tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaitlin's Fantasy Comes True

Caitlin's Fantasy Comes True


We'd been chatting on-line for sometime, having 'met' on a BDSM site. The weird magic of the Internet worked yet again, cutting through the preliminaries, accelerating the pace with which we got to know each other. As a result I got to know Caitlin very well, very quickly - uncovering the secret slut hidden in her, learning her secrets; her darkest fantasies. In a very short time we probably knew more about each other's sexual proclivities than any 'real time' friend.

I told her about my previous experiences with 'cyber subs' and she was very interested in this. I explained that I gave them real time assignment to perform, degrading yet exciting tasks. She admitted that she found this concept intriguing and within a remarkably short time she was carrying out assignments for me, reporting back on them, keeping a journal of her slutty acts. I started to instruct her in how she should dress, what she should wear – especially whilst at work. She swore that she carried out these orders, said that she wouldn't lie about something like that, that 'playing games' would be no fun. But it was natural that I'd always have doubts, wasn't it? So I decided to find out and, in the process, fulfil a few fantasies.

She had let slip where she worked. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say that I worked it out, from little clues she dropped as we chatted on-line. It happened to be a large teaching institution that I passed near when I was visiting one of my customers. A plan started to form, making me dizzy with desire as I began to think it through.

On my next trip to that customer I drove out to the campus where she worked, at around 5.00pm. It was not at all what I had expected. Being a satellite of the main campus it was quite small and as such had no gates and seemingly no security. It was basically a few buildings set between playing fields on one side, and a golf course and the sea on the other. It was the sort of place where I would draw too much attention to myself by driving slowly around. So I parked in a dead-end lane, between the church and a primary school and went for a wander.

There was only one building where she could possibly have worked. A large, old redbrick pile – architecturally interesting and almost attractive. A sign on the door confirmed that this was the Business School. It seemed I had gleaned all I needed to know in those few minutes and I returned to my car. But, as I was passing the corner of the building, I glanced to my left and saw the Security Office. It seemed it wasn't going to be quite as simple as I expected.

That Thursday night I combed the University's web-site for the last few pieces of the jigsaw. It was remarkably easy to find. They were trying so damned hard to be 'customer facing' that they included email addresses, direct dial numbers and even office addresses -'C44, I felt my breathing almost stop with a combination of excitement and tension. It helped make up my mind. I would do it – and soon.

That night we chatted again via Yahoo.

"Are you going to be on-line tomorrow night?" I typed.

"No – I have to work late. I can get more done after everyone leaves. Plus my husband will be out late so I won't feel so guilty about it."

"What time does everyone else leave at? Don't you get disturbed by the cleaners?" I quizzed.

"By about 4 o'clock on a Friday, and the cleaners don't come in till Monday morning. Why do you ask?" I could sense the puzzlement in her words.

Trying to keep excitement out of my voice I avoided her question, by asking one of my own.

"Are you still following my orders at work?"

In one of her first assignments I had ordered Caitlin not to wear panties to work. (This was especially taboo and exciting as she shared an office with three male co-workers.) I had only meant her to do this for one day, but she had continued to go to work without knickers. She explained that my original order had not specified a time limit, so she had continued. I was impressed with this evidence of her almost instinctive submissiveness and had insisted that she continue.

I could almost feel her blush through the PC screen,

"Yes of course." she typed back.

"Excellent" I responded, thinking - 'I'll know for sure soon'. Then I added. "I want you to wear a skirt to work tomorrow. I know you told me you never do, but you will tomorrow – and stockings." As I hit the enter key I drew my breath; and held it.

"Yes.............Sir" came back the answer. I exhaled loudly. After saying 'good night' I went to collect the things I would need for the next evening.

My heart was pounding and my legs were shaking a little as I drove into the public car park by the beach that I had scouted on the Universities on-line map. A parking space was no problem. No-one was at the beach at this time of year, except for hardy dog walkers. It would be dark in an hour or two and a chill wind blew in from the North Sea. When I got out of the car I hefted my knapsack out of the backseat. Taking a deep breath I pressed the auto-lock button and walked as casually as I could towards the main building. When I arrived I lit a cigar and leaned against the wall outside the main entrance. I needed the cigar for 'cover', but I also needed it calm my nerves.

I only had to wait ten minutes for my expectations to be realised. The door flew open as a University worker headed for home. I flicked the cigar butt away as I looked at him and smiled, looking confident, trying to look like I belonged here. I was already mouthing 'thank you' as I moved towards the door – and he held it open for me – just like I prayed he would. I was in.

I took the stairs slowly to the 1st floor. The place was like a rabbit warren. But helpful signs showed how to find the places I was looking for. First – a bolt hole to let a little time pass and be sure that everyone had left – everyone except Caitlin. I found what I was looking for and took quick glance up and down the corridor before opening the door to the men's. In a cubicle I locked the door, checked my watch and made my final preparations. The hour I had decided to wait was going to seem a lot longer than 60 minutes.

In the end I lasted only 55. I stood and unlocked the cubicle and pushed open the door to the men's. Listening I heard nothing, then, looking out, I heard nothing. This was my final chance to pull out, to stop the madness. But I knew that was never really an option. I patted the pockets of my coat one last time to make sure I had what I would need in those first moments. I adjusted my backpack over one shoulder - carrying all the things I might need later. I made sure the ski-mask was firmly on my head, rolled up so that it looked like a cap. Another huge gasp of air and I began – walking down the corridor, stalking down the corridor – quietly as I could; seeking my prey.

Room C42 on the left, C43 on the right, which meant that........I saw the number on the next door – C44. Shit! Someone else's name was on that door. I had a moment of panic before I looked at the door opposite and relaxed. Here was what I was looking for, her name, above those of 3 guys, was the final confirmation I needed. I pulled the ski-mask down, covering my face apart from the eye holes. I rested my hand on the doorknob for an instant, listening, hearing only the faintest sounds coming from the office. Then I turned the knob and entered, knowing that if I hesitated another second I might lose my nerve. I had passed the point of no return.

Keyed up as I was, I had the advantage over her. She had her back turned when I came into her office - by the time she had turned I was halfway across the room. By the time she was drawing breath to scream at my masked appearance I was on her, my hand pressed hard over her mouth, carrying her to the floor, the weight of my body pressing her down. I wanted her down as quickly, but as gently, as I could. I knew she'd been in the army so I was expecting a fight. Once she was on her back, my hand still pressed to her mouth, I straddled her. She started shouting against my hand – or trying to bite it, beating at me with wildly flailing hands. I leaned forward, hissing in her ear,

'Keep your mouth shut bitch or I'll cut you another one.'

It was then I let her see the knife in my free hand, then that I saw the intoxicating fear in her eyes.

Taking my hand away from her mouth I watched for the reaction. The tear-filled eyes watched the blade – the fight seemed to have gone out of her for the moment. It made it easy to slap the prepared strip of tape over her mouth. She fought again for a moment when I flipped her over, but I was too strong for her, especially as I was on top. Pulling her arms behind her back I taped her wrists together. She drummed her high heeled shoes on the ground, but this last flash of resistance was futile. Very quickly I had her ankles taped and she was finally helpless, my victim, my prey – at my mercy.

I shivered at the thought, letting myself begin to think about what was to come. I shook my head, knowing I had to work a little bit more before I could begin to play. I hoisted her into a chair and went to lock the office door. I went to pull the blinds closed, pausing to look out at the view from the window. In the growing dusk I could see the security office, off to the right. Something to deal with soon, I thought to myself, as the blinds slid closed.

I turned and moved towards her, I smiling as I advanced. But all she could see were my eyes through the balaclava as I gloated over her helpless, vulnerable state.

'Alone at last sweet Caitlin,' I crooned, 'and all evening to enjoy ourselves.'

I saw tears well in her wide, green eyes and felt my cock twitch. I doubted that she would have recognised my voice from our phone calls, hoarse with lust as it was at this moment - and slightly out of breath from the exertion of subduing her. She had no idea who I was – the terror in her eyes was very real.

I opened my rucksack and let her get a glimpse of some of its contents. I heard her whimper behind the tape gag and start to struggle in the chair, causing her to slide to the floor. I grabbed some more tape and moved to her, grabbing her long auburn hair and pulling her upright. I looked the woman straight in the face, her eyes wet with fresh tears from the pain in her scalp. Then I slapped her cheek, a slow, open handed blow – not too hard. Her head jerked to one side and I backhanded the other cheek to bring her round to face me again.

'Don't fight me bitch – or it will be much, much worse for you.'

Then I saw the recognition flash through her. The voice, or some other clue, had told her who it was that now held her at their mercy. I couldn't help wondering if this made it better or worse for her. Would she be less frightened now? Or more?

I heaved her into the chair again, using the tape to make her really secure. Her wrists and elbows were taped to the arms of the chair. With my knife I cut 4 long strips of tape in preparation for her legs. As I cut the tape binding her ankles she lashed out a kick, just as I had expected. I grabbed her ankle and slammed it against the leg of the chair – then taped it tight. When the other one was taped I bound her knees as well so that her thighs were wide parted. I stood up and moved another chair opposite her and sat down to look, to admire, to imagine. I took the ski-mask off so that she could see my face - for the first time.

She certainly made an insanely erotic sight. She tossed her head (about all she could move) her reddish hair falling across her face – just as I had seen it many times in candid webcam photos. Those lovely tits were heaving as she tried to draw panicky breaths through her nose only; legs were splayed, revealing dark shadows between the thighs. All was hidden now, but all would soon be revealed. The anticipation, the scope of possibilities, were both almost limitless.

I stood, holding the knife in front of me, the mewling in the gag became louder. Slowly I moved the blade to one of the buttons on the blouse and the thread parted on the sharp edge. The blouse gaped to reveal an enticing glimpse of cleavage. Then I put the knife down and grabbed her shirt and ripped it open. My excitement rose as her breasts were revealed to me, barely restrained by a pretty, lacy bra. I reached down with 2 fingers and pinched her left nipple. She squirmed and squealed, muffled by the tape. Taking up the knife again I pulled the material away from the nipple underneath and cut away a small patch. She sensibly held rigidly still as I did, obviously afraid that I would cut her. I did the same to the other cup of the bra and stood back to admire my handiwork. Now my victim had a crude, home-made peep-hole bra.

I ran the shiny blade over her exposed nipples as she tried to shrink back in the chair, eyes downcast, watching the path of the threatening metal. But I was wondering - if she was as terrified as she should be - why were her nipples so very hard? Then I slid the knife under the elastic between the cups and ripped it upwards. The material parted easily and the two halves snapped back, fully exposing her breasts to me for the first time. I had seen them in pictures she had emailed, but now they were here before me for real, to use in anyway that gave me pleasure.

From by backpack I took out a recent purchase and showed it to her. Once again her eyes went wide and she started to shake her head, struggling uselessly against the bonds. I took out the first of the alligator clips she had seen and pressed it open. Pinching one of her nipples between my fingers I slipped the two jaws over the tender bud of flesh, sharp metal teeth glinting. As I released it and the teeth bit she arched back in the chair – as if I had applied an electric shock. The second clamp went on her other nipple before she had stopped sobbing and writhing from the first one.

I dropped my hand onto her knee and began to run it up her thigh. Bound, her legs spread, she is unable to resist, although that didn't stop her desperately trying to squeeze her legs together. My hand reached her stocking top and I drew a ragged breath – how horny was that feeling? The juncture between the clothed and unclothed. I gently stoked the bare skin of her upper thigh, feeling her tense under my finger tips. Then my hand moved higher, exploring. My fingers discovered a bare cunt. Bare in two senses, no knickers and shaved smooth. I was thrilled to find out for myself that she had been obeying my instructions. But I was even more thrilled to discover that this bare cunt was dripping wet. With ease I shoved two fingers into the centre of her hot excitement and leaned forward to whisper in her ear.

'You are such a nasty slut Caitlin. This is turning you on isn't it.'

I saw her head shaking violently.

'Yes it is whore.' I told her and added a third finger to the two in her cunt and started strumming her clit with my thumb. A fresh gush of wetness coated my fingers and I felt her cunt muscles clamp down on my invading digits.

I laughed cruelly and hissed into her ear,

'You are getting off on being helpless, getting excited by the idea of your imminent rape. Whore!' I spat.

'I am going to fuck you like the bitch you are.'

I pulled my fingers from her pussy with a sucking wet noise and stood up. I held my shiny, wet fingers under her nose; she tried to pull away. Grabbing her hair to keep her still I smeared her cunt juices over her face so that she couldn't fail to smell the truth of her arousal – the proof of her slut nature.

Then slowly I unbuttoned my trousers and extracted my cock, hard and throbbing -already leaking a shiny pearl of pre-cum. I was standing right in front of her, my crotch in her face. All she could do was watch, mesmerised like a deer caught in headlights. I moved the blade of my knife under one nipple, engorged in the teeth of the cruel clamp, and pressed gently. Immobilised, she couldn't pull away; the whimpering in her gag started up again.

'I am going to take the tape of Caitlin and stick my cock in your mouth.' I announced crudely.

'If you say anything or try to scream I'll cut you. If you do anything else but give me the best blowjob you know how, I'll cut you. Do you understand? Nod that you understand!'

Her eyes bulged but she did nothing. I pressed down slightly harder, stopping just short of drawing blood. 'DO YOU UNDERSTAND BITCH?!' I shouted and watched her start to nod her head violently, dislodging the fresh tears from the corners of her eyes.

I picked off a corner of the tape and stripped it from her mouth. I watched intently for her reaction, to see if she would cry out. But the only noise was a gasp of pain as the tape came away. I took my cock with my free hand and ordered her to 'keep still'. I rubbed my cock-head over her cheek, leaving a slimy trail of jizz across her pale and lovely cheek. She trembled and grimaced, but did not pull away, conscious of the knife pressed against her sensitive nipple.

'For what you are about to receive may the Lord make you eternally grateful.' I intoned with a cruel smile on my face. 'Now open wide Caitlin so I can fuck that sweet mouth of yours.'

She hesitated, I slapped my cock head against her closed lips and she gasped. Then I twisted the back of the knife blade against the clamp biting into her nipple. She opened her mouth to cry out with pain and that was all the invitation I needed. I shoved my cock into her mouth and grabbed a handful of hair to stop her pulling away. With a thrust of my hips I was instantly balls deep in her mouth, the choking and gagging started immediately. But this wasn't a loving interaction, this was violation at its most brutal and base. I didn't care how much she hated it – just as long as I was loving it. And I was. I just wanted to use her mouth as a hole to fuck. The noises she was making, the tears, the drool only turned me on more. The only time I slowed down was when I got to close to cumming, which I didn't want to do before I had enjoyed her cuntmouth to the full.

The only way she could avoid the worst of the pain and discomfort was to relax and open her mouth to my invading cock as best she could. Just as I had hoped, she learned this lesson very quickly. After a while the worst of the gagging stopped and I managed to get the final half inch of my cock into her wide stretched mouth. My spunk filled balls were bouncing on her chin with every thrust.

My breathing got heavier as she got better at deep throating my cock. As my climax built I started to tell her what a good cock sucker she was.

'Good whore! Take it all! You love sucking cock don't you Caitlin? I know you love it. A filthy slut like you loves to suck cock and swallow cum. Want to drink my cum Caitlin? Do you want to slut?'

My voice rising in pitch, my thrusting becoming faster and deeper.

'You are going to make me cum bitch.' Groaning 'You must want my cum so bad because you suck me so goooooood......'

My body spasmed as I came. My cock, buried deep in her throat, erupted into her ravaged mouth in wave after wave of hot, salty semen. I pulled her head into my belly to ensure my twitching cock spurted every last drop into her mouth. Finally, spent, I fell back into a chair, feeling as if every bone in my body has been removed. Straight away my victim started to cough and retch, my spunk coming back up, out of her mouth and even out of her nose. Laughing I zipped myself up and got my digital camera out and took a few shots. Still traumatised it took her a while to recognise what the flashes of light signified. Looking up at me, with face coated with cum and saliva, she started to shake her head, noiselessly mouthing 'no, no, no.......'

I cut a fresh piece of tape from the roll with my knife and she quickly got the message and shut up.

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