Caleb Woke Up Ch. 06


"Mom? Are you OK?"

"Oh honey, you feel so good for mommy. Promise we can say a prayer again tomorrow night too, OK?" she said while gasping for breath.

Caleb could only look at her in exhausted disbelief.

"Now come with me, I think we better get cleaned up."

She got up and pulled her panties back over her quim and grabbed Caleb's hand to help him up out of bed. She led him over to the bathroom.

It was quite a sight to see Caleb with his limp dripping penis hanging out for all to see, being tugged along by the hand by his mostly naked mother. With only her sopping panties on, her breasts were jiggling as she tip toed across the creaky, carpeted, wooden floor past two other bedrooms.

She locked the bathroom door, turned on the shower and pulled out a towel to hang on the back of the door. She then turned her attention to her son.

"Now we have to get cleaned up so we won't have this sticky stuff all over us when we go to church tomorrow," she went on as she pulled up his shirt over his head.

"Oh baby, I can't believe what a strapping young man you have grown into, and so polite too." She embraced him in a big hug, her slimy breasts sliding around his hairless chest. He was still wearing the pendant, but at some point it had been swapped around behind his neck so it wasn't in the way of her sliding bosom.

"When you pulled out the chair for Gretchen tonight, it made me so proud to be your mommy. I like to reward that kind of chivalry. I would like to see a lot more behavior like that young man." She gave him a wet sloppy kiss, and then pulled down his pajamas.

Was it the regenerative powers of an eighteen year old boy, or another gift from the necklace? It is hard to say, but his cock was bouncing at attention once again.

"Wow. This thing is like the energizer bunny. Such determination. Does it feel sore when I do this? Sometimes a penis can get overworked. You'll know it if it happens." She reached out and stroked it.

"Oooh mom, no, that still feels good."

"I am glad baby. Now let's get you cleaned up." She reached in to feel the water, and turned the warm water up a bit. She pulled down her panties and stepped into the tub shower, and pulled Caleb in with her. It had a wrap around curtain, which she pulled shut, gently nudging her hooters into Caleb's ribs as she reached around behind him.

Caleb pulled his mother into an embrace and kissed her as the water sprayed over her hair and down across their faces. She kissed back hungrily, wrapping him in a bear hug, pulling herself into his thrusting lance. She reached down for his buttocks, and pulled him into her rhythmically. He picked up on rhythm and repeated the pattern by grabbing her butt as well and pulling in time. His prick was rubbing between her legs, sliding across her pussy lips.

Darcy thought, My boy is so impatient for my body. He can't even take the time to wash off before attempting to mount me. But I feel the hunger too. It feels like when Bobby and I were young and first fell in love. We couldn't get enough of each other. This feels like that, but magnified. God I want him right now.

She let go of him and turned around getting herself all wet and picked up a bar of soap. She soaped up her hands, and handed him the soap, and started washing his body around his abs, neck, back, butt. She ended up at his penis, and started stroking it with her soapy hand.

Meanwhile, Caleb soaped up his hands, and washed her back, butt and boobs as they presented themselves. He spent a long time on her boobs, which she vocally acknowledged with coos and mewing.

"Just a second Caleb, I think you are going to like this."

She turned around and placed her hands on the front wall so the water was cascading down her back and reached behind and pulled Caleb's dick up to the edge of her pussy. She pushed back enveloping his cock halfway up the shaft.

He cried out in surprised ecstasy, "Jiminy Crickets!."

Just then there was a knock at the door "Caleb is that you?"

It was his dad! What was he going to do now?

Darcy whispered "I'll take care of this."

First she made a noise like she was clearing her voice, and then in a loudish voice she said, "No, it's me honey. I was having a hard time sleeping. I have some cramping from that time of the month."

As she spoke, she pushed into her son, up to the hilt. Caleb reached down and placed his hands on her hips and felt her ass.

"Ungh, I thought a shower might help a bit."

She pulled back from him. "Ooooo," she moaned quietly.

"Oh, OK. Have you seen Caleb?"

Caleb really liked what he was feeling, and he wanted more. He grabbed his mother, Bob's wife, by the hips and pulled her body forward slowly, and then pushed it back along his cock.

"Ungh. Yes dear. He came a while ago. I think he said he was going out for a bit. Ungh. He is having some woman problems, so he is trying to sort some things out," she half moaned.

"Really? Woman problems. Really? Our Caleb has woman problems? Really? Who is it? Maybe I should go find him and give him some advice." He sounded delighted to hear that his son was interested in girls. He hadn't been so sure.

"Ooohh, really, I think he just needs some time to think dear," she moaned out.

"OK honey. Hmm. Then I guess I'm going back to sleep. Wake me up if you need anything, OK?"

He was a little upset that his dad would interrupt them; he tapped into some built up resentment and he started to release some aggression on his mom. He started to pull himself into her with more force with a slow rhythmic slap, slap, slap. He wanted to own her.

"OK, good night honey. Loove yoouu!" she cried out in rapturous delight. They heard the bedroom door close as they continued their passionate bucking.

He grunted words out on each thrust, "You. Are. Mine. I. Own. You."

This sent shivers down her spine, and turned her already weak knees to jelly. She started to collapse but Caleb held her up by the hips as he continued to pound into her pussy.

"Oh yes baby, yes. Make me yours. Own me."

Caleb shot his load into his mother with no thought to warning her, and no thought to the consequences.

His mother craved his seed. It excited her. She was already starting her orgasm when the orgasmic wave reflected through the necklace reached her and doubled its intensity. It was the best orgasm of the evening, the most wonderful orgasm of her life. It wasn't because of Caleb's ministrations. He had no technique. But the combination of the orb and her son's animal lust and possessiveness took her by storm.

She stood there leaning against the wall, breathless. "Oh baby, that was sooo good," she panted, trying to catch her breath.

"But remember, sometimes you need to share with Daddy," pant, pant "OK?"

He didn't respond. His blood was on fire. He was feeling a burning rage like he had never felt before. It was a form of confidence. It was a new feeling. Maybe for the first time in his life, he felt like a man.

In his mind, the five year old said, No. No sharing. But the five year old said it in the inner voice of a man. It boomed in his head, but he kept that sentiment to himself, for now.

She rinsed off, and turned off the shower. Darcy dried herself off, and then dried her son off. She led him back to his bed, naked, and placed a dry towel on his pillow.

He climbed into bed and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her in too. She tried to pull away for a few seconds, but he wouldn't let go. She succumbed when she saw the determined look in his eyes as he pulled her into his arms, resting her wet hair and head on his shoulder and chest, her arm draped over his chest and belly, and her right leg spread across his crotch and legs. They lay together naked. It felt natural to both of them.

She worried about how she was going to explain this to her husband in the morning, but it wasn't enough for her to leave her man. This felt so right somehow. She soon drifted off to sleep.

His only thought was, I'm losing my touch, she didn't pass out. I wonder what that means?

But he didn't contemplate the question long as the events of the day caught up with him, and he slept the deep sleep of a well fucked boy, safe in the arms of his devoted and loving mother.

*** End -- Day 1 ***

Some teasers from the author.

What will his father think when he finds his wife and son naked in bed together?

Caleb has a big day planned going to church, talking to Ming, and previously planned visit to check in on Grandma and Grandpa. Will Ming be able to resist? Will Grandma be affected? Do we really want her to be?

How's Mel doing? Is she going through withdrawal?

How will Caleb handle school? Will he bring the necklace?

What evil presence lurks within the necklace? What will evil doers do once the find out about the existence and location of the necklace?

How will he handle his overgrowing harem? These things always become a time and sperm management headache.

What new locations and situations will he find for sexual encounters?

Some of these questions will be answered in the next chapter. At the pace the story is going, other questions may take a lifetime to answer. I am thinking about using ninjas to kill everyone once the story gets tired. Let's hope for Caleb's sake it doesn't reach that point.

Please let me know if you think these teasers are useful or not. Always looking for feedback.

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