tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCalculus Help Needed Ch. 01

Calculus Help Needed Ch. 01


"Okay class that is all for today. Make sure you do your practise problems to get ready for your midterm next week!"

His class of 150 started to stream out of the room to the two entrances at the bottom of the room beside where he stood. Many of them gave him smiles on the way out. Mr. Johnson was a 34 year old Calculus Professor at a University. He had done very well in math growing up and quickly excelled at the University level as well. Now he was one of the younger professors on campus, and he was doing what he loved best.

Andrea was a good student. She was in Kinesiology and wished to become a High School teacher. Although she enjoyed Mr. Johnson's voice and charisma, she was unable to grasp many of the concepts in this class. Being a first year student in her first semester she wanted to make sure that she would set the tone for the rest of her university career, so she approached Mr. Johnson after class.

"Hello Professor. Do you have a minute to answer a few of my questions?"

The Professor looked down on this young teenager. She had the look of an inquisitive student in her jeans and pink T-shirt while she fixed her glasses.

"I seem to be having some difficulties understanding the concepts that will be on the midterm. I was wondering if there was any way I could receive extra help in this course," she stated.

"Well what can I help you with? I do have some time right now so I can help you now," he responded.

Andrea pulled out her notes and her books and she sat with him at his desk at the front of the class. They went through problems for 45 minutes and it still seemed that Andrea was not getting the information as good as she should.

"Calculus is a course that requires many hours of dedication in order to do it properly. You will need to practise this more on your own." This was the end of his free time and a bit of the end of his patience with her as she was asking the same questions over and over.

As Andrea walked home that day, she began questioning why she needs to take a university Calculus class at all. She wanted to be a High School gym teacher, which had no relation to the class. The 18 year old freshman wished she could simply skip this class somehow...

The day before the midterm Andrea went back to speak to Mr. Johnson. Today she was wearing her contacts and she was hoping to try and get on the young professor's good side so that he might mark her midterm a little easier.

"Hi Mr Johnson, I really like your tie today!" She complimented him. "I was wondering if you could give me some pointers for the midterm tomorrow?"

The class was now empty apart from herself and the teacher. Today she was wearing a jean skirt since it was so hot. Mr. Johnson noticed how good the girl's legs looked, and how she looked quite pretty with no glasses on today.

Andrea began speaking to him about the midterm. She felt as if she was getting desperate since she tried working hard on the class, however since this was the only Calculus course she needed, she felt it was futile. If only she could get some tips on what would be on the midterm.

"Could you pleeeasseee let me know what I should study for tomorrow? Is there anything specific I need to look at?" Andrea asked him. "I really want to get a passing grade in this class and be done with it for the rest of my life. I hate this math!"

"I can't simply tell you what will be on the test Andrea, that wouldn't be professional of me," he answered her.

This is where Andrea knew the conversation would be going. Ever since she saw him on the first day of class she thought he was cute. Having never been with a boy other than a couple week long relationships that did not go past first base, she was unsure how to seduce this man into telling her what she wanted to know. She really wanted a good mark.

So, wearing this skirt, she accidentally dropped her pencil on the ground. Bending over in her best seductive form, she picked up the pencil. Mr .Johnson saw her skirt rise up and up her legs until it stopped just below her ass, cupping it.

"Andrea, are you trying to seduce me into giving you information about the midterm?"

"Will it work if I am? You aren't married are you?" Andrea retorted.

She was unsure of what to do next, but she really wanted to pass this midterm. She slowly came over to his chair, and began to bend towards him. He couldn't help but notice her cleavage and her B cup breasts lunging forwards to him. It had been a while since he had been with any girl, and he was not a guy to go out to Bars.

"If you want information on this test, you are going to have to study the concepts Andrea."

"But Mr. Johnson, wouldn't you be able to give me a litttttllleeee hint as to what questions will be on there? I am willing to seduce you more if I need to."

Mr. Johnson was having an internal argument with himself. He can't do this. Not with a student. But he had not felt the touch of a woman in a long time.

Then, suddenly while he was in thought, Andrea kissed him. It was as if this was a break in his conscience and he gave into this 18 year old girl's offer. If she wanted to do well in this class, he wanted to see how far she was willing to go.

"Andrea, are you sure this is the way you want get your grade?"

"Yes, please Professor? Can't you help me out a little bit?"

She went in and kissed him again. She wanted to make sure she could get some pointers on the test, so she grabbed him hands, and she placed them on her breasts. She moaned a little when his hands came into contact with her. His hands felt so powerful against her. Andrea couldn't help have feelings for him. After all he was 6 feet tall, dark brown hair, with a build of more of an athletic nerd more than anything. But the most important thing was that this was her key to getting a good passing grade in his class.

"Andrea, I think I have a copy of my midterm in my office..."

Andrea felt a little flustered. She felt a little ashamed of herself. She wondered what her parents would say if they could see her now-and even her friends.

As they walked to his office beside one another, no words were spoken. She felt nervous. She looked up at him and he looked back down on her 5 foot 4 inch frame. She needed to do well in his class, she really did. Little did she know how much it was going to take.

As Mr. Johnson opened his office door, Andrea fixed her hair a bit to make sure she looked great. Once she stepped into his office she noticed that he had quite a large window overseeing the university grounds and fields. Mr Johnson closed the door behind Andrea, and looked at her.

"This is your last chance to go study and do well in the class. Are you going to leave?" He asked the 18 year old.

"No, I have tried that. I simply don't understand Calculus. I do not understand the material," Andrea responded.

At those words, Mr Johnson walked over to his 18 year old student. "If you tell anyone what goes on in this room I am going to completely deny it. I need to know that you understand this. Do you?"

"Yes Professor Johnson. I understand."

Andrea began to wonder what it is she would need to do for this man in order to get a copy of the midterm from him. She was a virgin, and had never even done one single sexual thing other than some groping over top of clothes.

Mr. Johnson walked over to her. "I am going to need you to be quiet. If we are caught doing anything my job is in jeopardy and you would be expelled. For these reasons, I am asking you not to speak at all Andrea."

He took hold of her shoulders. He had not been with a woman in a very long time as he was always caught up in his teachings and marking papers. Now this 18 year old stood before him, willingly.

He immediately went for her breasts with his hands and her mouth with his lips. He forcibly began to kiss her. Andrea had never been kissed like this before. This was intense. This was hard. This was animalistic.

Mr. Johnson grabbed her shirt and began pulling it up and over Andrea's breasts. This revealed her B size black bra to a man for the first time in her life. Andrea struggled a bit with this in her head, and went to speak, but the professor put a finger over her lips telling her "You said you wanted a copy of the Midterm and it is yours when you leave this room."

Falling silent and a little more submissive, Andrea raised her hands over her head as her prof slid her shirt off of her. She wondered how she got into this. Did she really want to do this? Was this worth getting the midterm? It was only worth 20% of her grade. But she needed to pass this class. She needed to do well in school.

Mr. Johnson ogled at this teenager's handfuls of tits. He kissed his way down her neck, and immediately removed the teen's bra from the clasp at the back of it. Andrea had heard and read about how some men can do this so fast, and he was no exception. She was instantly embarrassed at her sudden nakedness. Her body was on display for a man, or at least, the top of her was. She became very aware of what she was doing. She was getting her nipples sucked by her Calculus professor!

His touch on her nipples felt warm, and she could feel him swirling his tongue around on them. Having not felt this before, Andrea thought it felt quite good, but she began to wonder how far this was going to go. After all, she had never even seen a penis in real life!

Mr. Johnson then kissed his way down her stomach. He began to play with the button on Andrea's jean skirt. She felt her zipper being pulled down as her skirt became quite loose. Did she actually want to go this far with him just to get the midterm?

Her skirt dropped to the floor. Here this 18 year old freshman was standing in front of her first year professor in nothing other than her pink underwear with a flowery design on them. She felt very aware of her body, and how Mr. Johnson was still fully clothed in his dress shirt, pants, and tie she had complemented on earlier that all led to this.

Standing back up the man began kissing her again quite forcibly, this time sticking his tongue in her mouth. This wasn't the first time she was French kissed, but it was when she was standing there nearly naked in from of a 34 year old! He began to undue his tie and the buttons on his shirt, and within seconds they fell to the floor. He removed his undershirt quickly as well, and then his pants also fell to the floor. Andrea looked at his and her clothes piled up beside them. Her shirt on the floor beside her pants and even the bra her mom bought for her just before school started. Now they were beside the clothes of a man.

Grabbing Andrea's shoulders, Mr. Johnson looked Andrea in the eyes, and pushed her until she fell to her knees. Mr. Johnson's boxers were the first pair Andrea had seen up close like this, and from them a large object was trying to escape. Her professor grabbed her hand, and slowly led it towards his cock.

"Grab my cock Andrea, here is where you need to earn your test," the man whispered. Reaching it hesitantly, Andrea grabbed onto a penis for the first time in her entire life. The teacher forced her hand to squeeze on his cock, and it felt very hard and spongy at the same time. Her little hand barely made its way all around his cock, and looking up at him, she felt very submissive.

"Pull down my boxers Andrea. Pull them down now."

Andrea froze. She was about to see a cock. She wasn't sure if she was ready for this. She didn't want this to go too far. While Andrea was thinking this, Mr. Johnson had removed his boxers, and his 8 " cock sprang right up into Andrea's face, hitting against her chin and bouncing on her face until she moved away from him. Her prof grabbed her by the shoulders, bringing her closer to him. Grabbing her hand once again he put it on his cock. Andrea tried to say 'I am not sure I want to do this anymore' however she remembered that she needed to be quiet, and now out of a little fear of what was going to happen, Andrea kept her mouth shut. It turned out this was the opposite of what he wanted her to do.

Pulling her head towards himself with both hands, Andrea struggled against him, opening her mouth to protest again. At the moment her mouth opened, the professor thrust forward and his long thick steely rod immediately entered her mouth.

Shocked was an understatement for Andrea at this point. This man grabbed the back of her head and began to thrust in and out of her mouth. She tried to speak, she tried to object but that just opened her throat further and his cock delved further into it. She looked up at him in a pleading manner but his eyes were closed as he concentrated on this face fuck. He had not come in so long, and his balls were nearly slapping her chin as she took 4 to 5" of cock down her throat.

Finally coming back to her senses fully, Andrea realized that she was sucking a cock. She was tasting a penis. She was pleasing a man's dick with her mouth. She felt like a little used whore. Where are her parents? Where are her friends? Someone needed to come and save her... but Andrea got herself into this.

Mr. Johnson began to pick up his speed as he face fucked this 18 year old. Her lips wrapped around his cock perfectly and this was the first hole he had been in for years. After just 2 minutes of throat he began to feel the signs of a load about to blow. Andrea had no idea what was coming. Mr. Johnson heard some footsteps outside of his office door and he silentely prayed that no one would stop this deflowering of the 18 year old's mouth.

Her mouth was so full, her hands were on his thighs still trying to push away, but Mr. Johnson had a firm hold on her head to prevent that from happening. Andrea noticed that his cock began to swell, and she could no longer take even half of it into her mouth and down her throat. He began to thrust again. going faster and faster- he was really fucking her face now. She felt completely used and hopeless as her professor used her face as a fuck hole.

Andrea began to anticipate an end to this; he had to be getting tired. Just as thoughts of this ending and her going out of this office were swirling in her mind, Andrea felt a massive shot into her mouth right down her throat. Andrea looked up at the professor, and his face was scrunched and his eyes were closed. 'Oh my God! This man was cumming in my mouth!' she thought.

Andrea had to swallow what was shot into her throat, and she backed off the cock a little until only the head was in her mouth. A second shot blasted into her mouth, followed quickly by a third, fourth and fifth. Her mouth was now full of cock and cum, and her teacher's vice like grip on her head made it impossible for her to move away any further. Nearly gagging, Andrea's throat swallowed, and this 18 year old virgin took her first load of cum down her throat.

Swallowing once turned out not to be good enough, so as she felt a few more shots of semen being blown into her mouth the little girl swallowed his cum. She thought it tasted odd, different from anything she has ever tasted before. She had heard of girls giving blowjobs, and even heard them talk about it sometimes. Andrea never thought she would be giving one to earn her midterm test.

Finally letting go of her head, Andrea fell backward on the floor, and the man immediately picked her up, and placed the girl on his desk.

"Can I get the midterm now? You did what you wanted to me," Andrea questioned the large man in front of her.

"Oh no Andrea, you haven't earned the midterm yet. No, definitely not. I can't let you go until I see that you have earned enough of it, or I have taken enough from you." At this comment Mr. Johnson twirled Andrea around until she was on her hands and knees facing out the window and the university she came to. Her mind raced at what was she would have to do for him. Her professor began to slide down her panties over her ass and began to reveal her pussy to him, and Andrea thought what am I giving up to go here?


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