Caitlyn Fucks Her New Daddy


He must have been really doing something amazing, because Caitlyn shrieked with disbelief. "Oh fuck you're so deep! Daddy you're so deep!"

Even he was surprised. "Fuck, feel that Katie -- feel that lump in your tummy!"

"Fuck, Daddy! You're in my womb! Fuck me Daddy!"

"That's my baby!"

Both of them screamed and wailed, and the bed was quaking, and the room sunk of sweating fucking bodies. And to my total amazement, this insanely inhuman energy wasn't stopping. It seemed to build more! She was shrieking louder and louder and he was grunting with more and more discomfort, while they ground their bodies together. I was visualizing his big penis impaled inside my daughter, he balls up against her smooth little ass, their pelvises almost glued together by their sweat and her pussyjuice, and both of them gyrated in unison around and around feeling how tight her cunt was around his penis.


He was spewing again, cumming inside of her. Maybe Caitlyn was cumming too, I have no idea, she was screaming and begging that it could have been an orgasm, or a series of them, or something even better. I had no idea, I've never been there with a women, and I'm sure I never will. But these two were in a state of total, maximum fucking, and his erection was now flooding more of his babymaking sperm into her tight teenage vagina, and she was taking every last drop.

I don't know how long that orgasm of his lasted. I know it was like two or three times longer than mine. I was waiting for him to stop cumming at any point, but he didn't. He just kept cumming and cumming, and both of them kept screaming and screaming.

Then, finally, he let out a final groan, I saw him lean upright or stand up, then he crashed onto the bed next to Caitlyn.

"Oh fuck!" he moaned, while Caitlyn was less intelligble, grunting, "Uhh, ohh, uhhh, mmm." There were sounds of kissing, maybe, moaning into each other's mouths. More moaning, and more and more. Maybe cuddling, or rubbing bodies, but definitely kissing.

My heart lept when I heard him say, "You are awesome," confirming what it sounded like, that my daughter is a great fuck. She giggled and returned the complement. "Daddy, you have such an awesome cock, you fucked me so good!"

They rolled in bed, back and forth, making out for what must have been about ten or so minutes. Relaxation time, maybe just cuddling. During that time, my penis finally calmed down. I mean, I had been so stiff this entire time, listening to them fuck like that, hearing my daughter get fucked and stuffed with cock and sperm, and I probably could have cum about 100 times (if I was capable of cumming more than even once, of course). The room was, well I keep mentioning it, the room was just fucking smelly. Nudity, fucking, sweat, you name it, it was like a gymnasium but alot worse. So that smell was keeping me horny, as were the soft sounds of post-fucking cuddling on the bed.

"Jesus," he muttered, breaking the kiss, "I gotta call my wife, check in with her."

I hadn't thought about that, but it was logical. Caitlyn knew the rules, she even told me in the past that she liked knowing things about married men that even their wives didn't know. So she didn't stop him when he got off the bed -- moving slowly, I noticed -- and stepped over to pick up his pants. He dropped them a second later, after I guess he fished out his cellphone from a pocket. He returned to the bed and sat down or lied down on it, joining my nude daughter again.

His request to my daughter was unnecessary. "Can you, uh, do you mind, I mean, just not say, you know, anything --"

Caitlyn thought it was a hoot. "Aw baby I won't make you mad, I'll just lay here okay?"

A couple of seconds of silence passed, except I could hear Caitlyn swallowing hard a couple of times, still catching her breath. Amidst the odors I smelled her sweat, it was distinct and sweet, she must have been pouring perspiration everywhere. You know, seeing her sexy young, smooth underarms dripping with sweat is such a huge fucking turnon for me, is it for you?

He had dialed home and gotten through. "Hey baby? Hey it's me ... yeah ... it was good, made some contacts that might work ... no, no, it was boring, lots of business ... no, no one you've ever met before, so no ... naw, you didn't miss a thing ... yeah, frankly, I was just waiting to get out of there ... I'm serious, I, uh, kinda left early even, well, wanted to ... so how are the kids? ... did she? ... uh huh ... uh huh ... uh huh ... ok ... sure ... sure ... did you get that bill yet? ... well if we transfer the funds ... "

I won't go on with the boring conversation. For about ten minutes, he was talking about mortgage payments and carpooling and painting the garage and all of this other crap that my ex-wife used to forcefeed me. I mean, I was getting mad under the bed, he was missing time from fucking my hot daughter because his bitchy wife couldn't shut the fuck up. Fucking serves her right that he was cheating on her tonight. I wonder if the bitch had any clue how great her husband was tonight?

As he wound up the call, it was clear the evening was over. He was woefully late and, if he didn't get home right away, he'd need a divorce lawyer.

After he hung up, there was some rolling on the bed then kissing, making out. Caityn finally giggled, "Daddy your cum is so deep in me, I love it." She moaned a moment later, he was touching something. "So Daddy are you gonna fuck me again?"

"Goddamned, yeah baby, of course."

"You gotta -- that was so hot. Daddy, let's spend like the day together someday, like fucknig all day, you are awesome."

"Mmm no, you are!" I heard them kiss some more. Then he asked inquisitively, "So, do you always call the men you fuck Daddy?" She laughed, maybe caught in a moment of honesty, and she explained herself honestly -- or, at least, consistent with what she had always told me. "Well, naw, but like, ya know, I do with you were my Daddy? Cuz I live alone with my father, but like, if YOU were my Daddy, seriously, I'd like be able to fuck you every day. It would be so hot."

He was clearly weirded by it a little. "Do you, um, I mean, you don't, you don't fuck --"

She cackled. "No way! Oh no, no way. But like, even if he wasn't my Daddy, I wouldn't, I mean, he's not really the macho type? He loves me and all, in his way, but like, he's just, you know, I mean, yuck!"

He giggled. "I hope I'm not yuck."

"You? Oh my god -- I so wish you were my Daddy, then we could have sex like that every night! I want my belly and tummy full of your cum, it's sooo good."

The must have started kissing softly or something, I could hear little noises but that was about it. Then he broached an earlier subject. "So, you fuck other girls too?" Caitlyn giggled, she must have nodded or something. "Ever done another man with another girl?" She sort of paused to respond, maybe for dramatic effect. "Yeah, once -- but -- she was from out of town, so, she's not around here. Why, Daddy?" I could hear her smile in that question. "Daddy, do you want to fuck little Katie and one of Katie's girl friends?"

He must have been trying to beg off or downplay it, but Caitlyn just giggled even more. "I think Daddy wants to fuck two girls at once, don't you Daddy?"

"Of course," he admitted like a man, proudly. I don't know how he does it. Personally, I know my five-inch, gets-soft-fast cock can't make even one young filly happy, so how he thinks he can fuck two girls -- I mean, wow. Then he had an idea. "Do you ever fuck girls older than you?"

"I -- no, not yet, but, like, why?"

"Well, uh -- there's this girl at work? She's like, I don't know, 24, or 25, she and I have kinda, you know --"

"Mmm, Daddy fucked his secretary?"

He chuckled. "Well, no, she's not my secretary, and we didn't fuck -- made out, she sucked my cock a few times. But, um, she's really pretty, she's black, skinny, very hot, very very big lips -- and I'm pretty sure she likes girls. Maybe, I don't know, we can all party."

Caitlyn didn't disapprove. "God, sounds fun, Daddy."

"Fuck, I better get going." He jumped off the bed and I saw him retrieve his clothing. I then saw Caitlyn's small naked feet and sexy young calves near him, helping him get dressed. They were making out while he dressed, so it wasn't exactly a smooth quick process. But finally he was done, he grabbed his cellphone from the bed and she walked him -- she was nude, of course -- into the bathroom down the hall.

I heard the water running for a bit, he must have been washing off the smells of the young women he just fucked. I couldn't quite hear them talking. Then the water stopped, but the bathroom door didn't open. Not for a few minutes. Then, I heard it. Her moan; more of a shriek. "Oh fuck Daddy!" I so wished I could get out from under her bed, and find out what they were doing. Maybe he was eating her; but her pussy was full of his sperm, I thought that unlike me REAL men don't lick that stuff. Plus, I do have to admit I was hoping Caitlyn would be saving that mess in her pussy for her real daddy to lick clean in a few minutes, as disgusting and revolving and sickening as it always makes me. I mean, I sometimes puke after I do that, I can't hardly breath and it churns my stomach when she forces me to lick other mens' cum out of her cunt or asshole, but the mere fact she thinks of me doing it makes it all worthwhile.

No, they were fucking again. I heard the bumping of skin on skin; a thumping noise; Caitlyn's grunts. "Fuck yeah, fuck me daddy, yeah, yeah, do it, fuck me Daddy, fuck me!" He was doing her pretty hard, whatever position they were in. She was screaming again pretty soon. "Fuck YES! OH GOD YESSS! DAHHH-DEEE!" She was having her mini-cums again, almost immediately, and my penis was rockhard again, my balls aching from having been hard for so long. But I loved listening to her getting savagely ramfucked by this stud, having so many orgasms so quickly, her pussy must have been a quivering sensitive mess of flesh and juice. That guy was putting a pounding into her over and over, not fucking stopping, doing my daughter in the bathroom harder and harder.

The bathroom door opened. I heard him moan, "Really I gotta go soon Katie." But Caitlyn, as usual, was driving. "Oh Daddy, cum on, just, one last -- cum on -- go, here, go lie where my real daddy sleeps -- just -- lets fuck there."

Lying under her bed on my achingly sore back, I felt like I was being sucker-punched. Not only was she calling him Daddy, wishing she lived with him not me, wanting to fuck him every day, letting him call her the wrong name -- but now she was going to fuck him right where I sleep. That was so fucking humiliating, wasn't it? I swear to fucknig god, my penis had never been harder in my entire fucking life.

I heard them fumble their way into my bedroom, and my door closed. It's down the hallway, so there was no way I was going to hear much noise. A couple of minutes later I heard her muffled whines, some grunting. The wall started thumping, and boy, that thumping went on and on and on. It'd stop a bit, then start again. Then keep going. More muffled whines. A shriek or two from Caitlyn. I was forced to lie under her bed, smelling the sex in the air, and listen to her fucking that man in my bed. She was probably calling him Daddy right where I slept, with his enormous penis inside her teenage pussy, and my little erection was a couple of rooms away.

How long did this quick last fuck last? I couldn't see a clock. But that thumping, I mean, I started counting it at one point. I'm not making this up. 100 thumps. 150. 200. Sure, there were some breaks, but it kept going. At 220 or so, I kinda lost count, falling asleep a little, getting confused. The head kind of can't think straight, when you have been nude on your back under a bed for about, I don't know, six hours or so. My asscheeks were numb, my shoulders were on fire, my wrists stung from being wrapped in metal handcuffs for so long. And not to mention how my cock and balls ached, from being so hard without cumming. So while they were humping away, I was in a haze, sort of checking out for the evening.

So I wasn't really aware when it ended. At some point, finally, my bedroom door opened. They went back into the bathroom; again I heard water running; I guess they had to clean up the last mess. They were talking quietly. I looked out, and saw her exquisite nude body as she was leading him down the steps. I never saw his face, or shape of his body really, or heard his name. He was just some guy, some married father, that came into our house and fucked my daughter.

Finally, I began to focus on the fact I was going to be allowed out from under the bed. Caitlyn must have been in the kitchen or something, it was like a good while before she came back upstairs. She was still nude. That was common; from the moment she'd get home from school until when she had to dress the next morning, she was likely to be naked. She'd eat that way, do homework, talk on the phone. It let her finger herself anytime she was horny, and have phonesex or cybersex all the time. And she always enjoyed scolding me when she caught me admiring her ass or tits or something. "Daddy!" she'd scream, slapping my face or hitting me with her fist. I can't help it, of course, she's so sexy, but I do feel guilty when I gaze at her yummy naked body.

She sat at her vanity, she must have been doing her hair. I tried to form words in my mouth, which was dry and my tongue felt swollen even. "Um -- uh -- Cai -- Caitlyn baby?"

No answer at first, I had to call again. She muttered in a bothered tone, "What?"

"Um, can you -- sorry, but -- this hurts."

"Oh." Her disinterest was obvious.

I waited a few, assuming she'd come over, but not hearing anything I called out, "Honey, can you --"

"Daddy I'm coming already! Shit!" I immediately shut up. Indeed, about two minutes later she kicked her stool away from her vanity and came over to the side of the bed. I saw her hands reach under, then she dropped to her tummy to unlock one handcuff. Man, it felt good to have my hand back. Then, she threw the key under the bed near me, saying, "Open the other yourself." I quickly retrieved the key with my free hand, but realized there was no way I could reach across or roll over to get to the other handcuff. I just didn't have space to turn my shoulders; I am a full-grown adult, of course, if not a REAL man. But I tried, I mean, I rolled and rolled, twisted in every way. Finally, I realized I had to rotate my whole body, kind of scootch around so my hands were together, straight above my head. Ok, that wasn't easy, but I could do it. It hurt to move around. I looked over my head, essentially upsidedown at the world, and carefully unlocked the handcuffs.

Oh, man, I hurt. It took a couple of minutes to extracate myself from under the bed, I couldn't move and my limbs hurt like fuck. But eventually I pushed my naked carcass out from the bed.

I found Caitlyn sitting on her stool, brushing out her long chestnut hair, naked. When I stood up, she swiveled around, her thighs parted so I could see her pussy. It was the juicy mess that it usually was after her dates; pink, sore, inflamed, dripping, glistening. Her thighs and ass were wet too. She didn't smile much, but she let me admire the sloppy sight of her fucked cunt. "Do you see that Daddy?" she finally intoned in a lecturing voice. "That's what it looks like when I fuck a real cock."

"I see!" I giggled, hardly aware that my 5-inch dick was pulsating back to life. "Honey, that was so amazing, you got fucked so good!"

She kind of sneered, turning back to finish her hair. "Shut up, Daddy," she groaned. Then she caught herself, and looked at me through the reflection in her mirror. "Ok, you know, maybe I shouldn't even call you Daddy, I mean, my Daddy tonight had a huge fucking cock that made me cum like a woman -- not like YOURS." I saw her looking at my half-sized erection with distaste. She went on, "So, it's not fair to him that I call you what he did to me, so, maybe I should just call you what you are, like, my landlord, can I call you Landlord now?"

I giggled at the joke. "Uh, you don't pay rent, so --"

Caitlyn's sexy nude shoulders shrugged. "I guess that's right. So you aren't even that. What, I guess you are -- well, you are my biological father, I'm ashamed to admit, so I guess I should just call you Motherfucker -- right?"

The word bit me, but she was entirely correct. "Yeah, I guess that's right, sweety."

"Tsk!" I swallow hard every time I hear her make that sound. "Don't call me that, only MEN who can FUCK me like real men get to call me that. I'm Caitlyn, call me that."

"Ok, sw -- Caitlyn."

"Ok, Motherfucker, I'm tired and need to sleep. Go to bed."


"Wait!" She didn't have an ounce of playfulness on her face or in her voice, she was strictly business. "You know, I just fucked my Daddy on that bed you have been sleeping on. Shit, I can't let you sleep there tonight. Go sleep on the sofa."

"Um, if you want --"

She liked her idea. "I should have had you sleep on the sofa weeks ago, after I fucked my first Daddy on your bed when I sent you to a motel." (Actually, I was in the car that night, but that's another story.) "So, Motherfucker, from now on, sleep on the sofa, so I can save that big bed for my Daddies -- right?"

"Um, right!"

Caitlyn made a disgusted face, like she was so disappointed I was so agreeable to this. "Fuck you, Motherfucker, are you such a pathetic wuss that you won't mind sleeping on the sofa every night?"

"Well, honey, I, uh --"

Her face turned furious. "It's CAITLYN!" she screamed. "And -- no -- it's KATIE -- my Daddy called me Katie tonight, so now you call me Katie, Motherfucker! So you call me Katie from now on, and you go sleep on the sofa right now, and don't you fucking say another word to anyone ever about what happened here tonight!"

"No, I won't, I promise."

"I don't care about your promises, you aren't man enough to keep them," she continued, "so get the fuck out of my sight. I'm going to bed."

She got up, her nude body so inviting to me, those soft milky white perky tits, hardened nipples, creamy thin thighs, and dripping pussy. She arched her back, stretched her arms over her head, showing off the unbelievably sexy shape of her body, then she slowly meandered over to her bed. She didn't say anything about me watching her, until she was pulling her bedsheets back. Her sheets, of coruse, were a sweaty, damp mess. "WHAT?" she screamed.

"You're so sexy," I admitted.

"Yeah, I know." She was about to flash a smile, but she forced herself to eat it. "Ok, good night -- Motherfucker."

"Good night baby."

Let me tell you, lying on that sofa all night, I had about four orgasms jerking off nonstop for hours.

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This story was so confusing. Her biological father is being punished (handcuffed under the bed naked) while she brings another guy to fuck and he enjoys it and is happy about it? She's borderline disrespectfulmore...

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My list

I barely made it past the first paragraph. As soon as it said he was handcuffed under the bed I lost interest. Making me rethink whether I want to read anymore of your stories. You may earn the nextmore...

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