tagNonHumanCale & Scarlet (Vampire)

Cale & Scarlet (Vampire)



I walked into the apartment, allowing the heavy metal door close silently behind me. The floor was littered with empty wine cooler and beer bottles, and by sight alone you could tell he had put on a spectacle the previous night. But if you smelled closely, you could smell a sweet perfume, something along the lines of ruby and cucumber; strong but fresh. Making it clear that Trey had not been alone. The couch, once again, had been stained, and I wondered to myself how many more he'd be able to replace before the designer got sick of remaking it for him. I walked into his room to find him wrapped up in his down white blanket, still naked. I didn't have time for this today. He was supposed to be ready for 10, and it was already noon. (I'd been generous and let him sleep in a bit longer). After all, he had been the one who insisted he come with me. There was a Halloween party tonight, and it was elite. The girls sorority, Alpha Crimson, was having it. Of course, we were invited. And of course we'd have to have the best costumes; but without overdoing it. I decided on being Dracula, you know, keeping it in the norm. All I needed to buy was the stupid cliche cape and some white and black makeup for facial effects. I already had the fangs. Heh.

"Treyyy, it's noon.."

"Ah fuck," he moaned, "Sorry dude. The girls didn't leave 'till three. Gimme a sec."

He jumped out of bed as I turned and headed for the living room. I heard him frantically searching for the right outfit.

"I see you're gonna have to replace the couch, again..?," I asked.

"Oh man, is it really that bad?," he whined.


"Fuck. I guess so, then," he concluded.

He pulled on his jacket, grabbed his keys, and we headed for the car. The sky was turning grey and the first sight of a storm appeared.


As I parked my car in the front of Role Play (the costume store), Trey had just finished telling me every detail of his extravagant night. He had three girls over: Brie, Kae, & Abbie. They came over to watch some movies and have a few drinks (which explained the mess on the floor), but Abbie accidentally hit the remote for the VCR during the movie and porn started playing. (Since he always left the porn in the VCR). He was embarrassed and was going to change it, but the girls all agreed that he should leave it on. One by one they stripped, and started fingering themselves. And that's how it happened. All being extremely horny, they started having sex. Which led to Trey sucking on their necks (which also led to the blood stained couch). I turned off the car, and walked inside the store. Trey following.

"So, yeah, dude. Now they know. I just hope they don't tell Scarlet," he said, sighing.

"Wait a minute, you had girls over that didn't know you where a vampire?" I asked, clearly shocked.

"Yeah. That's the problem with this school, man, half of us are vampires and the other half are humans. Oh well, it shouldn't have been too surprising. The humans know we exist, they just don't literally know who's vamp or who's human."

"I guess," I agreed, but then something else hit me, "But... why would you cheat on Scarlet?"

Holding my smile in, and instant feel of excitement, was pretty hard.


I had just finished slipping into my costume. I glanced in the floor to ceiling Victorian mirror in my dorm and smiled. I was pretty happy with what I saw. Let's start from the top. I had my long layered black hair straightened perfectly, and volumized so it was all poofy and big. Definitely sexy. My bright hazel eyes were lined with black eyeliner and my long lashes were thick with mascara. I had smokey eyes, and just a touch of clear lipgloss (my lips are naturally pink), and my pale skin blended perfectly with the look. I had a hot pink and black corset top on, laced super tight so my perfect curves would show more, and a pair of skimpy black lace panties on. I also had black fishnet thigh-hi's on, and hot pink stilettos. And clasped around my neck, as usual, was the Alpha Crimson sorority necklace, with a little Scarlet ruby dangling from the black chain. As I smiled to myself in the mirror, a message popped up on my computer. Sexily, I pranced over and sat at the desk. The message was from Cale.

MidnightRomance: Hey Scarlet, you still there?

ScarBby: Hey, yeah, still here. What's up, love?

MidnightRomance: Nothing, really. Just finished getting ready. Thinking about you.

ScarBby: Oh really?

MidnightRomance: Of course, when do I not think about you?

ScarBby: Teeheh

Midnight Romance: It's the truth. Anyway, what are you wearing tonight?

ScarBby: For you, nothing.

Midnight Romance: That will have to wait till later. Is someone feeling naughty?

ScarBby: Definitely. I was just looking in the mirror and I got turned on.

Midnight Romance: Well than I can't imagine what's going to happen when I see you.

ScarBby: Ohh, I know what'll happen.

Midnight Romance: Oh yeah? What's that?

ScarBby: Your dick is gonna get hard.

Midnight Romance: Really?

ScarBby: Obviously. And you're gonna want to stick it in my tight, wet, warm pussy. And fuck me. Really hard, too. Then, you'll want to suck my neck. Because tasting my blood is almost just as good as cumming, isn't it?

Midnight Romance: It is. And you're right.

ScarBby: So where will we "play"?

Midnight Romance: Anywhere you want, sweetness.

ScarBby: But will Trey be there tonight?

Midnight Romance: He's your boyfriend, you should know..

ScarBby: Yeah, some boyfriend. He doesn't even call.

Midnight Romance: Well, why are you still with him?

ScarBby: I have my reasons.

Midnight Romance: Alright. And to answer your question, yes he's coming. So we'll have to go back to my place most likely. Or yours.

ScarBby: Yours is always more fun ;]

Midnight Romance: Whatever you want, love.

ScarBby: Ok, so I'll pack my stuff then. I'll see you in an hour. <3 you!

Midnight Romance: See you, love you too.


I sat on my bed, already horny just from the quick conversation, and rubbed my hand on my panties, moving my clit around and quietly moaning. A minute later, my roommate, Liz, walked in. I quickly tried to pull my hand off my panties, but before I could, she saw. She walked over to me in her costume (she was a nurse) and sat next to me. Then, unexpectedly, she took my head in her hands, and kissed me on the lips. Soft at first, then she licked my lips, once, and stuck her tongue down my throat (I could taste the alcohol on her breath). Instantly I was kissing her back, and then she was on top of me. She pulled one of my breasts out of my corset and began pushing on it and rubbing it. She started pressing her pussy against mine, (our panties were still in the way, though) and pulling and pinching my nipple softly. It felt so amazing. I started moaning as she played with my nipple and we moved our pussy's together round and round. It was an amazing sensation. And then I felt her push my black lace panties to the right side and slide two of her fingers easily into my soaking wet pussy. She thrust her fingers around wildly inside me for a few minutes as I moaned loud (loud enough they could hear me down the hall, most likely) and then she stopped. She pulled her fingers out as I looked up at her with horny big eyes. Her fingers were covered in white female cum (from my pussy). She put them to her lips and opened her mouth, licking the tips of her fingers, then shoved them both inside, licking all my remnants off. And she moaned. Then she hopped off the bed, her platinum blonde hair swishing behind her, and kissed me one last time.

"I've been waiting to do that for a long time," she whispered, very sexually.

I smiled. "To do what?," I asked, with false innocence.

She walked over to the door, grabbed her purse and umbrella, and looked back at me.

"To have a taste of you. And you're more delicious than I'd ever imagined."

And with that, the door closed behind her, and I could hear her heels clicking down the hall.


I walked into the party, surrounded by the other guys in my sorority, Bitten Beta, and looked around. It smelled of slutty perfume, beer, blood, and sex. Music was pumping throughout the whole house, and it was already full. People were practically body to body, humans mixed with vamps. All of the girls wearing the smuttiest outfits they could get their perfectly manicured little fingers on. And most of the guys dressed as horror movie stars, or just plain. As we walked around we all got separated, stopping here and there to say hi to all of our friends and classmates. And mostly, checking out the hottest girls. I, of course, had my intentions set for one girl. The only girl who achieved perfection in my eyes; but she wasn't here yet, and she wasn't mine (not technically that is) so I needed something to do while I waited. That's when I spotted her, a cute brunette, standing in a group of girls, all dressed as french maids, only she was a cheetah (a very skimpy one to say the least). And probably the sexiest cheetah I'd ever see in my life (unless Scarlet decided to dress up for me one day). She was staring at me, feverently, so I walked over and introduced myself.

"Hey, I like your costume. I'm Cale, and who are you?," I asked.

"Hi Cale, it's nice to meet you. I'm Lana."

She smelled so perfect I could have had her right there. But I didn't want to make a scene. She was, however, human. We started talking, about classes, parties we've been to, and the wildest sex we've ever had. Her's being a five guy cream pie, at her parents house while they were at a dinner party, and they all came inside of her. Just the though alone turned me on. I promised myself I wouldn't fuck her, I was saving that for my Scarlet. But I led Lana upstairs anyway, and she obediently followed, into the master bathroom on the third floor of the house. It was grand with floor to ceiling mirrors along one wall, a huge Jacuzzi, and crystal clear walk in eight person shower. It had marble floors, and silver etched deep purple wall paper, decorated with fine silver and wrought iron furnishings and decorations. In the far right corner there was a black loveseat covered in fluffy silver and purple designer pillows. She instantly began undressing and touching her titties, as I sat on the loveseat and waited for her. She slowly walked over to me, in nothing but her cheetah print three inch heels and began dancing for me. She twirled around, dancing sexually, bending over every thirty seconds or so allowing me to see her pussy, and then rubbing her pussy against my knees. She finally turned towards me, and started licking and nibbling my neck, then settled for making out with me and humping my leg. I had a boner, a big hard one. And I needed to pound the fuck out of somebody's pussy. I just couldn't let myself fuck her. I wanted Scarlet. I needed Scarlet. Tonight was supposed to be a special night for us. Lana hopped down and unzipped my pants, pulling out my big hard cock. She shoved it in her mouth before I could protest, and starting sucking my dick so passionately. I shoved it way deep into her throat until she started gagging, and kept going. That's when my cell phone rang. She jumped up, dressed herself, kissed my lips, and left the room to go join the party once again.


As I walked into the party, fashionably late, of course, I was greeted by the all-too-familiar stares all the guys gave me. Like they'd do anything to sleep with me. It felt good, but it was also annoying. All I wanted at the moment was to see my Cale. My sexy, dark haired, deep blue eyed, perfect bodied, Cale. I walked around hugging and kissing all of my friends, and finally grabbing a drink (I was told it was a Hypnotiq Mojito). I sat on a couch and grabbed my cell phone and speed dialed Cale.

He picked up on the third ring, his voice deep and raspy.

"Hey baby," he greeted me, "Where are you?"

I smiled, "Just got here, where are you?"

"Walking around upstairs, got lost looking for the bathroom," he said, sounding purely innocent.

I laughed out loud and smiled again, "Okay, well I'm downstairs, in the living room, meet me here, bye."

We hung up. And a few seconds later his hands were covering my eyes.

"Guess who?," he whispered into my ear seductively.

I giggled and pulled his hands from my eyes. I stood up, and kissed him on either cheek.

He wrapped me up in a tight warm hug, secretly kissing my neck and biting gently. Not enough to make the blood spill, but enough to make it rise, and soak me between the legs. I smiled at him, blinking my eyes sexily, and winked.

"Let's go for a walk," he said. And led me outside to his car.


We arrived at his house, about twenty minutes later, and as I walked in I was mesmerized. He had big pillar candles lit all over the place and red rose petals leading back to his master bathroom. They led straight to the spa tub that was already filled. The jets bubbling with warm water, with a dozen rose petals floating in the center bubbling around. He walked in behind me, locked the door, and turned the red heat lamp on, replacing the white bathroom lights, setting the mood. There were candles lit around the Jacuzzi and on the sink in here as well. I put my hand in the water, it was hot, but perfect as Cale started unlacing my corset. He finally had the whole thing off, and let it drop to my feet as he held my back against his chest and pushed on my breasts, pinching the nipples slightly and biting my neck. I moaned and so did he, because as he did this to me I pushed my ass against his hard dick and turned him on even more. He undid his pants and took them off, along with his boxers and the rest of his costume. And I propped myself on the counter by the sink, with nothing but my panties, fishnets, and stilettos on. He walked over to me (fully nude) and grabbed my nipple and pinched it.

"You like that, naughty girl?," he grunted in my ear.

"Mmmmmhhmmmm," was all I could get out.

He lifted me up, placed me on the floor, and got on his knees. Using his teeth, he pulled my panties down and left them around my ankles, exposing my bald pussy. Then did the same with my fishnets.

"Join me in the bathtub, baby," he said, and sank into the hot bubbling water. Through the clear water I could see him rubbing up and down on his cock.

I climbed out of my shoes, and left my garments on the floor with them, then climbed into the water. I noticed a clear penis shaped vibrator on the ledge of the tub, and smiled. Then I sat on his lap and started kissing him.

We made out for a few minutes, when we couldnt take it anymore. He sat me on the ledge of the tub and had me put my feet on either side of him and began licking my clit. It felt so good, I started panting and moaning. He licked faster and faster, then shoved two fingers deep down into my tight hole. He moaned and so did I. He took his fingers out, they were covered in my cum, and sucked them clean. Then he started licking my clit again, holding my pussy lips open with one hand and shoving the vibrator in my pussy with the other. I moaned so loudly, as he fucked me with the toy and ate me out. It was amazing. I was about to have an orgasm, when he stopped. He climbed out of the tub and gestured me to follow. I did. And he bent me over the sink. He made sure he took the vibrator with him, though. I propped my ass up sexily for him, and he slid his thick long dick into my tight soaking wet pussy. He thrust it in so deep and hard every time and I moaned, moving my ass along with his thrusting. He almost came, so he pulled out and whispered in my ear.

"I love you, Scarlet."

"I love you, too, Cale," I said, and added "And not Trey at all."

He moaned and pushed his dick back in and started thrusting again, and he rubbed his thumb on my ass hole, and let it slip in a few seconds later. I moaned, and then he shoved the vibrator inside my ass, while he still fucked me, bent over the sink counter. I wanted to orgasm, I really did, but I held it. Cause I knew what was coming.

We fucked for about ten more minutes in the same position when he stopped. He took his hard cock out, and I turned around and shoved it deep into my throat. It was so big!

I bobbed my head up and down his shaft for about five minutes when he took my mouth off his dick, and lifted me up and thrust me against the wall. He held my legs open around either side of him and started shoving his dick inside my pussy again, bouncing me up and down and moaning and panting along with me. That's when it happened. He said he was about to come, and he bit my neck, sucking my blood, as I had an orgasm and started screaming and he came inside my pussy. I smiled, because I'd been asking him to cum inside of me for so long. And now he finally did it. I really wouldn't mind having his baby. And just to feel his hot cum shooting up through my pussy made me moan even louder. A few seconds later, we undid ourselves and got back in the tub. He massaged me, whispering sweet phrases to me, until I accidentally fell asleep on him. I woke up in his fluffy warm bed the next morning, extremely happy with what happened last night, and thinking about what I could say to break up with Trey and wondering if I was pregnant with Cale's baby.

To be continued.

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