tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaitlin's Cabin

Caitlin's Cabin


I can't believe he broke up with me! I was so committed to him for seven years and gave him all my devotion and all my love. I made sure he couldn't want for anything more and all of a sudden he needs room to breathe. Yeah, I thought...breathe was probably the name of his new Italian goddess-neighbor that moved in last month. I knew he has his eye on her but I could trust him, as he never stayed before. I'm sure they were spending time together but I could never catch him in the act. I had trusted him completely. Oh well, whatever the reason for his foolish decision for breaking it off...he lost a good thing. A REAL good thing. At least one great thing came out of the whole situation. Jada, my son, was my pride and joy and I would never trade him for the world. He's the one person that was my everything and even though he was four years old, he made me smile like no boy or man, for that matter, ever did.

I spent some time thinking in my depressed isolation wondering what could have been and why it happened as it did. I couldn't make heads or tails of it and it really doesn't matter now. After my little bout of self pity, I decided to pick myself up and get it together. I was determined to find something new and exciting regardless how long it might take. I mean I'm not getting any younger but I really know what I want now and I'm going to make sure I grab it when it comes along. Hopefully he grabs me back! Hehe!

I dated now and then, nothing really serious and nothing that struck me that certain way. Most guys really didn't turn me on. I mean they were attractive but it seemed like something was missing. I was craving something else...something wild and freaky. I mean, I was no prude by any stretch of the imagination. I've had some interesting sex before. Sex outdoors, different positions, etc. but it seems like everyone I've recently dated either didn't have that spark and mysterious side. I'm still to young for boring, vanilla sex!! Maybe I'd settle down when I was 50 and try to stay keep my romps indoors. Well...maybe not. Haha!

I needed to take a trip and get away. I decided I was going to rent a cabin up in the mountains. Something cute, but not too rustic. All the amenities...fireplace, hot tub, Jacuzzi and some good wine. It was November and I knew it was going to be cold and cozy but I never expected to encounter what I did this trip.

I was so grateful to find a babysitter to take care of Jada for a couple of nights so I can relax a little. I had my bags packed and ready to go. The car was full of stuff I needed and some I probably didn't but at least it was ready to go and I'd be prepared for anything. Well, almost anything.

I was looking forward to my little trip so bad, I made one bad mistake. I forgot to check the weather before leaving. As I drove up to the beautiful mountainside, it started to darken, flurries started to fall and I could tell it was really getting cold outside. I had to readjust my heat in the car to make it hotter just to keep the frost off the windshield. I just had a frightening thought run through my mind. "What if I got suck out here in the middle of nowhere?" My mind kept racing a mile a minute of horrible thoughts of freezing in the middle of the forest and not a soul to come rescue me. I quickly turned on some music and started singing, trying to keep the morbid thoughts from entering my mind. I was now confident that I would make it in one piece.

I was only about 20 miles of winding country road away from my little slice of heaven. I could feel the fireplace now...warming up my chilly toes and resonating up through my body up to my most sensitive parts. My loins started reacting to the thought. I was really getting excited now. I almost second-guessed myself making sure I brought my favorite toy, "Thor". Gawd, what I would I do without my prized possession?! You see, finding the perfect dildo is really a difficult task for most women. We're all built differently and there's so many variations of dildos, it's really like hitting the jackpot when you find the right one. "Thor" had been my artificial lover thru many lovemaking and earthshaking orgasms. Ever since my ex left, he was perfect! I came every time...sometimes seven times in a row! Ten inches in length and about four inches around, my girlfriend who also had one, called him her "Little Stallion". I was pretty wet just thinking about stripping down immediately upon arrival and totally being the submissive to my beast of a toy.

I continued the now steeper drive up to my cabin and I was about 10 miles from my destination. The snow had really started to fall heavy and visibility was down to nothing. I was kinda getting sweaty palms as I could feel the car trying to keep its traction in the white stuff. All of a sudden, I had to hit the brakes hard, still trying to stay in control of the car. Something lay across the road. It was a huge oak tree that had fallen under the weight of the snow and the howling wind through the mountains. It was going to be impossible for me to pass as the entire four foot diameter trunk lay completely embedded on the road. "Fuck!" I was both pissed and relieved. Pissed that I wasn't going to be able to make it up to my nice warm cabin but relieved I survived the ordeal...so far.

I tried to figure out what to do. Here I was alone in the woods, blizzard like conditions and nowhere to stay. The only option that I had was to turn back and try to find a little motel that I passed about 10 miles ago. I remembered it because it was right in the middle of a fork in the road on the way up. "If I can make it down to the motel, I'll be set for the night" I said to myself. I carefully turned the car around and made my way back. The snow was getting really bad now. It was slippery and I couldn't see worth a damn. I kept pressing on and eventually made it back to the motel parking lot. Wow this place looked seedy! Like the kind of place that rented rooms by the hour and I think the car got stuck as soon as I parked it in a spot but I didn't give a shit at that point. I was home for the evening.

I went to the front desk to see if they had a room. "Damn, this guy looked like he had been the result of inbreeding for many generations!" I was thinking to myself. I don't think he had but two teeth in his mouth and it looked like he wore the same flannel shirt for the past month. "I won't be dreaming of him tonight", I chuckled. I told him about the trouble I encountered on the way up to the cabin and what a pain it was to get up here. He gave me his best "snaggletooth smile" and said, "We also be havin power outages cause of da snow and ice so here a couple more blankets fur ya jus in case. Sum peepole woo pay big bucks for da 'perience you be having...hehehe. Here da key to room #202" I wasn't sure exactly what he meant by that but I didn't care at that point either. I rented my shitty $40 room with intermittent power and headed back to the freezing outdoors and to my car to get my belongings. I made sure I grabbed what I needed for the night and left everything back in the car. My feet were wet and cold and I'm not making more than one trip to the car. I made sure to grab the bag with "Thor" cause I was still gonna get some action tonight if it killed me. I needed some stress relief, bad!

I used my key to open the room door and flipped the switch. Sure enough...no lights! "Son of a bitch!" I mumbled. Well, maybe they'll come on shortly again. Luckily, there was a little light coming from the moonlit sky, filtering in from my sheer-covered window. First things, first. I had to pee bad. I dropped my bag and felt around to the back of the room and found the bathroom door. I stripped my coat and pants off so quick, a stripper would have been amazed! "One relief down, one to go." I thought with a naughty grin. It was too dark to see into my bag so I felt around for my blue silk teddy and of course, "Thor." I just dropped my clothes I was wearing and slid my teddy on. It was a bit chilly from the lack of heat and the sheets in my king-sized bed were cold as well. I threw the couple of extra blankets on top for warmth and I slid in the right side of the massive bed. I curled up in a ball to try to get warm. My nipples were hard as pebbles. They were so hard to the point of aching that I had to rub my full DD-cup breasts with my warming hands to try to get them to calm down. In the process, I started to remember how wet I was from the thoughts I had on the way in and how horny I was from the lack of sex. It wouldn't take me long to achieve orgasm. I was ready.

My hands wondered all around my body as I spread my legs and arched my back. Why my ex passed on this stunning body, I have no clue. I had a tight, shaved pussy and a beautiful, thick ass that most men would do a double-take. I got Thor warmed up immediately. I wanted it all in me now. I grabbed it, still surprising me that my hand won't fit around its shaft but yet fit in my tiny pussy. There's no scientific explanation, it defied the laws of science! I started rubbing the head of Thor on my pussy lips, parting them slightly with my other hand. After working a couple of strokes, I was finally able to bury it deep within. My eyes rolled back and I was full of instant pleasure. Working its ten inches in and out, my legs began to shake violently. I increased rhythm to a steady pace, each insertion easer than the previous. My pussy had a tight hold on Thor like it was never letting go. I grasped the base of Thor with both hands and worked it the best I knew how. The bed began to quake and I began to let out little yelps and groans like I was a volcano ready to erupt. It was all too much. The now warmed bed, the cool air and the intense pleasure of Thor's massive girth and detail sculptured head and veins were all I could focus on. It hit every spot perfect. I hit the most intense orgasm I've been wanting for days! I yelled and came so hard, the snow that was collecting on top the roof above my room, fell to the ground in front of my door! Now I was buried inside my room with no way to get the door open. There must have been at least four feet of snow in front of my room from my "mini avalanche!" "Oh fuck it!" I thought, and came another four times in the next thirty minutes.

I woke up a couple hours later in the same position I remembered last. I was still spread-eagle on the bed, dripping wet pussy and same moonlit darkness from before. I was in a daze after all the intense orgasms I had. I was just about to roll over and fall back asleep when I realized Thor was still somewhere on the bed and needed to be put away. Laying there on my back, figuring it was still right next to me, I flung my left arm over to the center of the bed. My hand landed on something hard and big but it wasn't Thor. It was much more "fleshy" and warm but just as big, if not bigger! It twitched. I froze in my spot like a little kid thinking they saw a ghost. I felt around again and knew I wasn't dreaming. I quickly shot up in the bed. "Holy fuck!" who is the fuck is here?!

"Call me, Kevin", he said.

"What the hell are you doing in my room naked?!" I asked.

"You're in my room" he said. "You came in my room after I went to bed last night. I was just laying in bed trying to go to sleep after the power outage. By the way, what's your name little girl?"

"Caitlin," I started to freak out and figure out what to do.

My mind started racing like crazy. What did he see? What did he hear? Who the fuck is this guy? I gotta get outta here... NOW! I started to scream and run. As soon as I got up and went for the door, he pushed me down, ripped off my silk teddy and covered my mouth with his strong hand.

"Listen here you little slut. From the looks of things and the result of your little "earthquake" of and orgasm last night, we are trapped in here at least for the next six hours when housekeeping comes around and clears the snow in front of the room door. No one is going to hear us. You have a choice here. You can fight and be miserable for the next few hours or learn to enjoy it like the fucking slut you are! I saw that rubber fuck-toy that you had fucked. I watched the whole thing. Now I'm going to treat you like the whore you really are."

I couldn't believe he saw the whole thing last night! Of course I was going to struggle and fight. I was prepared to rip this fuckers eyes out for what he wants to do to me. No way was I going to get raped and killed without a fight.

He grabbed me by my hair and forced my head back and took some duct tape and taped my mouth shut. He threw me on the bed as I scrapped and clawed any part of him I could get to but it didn't seem to faze him. I couldn't get a look at him because of the darkness but I knew he was tall and built. His naked chest and arms were rock hard when he forced me down. I tried to get up and kick him in the balls but he just swatted my foot down and grabbed my ankles hard then landed on top of me. We were both laying there naked, him pinned on as he tied my wrists with strips of had towels that she tore apart in shreds. I started to cry and plea with him "please don't do this...please!" I felt him get more rigid and it seemed to turn him on more as I struggled.

"After you get a taste of what I have, your little rubber "Thor" won't do anymore little girl. I'm going to show you what a real man feels like, slut."

There I was, face down, laying on the bed all tied up and blindfolded. He snuck around the room so I couldn't hear his moves. I had no idea what he was up to. I heard a couple of zippers and then silence. I felt the bed move. He sat right on top of me with his dick right in my ass cheeks.

"I bet you never felt anything this big inside you. Hahaha."

I think he was right. I was really scared now. He then untied my feet and flipped me over, my arms still tied up and crossed behind me.

"You were a bad little girl and now you're gonna pay!" he said.

Just then he ripped my blindfold off and threw it on the floor.

"You're gonna wanna see what I'm gonna do to you now."

He had a straight-razor in his hand! I freaked, fighting for my life! He hit me across the face and he cupped his hand around my throat, pinning me to the bed. I had no chance against him. He was too big and way too strong.

"Stop it, bitch! If I'm going to get this big dick of mine inside you, I'm going to need all the room I can get. I'm going to shave you down like a little girls pussy to accommodate as much dick as you can handle. Make one move while I'm shaving you with this razor and say goodbye to your tight pussy."

"But I already shaved it this morning" I pleaded.

"I see a little stubble on there...just hold still and you'll be fine" he said.

I sat there in horror as he started to shave my pussy with a straight razor. That was until I looked up and caught a glimpse of his monster of a dick! He was right...Thor was small compared to that cock. I tried to stay fixated to his shaft while he was playing barber on my pussy thinking I would escape unharmed and uncut. The problem was while he was shaving me and rubbing my pussy, I was memorized by his bobbing hard dick. If anyone was described as being "hung like a horse" he would be the example. It was all too much, his hard body, big dick and he was fooling with my pussy. I began to get wet again. I was hoping he wouldn't notice. Just a few seconds later he says "Oh, what do we have here? You're pussy is liking all this attention I see. I think we should reward her!"

Just then he unties my arms and puts me over his shoulder. He spanks me and tells me "Ohh..my little girl is getting turned on by her daddy, huh??"

I'm weak at this point. Struggling for over an hour wore me out to the point where I had nothing left. He lowers me in front of him. I land with his dick between my legs and my feet aren't even touching the floor! His dick is so big and thick, it's holding me up. He pushes me off of him and I run into the wall face first. I was so worn out from the struggle, I just stood there with my arm on the wall and my forehead resting against it. I feel him come up behind me and say, "My dick has been rock hard since you got here, bitch. Now you're going to do something for him!"

He forced me onto my knees in front of him and he starting slapping that huge meat stick of his against my face. Just when I thought I was in enough pain, he comes up to my mouth, gives me a kiss and with one quick sweep, rips the duct tape right from my lips leaving them red and puffy.

"Pretty soon, you'll have a matching pair after I get done with your pussy." He exclaims.

One hand grabs my hair from the back of my head the other forces my jaw open and the next thing I know, my tonsils are being nudged by a big thick dick. There was no way I was able to take the whole thing. It definitely was the biggest I had seen, rubber or real. The funny thing was it was beginning to feel more like a challenge for me since I've never had someone so large. I was doing my best to satisfy my capturer, hoping he would set me free if I made him bust a nut. I was working that dick like a pro! I was still so amazed by its size that my pussy still had no shame or conscience about what the rest of me was thinking. I was as wet as could be, even after the Thor marathon just a little while ago. I was really getting turned on.

I decided to play along for a while acting like the scared little girl he wanted me to be. He was going to get what he wanted and I was going to get the freaky action that I deserved! He forced me back against the wall where I was before and made me put my ass high in the air for him. Yup, my pussy confirmed it, he definitely was the biggest I ever had. I do admit when he entered me, I thought I was going to split in two. As he thrusted, I yelped and moaned and once I got used to him I started to push back a little more. We had a good rhythm going. I wanted as much of that dick as I could take. It felt amazing!

After cumming another three times, he flipped me around and slammed me back against the wall, this time I could make out a silhouette but couldn't see features. He grabbed my legs from behind my thighs and lifted me up to meet my entrance of my vagina to his throbbing dick. With no warning, he thrust me into the wall. He rammed me so hard I thought he exited out of my ass!

With my arms around his head, he spins me around and falls on me on top the bed. I could feel him tense up and his moans became more frequent. I could tell he was close to cumming. His long thrusts became really intense as my ass lifted off the bed to me him every time. After about five minutes, we couldn't hold it any longer. We both had the most earth-shattering orgasms ever! I could feel his hot seed spill into me and mix with my hot pussy juice, creating the most intense love potion this world had ever seen.

He gently and slowly pulled out of me, still gazing in my eyes. The sun was starting to rise. More light began to filter into the snow barricaded room. I could make out his face. He was the most beautiful and handsome man I ever saw. I think he was pleasantly surprised how hot I looked as well. We passed out in each other's arms for some time and woke up to a snow blower outside our window. It looked like we were going to be able to get out of the room soon but I didn't want to leave for some reason. I told Kevin what had happened to me and how I ended up there for the night and he chuckled. But I also had to ask him what he was doing there.

"I'm the lumberjack they called to cut that tree out of the way so you can get to your cabin." he said.

"Wow", I was amazed. "So what are you doing for the next couple of days?" I asked Kevin with a smirk. I knew what I found, I never expected. And once I got a taste, I didn't want to let it go.

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