tagSci-Fi & FantasyCaleb Woke Up Ch. 03

Caleb Woke Up Ch. 03


This story is a fantasy about a boy who find a necklace with a power over women, but doesn't know how to use it, and the women pretty much just attack him.

Poor Caleb.

This chapter takes place in a church setting, and makes some mild commentary on the social structure at church based on some of my experiences.

No orgasms in this chapter, but there are naked breasts. The anti-hero is still too naive and/or nice to really take advantage of the situation.

Chapter 3 - revision 2. Fixed typos and style formatting (thanks to a nameless volunteer editor.)


Caleb didn't like spending time at church. He felt like he was ignored and invisible there. He had studied the New Testament. Love one another as you love yourself, even the castoffs and the lepers. But here at church, he felt like it was an elevated form of high school, and he was the castoff.

Just like at high school, there were cliques of like minded and social status people. Jocks, rich, council members, business types, music types, etc ...

He kind of expected it from the other high school kids at church, but he somehow thought it would be different as people grew up and evolved. But they didn't evolve. They were mostly the same people they were in high school, just more refined versions of their former selves with more opportunities to avoid people that were different.

Caleb's strategy in all social settings was to look for the "lowest common denominator" people. The kids that looked a bit lost. He thought they could maybe band together. But they didn't always see it as a favor. He could only assume that they thought he was bringing them down from their own social status.

At this point in the evening, there weren't many folks here. He wandered by the choir room and poked his head in to see his sister and the other choir members singing "Go Tell It on the Mountain".

His sister seemed out of place there. Most of the members were a bit quirky and odd, like they were looking for a place to belong and fit in. His sister on the other hand was simply lovely, and loved to sing. She had a beautiful voice, and was frequently featured as a soloist.

She saw him and she gave her brother a bright smile and a wave.

Caleb wasn't a singer. He couldn't carry a tune. So after listening for a bit, he took a stroll around the mostly empty corridors of the church.

He ended up in the kitchen where several women of various ages were bustling around to get set up for potluck dinner. They noticed him, but didn't acknowledge him. He almost spoke up, but started feeling a bit ridiculous so he stepped out into the parish hall.

In the parish hall, guys were setting up long wooden tables and placing white linen table clothes over them. The seating was hard metal folding chairs.

Caleb got more of the same treatment. The invisibility cloak of a personality was quite amazing. He didn't understand how it worked.

Am I that odd? Or do I appear to be too superior? Caleb couldn't figure it out.

So Caleb grew increasingly uncomfortable. He felt somewhat out of place where ever he went. So he ducked out down to the youth room. At least they had a Foosball table there. Maybe he could work on his bank shots until dinner time.

He went to get the Foosball from the slot, but it wasn't there.

"Where did they hide those balls again? Why did they hide them? Who steals a Foosball?" he grumbled.

As he started poking around in drawers and cupboards, in came the youth director, Gretchen. She would have to acknowledge Caleb, right?

"Oh, hi Caleb. Haven't seen you for a while. How are you doing? Have you seen my purse? I seem to have misplaced it."


But first, let's provide a little background on Gretchen. Gretchen was a goddess.

She was about twenty-five, and had been a camp counselor at the local bible camp through college. She really wasn't sure what to do now that she had graduated. She was toying with the idea of going into the ministry, but was sorting things out first. She had been a bit wild in college, exercising some freedom from her parents. Her friends were mostly Christian, but they weren't afraid to drink and they had a lot of fun together.

Caleb didn't really know all of that. He just knew her as the hot youth director that he tried not to fantasize about. Before that, she had been the hot camp counselor that he tried not to fantasize.

Gretchen was a little taller than Caleb's sister. She was from Nordic stock, with a bit of a Roman nose, but a beautiful smile.

She had white wavy blonde hair down to her shoulders, and tanned skin from spending a lot of time in the sun.

She was outgoing, had a great sense of humor, and was really sweet with everybody.

A youth director's focus is on providing an environment where the kids can have fun, feel accepted and loved, and grow their self-esteem. Being outgoing and friendly was part of the job description, and she was good at it.


"Hi Gretchen. No, I haven't seen your purse."

Gretchen started to feel warm which she realized was a little odd because she was usually a little chilly down here in the basement.

Just then, Caleb got a text from his sister, Anna.

Why is she texting me? Choir practice can't be over yet.

The text said, "I stole Gretchen's purse so you could give her a ride home."

WHAT? he thought.

He was shocked.

"Who is that? A girlfriend?" she asked with a smile. She had a bit of a flirty approach with the youth, and she liked to tease.

Caleb panicked a bit and sort of fumbled with his phone. The text from his sister had him flustered.

"Heh, heh. Oh, well, that was just my sister checking up on me," Caleb replied. "And I don't have a girl friend, but I am taking applications so if you know anyone who might meet the qualifications ..." he replied in a most awkward and dorky manner.

Before he could text his sister back, he received another text.

"UR welcome. XOXO PS show her necklace."

Then Gretchen replied "Oh, yeah, your sister Anna. I was talking to her earlier. She was telling me you found something really cool today. You want to show me what it is? She wouldn't tell me. She said I had to see for myself."

As she approached Caleb, she got warmer and warmer, and her panties started getting damp. Her inhibitions were lowering, as if she had drunk a couple of beers.

Caleb responded, not thinking, "Uh sure. I found this at this storage unit I bought at an auction today. It isn't that big of a deal really." Caleb took the pendant out of his shirt to show her.

"Wow, that looks amazing. Can I try it on?"

Caleb was starting to get a little gun shy about letting girls try it on. He hadn't really pieced it together yet, but he thought there might be some correlation. He still wasn't convinced of anything; in fact the episode with Anna was probably just a weird dream. But still, however unlikely, he wasn't sure he wanted to take a chance here at church.

"Oh, I don't know. It's just a necklace." Caleb replied.

"Oh c'mon. What do I need to do to do? Is this like Mardi Gras?"

"Mardi Gras? What's that?"

Gretchen looked Caleb right in the eye with a big smile, and sauntered towards him. It froze Caleb in his tracks.

"Mardi Gras is like this week long moral vacation of drinking and fun in New Orleans. It culminates in a wild night on Bourbon Street. Think of it as a big party to live it up before forty days of Lent."

Caleb's eyes went wide. That sounded really bad, but the way she said it, he really wanted to go there. At this point, anything she said would sound good.

"One of the featured attractions is that all of the girls show their tits in exchange for beads from the boys. The boys all yell 'SHOW YOUR TITS.' It's really exciting. You should go some time."

Caleb didn't remember much of what she just said, except that she had said "tits", twice. This necklace must be having an effect on her, or am I hallucinating again?

"I went one time when I was in college. You should come over sometime and see my bead collection," she said, suggestively.

Caleb couldn't focus now. The image of her showing her tits was all he could think about.

"So Caleb, what do you think? I'll show you my tits, and you let me wear your necklace. Deal?"

She didn't wait for an answer. She wanted to hold the necklace, and her compromised brain was rationalizing how this would be good for Caleb's self-esteem, and help get him out of his shell a little.

Gretchen lifted her shirt and started pulling it up to her breasts. She stopped there for a second and said, "You ready for this?"

As she passed her breasts, she grabbed the bottom of her bra, and lifted it over her boobs, and continued to pull the bottom of her shirt up over her head with her arms stretched straight up. The neck of her shirt was still around her neck so her face was covered leaving Caleb ample opportunity to gawk at the breasts of this goddess.

She started counting. "1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, 4 Mississippi, 5 Mississippi. So does this meet your qualifications?" she said through the shirt.

Caleb was drooling. This was right out of one of his fantasies. Her breasts were more beautiful than he had imagined. A little bit bigger than Mel's, and they had an amazing shape. They had smaller areolas than Mel's, and her nipples were a little longer.

"Oh yeah, sometimes a naughty man will sneak up behind you and fondle your boobs while your flashing. Isn't that so naughty?" she muffled through her shirt. "You want to try it?"

She turned around. "Come on. We don't have all night. I am going to catch a cold over here."

Caleb stepped up and reached around her and started to feel her belly. It was pretty flat, with a little belly bulge. Her skin was smooth. This felt so good, and he despite her invitation, he was afraid to reach higher.

"Uh, you're a little low there. You are going to have to work on your technique if you ever plan to go to Mardi Gras. Come on, up Simba, up."

He slowly reached up to feel the bottoms of her chest.

"That's it Caleb. Don't be shy. Give them a good squeeze."

Caleb heard a chorus of heavenly hosts singing. They felt so smooth. He ran his fingers over the nipples. He reached under and lifted them to see how much they weighed. He gave them a couple of gentle squeezes.

"Mmm, Caleb. That feels really nice."

She backed into him, and rubbed her bum against his crotch.

"Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just glad to be feel me?" she giggled.

Just then, Caleb was startled by a noise that brought him back to reality. It was just a pipe ticking, from a temperature change, but it was loud, and he suddenly remembered where they were. He pulled back from his goddess.

"Gretchen, OK, you win. Um, maybe you should pull your shirt down before someone sees you. You can try on the necklace, but just for a second."

Caleb took the pendant off. Gretchen turned around, pulled down her shirt and seized the pendant like a prize.

Many fantasies passed through her head. She had a rich fantasy life. The one that stuck was one of mentoring a member of her youth group, sexually. That one always got her off, but she had never pictured Caleb before. But now he was prominently featured in this fantasy.

"Oh my God Caleb. This is amazing. I feel all tingly all over. Is that normal? Oh man, it makes me want to DO things to you."

She tried it on, and he noticed that her face went slack. She had a faraway look in her eye, like she wasn't all there.

This is so not good. I need the necklace back, he thought. The necklace was making her crazy. If this were anywhere else but church, he would really be enjoying this attention, but they needed to be careful not to get caught.

"Gretchen, can I have my necklace back now?"

"Yes, Caleb," she answered flatly.

So Gretchen took off the necklace, and she placed it around Caleb's neck.

A couple of thoughts went through Gretchen's head.


If he were a couple of years older, I could really go for him. He sure is sweet. He seems like he could use a friend right now.


He is such an innocent boy. Someone needs to teach about the ways of the world before he is devoured. He needs a life coach.

Her arms were still around the back of his head after putting on the necklace, and given her vantage point, she decided to launch into a taboo kiss. Partly because she was on fire, but partly because she thought it might be good for him.

This ought to boost his confidence a little.

She gave him the full body hug to go along with the kiss, rubbing her hands on his back, and pushing her pelvis into his erection.

Caleb, in response or lack thereof, was standing there like a dead fish. He was expecting a peck, not this wanton display of passion. He didn't know what to do. He broke the kiss and stepped back.

Gretchen didn't look too surprised at his deadpan approach to kissing.

She just smiled and said, "Caleb, you are going to make some girl very happy some day, but we need to work on your kissing skills. Maybe I can pencil in some time for you when you drive me home tonight."

Caleb didn't know how to respond to that. She was so far out of his league on so many levels.

"Drive you home?"

"Right. I think maybe I earned a ride home, don't you? I kind of need someone to run me home to get a spare set of keys."

"Oh, uh, sure Gretchen."

She thought, I think I just found myself a special project. She was a little proud of herself, as if she had donated clothing to the Goodwill.

Caleb hid the necklace under his shirt with one hand, while Gretchen grabbed the other hand and started leading him towards the stairs that led upstairs to the parish hall.

Just then he got a text from Mel, the buxom pixie from the storage unit that he had ejaculated on earlier.

"call me. got a girl 4 u"

That just confused him. What does this mean? I thought maybe she like me, and now she's trying to pass me off?

Gretchen led the way with her shapely ass shifting back and forth in front of him as they walked up the stairs. Caleb's brain had already shut down. All he could do was follow the bouncing butt.

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