Caleb Woke Up Ch. 01


"That is so sweet of you Caleb."

She took her shirt and shorts off, and handed them to Caleb. For a minute she was just in a pair of black panties. Caleb was soaking in this vision of loveliness as he held his phone up to give her some light.

"You're so pretty, Mel."

"Thanks." She was flattered. She put on his T-shirt.

"That looks good on you Mel."

Seeing her in his shirt gave him a not so subtle sense of ownership. Like she was wearing his shirt. It was like a brand, right?

She took the opportunity to give him a hug. It escalated into an open mouthed kiss that could have easily escalated into another bout of passion, but Caleb remembered that he needed to get going and pulled away.

Mel hung on to him and said, "Any time you need to make another deposit, you have my number." And she gave him another kiss.

"OK, sure."

Caleb turned and opened the door. She grabbed her phone, and they left the locker.

She walked him to his pickup, her arm looped through his, and mashing her breast into his arm as they walked.

Caleb got into the truck and started it up.

She knocked on the window and made an exaggerated cranking motion which sort of made her breasts jiggle. Caleb found it extremely distracting the way her breasts were bouncing around under his shirt. But he caught himself from staring, and rolled down the window.

"Don't forget to give me a call. We should get together and talk about potential girl friends for you, and maybe you can help me find a new boy friend?"

She stepped up on the running board and gave Caleb a solid smack on the lips.

"Now, can I have my clothes back?" she asked with a smile.

Caleb forgot he was still holding her shirt and shorts. He handed them back to her, and waved as he backed out, and turned towards the exit.

As he pulled out of the lot and headed for the dump, he started to reflect on his afternoon with Mel. He couldn't figure out what he had done that would cause him to deserve this. And he was sure that it was only a matter of time before he would do something stupid that would turn this pretty girl away.

He drove to the dump for his final unload in a hormone induced fog. His nerves were on edge as he was waiting for the big hammer of instant karma to crush him. This was too good. He didn't deserve this. He wasn't worthy.

After the dump, Caleb came home to his mom putting the finishing touches on a hot dish for the pot luck dinner.

Caleb was worried that he was going to get a third degree inquisition for what had transpired on the phone earlier. He couldn't remember it all; it was such a blur now. But he was pretty sure he was in for it.

"Hi Mom."

His mom was had a full interrogation planned out, but when she saw him walk in, she was hit with a wave of pleasure that caught her off guard. As a result, she lost her train of thought and focused on her son's naked chest.

"Hi Caleb. I am glad you are home."

Her voice sounded different than usual. It was in a lower register, and almost sounded sultry.

I do believe my boy is growing up, she thought. She reached over and gave him a kiss on the cheek, and a little hug.

It affected her more than a motherly hug should. She wanted to keep holding on. She made sure to push her boobs up into his chest, and she ran her hand down up and down his back once.

His skin feels so smooth, she thought. She caught herself from almost moaning.

Caleb was the one to break the embrace.

"I don't have much time right now Mom. I need to grab a quick shower," Caleb said.

"OK Son, but I have a few questions for you later. Maybe we can talk after the pot luck?"

"Sure Mom."

She was looking forward to spending more time with him.

Caleb didn't notice the extra attention. He was just relieved to get out without the questions, even if he was just delaying the pain until later.

He grabbed a quick cold shower to wash of the sweat and the sex from this afternoon, and to try and cool off.

He needed to process the events of the day, but he didn't know where to begin. It was all kind of spiraling out of control, but it ended up in a pretty good place. Maybe he shouldn't be worrying about the crazy stuff, but just enjoy it.

After the shower, he got ready and popped back downstairs into the kitchen and was met with a sight that took his breath away. His sister was stooped over with her head in the refrigerator checking on something. She was wearing a calf length black fabric skirt that hugged her curves. She stood up and turned around when she heard him come in.

"I made the lime Jello with Mandarin oranges. I was afraid it wouldn't set in time, but it looks like it is just about ready" she said.

The cool air from the refrigerator made her nipples stand out, and it was making a visible dent in her flimsy bra and button down shirt. Caleb was paying close attention. She noticed Caleb looking at her breasts, but she didn't mind. It made her feel good to be noticed. She also liked the way her nipples felt rubbing around in her bra. She made a point of arching her back and stretching to enjoy the feeling.

Looking at his sisters breasts put his mind onto the Jello. He liked Jello, but he disliked the Mandarin orange combo. Somehow it always appeared at their church potluck dinners. I guess tonight was Caleb's family's turn in the Mandarin orange Jello rotation.

"We will see you later kids. Thanks for driving your sister, Caleb."

Caleb froze up. He didn't realize that his mom was there. Did she catch him checking out his sister?

In fact, his mom did catch him, but instead of disapproval, she thought she would add to his show. She made a point of drawing Caleb's attention as she leaned over at the hip to look into the oven.

"Caleb, can you grab me a hot pad?"

She sometimes worried that Caleb might have homosexual tendencies, and tonight she thought she should go a little further to test the waters with him. She found it exciting.

He went and got a hot pad and brought it to his mother. From this vantage point, he could see down her shirt. She uncharacteristically had several buttons undone, and he could see her bra encased breasts through the neck of her shirt.

The siblings walked out to the truck. Anna got in. Caleb realized he hadn't finished emptying out the back of the truck. There wasn't much worth saving, so he took the boxes of books and the box of receipts and stowed them in the garage.

Caleb got in, pulled out of the driveway and started towards the church with Anna in the passenger seat.

His sister looked over at Caleb and asked, "So did you find anything interesting today?"

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