tagMind ControlCaleb Woke Up Ch. 05

Caleb Woke Up Ch. 05


SPOILER ALERT - Most of the kinkier sex activities are previewed here. If you made it this far, you can probably just skip to the actual story.

This is the continuing sexual adventures of a naive boy who found a magic necklace that apparently causes women to act out their sexual fantasies with him. Despite his lack of experience, the necklace insures that he always leaves them satisfied as long as he gets satisfied.

For the most part he is used and abused, but he doesn't seem to be complaining, yet.

This chapter includes a continuation of adulterous sex with the pastor's wife, as well as a teenage boy receiving a hummer to a church hymn. So if you don't like the juxtaposition of religion and sex, then you might want to stop here.

Also there is a brief scene of the pastor's wife peeing, but I think it is rather tastefully done, if you were to ask me.

(version 2 - copy edits for typos, consistency, and viable jello )

*** Awkward Extrication ***

Caleb woke up to find himself in a heap of trouble. He was balls deep in the lovely pastor's young wife while a potluck dinner was being conducted just down the hall.

Not knowing the proper etiquette for what to do after having just fucked the pastor's wife silly, he figured that the polite thing to do might be to retreat and make his way back to dinner.

His dick was still hard as he started pulling out.

"Ooo Caleb, are you ready for another round?" Ming asked.

She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him back in.

"Oh, uh, sounds tempting Mrs. Anderson, but maybe we should head back to dinner before someone misses us. Don't you think?"

She reached up and ran her fingers through his hair, and looked at him all doe eyed.

"Yes, yes, you are probably right. But uh, can you wait just a minute? We have a few more things to discuss."

She kept him in her leggy clutches, so he settled in trying to find the right balance of her and his comfort.

She moved her hand to his shoulder, and ran it down his back and reached under his shirttail to rub his left butt cheek.

"So Caleb, I think that your mom, your sister, and Gretchen have all fallen under the spell."

"Huh? What do you mean, 'under my spell'?" Caleb was alarmed.

"Well we don't know much about how the necklace works, but they all appear quite smitten with you. I saw the way that Gretchen and Anna were looking at you and what they were doing during the prayer. And when your mother collapsed into your arms after touching the pendant, she had the a certain look in her eyes.

"If it works on your mother the same way it worked on me, I think there is a good chance that she might want to help you with you treatment like I just did."

Caleb's cock lurched inside Ming's pussy.

Oh. He likes that does he? Let's see if we can't fan the flame, Ming thought with lust in her heart.

But Caleb protested, "I'm sorry Mrs. Anderson, but I don't believe that. My mom is practically a saint."

"Well Caleb, you might be right. We'll just have to see how this plays out. But if by chance your mother were to approach you and initiate a sexual encounter, how would you respond? Would you let her help you? Would you touch and caress her breast if she wanted?"

She pulled his hand to her breast. Caleb's cock lurched again. Ming smiled.

"Would you allow her to pleasure you with her hand?"


She pulled his hand up to her mouth.

"How about her mouth?" she asked, as she sucked on his pointer finger and slid it in and out lewdly.


Caleb continued his verbal protest as she continued to suck on his finger. "I don't think I could let her do that. I mean, it would be the necklace affecting her, right? So I guess I probably shouldn't take advantage of her like that."

"I think you are looking at it all wrong. I don't think you should consider it taking advantage. You need this, and your mother will want to help her son."

"But she's my mother. It just seems so wrong."

"Yes, it is widely considered taboo behavior in most societies. The stigma is largely there to insure proper procreation of the species. I think given the special circumstances, we should consider this a good exception case."


She wanted more. She was hungry. She didn't have much leverage on the counter with her legs dangling over the side, but she subtly moved what she could, and squeezed him with her legs.

"It might be difficult for your mother and your sister to keep their hands off of you now," she continued.

"This is going to be bad," Caleb responded with an air of defeat.

"Well, only a little bad. We are all a little bad, aren't we? Most religions acknowledge that. It is part of being human. No one is perfect. All we can do is the best we can with what we have. You don't get to heaven through works, but by asking forgiveness, right?"

Caleb was listening, but he couldn't accept it. As good as it sounded, it just seemed wrong to have any sort of sex with his sister or mom.

But even as he thought that, Caleb unconsciously started moving his prick in and out of Mrs. Anderson. It felt so good.

Caleb thought, It would be so wrong to have sex with my mom. She is so goodhearted and sweet. As much as she is always being overprotective, I know she does it because she loves me. I can't take advantage of that.

His penis had a difference of opinion. He was so lost in thought that he wasn't aware that he was driving harder and harder into Mrs. Anderson.

Ming was pleased. His rhythm was picking up. She wanted more.

"Yes baby. Just like that. Come to mama."

He uttered, "Oh no," as her verbal acknowledgement alerted him to what he was doing. But their coitus was interrupted.


"Ming, are you in there?"

It was Ming's husband. Her eyes opened in shock.

Oh my God, what am I doing here? I have a husband. I was only going to help the boy, and I end up taking advantage of him like a cock hungry slut. What was I thinking?

"Just a second honey. I'll be right out," she replied, weakly.

"Is everything OK, dear?"

She reprimanded herself internally. Fuck no, it isn't. You interrupted my sex with this ... No, that isn't the problem. I'm a whore, a cock hungry slut and I deserve to be punished. She shivered at the thought of being punished.

"Honey?" He was waiting for a response.

"Oh, I'm OK. Just having a little female problem. Nothing to worry about. It's just embarrassing."

Caleb's penis shriveled up pretty quickly, and he popped out of her and stood up. Caleb studied her slit as the remnants of their previous rutting started to leak out of her slit onto the counter.

"OK dear. I will be waiting out in the parish hall. Things are breaking up early."

"OK honey. Give me five minutes."

They heard footsteps leaving. Caleb released the breath he had been holding in since the knock.

She saw the terror in his eyes, and she sought to comfort him. He was shaking!

She smiled warmly and said, "Don't worry Caleb, really. This was all just part of your treatment. My husband probably wouldn't understand, but you require proper attention. It'll be all right. He won't find out."

She pulled him into her arms as she continued to drip onto the floor. She whispered gently, "There, there. It will be all right, sweetie."

Caleb wrapped his arms around here and held her, and softly rubbed his hands over the soft skin of her back.

Then she let go and moved over to the toilet, and pulled down her skirt and panties to sit down.

"My husband can be a little oblivious about some things. He is like an absent minded professor. He won't suspect a thing."

Caleb proceeded to gawk at her. He knew he should turn away, but it was quite an image to see a naked woman in such an intimate moment. She started to pee. He could hear it. His eyes went wide.

Ming smiled and asked politely, "Can you turn around and give a girl a little privacy, please?"

"Oh yeah, sure." Embarrassed, he quickly turned around and pulled up his pants and underwear. He realized that he could still see her in the mirror, but he mostly averted his eyes with only an occasional peek.

She caught him looking and winked at him. She thought it was cute.

"So Caleb, I want you to promise me that you will pay attention to what kinds of effects the necklace has on your family and others around you. You may want to experiment with your family."

"Experiment with my family?" Caleb asked with a look of disbelief.

"Well, uh, yes. It doesn't need to be sexual, but since they are already affected they may be good test subjects.

She caught him peeking again as she finished peeing.

"Would you like to wipe me?"


"Well you seem so interested in what I'm doing, I thought maybe you might want to participate?" She was serious.

"Uh, no. Really." He was intrigued, but it was a little much for him.

"Maybe some other time then," she said as she took care of herself and stood up pulling up her panties and leaving her skirt on the floor.

"Well, with your family, you shouldn't be afraid of sexual situations as they arise. I understand that there are some moral boundaries that we need to consider, but you need to lean on your family and friends for their support in your times of need."

Caleb blushed. She walked up to him with only her panties on, her petite breasts wiggling as she took the few steps between them. He was still facing away from her, and she reached around from behind him and gave him a hug, feeling him through his clothes with her hands sliding up to his chest, and then down to his crotch where his firm cock stood.

"Behold, he has risen," she joked.

She continued, "Don't do anything you aren't comfortable doing, but I give you permission to get their help when they offer." She thought I hope he is buying this. He is going to need their help. We need to figure out a way for him to get over this morality hump. "It will be all right as long as you act with love in your heart and seek to use the gift for good."

She moved around him so that he could see her naked breasts. She grabbed his hands and placed one on her left breast, and the other on her right buttock. And then she kissed him with a long wet kiss.

He took advantage. With one hand he felt her panty clad ass and squeezed it, and with the other he caressed her bare naked tit and pinched her nipple, tugging on it.

"Mmmm. Let's get together tomorrow to review and analyze what we know so far, and I will try to do some research. I will explain some things to your mom, and schedule something with her."

She gave him another kiss, sticking her tongue in his mouth. She really didn't want this to end. All she was succeeding in doing was revving up both of their sexual engines.

"So unfortunately, this is goodbye for now. You go on back to your family. If they ask where you were, make up some excuse. This will be our little secret, OK?"

He answered, "OK." A few minutes ago, he would have been petrified. Now, he was just addled thanks to the hormone induced fog that had washed over him.

He checked himself in the mirror, tucked in his shirt, and slunk out the door.

On his way back to dinner, he thought, Crap, I'm a horrible liar. What can I possibly tell them?

As Ming attended to herself, she felt guilty about how she had seduced and used this boy for her own pleasure. She was going to need to find some way to control herself.

Maybe she would need to enlist a chaperone to keep her honest. Who would be able to resist his charm? Maybe someone who had gone through menopause? Close family friend or relative? Would there be safety in numbers?


Caleb made his way back to the table. Looking around, he noticed that most of the people had already left. His mom, dad, Anna and Gretchen were still there, as was his fully loaded untouched dinner plate.

Maybe the best defense is a good offense.

"Hi. I thought I would go look for Gretchen's purse, but I couldn't find it anywhere."

His mom was the first to respond, "That was really sweet of you Caleb. I got you a plate. I hope you like it." He is turning into a fine young man, Darcy thought.

"Thanks Mom."

He sat down to eat, and started shoveling in food.

Gretchen and his sister each reclaimed a leg. They started rubbing a little more aggressively than before, and were not afraid to rub his cock.

Gretchen was grateful. "Thanks Caleb. I looked all over for it too. Now how am I going to get home?"

Caleb's sister pitched in. "Don't worry, Caleb can give you a ride, can't you Caleb?" She accentuated ride by grabbing is prick through is slacks and rubbing it.

He squeaked out, "Sure."

"Oh thanks Caleb. That is so nice. I don't know how to repay you."

His dad asked, "Are you OK Caleb? You sound funny."

"Yep, just fine dad. I just have a lot on my, uh, mind."

Gretchen reached up to his cock, and started pulling down his zipper under the table. His sister felt what was going on and stifled a gasp. Caleb wasn't really aware of what was going on, but he thought that all of this cock play was getting out of hand. Little did he know.

"I am sure your purse will turn up somewhere. If you can't trust this congregation, who can you trust?" his dad asserted.

Mrs. Anderson returned to the table and leaned into Darcy's ear and whispered something that no one else could hear. Darcy's face registered a look of shock and disbelief.

"Excuse us, but Mrs. Anderson and I have a couple of things to discuss. About, uh, Buddhism. We'll be right back."

They sauntered off to a corner and got into an intense discussion. Darcy didn't appear angry, but the exchange was energetic. Caleb was paying attention. He was nervous about what Ming was telling his mom, and how she might react. After a couple of minutes, Darcy started nodding her head in agreement as her eyes glazed over in a subtle mix of resignation and desire.

At least she didn't throw a fit, I guess, Caleb thought.

He was shocked when Gretchen pulled out his member, and started sliding her hand up and down on it. He wasn't in very much danger of losing it, but he was still nervous about getting caught.

He leaned over and whispered to her, "This is getting out of hand."

Gretchen replied with a giggle, "Don't worry, I'll handle it."

Caleb wolfed down his food. He needed to get out of here quick. He even ate his sister's Jello. She noticed and gave him a gentle squeeze on the top of his penis while Gretchen was on a down stroke. She gave his brother a little kiss on his cheek, and let her hand linger there.

Ming and Darcy returned. Darcy sat down.

"Caleb, I talked to your mom and she said you could come over and help me move some boxes tomorrow after church. Bill's back isn't quite up to it these days. Is that OK?"

"Sure Mrs. Anderson. That'll be fine. See you tomorrow then."

She said her goodbyes and the women agreed it was a lovely evening.

Realizing it was about time to go, Gretchen and Anna tried to work together to push Caleb's prick back into his pants, but it wasn't fitting very easily. That caused the girls to giggle. Anna pretended to drop a fork, and she crawled under the table to try and rectify the situation with her brother's penis.

Gosh, it's beautiful, she thought. She felt a deep urge to give it a kiss, so she did.

Caleb started choking on his lasagna. His sister wasn't supposed to be kissing his penis. He was going to have to have a long talk with her. Yes, a long, long talk.

She used both hands to stuff his prick back into his pants, and zipped him up. The zipper made sort of a loud noise and Caleb was afraid someone would notice. His mom looked up and gave him and his sister a funny look as Anna crawled back into her seat.

Gretchen turned to Caleb and asked, "Do you think you can run me home now? I don't want to keep you out too late."

"Sure Gretchen," answered Caleb. He stuffed a final forkful of rosemary bacon lasagna into his mouth, and grabbed a slice of corn bread for the road.

He stood up and pulled Gretchen's chair out for her. It was more to try and hide his engorged erection than being polite.

Caleb's dad was surprised that he would be that thoughtful to pull out her chair. He looked a bit pleased and said to his wife, "Look, our boy is growing into a fine young man."

Darcy responded sort of dreamily, "Yes. Yes he is. He is growing into a fine young man." And under her breath she added, "I think he is going to learn how to treat the ladies right." A little shiver went down her spine. And just look at that bulge in his pants. I guess he is a red blooded American male.

His sister, Anna, was happy that her plan to find Caleb a date for tonight had worked better than she could have expected. She pulled Anna down and whispered in the youth director's ear, "Be easy on him. He's a sweetheart. And by the way, your purse is in Caleb's truck, behind the seat."

Gretchen looked back in surprise, raised her eyebrows, and leaned in closer and whispered back, "Thanks. I owe you one."

*** Driving Miss Gretchen ***

Caleb and Gretchen made their way out to the truck. He held the door for his dream girl. She acknowledged his courtesy and got in.

Caleb walked around the truck, and wondered what to expect. This was the epitome of desirable women, and she had shown him her voluptuous breasts earlier, and even let him feel them. And then she had pulled his cock out during dinner.

Where do we go from here? he wondered.

He knew it was the necklace that made it possible, but it was pretty weird. She showed him her breasts even before touching the necklace. What did that mean?

By the time Caleb got around to his side of the truck, she already had her purse on her lap and was rummaging around until she found her phone.

Caleb as mortified. He didn't know that the purse was in here. He started back pedaling expecting her to be mad. "I can explain Gretchen, really."

She turned to Caleb "I know, I know, Anna told me and I thanked her for it. But you can make it up to me if you want by letting me borrow your phone."

Caleb handed her his phone, and she proceeded to call herself and plug in her number.

"Now I want you to consider me your life coach. If you ever have a question about anything, just give me a call, day or night. You can be the little brother I never had, except less annoying," she chuckled.

"So I guess since we found your purse, we should go back in?"

"No, no, I still owe you some kissing lessons, remember? Let's go to my apartment. It's not too far."

Caleb thought, I probably shouldn't go along with this because the necklace is making her do it, but I am unable to say no to this woman.

Caleb spent the ride in anticipation, while Gretchen rubbed his leg softly. She was sitting next to him and whispering sweet nothings into his ear. Things like, "Caleb, you are such a sweet boy and so cute. I am sure that you are going to break a lot of hearts once they start realizing what a catch you are."

Caleb turned three shades of red, but he certainly didn't reject the attention.

He got pensive during a short lull in the sweet nothings. "Gretchen, I have a question for you. You don't have to answer if you don't want to."

"Sure Caleb, what is it?"

"Well, I think you are just amazing. You were everyone's favorite camp counselor. Every guy at camp had a crush on you. You look awesome in a swimsuit, you have the best personality, and just the best everything."

"That's sweet of you to say Caleb, but I think that Tina and her amazing ta-tas got their share of attention too."

"Well, yes, she did have fantastic boobs, but you were, you are, the total package. I mean your boobs are beautiful, and your butt is amazing, and your smile makes my heart flutter."

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