the room being sure to pick up the bagged up clothes on the way.

Part 2.

After two hours we returned to the room, and walking straight to the cage I whipped the sack cloth away to reveal the shivering slut curled in a ball and huddled in one corner. We had clicked off the heating once we were out in the corridor and the slut started to mumble that she was cold almost as soon as we entered, so we told her that we didn't care, and if she wasn't careful she would feel what cold is really like and reminded her that we wouldn't be giving her clothes back if she didn't do as she was told. We informed her that we felt that unreliable and tardy little whores like her should be taught a lesson.

She tried to plead with us not to, but we just ordered her to shut up and show us her body. We told her we wanted to see her tits hanging down and see her pale arse. For some reason she found that amusing, but that soon changed when I told her that her clothes were ready to burn.We told her how stupid she would look trying to get home with no clothes on, how nobody would want to let her on a bus or into a taxi because it was so obvious she was a cheap whore. She was clearly getting the message now, if she didn't please us, didn't do as she was told, she would be leaving money less and thread less.

We instructed her to turn, to hold, to bend. The goose pimpled little slut posed and stretched, we watched her big tits dangle and wobble and her arse jiggle provocatively as she moved on to hands and knees. We noticed that her dusky pink nipples were rock hard, the little trollop was getting off on this. Either that or she was still cold.

I told her to show us what she considered to be her best features, to show herself off and convince us that she was worth photographing. Of course we felt that some motivational words would help her along, so between us we reminded her that even though her tits were a decent size and her nipples perky that didn't mean that the rest of her was worth it. As an extra incentive I then added that we didn't think she had what it took to be a model. This seemed to annoy her but she upped her game in response.

She started to pose more erotically and even managed to make us notice her full red lips as she faced the camera and went through a hand full of expressions. Her eyes also seemed to come into play as she looked into the lens. She didn't seem to be able to lose the underlying look of dislike towards us that her eyes portrayed. Not that we cared, we just told her she was no good. We had already decided we would have as much fun and get what we wanted out of this tramp when we had discussed what to do with her.

She struck a pose, she held in a position looking into the camera with those full red lips slightly parted, knelt back on her heels and an ever so slightly enquiring look. We felt that the look was a wordless "wouldn't you like to push your cock in here?" Needless to say that from that moment we were definitely going to have this whore suck cock whether she wanted to or not. With that in mind we told her to start playing with herself, to squeeze her heavy tits, pinch and pull those rose bud nipples and to spread her pale skinned legs to expose her whore cunt. For a moment it looked as though she was about to refuse, but after a few seconds to think about it she began to cotton on.

Starting off slowly she tentatively positioned herself within the cage so we could get a good view of her teasing her nipples and squeezing her full tits. She seemed to be taking her time so I urged her on by telling her that a blonde girl would do a much better job. Letting out a long breath through her nose and clearly trying not to let it show that we were getting to her she started to get into it she began to caress and pull at her nipples with more enthusiasm, the glossy red polish on her well manicured nails contrasted nicely against her pale skin, and the attention to her nipples was clearly welcome as they seemed to stiffen further with each passing moment.

It wasn't long before we were taking turns in telling her to spread her whore legs and give us an unrestricted view of her cunt. She was obviously feeling aroused now and positioned herself with her back to a cage wall as she slowly opened her legs. The cage bars were clearly cold, as her tits wobbled as she flinched forward from them when her bare back touched their shiny surface. She must have felt self conscious too, because she attempted to cover herself with her arm. We didn't like that, so we ordered her to expose herself properly with her legs wide and told her to keep playing with her tits. The dirty little whore was starting to loosen up more now and even had a bit of a twinkle in her eye as she stared into the camera with her cunt on display. We took a moment to examine it and appreciate the smooth shaven mound as she continued to tug at her stiff crinkled nipples.

It wasn't long before she was making more eye contact with us and the camera, her inner slut obviously beginning to rise to the surface. Her cunt too was beginning to open a little more as she started to become moist. At this point we decided enough was enough, we wanted to use this slut. With her still spread wide and playing with those tits we moved in. She didn't bat an eye lid when my colleague reached through the bars and began touching her heavy tits. Within a couple of minutes she was really starting to look every inch the whore as she lowered her hand to her smooth puffy cunt.

This little slut was really starting to work now. Her nipples jutted out rock hard with her tits heaving from the attention she had received, her cunt was open moist and puffy, and she was giving off some real dirty bitch vibes as she toyed with her exposed cunt. She had let out a soft groan as my colleague began to caress her, and she was soon responding with increasingly lustful looks as he became firmer in his attentions by mauling her tit flesh and telling her what a little whore she was. It was then that I decided to up the stakes .

My colleague stopped what he was doing for a moment and I told her that she was going to have to try harder, and that if she wanted her clothes back she would have to wank and suck our cocks. She gave a half hearted refusal and even managed to look almost shocked at my announcement, but we could tell by the glint in her eyes that she was a true whore at heart. Add to that the fact that we had her clothes and we knew that she would suck and wank fifty cocks if it meant she would get them back.

The sparkle in her eyes was becoming increasingly mischievous as she was introduced to the first cock that she was to orally service. She was even beginning to play to the camera a little now, perhaps it would turn out to be a worthwhile session after all. Working her eyes and lips she looked provocatively into the lens, all the time making sure that we, her audience had clear views of her swaying tits, round ripe arse, glistening cunt, and glossy red lips.

My colleague continued the verbal fusillade and told her that she was going to have to do an outstanding job of wanking and sucking if she ever wanted to see her clothes again. He continued by saying that we had after all been sucked and serviced by many sluts, whores and wannabe's, but not all of them were any good. I cut in and commented that we thoroughly expected that she would be as useless as the last airhead slut that we had put in the cage. Maybe it was all the talk of sucking cock or just the fact that we were clearly going to use her, but not only could we see that she was turned on with her nipples standing stiff and her cunt lips growing ever slicker, we could also smell the sweet musky scent of her arousal.

As I moved in and my cock drew nearer she positioned herself to maximise the view we would get of her tits, and as it stopped only a couple of inches in front of her face she smoothly slid her tongue through her painted lips and slowly licked up and over my hard swollen tip. Once the little whore had the taste of cock it was clear that she wanted more. Taking her time she licked around my dome being sure to pay attention to it's entire surface. With long slow movements she licked around the ridge, dragged her soft tongue along the sensitive under side, and finally flicked it up and over the slit, all the time being sure to keep the view to her exposed body unobstructed for my colleague.

Letting out soft moans of appreciation she seemed to want to prolong the sucking and enjoy it. I let her carry on whilst we discussed whether she was a natural born whore, or whether she hadn't sucked cock for so long that she was making it drag out for as long as she could. Either way we decided that she was a dirty little slut and was only good for one thing. We knew she was listening, we knew the little whore wanted our approval, but we didn't give it. We just continued discussing her whilst she was on her knees doing our bidding. Her attentions even seemed to intensify as we began discussing if her technique was any good.

With that my colleague moved beside me and pushed his cock forward offering it up to her. Not stopping what she was doing to me she reached out and gripped his cock and began wanking it. We told her that she could do better and that for such a little slut we didn't think she was trying hard enough. Sure enough after a minute or two she started to throw herself into the task. Maintaining further eye contact between us and the camera and letting her inner whore out with mischievous and expressive eyes, posing her body to emphasise the curve of her arse and swell of her heavy tits, she alternated her sucking between us. Spending a minute on each hard cock she slid her painted lips up and down, took our meat as deep as she could, and slurped hungrily at our pre cum.

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