tagBDSMCalahan's Campaign Ch. 01

Calahan's Campaign Ch. 01


Thank you, snooper (Charmbrights), for the excellent and unsparing editing work. I had several mistakes that I knew needed correction to make this story "Lit-worthy", so only a candid critique would suffice for that purpose. I see that I clearly picked the right editor. I also appreciate your patience with my primitive computer and the difficulty of opening the files you sent me. Thanks, also, Amasterfound, for helping me FINALLY open the files.

Governor Bruce Calahan knew that he would miss Susie Brock a lot - in fact, it really saddened him when she had to leave for Harvard, but he knew intellectually that it was best for both of them. She needed to get a Harvard degree, and he needed to get busy on his re-election campaign.

He knew that the other party was going to put up a tough candidate this time - one who would be much harder to beat. He would have to spend more time on the campaign trail, which would have left little time for him to spend with his sweet Susie.

He was musing about this as he prepared to meet with his new campaign manager today - the one that his party's chairman had recommended to him. She came with much of a reputation for being a "killer" - a really ruthless staffer out to do what it took to get her man elected.

Calahan had to replace his last manager because the man had been caught using cocaine after the first year of his term. He wondered about this replacement. Would she live up to her "nasty" reputation? If so, would there be friction and tension in the campaign offices?

"Hello, Governor Calahan? I am Elizabeth Chancery, your new campaign manager," a short, petite, seemingly non-threatening woman with horn-rimmed glasses announced.

"Yes, I've heard a great degree about you, Ms. Chancery. Well, are you ready to begin working on your first day of this campaign?"

"Certainly, but please call me 'Liz'. I like being called that better than 'Ms.' - that's an old joke of mine!"

"Not the ultra-feminist type, eh?"

"No, but I throw people off by dressing like one sometimes - it keeps them guessing."

"Ah, so you make yourself enigmatic - mysterious, as a kind of psychological warfare."

"Yes, my shortness helps me be less threatening to men, but my clothes confuse the sisters as to my agenda. I like having fun at their expense."

"I see. Well, enough about that; we have work to do. Tell me, first of all, what kind of theme should we go for, to start out best in the voters' minds? Should we go positive, emphasizing the accomplishments of my administration, or start targeting the potential opponents, before any of them wins the primary this year?"

"Well, positive sir, for now, because we don't really know who our opponent will be, and attacking someone who isn't nominated would just stir up trouble and waste our time. I do think that we should go visceral, somewhat, if you get my drift."

"Visceral - do you mean that I should try to appeal to their guts, as it were? Get a kind of credibility advantage, to make them instinctively side with me?"

"Exactly - especially with women, because you have advantages there already, and you should exploit those to get female votes."

"What sort of advantages?"

"Well, first of all, you're handsome, relatively young, charming, and a bachelor, so they are able to kind of view you sexually and even indulge any crushes they might already have on you, sir."

"Crushes? Well, I knew that I was somewhat sexy, but you're talking of me in the same way that people used to speak of JFK, RFK, or Bill Clinton. Won't that backfire with some girls? I know that many will be drawn to vote for a man they find appealing, but what about the fact that I am known as a rake - won't that image reinforce my reputation, and make the more old-fashioned ladies suspicious of me?"

"Well, it didn't stop girls from voting for Clinton, did it? For some, your reputation will be helpful, because despite their protests to the contrary, a lot of women are drawn to a womanizer - must be, or the womanizer wouldn't succeed. Many of women feel that a womanizer is an 'alpha male', though they'll never admit, of course. In the voting booth, no one will pressure or know for sure how or why they voted. It's just down to them, and their feelings about you."

"A cogent point, but am I really that appealing to that many girls? I mean, what age bracket are we talking about?"

"Several. I'm thirty-four, for instance, and I find you attractive."

"Really, I thought you were a lesbian - that's what I'd heard."

"I am bisexual, sir, so I did have a girlfriend once, which no doubt contributed to the rumor."

"Oh, I see. Well, we'll have to watch ourselves, won't we?"

"Why's that? I'm not the type to kiss and tell, or throw silly sexual harassment charges at you later. I wouldn't be opposed to dating you, sir, if you were interested."

"That's nice to hear. Just remember that my reputation as a skirt-chaser is accurate. I've only been faithful to one woman in my life, and then only for a semester. That's about how long I figure that I can last with only one girl."

"That's fine, sir, but I'm not the jealous type. I want to be free to sleep with both men and women, and I'm not going to give my partner any excuse to monopolize me or resent my flings."

"Very well. I think that us dating may be alright then, especially as it would give you extra motivation to work hard for me."

"True, now about the rest of your immediate campaign themes ... "

The two of them got back to work, but the ice was now broken, as they had admitted their interest in each other. There was some sexual tension in the air, now, however, and they would have to act on their interest soon, or it would just build. Both of them knew that, and as they wrapped up the first day of working together, Governor Calahan decided to take the initiative and propose their first date.

"So, how about my place, at nine tonight?"

"What's for dinner?"

"Prime rib, asparagus, and baked potatoes."

"Sounds splendid. I'll be there on time, sir, and I don't think that anyone from your Mansion staff will be surprised to see a campaign worker at the Governor's residence."

"That's certainly true, but you don't need to call me 'sir', any more. If we're dating, even casually, you can me 'Bruce' in private. In front of the others, of course, you should just call me 'Chief' - everyone does, and they'll know whom you're talking about."

"Chief, as in a Celtic chieftain?"

"Exactly, it's an Irish thing."

"Alright, that's cool. I'll do that, Chief."

When she arrived, Liz saw everything ready as Governor Calahan had indicated, and she also saw that he was talking on the phone to someone.

"Well, that's very good, Susie. I really miss you, as well, but you know that we have to be apart, for both of our sakes. Yes, I intend to e-mail you frequently, because I always love what you have to say, and how you say it. I really will call you now and then too. Phone sex? Yes, I think that will be nice, because you have such a sexy accent, you know. How's Harvard? Very well, it sounds like your studies are doing well, but don't forget to make friends too. Yes, I think that you could attract a lot of men. The dean of women? Well, just be careful - she may not appreciate it if you ever decide to break it off. Bye, bye, dear. Have fun - get good grades, alright, for Daddy?"

Calahan hung up, and Liz gave him a curious look.

"Susie, huh?"

"Yeah, she's my ex-girlfriend."

"Sounded more like your daughter, Bruce."

"Yes, well, we play around with the whole 'Daddy' thing. It's role-playing fun. She's a lovely girl, but there were some differences that got in the way of a long-term relationship."

"Differences like her desire to go to Harvard, and your interest in other women?"

"Precisely. We both have different needs at the moment, but I still care about her a lot."

"Well, that's special, but I'm not really into the 'Daddy's girl' role-playing thing. I prefer 'boss/secretary' stuff myself."

"Is that a fact? You want to play the sexy assistant, getting more for her boss than coffee, eh?"

"Exactly, and I don't appreciate feminist kill-joys who ruin it for the rest of us, due to their puritanical beliefs."

"I can be a very strict boss, you know."

"I understand that, and I'll try to get everything perfect for you."

"Ok, well, after dinner, we can play that 'boss/secretary thing', if you wish."

"Thank you, Bruce. I'm looking forward to it, especially in my soaked panties."

"Soaked already?"

"Just the thought of us doing that gets my pussy wet, soaking my undies."


After dinner, which was delicious, they did just as she hoped. Bruce ordered her to bring him some coffee, she did, and then he complained that it was too cold. That was just an excuse to spank her, of course, and she knew it, which just made it hotter.

"Lean over the desk, Liz."

"Okay, Chief."

Several consecutive whacks of his paddle hit her bottom, making it very sore indeed. She noticed that he was very proficient with this particular paddle, and she understood that he had used it on others, probably including that Susie girl. That thought really turned her on, because she just loved the idea of a used paddle that had pleasured other women, hitting her butt.

"You do this a lot, don't you Chief?"

"Spank my lovers? Of course, because they tend to love it."

"I love it too. Please spank me more."

"You don't sound that enthusiastic - convince me that you want more spanking of your tight little ass."

"Please, spank me again, Chief - harder!"

"That's much better, Liz."

More smacks across her bottom had the proper effect, as Liz was wetter than ever.

"Thank you, Chief! I'm wet enough for your cock now, so please fuck me!"

"Fuck you now, while you're still in your dress clothes?"

"Yes! Fuck me while I wear these clothes - make them smell like cum and sweat!"

"Will you promise to wear them to work tomorrow, and not wash them first, so everyone can tell that you got laid tonight?"

"Yes, I promise to wear these clothes after you soil them with your cum!"

"Good girl. Now, you've earned my cock in your pussy - that is where you wanted it, wasn't it?"

"Yes, even before I met you! I always hoped to work for you!"

"You really want to work for me, because you want to fuck me - to fuck your boss, don't you, slut?"

"Yes, so please fuck your assistant!"

"Ok, here I go."

Calahan lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties, and just inserted himself into her pussy from behind. She screamed her pleasure, as he apparently pressed against her sore cheeks, oblivious to her pain. He kept slamming her harder, getting her wetter still as he probed further inside her vagina. He could tell that this "tough broad" was a sub when it came to sex, and that she craved his powerful cock to control her.

"Oh, fuck! Bruce, I love this - fuck me longer, fuck me harder, fuck me as furiously as you can!"

"That's my girl! Yes, I am fucking you roughly - can you feel my dick shoving deeper inside you, reaching almost to your womb?"

"Yes! I can feel it everywhere in my cunt - oh, holy shit!"

"You're the Chief's slut, now, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am the Chief's slut - your slut! I am a slut, and I need your hard, stiff cock in my pussy!"

He continued to screw her as aggressively as possible, making her a slave to his manhood. She felt like a drill was sinking deeply into her body, relentlessly drilling it with all of its power. She was at the mercy of his cock, and he had no mercy on her, just ramming her harder and harder every second, until at last his vigorous penetration had its effect. She shrieked out a high-pitched scream that the whole Mansion must have heard, and then came all over his dick, soaking it with her girl-cum.

Liz rested her head on his desk for a second, as he pulled out and began licking her butt and twat. Clearly exhausted, she succumbed to the pleasure, as he ejaculated onto her ass-cheeks, then picked some of the cum off of it with his fingers, and stuck it into her mouth. He then resumed licking her ass and pussy, getting more of his own cum in his mouth, and then French-kissed Liz, making her gasp with delight.

She looked up at him with the sweetest, most uncharacteristic smile, and whispered "I want more," as she put her head back on the table.

"Later, my dear girl, because you need your beauty rest, and I need mine too, come to think of it. Just spend the night, and I'll fuck you in the morning."

"That's all I ask, Bruce. I just want more of your hard prick inside me. Thank you, Chief," she spoke, as she began to fall asleep.

Bruce Calahan grinned, knowing that the next morning he'd wake up to a lot more than just breakfast.

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