tagSci-Fi & FantasyCaledonia Ch. 04: Kidnapped

Caledonia Ch. 04: Kidnapped


One month from the day they first landed on Caledonia, Renee stood on the roof of her mansion, looking out over the city. She hadn't lost sight of their mission. As a biologist, her job was to uncover information about the planet's living resources. The native animals...plants to avoid...anything that could prove fatal to colonists. Her servants knew better than to feed her anything poisonous, so it took many trips to the market apothecaries and speaking with other lianirs to learn that kind of information. She was well liked among the lianirs she knew, and they answered her questions in return for answers of their own.

How she kept her master interested, for example. The trouble was, he wasn't just any Baristhani master. He was Jack.

Jack worked tirelessly, learning all he could about shipping while making discreet inquiries about uninhabited regions. No Earth colony would be able to live in close contact with Baristhan or its culture, but he had hope that with enough distance between them, the two races could share the planet. His talent for speculation kept them in enough funds to maintain their wealthy lifestyle. By day, he worked on the docks—by night, he came home to her.

Even under the broad light of day, Renee blushed thinking of the things he did to her body. Her eyes dropped to where her pierced nipples protruded through the gauzy fabric of her tunic. She couldn't believe the kind of thoughts she had when she looked at them. The rings gave her a sense of security, as if Jack was protecting her even when he was gone. The personal guards he'd hired for her certainly helped, but it was strange...she'd never realized how alone and isolated she'd felt until he claimed her as his own. Even if that claim could only last another three months...

Suddenly nauseated, she turned away from the railing and fell to her knees beside a potted plant, heaving the contents of her stomach into the planter. Not again...three mornings in a row—one other time if she counted last Monday. She covered her face with her hands, panicking. Afraid to admit the truth. She was... she was... "Pregnant with Jack's child," she finished, forcing herself to say the words.

The idea both thrilled and scared her. But now that she'd admitted it to herself, her mind worked quickly. He didn't know. She could hide it from him another two months, perhaps three if she faked her period and pretended to gain weight. By the time the mission was over, they would go back to the space station and from there, go their separate ways. She would have the child and care for it with money from a generous settlement—the Air & Space Administration owed her that much.

She felt it would be the right thing for him, too. Jack didn't want to be a father. He was a sex god, an alpha male built for pleasuring women, not changing diapers. Oh sure, he always talked about "knocking her up," but he said it because it turned him on, not because he truly wanted children. He liked the idea of his own virility, not a woman with a swollen belly or a squalling child.

Renee decided to take a walk down to the public bathhouses. She felt gross from throwing up, and needed to soak away her concerns for the future.

Calling on her personal guards, she left the house and strolled down the thoroughfare into the heart of town. It was a busy day in the market, and at times like this, she truly liked Baristhan. She might have come to tolerate—even enjoy—some of the things about Caledonian sex lives, but she still hated the society. Not every master was as attentive as Jack. Most men bought and sold their lianirs on a regular basis, wearing women out much before their time until the workhouses were filled with ancient crones of forty.

But today wasn't an auction day, and while the thought of those workhouses still made her angry, Renee liked the sounds and smells of the market. It was like being transported back in time. She wondered if this was what Baghdad had been like a thousand years ago.

She paid the man at the door to the bathhouses, and told her guards to wait nearby. She entered the steamy structure. A lianir of her status ranked a private pool—Renee took advantage of the luxury gladly.

With a sigh of anticipation, she closed the door behind her and dragged her tunic over her head. The gauze rubbed her tender nipples and a spark of arousal shot down to her pussy. Jack had done this to her...made her want sex like this. She hated him.

She didn't want to think about her other feelings toward him.

Renee untied her high wedge sandals and sank into the small pool. Her heavy breasts floated in front of her, drifting with the water. Leaning her head against a mounted pillow, she closed her eyes and relaxed...

...but woke when she heard voices. Male voices.

"You're sure she's the one."

"Yes, yes. I saw her go in with my own eyes. I wouldn't mistake those tits."

"I don't think any of us would. Giraiphin has some nerve flaunting her like he does. Are you ready?"

"As ever."

The door opened. Renee flew out of the water to face six men coming into her bath. "Who are you?" she cried, trying to cover herself with her arms.

"Your new masters, Slut—and don't ever speak again unless we give you permission."

Renee thought about screaming, but she knew the rest of the people in the bathhouse would take it for a rough round of sex. Her next thought was for her child. If she resisted, they might hurt her, make her miscarry. She had to think of something. She remembered her nipple rings. "I bear my real master's rings. You can't challenge that."

The leader advanced into the pool, damping his kilt and showing her his turgid arousal. "I told you not to speak without permission. And where we're taking you, Slut, no one will care whose name is on your titty rings." He seized her by the arm and jerked her to him. "Alright lads."

The rest of the men jumped into the pool carrying various supplies. One stuffed a ballgag in her mouth and strapped it around her head. Another bound her breasts with thick black cloth. Renee whimpered at the excruciating pressure on her nipples.

They dragged her out of the pool and manacled her wrists together behind her back. Someone clamped chains around each of her feet, and wrapped another length of black cloth around her waist, barely covering her ass and pussy. Then they stepped back to survey their work.

"What do you think?" the leader asked.

"She still looks like Giraiphin's slut."

"I was thinking the same thing. Blindfold her, but cover her hair with the blindfold, too."

They wrapped her head, leaving her face exposed from her nose down, then led her out of the bathing room. Immediately, the leader began talking about looking for a buyer for his disobedient slave, and to Renee's horror, no one in the bath house spoke up in her defense.

Lead through the town like a woman for sale, Renee stumbled to keep up, fearing for her life. The next thing she knew they were leading her up a gangplank, onto a ship. Were these the pirates she'd heard Jack speaking against?

Jack! He would come to her rescue. She imagined him riding up to the ship right now, carrying a sword, demanding her release. She didn't even know if he owned a sword, let alone knew how to use one, but it fit her fantasy. Right now, that was all she had.

Her captors thrust her to the floor and held her there while the ship heaved away from the dock. When someone shouted the "all's clear," one of the pirates pulled her blindfold from her eyes and she took in the hopelessness of her situation.

She was the only woman on board. Leering faces loomed all around her. They began arguing over who got to take her first.

"Enough!" the leader—obviously the captain—shouted. "I have to get the most money out of her. If we decide to sell her back to Giraiphin, we can charge him more money for her if she's untouched. If we decide we can get more money from someone else, well..." he grinned awfully, "then I might share with the most loyal of you lads."

The pirates growled at the subtle order, and the captain laughed. "But we might as well enjoy the view while we decide, eh? String her up."

Renee's heart pounded wildly as they ripped the cloth from her body. The blood rushed back into her aching breasts. They kept the ballgag in her mouth, but took out a long coil of narrow rope. They wound the length around her torso and breasts in intricate coils until they stood out like unnatural balloons on her chest. If her breasts had ached before, they throbbed now.

She sobbed against the ballgag as they removed the manacles and tied her spread eagle between the masts. One loop of rope wound around her ass cheeks and pussy so that they swelled too. Renee felt her pussy growing moist and prayed the pirates wouldn't notice.

Where was Jack? When would he discover she was missing? And please, dear god, would he even be able to find her?

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