Cake Story


Recently I was asked by a female friend of mine from a local all girls college, if I could do her a big favor. She said that she has a friend of hers who was turning twenty-one and some of her girlfriends were going to throw her a big birthday bash.

They had rented a small hall and would be providing the nights entertainment. One of the women, it seems, had access to one of those large cakes that girls usually jump out of.

That's where I come in. She wanted to know if I would be a doll and jump out of the cake for the women at the party and then maybe just dance around to the music. My initial response was that of shock. I was not used to being asked these kinds of tasks and I must have turned a deep shade of red. She told me that it was completely harmless and was all good fun and would be a real "goof."

It seems they were on a budget and had run out ideas and money. Apparently I was free, as was the cake. She was so persistent that I finally said that I would do it. She told me the time and location. Later that weekend I showed up at the hall and found Wendy, my friend, setting up food and drinks with another attractive woman. Wendy came over to me, gave me a big hug and told me that I was really a doll for doing this and It'll be fun. She usured me to the back of the hall and told me that the guests would be arriving any minute and that I should remain in the cake until I hear the music start. Then just pop open the fake lid and step out and dance. I said it sounds simple enough.

Then she instructed me to strip and climb up and get into the cake. I gave her a long look. Strip? I had brought me Speedos and had intended on wearing them. I'm sure I turned pale white, but Wendy was so distracted with her other duties that I don't think she noticed my discomfort. I thought about saying something to her but I didn't want to seem like a prude. So I slowly went back to the cake and began to remove all of my clothing, folding them in a neat pile. I was now completely nude.

At that moment I was glad that I kept myself in good shape working out at the gym. Some women were beginning to file in. Luckily the cake was so far back, I don't think anyone saw me climb up and get into the cake. Now, I should mention that the inside of this prop cake was very unpleasant. It smelled extremely musty and with the lid closed, it was hot as an oven. Also there was very little room and I had to crouch down or I would push the lid open. I began to hear the sounds of women laughing and talking loudly. I was getting very nervous. I tried to calm myself, saying it would be over in a few minutes and then I would be on my way. Then the unthinkable began to happen. I felt my penis begin to thicken. Because I was crouched down, it started to crawl up my inner thigh. But that didn't last long. It sprang forward and now free of my legs it began to perceptively thicken and lengthen. A moment later it was fully erect and flat against my stomach, well past my navel.

I tried to think of anything that would deflate my sex, but alas, nothing worked. I felt it pulsing against my stomach wildly. That's when I heard the music begin.

I began to panic when I felt the cake being wheeled into what I believed was the center of the hall. I could hear the whoops and laughter of the raucous liquored women. The I hear what sounded like Wendy's voice whisper loudly behind the cake, "now!" I had no choice at this point.

My body was soaked with sweat as I push open the lid and stood up into the bright light exposing my erect penis to all. I heard gasps and some other comments like, "Oh my god" and "So large."

I had never been so humiliated in all my life. I decided at that point, I might as well just do what I have to do and then leave. So I slowly climbed down and began to dance with all the women shouting at me. I thought it would be that easy, but Wendy had other ideas.

She abruptly stopped the music and acting as M.C., she polled the audience, asking if they would like this handsome young, well-built and naked man with a honey of an erection, to reach between his legs and masturbate himself until he ejaculated? Her question was met with a roar of approval.

She the walked back over to me and setting one hand on my ass, told me that she wanted me to jack off for the ladies. When I told her that I would rather not, her tone changed, and she said that if I didn't start "waxin' my board" she'd throw me out into the street, nude and call the cops. As she said this, she teased me with her finger, nearly slipping it into my rectum at one point. The whole event began to seem like a nightmare. I had little choice. Wendy insisted that I sit on a bar stool with my legs wide apart while I jacked off. She also told me to make it last and shoot high and produce a lot of semen. "Women", she said, "like to see a man go off like a geyser." I was already leaking my arousal, so I used the sticky fluid to lubricate myself. I started slowly at first but as I got into it I began to undulate my hips with each thrust into my fist. Some of the women were urging me on, saying things like, "Cum for me" and, "Empty yourself, Sugar." If that wasn't embarrassing enough,

I saw some of the women produce a few cameras and began to photograph me performing my most personal act. I think I must have masturbated in front of these women for a good fifteen minutes when I finally began to feel that familiar feeling as my nuts begin to tighten against my abdomen.

Then I heard a loud cry, that I realized came from myself. A moment later my eyes rolled back and my toes curled as I began to spew rope after rope of thick semen for the pretty women. My seed was all over the floor in front of me and running down my knuckles. I had shot a lot. It was a violent and satisfying climax.

At that point I got a round of applause from the crowd. Some of the women were obviously flushed and made their way to the ladies room to freshen up. Wendy, at that point insisted that I remain nude for the rest of the evening. As instructed, by Wendy, I mingled, naked, among the ladies. All of them trying to act nonchalant, but there was no way not to notice them checking me out and toward the end of the night, I developed another erection.

Most of the women had gone home already, but four ladies remained. They escorted me out to the parking lot, still nude. It was late and dark outside and the lot was deserted. They brought me over to a street light and proceeded to have one woman, Andrea, felate me in front of the other three women. When I resisted, they threatened to put the pictures of me masturbating, on the internet. So I once again had to comply. She was really getting into it and I was very close when she removed me from her mouth and proceeded to use her hand.

They all watched intently as I once again sprayed several ribbons high into the air. Unfortunately some semen landed on her dress. This made her furious, so they piled me into one of their cars and drove me to the Student Union on their campus. All the while Andrea was berating me, screaming, "you guys, with all your nasty fluid that you spray all over the place. It's going to cost me a fortune to dry-clean this dress. And how am I going to explain this dried seed to them?"

They drove to the front of the Student Union entrance, then kicked me out of the car, still nude, with my clothes locked in the trunk and wished me luck getting home. It was late and none one was around, luckily. I pleaded with them no to do this and they nearly drove away but they finally decided to give me a break and threw my clothes at me.

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