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Calculated Risk Ch. 02


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. © Etaski 2010

This story is Star Trek fan fiction, written on request by a reader here on Literotica. Moreover, it is a Pon Farr story. If you don't know what that is, not to worry, it'll be explained.

There are no canon characters used in this story; all characters are original, though I researched canon information on the setting and alien physiology from various Star Trek wikis, particularly Memory Alpha.

A hardcore Trekkie may find something inconsistent with those details, but please bear in mind that this was written by a casual fan, for a casual fan, with the hope that others may enjoy it as well. Thank you.


Skaun felt the most profound lifting of stress in his life as he relaxed atop Madeleine. Gratitude soon followed and he kissed the back of her neck, noting how strong her scent was at the nape.

Her body was as hot as a Vulcan woman during Pon Farr but her skin was much moister and incredibly soft, delicate even. Even through the fever, he held some fascination in touching her skin. Her breasts were plump and womanly, as were her hips and buttocks; more so than he was used to, perhaps, but on this small human woman, it seemed to suit her.

He was concerned how much water this coupling had used up in her, though. Part of the reason he had taken so long to reach orgasm and had needed to thrust so hard was because she had produced an abundant amount of moisture in her birth canal; it had almost been too slippery. Even now the wetness coated their thighs and around their groins, quickly drying and becoming tacky, and more water was being lost through that soft, much more pervious skin as she sweated. He could detect a light sheen in the moonlight.

If this was normal sexual response for humans, then Earth indeed had an abundance of water.

When he felt and heard her cough softly, he asked, "Do you need your respirator?"

"In a minute," she murmured quietly. "Although I ask, if you're not going to focus, then please take your hand from me?"

Skaun realized she was right; he was still touching the skin beneath wet, curled hair between her legs, mainly because he knew it as the center of Vulcan female pleasure, but also because stroking it caused her birth canal to squeeze pleasurably around him and he thought she liked it. "Does it hurt?"

"No. You're... stimulating me. But not enough."

Of course. If, and then. She'd used the conditional logic. It implied in the same statement that if he did focus, then she wanted him to keep touching her. She would like release, too.

He was beginning to notice how indirectly Madeleine chose to communicate with him.

Though he was softening inside her, he stayed as he was and rested his chin on her shoulder again, closing his eyes and concentrating on her physical responses as he began touching her with focus this time.

She flinched at first, peeped, but did not try to extricate herself. Her body grew hotter and moister again, and she began making more sounds as he continued, which was a little distracting as he tried to listen to her breathing and heartbeat.

Finally, though, he came to the conclusion that her heartbeat was nothing like his, far too slow, and he couldn't use it as a guide. Her breathing was also much quicker, and that was opposite, too. She was trembling in what he thought was a good way but wasn't sure how he could help her find her orgasm if he didn't know her physiology...

"Wait! Do that again!" she said loudly, finally recapturing his attention to the sounds she was making.

Do what again? He repeated the last gesture he remembered.

"Yes! That! Ohhhh!"

Vocal signals were the key part of her ritual? Very well.

Skaun learned that the more rapid and unsteady the breathing, the better, and the higher the moans and bird-like calls, also the better. The Vulcan began meditating on those sounds, letting his hand respond without analyzing it. She had saved his life; if this pleasured her in return, then it was good. Though his penis slipped out of her during this time, she didn't seem to note it beyond a moment as his fingers answered her growing urgency.

"Oh, God....oh, God! Yes...press harder..."

When he did, Madeleine began making noises he'd never heard before from any creature.

Successive, short wails, almost "caws," quickly rose in pitch until it was quite high. Then she shuddered, and shuddered again in near silence, muscles in her abdomen flexing rapidly over and over again as she exhaled on further successive moans, each one lowering in pitch.

It had only taken perhaps fifteen seconds from the time her voice had begun rising to its highest, the shuddering itself about four to five seconds; now she was relaxed. According to her signals, there didn't seem to be a logical reason to keep pressing on her sex, so Skaun pulled his hand away and she sighed without protest, relaxing further.

"Thank you," she breathed. Then coughed.

"And you as well."

The Vulcan shifted off her and leaned back, still on his knees with his pants bunched around them, as he reached for his pack. He had five small containers of clean water, one three-quarters empty. It had been enough to provide him with five days water rations if he needed that much time. At least one container could be considered excess for him, and he was thinking that any excess water should go to Madeleine.

When he offered it, asked her to drink, she protested, shaking her head with a few more dry coughs.

"No, no, I have my own," she said. "I don't want to take yours."

"Your physiology is not meant for extended exposure in a desert, Madeleine," he answered. "I have more than I need, and you have just lost more than you can spare because of me. Drink it."

She was quiet for a moment but took the container. "I'll sip it. Input equals output for me. If I quaff it, I'll just pass it out again sooner. But thank you."

Skaun was interested at her highly informative answer despite himself—he knew his liquid waste was only about half of what he ingested, so that was different— but nodded in acceptance without asking more detail. And she did start sipping it in between coughs and using the respirator to ease her lungs.

He had one scrap of cloth that he could spare for them each to try and wipe off as much of the now-tacky lubricant as possible without using their drinking water for bathing. It wasn't ideal, but not even the human woman suggested such a thing and just accepted the cloth he offered to dry wipe.

He caught her trying to look more closely at whatever was on the cloth without resorting to using her torch lamp.

"You are wondering how Vulcan semen differs from human semen?" he deducted.

"Huh? What?" She brought her head up again quickly and seemed uncomfortable. "Well...yeah."

"I couldn't tell you. Go ahead and use your lamp if you need to see," he said, "just let it be quick. Light can attract some animals out here."

She accepted the offer to satisfy her curiosity after she finished dressing. When she'd put the lamp away again after a handful of seconds studying the cloth, Skaun decided to ask.

"So what did you determine?"

He could see her smile, pale teeth gleaming dully under the moon. "More viscous, and it seems like you release it more in...globules, I guess. And there's a pale blue tint to it."

"That's what I recall, yes. How does it compare?"

He was curious, truthfully; now that his head didn't hurt so much and he was started to absorb his actions from a more rational view, he'd also begun having thoughts on what Madeleine thought of the experience. He saw most of those thoughts as superfluous, but he could have one answer before they refocused on their trek.

"Uh...I'm used to thinner, more watery, and either clear or white in color."

"I see."

After a pause, she said, "We should get going, right? You seem okay now."

Skaun nodded, hesitated, then said, "It may take...more than once to alleviate Pon Farr completely, Madeleine."

She nodded, her face seeming to darken in color for a moment before fading, which was bewildering. "Yes, you said that. It's okay, I'm still willing."

"I'm grateful."

She blinked and actually looked surprised at his statement but said nothing as he watched her take a few more pills from her med kit. She offered without him asking that they were for sore muscles, to relieve stiffness. It was a good idea.

They gathered everything together, climbed back down the hillside, and returned to their path. Their progress seemed to pick up substantially, even with Madeleine's poor night vision, and they both made good, efficient effort with their limitations. Conversation was sporadic and brief, mostly initiated by Madeleine when she seemed to need to fill the quiet with something, though most of the time they just had to conserve their breath for moving.

The short woman gamely kept up with his long stride by performing a plodding, almost relaxed jog, which seemed to put less strain on her overall than trying to walk very, very quickly. He, in return, let her know if something large was in her path over which she might trip.

Before the first sun was to rise, the horizon turned a deep red, heralding that their travel must end once again. He calculated that, while they had lost a lot of time early in the night, they were perhaps one more full cycle away from the city if they pushed a little farther into the day. He did not fail to notice that Madeleine's footing grew more sure and her energy level even seemed to pick up as the red light spread across the sky and the first sun edged up over the horizon. She smiled at the sky a few times.

Perhaps it would not be difficult at all to push farther into the day; like the previous one, he would simply have to gauge when the heat became a true danger. The light itself was not a deterrent, so they kept going without having to vocalize the decision to do so.

He began thinking ahead to possible caves where they may be able to take shelter. There they would lie down; would he lie next to her or not? Perhaps...perhaps...

"HEY! I said, are you okay?" Madeleine asked loudly without her respirator, from in front of him and a little above.

Skaun blinked as he realized that he had lost the immediate past in his memory; the second, larger sun was already rising and he didn't know where that time had gone.

"You were staring," she said.

"At what was I staring?" he asked.

"My butt. Or my breasts. I climbed up first and turned around...you'd stopped. You were just standing. At first you didn't hear me through the respirator." She shifted her weight as if nervous. "Is it time again?"

Observation leading to a logical deduction. And still his mind drifted, and his middle began to tighten. The air was starting to heat up, and dust was picking up in the air as it started to shift with the temperature change.

"I reason so," he said.

"No point in fighting it and getting lost again at this point only to waste more time, right?" she said.

Also reasonable.

"No. It is also getting hot."

"Alright, then. Where?"

She readily gave him a very broad smile, and he stared back at her; he did not quite understand why she was smiling at him like that. Unless she felt...anticipation for another coupling with him?

Skaun looked around him and pinpointed a decent shelter he recalled, neither particularly shallow or deep, not far ahead. He pointed, "There."

Madeleine was breathing a little more quickly than she had been during any other time of their travels today. Her face and her mood were significantly more friendly than they had been earlier in the night, when she did not understand their situation as well as she did now.

As they entered the small shelter, she turned unstrapped her respirator without hesitation, setting it, her helmet, and her gloves down on the ground with her small pack. She waited for him to set down his own pack too before she wrapped her arms around his middle in a show of affection that he at least did understand, even if that surprised him as well.

Her warmth and scent drifted upward, he felt her softness pressed against his chest, and his groin quickly responded. Willing, and not reluctantly so. It helped him relax and give in to Pon Farr more quickly and with less fear for what he would do to her.

However he still started like a high-strung tetanuck when she touched his sex first, and it sounded like she caught herself in a laugh.


"Not needed. It...did not hurt."

"Could I...?" She began tugging at the fastening of his pants. "You undressed me first last night and I couldn't see anything."

Basic fairness didn't provide him with a counterpoint, so he nodded and allowed it, one fist opening and closing a few times as the coming roar in his head began first as a hum, knowing it would grow. Trembling slightly, he otherwise held still as Madeleine exposed his organ to the air. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened a little.

Skaun glanced down at his normal, hairless self. His skin was much paler than Madeleine's uniformly brown skin even though he had earned more sun-color as a runner than many Vulcans. His genitals usually had a faint green coloring to them and they were typically drawn in much closer to his body for protection. When he was almost fully erect, as he was now, his testicles dropped a bit more as well and the blood rushing to the area forced a much brighter, deeper green into the skin.

He did remember detecting a bright ruddy reddish color between Madeleine's legs in the dark just before their first coupling when he'd sampled her readiness. It spoke of a fundamental difference in the functioning of their bodies, more than the amount of water or scent that passed through their skins.

"Are you disturbed?" he asked.

Madeleine shook her head, recovering from her stare. "No, no...we both breathe oxygen and I knew Vulcans had green blood because of the copper in it. Mine has iron...so I have red blood. My sex will be very red." She looked up at him. "Does that thought disturb you?"

Skaun shook his head. "I have already seen it, and there is a logical reason for it."

She paused before caressing her hand gently across him and he stiffened, sucking in air. The sensitivity had risen a great deal just in the last few minutes and that caress had made him see bright lights. The roaring got much louder in his head.

Now she did laugh softly. "Hm....may I taste it?"

"It?" he asked, no doubt with a bleary expression.


He stared at her. "Why?"

"I take it oral pleasure isn't common for you?"

"It's not...unheard of, but..." He struggled to form words as she kept touching him. He couldn't. He didn't know how to describe that it took time, more than a taste, for enough saliva to form in Vulcan mouths to make it worthwhile; at least not in a way that would compare and contrast for her. He didn't understand. He only knew that significant saliva did not even enter his mouth until he was already chewing on something edible (which was a disturbing thought here).

"So may I?" she asked again.

He just nodded, figuring if it was not comfortable he could just ask her to stop. She got down on one knee, barely of a height to line up her mouth with his groin. He tensed, not knowing what to expect.

In retrospect he wondered why he was so surprised that her mouth was immediately slick and so wet that it shocked him into a loud groan. Her birth canal was just as wet, if not more so. The natural lubrication in her mouth kept her actions very comfortable and stimulating as her reddish-pink lips and tongue slid effortlessly across his greenish flesh and one of her hands caressed his testicles.

"Guh..." he gurgled, his fingers finding their way into her short black hair as he touched her head gently. It was a uniquely enthralling sensation and he felt so much pleasure that he let her go on for some long minutes as blood rushed in his ears and the sounds in his head escalated.

Yet he was wary of coming to completion this way. The time it took for him to finish and how urgently he already knew he responded—determinedly clasping hard and pushing in deep, aware of nothing until he was finished ejaculating—he could easily block her air passage and suffocate her.

"Enough....Madeleine," he choked out, stroking and patting her head. She reluctantly pulled that extraordinary orifice off of his erection and he caught his breath. "My th-thanks, but....it must be...in your birth canal...soon, please..."

She smiled up at him and nodded, standing up. He watched as she unbuttoned and removed her jacket, adding it to her things, then crossed her arms and peeled her shirt up and off.

He stared at her large breasts, noting in the admittedly better light of the early day that her nipples are as dark a ruddy-red as her sex. He hadn't seen that very well last night either. She was right about the critical difference their blood made on the color of their skin in certain areas.

When she paused and arched her back, lifting her breasts in an offering gesture, he obliged her request, reached out to squeeze and stroke them, experimenting with the nipples and how they responded, tightening and becoming erect as he rubbed and pinched them. She made a few more of those vocal sounds that told him she enjoyed it.

Skaun was becoming too warm and so voluntarily removed his own shirt, and Madeleine touched his own nipples almost immediately, her smile broadening. He could guess why; they had the same dark greenish shade as his genitals. They both matched in their proper colors.

The human began opening her own pants, saying, "I don't want to remove my boots—"

He nodded, glancing at his very tough, bare feet. Madeleine's feet were probably as tender as her hands and eyes....and the rest of her skin. Traveling without the boots wasn't an option for her and it was overall safer to keep them on in case she needed to move quickly.

"—but do you think we could do it facing each other somehow?"

Skaun considered that as well as he could with his raging distraction, thinking of the most efficient way he could mate with her while having her able to see his face. It was a reasonable request, he knew.

He quickly grabbed their shirts and laid them along the ground to provide a little padding. His hands shaking slightly, he took the woman's arms and encouraged her to lie down on them, kneeling by her.

She leaned to kiss his lips and he answered, aware of hot lips and a wet tongue that flicked at him; he returned the kisses but didn't use his tongue as much. Soon he started tugging urgently on her trousers and underpants, bringing them over very full curves and bunching them all the way down at her ankles this time. She moaned softly, now set on her back, as Skaun lifted to rest her heels on his shoulder. It raised her buttocks slightly off the ground and gave him access to her brightly colored sex.

Now at last in position, the roaring inside his head finally overwhelmed his control and he looked down, able to see and to press the head of his erection in exactly the correct spot this time.

He felt her give, open to him, and like the first time, he thrust in all at once. Madeleine cried out, then cooed as his next thrust was easier, having been slicked up a little more. Once again she grew very wet very quickly, and he had to thrust hard to overcome it and build toward his release.

He became accustomed to the feeling and he had no objection as he lost himself in the rutting.


Madeleine's eyes were open as Skaun closed his; she wanted to watch his face as he fucked her so energetically. She had imagined him grimacing a lot last night, but saw now that his face was more slack than tight. He didn't look relaxed so much that it was more he wasn't wasting any energy on his expression; his mouth was even open a bit.

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